Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra | Lower price. Better phones?

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The new Samsung Galaxy S21 phones are unpacked, and we got a sneak peek ahead of the announcement. The design is all new, and Samsung cut prices on all S21 phones. Did they cut anything else?

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00:24 Prices and design
01:23 Displays and storage options
02:27 Cameras
03:48 Comparisons to S20 models
04:31 S Pen for the Ultra model
05:18 Final Thoughts
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  • Samsung's making a bold move here. In the S21 and S21+, it's cutting back on fan-favorite features like the SD card slot and didn't improve the camera hardware. But y'know what, it's hard to argue with those prices. These phones are immediately more compelling when they start at $800 not $1000.

    • @r2ady right here

    • I really wanna know how many people need sd card?

    • I'm just glad I'm still able to upgrade from a S9+ and get the S21 for free. Sacrificing some stuff but hope it at least allows me to trade-in at a better price when a better gen comes around. Usually would splurge on for the camera but its a pandemic now. Might as well wait another year.

    • They downgraded and removed significant features so the price is not a sale or discount when you consider it

    • @Rafa but that simply isn't the case. Samsung lowered the price... it doesn't cost more.

  • Ty for the Overview ✅

  • Mehh

  • Technically speaking, the S21 Ultra actually has 5 cameras

  • Was waiting for the new S21 to be released to replace my S7. Have enjoyed my samsung phones, but the are pushing me towards apple. Getting rid of the SD card is just a stupid move.

  • From what I've read, they will be "merging" the styles of the Note and S lines.

  • 1:17 The samsung s21plus and ultra have aluminum back not glass!

  • Welp looks like I'm staying note 10 plus.

  • Samsung really blew it this time. No sd card slot and No headphone jack is a deal breaker for me. Time to change phone brands. Goodbye Samsung!

    • What are you gonna buy then? all other brands are much more of a downgrade. The only best phones are iPhones and the S series from Samsung.

  • im tied between the galaxy note 20 ultra and the s21 ultra. like, i'd mostly use it for doing homework, having two apps opened at once, taking notes, social media, saving memes, etc. On one hand, the newest is almost half the price the note is, BUT, there's no SD card slot, and as you said, gotta buy the S pen separately. nervous to see what'll happen next!

  • I like the SD card slot for the extra memory capacity. High MP images, 4K video, large music library, web cache, app data combined uses up a lot of memory. :/

  • s21 ultra is the first (samsung) phone worth upgrading to from an s9+. I almost got the note 20 ultra until I realized you can't run 1440p and 120hz simultaneously. huge miss on that one! AT&T also giving me $800 for the s9+ trade-in so its a no brainer.

  • What about color reproduction in photos? That is the biggest letdown with all these samsungs. So bland.

  • I just traded in my s9 for the s21 and they gave me 100 bucks in credit. was able to snag a leather case an a nice wireless charging pad. All came out to 480. I am pretty happy with that. Not the most cutting edge upgrades or anything but this is a really solid phone for that price. The trade ins really nice becuase I dont know what place would gimme more than 200 and samsung discounted me 350

    • @Fabrice null nice, its a good deal

    • @Alejandro Jacobo I took the student discount and got the free buds+power bundle too with no charge! (I'm really a student but not taking classes this semester.) You save me some money. Thanks again!

    • @Alejandro Jacobo I took the student discount and got the free buds+power bundle too with no charge! (I'm really a student but not taking classes this semester.) You save me some money. Thanks again!

    • @Alejandro Jacobo oooh, gotcha! Thanks you very much.

    • @Fabrice null they gift 100 in samsung credit to shop for other things in the store. If you don't use it all during checkout it expires

  • Can you finally record with the Ultra Wide Angle lens at 60FPS? Odly they haven't provided that on ANY Samsung devices. LG and pretty much all other brands have done this for the last 6 years.

  • They really made the s20 FE look even more compelling.

  • I think I'll stick with my Note 9 after all it works great.

  • They took the sd expansion away? I was just about to buy it until I heard that dumb shit smh 😡

    • @Fabrice null no not at all when you like to shoot videos

    • 128GB isnt enough for you?

  • The 108mp camera is gen 2. Not the same as s20 series

  • The S3 was on plastic. So what?

  • S21 ultra 😍😍😍

  • It crazy how each year we keep losing features, sd card and now the charger 🔌

  • Better price? Maybe. Better phone? - I'm not sure about that. Don't really see any reason to upgrade from my S20. Other than few hardware upgrades (camera, processor etc) there isn't any upgrades to rave about. Not worth spending the money. Not to mention no sd card

  • Fuck the ultra it's too damn big

  • So what we lost: -MicroSD gone -Headphone gone -Charger is missing (remember how they made fun of apple) -Lie about 120hz display. Dont bullshit me with adaptive mode -Bullshit about battery optimization -25wt crap of a charger -Insanely overpriced! Samsung switched sides - now it is the same as Apple - evil greedy and hypocrite corporation that pur profits above the people. I was loyal customer starting from S3. Good by samsung you won't be missing

  • This phone is garbage. 1080p from 1440p, plastic screen, no external sd storage? I guess they didnt learn their lesson from the s6 disaster. Hard pass

    • @Fabrice null i run a business using my phone. Is that good enough reason?

    • What do you store on your phone? lol isn't AT LEAST 128Gb enough for most people?

  • I can't wait for 1080p!

  • rumor says samsung may ditch the note lineup

  • But are they still going to run ads on their stock apps?

  • Samsung: give us $800 for a 1080p plastic phone! People 👉🏻💸🤑💪🏼 Android competitors: give us $800 dollars for a glass back 1440p quality phones! People 👉🏻🤬😡👊🏼👎🏼

    • Well, if you got a S20 and trade it in, it will cost $99.99 or $100

  • No magsafe competitor....

  • its too bad...I will not expandable memory in the S21 breaker

  • They took away the SD card for the entire line including the Ultra?! WTF? I'm a sit this one out. That's a deal breaker for me. I carry around 300+ gigs worth of music/videos, etc. Not to mention what I have invested in my 512gb Samsung MicroSD card. Even if I get the 512gb model that's gonna be a pain in the ass to move that much data when I could just pop out the card and reinsert previously. Guess my S20 Ultra will have to continue being my daily driver. Extremely disappointed in Samsung! If I wanted an Apple device I would buy one. Samsung always make fun of Apple and then they copy cat. Did I mention that I'm extremely disappointed! Argh!!

    • I agree completely.

  • NO SD CARD, NO SAMSUNG. That was one of the most needed things between iPhone and galaxy. I almost bought the S21 thinking it has SD card slot. NO MORE Galaxy phones for me without SD card.

    • @Andrew Martonik Yes very true....But for your average user and not get caught with specs and want a quality phone for a cheaper price, I might as well get the pixel 4a. Most people don't use all the camera features anyway. Or One plus is a good option. Only real reason I stuck with Samsung was because of the SD card slot. If every phone takes away the SD card slot, then my option will open up, instead of sticking with Samsung. I can live without getting the charging brick (too many at home) plastic back (good case) 1080 screen (my eyes can't tell the difference). But cloud storage as an option is not going to cut it. Not paying a subscription plus require an internet connection all the time. Internal storage can be wiped out if the phone get disabled. And if sold, the storage goes with it. There is no compromise when it comes to the SD card.

    • So where else do you go? Your choices with an SD card are few and far between.

  • Keeping my Note10+ for awhile. Only thing it lacks is the High Refresh Rate other than that its super smooth and bliss to use. Upgraded from my pristine Galaxy S5 to the Note10+ and it was a massive jump. Think I'll wait another 3 or 4 years or more to upgrade again to get that upgraded feel.

  • lets go

  • So Mainly this phone is all about the Camera which was the most talked about, I was expecting a bolder design, more vivid looking new app design to shine, but seems like the same app look. I probably buy it once I see thats why I skipped buying galaxy 20 so will see.

  • I came here to see not phone. ;)

  • I can live with using an adapter for my headphones but losing the sd card makes it a no go for me.

    • @e g you can save your memes on your computer it’ll be alright

    • @Chandler Russell pay once for a micro sd

    • you in 2 years: i can live with cloud storage but losing the charging port is a no go for me

  • They lost the expandable storage, have a plastic back, no curved screen, and the pen comes with a separate case? The phone looks sleek and thinner but jeez what a disappointment! My note 9 still holds up. Besides the "upgraded" pen, a better camera which I barely notice, more ram than I have, and better refresh rates, I don't see a real reason to upgrade still. My phone does everything I want and need to play emulators still, the only thing I really want is more themes, better themes, and more ways to customize my home screen (but that's just OS stuff). It looks like I'm sticking with the note 9 lol.

    • The S21 also has 4GB less RAM than the S20, fyi

  • Even at $800, the spec is not good, esp with the low res screen, plastic back & unchanged camera. Poor Samsung, they're facing fierce competition from the Chinese phone makers, which offers better spec for the money. If it was priced $1k for the base model, nobody would touch it! Even at $800, they'll struggle to sell for the reasons I mentioned above.

  • Nice review but the audio engineer could have done a little better. A de-esser ( or a de-S-er) would've been great. I understand that the "s" sound is going to be in this review but sheesh. As an audio engineer you can't unheard it. At 2:50 is was really sticking out.

  • As someone sensitive to PWM I really need to know the recorded rate.

  • Absolutely zero reasons to upgrade in my opinion.

    • Upgrading from ... what? What you have now is pretty important.

    • you mean downgrade*

  • Getting in the door at $800 is ridiculous. Phones from a few generations ago are so much more then what the average person will ever need that spending this kind of money on any phone is just needlessly squandering money.

  • It is disappointing that Samsung removed the SD card slot from their S line phones. I will not upgrade my current Samsung S phone to the S21.

  • Being cheap in the 21 and 21+ no expandable memory and cheap camera's , UHD down graded to FHD . I could care less about a head phone jack but a sd card gone, reason I will keep my FE. These will not sell just like the 20.

    • How are the cameras cheap? Yeah they're the same as the S20 (at least for the 21 and 21+), but they were flagship-level cameras last year. They didn't all of a sudden become crappy cameras.

    • completely agree with you!

  • No mSD card? Was looking forward to replace my S9 but I guess not.

    • @Fabrice null i run several business thru my phone. I can eat up 100g in 2 months

    • @Fabrice null what fluffy said + a 256gb sd card is 34$, upgrading internally to that is what 150 to 200$ from Samsung? Yeah, no thanks, screw the cloud. It's another way to make us pay and control what we can do with our devices. Will never support it.

    • @Fabrice null Movies, photos, even backups of important data. Just because YOU don't need that much space doesn't mean other people don't.

    • Why do you need so much space on your phone? isn't 128gb enough? You can also buy one with bigger storage. Why the need for SD card? just asking because, I don't get what people be putting on their phone that require that much space.

    • Keep your s9. Its a solid phone

  • The regular S21 is perfect for me. I love the Phantom violet.

  • When a phone has a case on it, no one knows if it's plastic, glass, Sapphire or diamonds.

    • @Rico g using your logic, no one would know they have cancer if they simple don't go to the doctors

    • @Rico g i dont even know. Im not into samsungs, but I feel like anything in that price range should be considered premium to me

    • @Maksim Bogdanov what was the original price of the s10 lite?

    • @Rico g 800 for a lite version?

    • @PuertoRican Pie ...😁 It's not supposed to be flagship. More like a lite version.

  • After S6, S8 and S10 I wont buy another Samsung phone. I am so dissappointed. No chaeger, plastic back, only 25W charging, in my country S21 costs 1050 USD, while OnePlus 8T costs 700.

  • I’m looking for a good deal For s10+

    • While typing this comment, you could have the time to open your ebay/amazon and type "galaxy s10" and hit ENTER but you love wasting time. Don't yah?

    • Will you buy mine lol. I good easily sell at a real discount price

    • @Fluffy Kitten shut up

    • at what point did you confuse AR-one comments with Craigslist?

  • Plastic on phone stronger than glass

  • At this point, they are copying Apple so much, why get a Galaxy? By that I mean that if I wanted an iPhone I would get an iPhone. What made me use Samsung Galaxy phones for the last several years were things I couldn't get with Apple and that were irritating me. Now, they followed Apple to the point their only differences are Android and not having as fast updates as Apple....How is that a Good thing again???? Headphone jack? Gone. Best resolution display? Gone. Expandable storage? Gone. Premium construction on even the lowest priced phone? Gone. Charger and buds included? Gone. So tell me Samsung, why would I stay with your Galaxy phones now that you've remove almost every single differences you had with an iPhone? Better pray that the cameras are way better than the competition or it might be the first time I will consider other phone brands in a long time.

  • Goodbye Samsung 👋 It's been a good 6 years 👋👋👋

    • ​@7oKu Maybe to you.. I've been a Samsung user since S6 edge but this year Samsung decided to become Apple minus design minus SD card minus charger minus headphones minus price = I'm out. I'll wait for LG Rollable if it's not up to the hype I'll go back to iPhones even though I hate IOS but at least they are a smaller thief compared to Samsung this year.

    • Still better than apple.....

  • Who cares if it is plastic!? I want plastic! I don't have to worry about scratches or fingerprints or breaking then. Plus it will probably go into a case anyways. That is part of why I love my Pixel 5 after switching from a Galaxy S8+.

    • I've broke my last 3 glass backs from the 8, 9, and 10. Not sure I like the flat screen for the front again, but then again putting a screen protector on will be much easier. I don't like the SD card removal on this model however.

    • That's a very good point. How many of us actually carry our phones around without a case?

  • Still holding on to my Note 10+ because I have yet to find a phone that is worth the upgrade. The Note 20 let me down so I wonder what will happen this year because that S21 Ultra doesn't do it for me, no shock value, nothing shown that I just gotta have.

    • @Classic Galactica no such thing as 5G where I live, not no damn city slicker

    • Not even 5G capability?

  • From a small s10 there's nothing to upgrade to. S series used to boast a lot of features. That's not the case anymore

    • Now, all they do is about cameras like we are all photographers or something lol

  • I just got the S20 lol.

    • Same here. I got the S20 5G Plus on Christmas Eve

    • That's a better device than the 21, keep it.

    • Keep your S20-- I'm keeping mine. The S21 is a downgrade. Plastic back (base model), no MicroSD, lower resolution, no curved display, no charger included, and 4GB less RAM.

    • Keep it

    • Still a great phone tbh

  • Removing the SDCARD is a bad choise, very bad Samsung, just to copy Apple, i want to purchase the ultra, but without SD i am out

    • @Fabrice null Sony, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi and many others. Some of them even giving you great additional headphones as gift

    • @Fabrice null I/we upgrade every year and we are a 3 phone family. I've owned every model since the S2 and also had many Notes. Not sure where I go from here. Luckily my S20 Ultra is still doing everything I need including allowing me to use my 512gb Samsung SD card. For now I will speak with my wallet. No sale $$$ Samsung times three. 😕😕😕

    • You all are saying goodbye. So, what phone are y'all gonna buy then? iPhone don't have it either so y'all really going to downgrade for a cheap and laggy phone for real? LOL

    • Same here, I was onboard to get the S21 but the the lack of microSD killed it for me.

    • they are pure hypocrites! adios samsung!

  • Disappointing from samsung. Ugly designs, cheaper build quality, removal of more features, same high price tag. Unimpressed

  • No SD card is stupid. This is why I have stopped supporting Samsung, they do foolish things. I couldn't care less about a high refresh rate, or better SOC. I would take a worse SOC for a 5k MaH standard battery, with SD support, and a non horrid Interface. The One UI is the worst i've ever used. They are getting to be more and more like Apple, and that is why I will stick with cheaper brands who I feel support what Android is actually about, freedom of features.

    • It is like you are saying that cars are supposed to still have radio with cassettes in 2021

  • Compare this design to the Note 10 or 20 and it looks bad.

  • I just want the s10+ unlocked, u cant get them anymore :(

    • i got the s10 unlocked thank goodness.

  • No charger 😕inside the box that's bummer but I love the design I have the Note 20 ultra 5g .....😍... I'm a Note woman

    • @Fluffy Kitten 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what in the world

    • what do women do with the S Pen when they're bored?

    • @Andrew Martonik right exactly 💯it is

    • It's annoying, but I'd take a $200 price cut over having an included charger! There are tons of great chargers out there for like $15.

  • im frst 1