Acer Predator Triton 300 SE Gaming Laptop | The next era of gaming?

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The Triton 300 SE is unlike any other Predator gaming laptop. It's thin and lightweight with understated looks. How will it stack up against the competition?
At CES 2021, Acer has announced one of the most exciting gaming laptops in recent years, the 14-inch Predator Triton 300 SE, powered by the Nvidia RTX 3060.
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00:35 New design
1:33 Not just a gaming laptop
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2:50 Intel + Nvidia Inside
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  • Do You know if triton 500 will also change design?

  • Alienware Is better if you want a gaming laptop

  • i feel like the positioning of those led indicator lights right under the screen are gonna be annoying as hell.... other than that, its a super sleek looking unit for a predator series laptop.

  • YESS! just what I'mooking for. Discrete gaming and actually has an internal webcam, unlike the Asus Zephrus. I hope to see more aesthetic builds like this

    • @Dyzyzf Clearly is not about the money, is about the comfort of having everything on a single device. I know I can use my phone, or buy a USB webcam, but my desktop is as minimalist as possible, no cables. And usually when I work at my desktop I leave my phone elsewhere to avoid distractions.

    • If u spend this much for an laptop u can afford an extra 10-20 dollars for a webcam😂 or just use your phone there are several ways to use a phone as a computer webcam

    • Same here, I was eager to buy the ASUS but since I want it for work and it doesn't come with a webcam, I never buyed it. Now I can't wait to buy this one!

  • A 60W 3060, is this really gonna get 144 fps?

  • Acer are garbage, they take shortcuts to cut manufacturing costs which result in the laptops becoming faulty quickly.

  • Basically ROG Zephyrus 14 competitor... I rather choose this acer rather than asus cus its 16:10 screen and build in webcam... sadly it still uses intel... If that i7 11375h can't beat Ryzen 9 5900HS (which.. high prob it can't), I would still pick Zephyrus 14

  • What's the expected price of that ?

    • For the specs you see in media, it’s gonna cost 1399$

  • What would you say is the best laptop at CES 2021 this year for music production and video editing and blogging thanks Luke you guys are awesome

  • Great looking laptop, but I'm pretty sure quad-cores aren't the future. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's firmly in the past.

  • It was so nice until you said intel lol

  • Gosh! That bottom bezel is humongous! LoL

  • Thank God I didn’t get the triton 500 before I saw this. This is the one I’m getting.

  • You had me till the Intel part. Rather pick up the refreshed Asus G14 with the new Ryzen chip and RTX 30 series GPU.

    • @Coganada some game have better performance with intel especially due to higher single core...but i agree especially the quad core part in this laptop is a joke...but in my country its 1000$ cheaper than the g14

    • @Mr. Hipster amd processors are massively outperforming intel processors and theyre cheaper

    • What’s wrong with Intel?

  • First of all they had 1080P laptops for a while And that computer is kind of crap That doesn’t look anything like a gaming laptop😂

    • @Nicholas Hawley Watch Linus tech tips, he can explain why 4K on a 14-,15.6- or even 17 Inch laptop is dumb.

    • @Mr. Hipster 1080P is not new there is 4K laptops And also Oled ones to

    • That’s the point. Its supposed to look like a laptop you can take anywhere.

  • Windows.exe has stopped working

  • that laptop screen bezel is so plasticky and cheap looking 🤢

    • @ChrispyKing thank you for responding so well, i really appreciate that. you're pretty great!

    • @derek400004 that’s fair. My bad for assuming

    • @ChrispyKing i never said it isnt metal. i just said it looks plasticky and cheap like shit, which can happen due to a lot of reasons like low quality paint.

    • Literally it’s an entirely metal chassy lol

  • finally acer move away from ugly designs

    • Lol what? I think this will be my 4th Acer laptop, and I mostly pick laptop because of the pretty design. My current laptop is Aspire V Nitro Black Edition and the previous was Acer Timeline.

  • why buy this instead of m1 laptops though? I dont see a point in any other laptops now

    • If you want to play on 10~25 fps you can go with the MacBook

    • These laptops are meant for gaming without the ugly "gaming aesthetic"

    • gaming?

  • No number keypad? No thanks

    • ​@lmao Cities Skylines, Excel, mathematical equations, tax information, etc. I love data entry in general.

    • mind i ask you what you use it for? bcos i have it and never use it

  • Acer lookin good 👍

  • Kind of cheap and ugly looking. Would look better in standard black like other laptops. Ancient Screen looking humongous bezel at the bottom. Have they heard of 16:10? As imagine even more immersive game play with fuller larger screen that is bezeless as close as possible screen. A premium priced $1000+ gaming laptop equates to my eyes a superior aesthetics and build quality. Not seeing that in this unit. So a big pass for me.

  • I love the look of this laptop

  • That laptop looks so good. Also Luke looks great and the intro was fun. 10/10 would watch again.

    • I now need him to show the new Asus laptops , those are mind blowing

  • had me until "comes from the Intel side of things"... ya the new Zen 3 chips blow everything 10nm+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ out of the water...

    • Maybe they’ll put Ryzen in it in the future?

    • *swing and a miss*

  • Comparison to a Razer blade isn't working!

  • Freakin beautiful

  • that lower frame is awful !!

  • It's so you can game in the corporate office!

  • Wow that laptop is sexy af

  • Acer?