Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Long Term Review | Good, bad, and amazing!

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Spoiler alert: During our two month, long term review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra,...we dropped it.
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It's been two months since we got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and we can't stop singing its praises. An amazing camera, an even better battery, and of course, a flagship software experience. Yes, it's the best Android phone you can buy... but only if you can handle it.
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  • Top top phone... Kudos to Sammy!!!!!

  • Not worth upgrading over Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

  • big wide screen of note 20 ultra,bronze color and sd card slot is what holding me back from getting s21 ultra.i wanted to get the note 20 ultra but usa version only got 128gb. on my 256gb note 10plus i already consumed 100gb plus i consumed 180gb on my sd card. imagined getting 256gb version of s21 ultra with no sd card. should i go for 512gb for a discounted price of 1300usd?

  • Sound? Hows music though its speakers or ear phones

  • Isn't that what One UI is about?

  • Just ordered one. Very excited my old phone is from 2017

  • I adore this phone! Mainly for the camera, lenses, and their capailities. But what's holding me back is I'm on the 55 plus unlimited plan. I cannot get that special deal where you get that $800 off with your upgrad/ trade in. So I just have to wait to my income tax return comes in or another stimulus check. Then I can hopefully procure one.

  • Get a pop socket..I can do everything one handed

  • Yesterday i got my galaxy s21 ultra

  • Too big. Curved display is still a silly gimmick and it makes it slippery and hard to handle. Not even close to the best phone.

  • save money to buy another digital camera.... love the s21 ultra~!

  • I love this phone and it's features

  • Get an Otter box, being a truck driver, I dropped my phone from the truck, and not a scratch. My question is about the headphones, where do you plug them in?

  • Is this snapdragon version??

  • s21 ultra Samsung lied it does not go down to 10HZ , sometimes only 48HZ . it goe's 60hz & 120hz , sometime's it goes down only 48hz , if you are lucky , no 10hz .

  • If there's a case with a handstrap that would be useful. Like the wii remotes

  • I just got the S21 Ultra. In a 5G area it got 90 down / 10 up. It is a large cell phone is not for everybody. Can we call it a phablet?

  • Hi, does anyone know if the Exynos 2100 version of this phone has the new improved 3D ultrasonic fingerprint scanner then the Snapdragon one has?

  • I could never understand why anyone would use their extensive phones, or any phone for that matter, without a case. It's disaster waiting to happen. Not a very smart decision for a smart phone.

  • This great battery must be with the Snapdragon. I have Exynos and it's shit🥲

  • They should put Fitures on it Like Keybord mose Monitor.. Gamepad.. something Extra so we could Use all that Power.. It has great camera that is all

  • I would like to go for the OP9 Pro, but I recently purchased a tab s7+ and would like to take advantage of the eco system in addition to what they are doing with windows computers. Tough choice for me. Thoughts?

  • I'll stick with my S9+ till next year

  • It's by far the best phone I've ever had. No complaints from me.

  • I think Samsung should have put the volume buttons on the left side and the finger print scanner on the camera modular has more than enough for it

  • You could have just used the one hand mode

  • Too big? Get the regular galaxy s21

  • Ain't noting to big for me 😏

  • You are a looker.

  • Are the rumors true that it randomly shuts off couple times a day??

  • Having upgraded from a Huawei p20 Pro, this phone is awesome. My main issue with the phone is battery life. I barely get a full day of battery life with around 4hrs screen on time.

  • Ive got one, im in UK.. I had a one plus 7 pro... was going to get another but kept seeing the adverts.... Its a beast! Very happy.

  • This phone has left me with a new dilemma. Before I've seen hundreds of videos comparing iPhone and Samsung. Never had an iPhone, didn't really wanted one; but its colours and videos were better. Now that problem seems solved with the newest Samsung. But...the colours seem better on the Galaxy 20 🤔 (I don't shoot selfies or at night, so now the choice is between sharpness or colours - and I'm back to scratch🙄)

  • I love taking my S21 Ultra out of the case but I'd never go outside without a case and risk dropping it on concrete. Shit cost me $1328.51 after tax.

  • Is it really worth the big money?? I'm sure Samsung will be making plans and will come out with a better phone in the next year or so....

  • I find it over sharpens photos. Wish it doesn’t.

  • Anyone using exynos version? Issues with jerky video and intermittent blurred pics?

  • Needs a case & popsocket. Popsocket makes it easier to hold by not having to hold the whole phone but just a handle

  • I bought me and my wife the s10 when it came out. Samsung said we would get a minimum of 3 years of updates and security patches every month.I don't think it's a coincidence about 2 months before this phone-s21- came out our phone hasn't been getting software updates or security patches. I have to go on smart switch and download them. I know Samsung is doing this. They are forcing us to upgrade. I really don't like that.

  • Dude get a better mic lol

  • Sold on the Ultra. Question is do I need to go beyond the basic 128 storage

    • Probably not unless you plan to keep a lot of 4k / 8k video on there. Ordered a 128gb model yesterday, personally I don't have much to store outside of photos so I don't mind. It's plenty for most people, enough for all the apps and games you'd probably have installed concurrently with ease. Everything is moving to the cloud anyway these days 🤷‍♂️ save the money imo

  • S21 Ultra does get really hot when using camera for more than 5 minutes. Its a set back for me.

    • Because you're using the crappy Exynos version instead of the superior Snapdragon version.

    • Idk why any major youtubers are talking about this issue..

  • No sd card no buy for me

  • 1st time I've refused to upgrade my Samsung in years... I'm fed up with the UK getting charged a premium and getting an inferior chipset. No more Samung !!!!

    • Next year, the tables could be turned. Samsung is supposedly using the AMD Radeon GPUs in their Exynos chipset next year

  • Whenever I buy a new phone I buy a case right then and there in the store.... the one time I took my case off my phone to clean it n forgot it, it dropped about 10 times in a few hours... learned my lesson

  • I just can't see paying almost two mortgage payments for a phone. Shoot, I can't see paying ONE mortgage payment for a phone. On top of that the more expensive phones always have features that I'll never use. I have a Motorola and I have the 'special' features turned off or disabled because I don't have a use for them. I like using my wired headset and keep all of my pictures on a micro SD card so for me NOT buying this is the way to go.

  • When you talk about the Gigantic size of the phone ,You are obviously very young & new to this type of product, I have had a phone in my car ( fixed ) since 1973 then moved on to phones that could be used on the move outwith the car, the first ones had a separate battery box that had to be carted around as well as the the phone handset, then you needed three hands, in a short period of time newer lighter phones came on the market, they were much lighter and referred to as bricks, it was possible to make use of them for calls only, there were no cameras , internet, or text technology at the time, the battery would last for a few incoming & outgoing calls for around 20 ( twenty ) minutes when the battery had to be removed from the handset and placed on a charger for around 2 hours. The early installed car phone had a switch lever on the handset which the user had to press in order to transmit & release to receive, it was a transmit & receive undertaking , which at the time we thought was fantastic. When I watch you talking about size, speed, camera, zoom etc. I wonder at the advancement in technology. Spend a an hour or so researching, phones of that period, you will be amazed with the difference, just as I am on as to how far forward technology has advanced. I have many wonderful & amazing stories about these phones and how they helped me gain customers who had never seen such things. All the Best Alasdair Scotland

  • Personally I never use a phone one handed no matter how big it is. I value my money and I feel more comfortable and safe using both hands.

  • Choosing between S21 Ultra or Iphone 12 pro..which one should i pick?

    • S21 has great battery and the IPhone 12 has a really good camera. It's personal preference honestly both phones perform well at the end of the day

  • In regards to the size of the phone I recommend downloading the good lock app and installing one-hand operation +

  • Otterbox defender

  • I always get a case for my phone..and especially if it's over 1000 dollars

    • I have gotten at least one case for all of the smartphones I have purchased through the years. Even the cheapest one but I can't see spending just under two mortgage payments for a phone. It's illogical to me.

  • I'm still kind of on the fence

  • I purchased my S21 Ultra last week, first thing I did was go to settings connections and turn 5G off as I don’t have 5g where I live so no sense in wasting battery searching for something that is not there, then display set it to HD+, then motion smoothness to Standard, don’t forget to set your screen to dark mode. After that go to battery, background usage limits put whatever apps to sleep you do not need to be running in the background, I then allowed a few apps like mail, messages, to run all the time and a couple into deep sleep, doing those few things you will achieve 1 day and 14 hrs of usage. I know it is cutting the phone down to what it is capable of but in everyday usage I never see the degradation of the lesser frame rates sure you can turn it all up to the max but then your phone will hardly last a full day at least I can get maybe two days now I don’t use my phone all the time I’m in the UK and I love the S21 Ultra perfect size perfect fit. Great phone features and the cost not too bad as I sold my old s10+ so this S21 ultra cost me £950 open box mint condition as that is what I purchased this S21 Ultra even on the worlds best market place you can achieve this phone for as low as £850. No way would I be paying £1329 so I saved a massive £400 and ended up buying the 21 Ultra for £550 with my original purchase price of £950 then my trade in or rather I sold my phone on you know where of £399 deduct that from the original purchase price of £950 = £551 so you see guys and gals you don’t have to pay full price if you are willing to buy open box you quite literally save a fortune. Highly recommended phone is this S21 Ultra Samsung have made a fantastic device and this will be the first time I will keep this phone for at least 5 years before upgrading, my father still have my old S4 he placed a new battery in it last week and it is still going as good as the day it was made and that phone is now 8 years old FFS, no need to be upgrading every year, every 5 years is plenty maybe replace the battery at the 3rd year myself when ity starts to struggle to keep charge up for a full day. Anyway fantastic mobile phone does everything you wnat and more no need for an micro sd slot as 512GB is plenty with 16Gb ram it is plenty snappy too makes the S10+ feel rather dated and once you have the S21 in yoru hand there is no way you would ever go back to the S10+ BUY IT DO IT NOW.

    • you lost me when you said display to HD+🙄😦

  • animation of fingerprint unlocking very ugly

  • animation of fingerprint unlocking very ugly

  • Or maybe you have small hands. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Sd card slot, headphone jack, and a removable battery.

  • It gets heated very very soon

  • I wonder if any norm developed for this device would help any hardship fade such as autonomous drive.

  • WORST PHONE EVER! I've had almost every Galaxy phone since the s4. I'm not too happy with the s20 I currently have and this s21 piece of trash has convinced me to leave Samsung. Sure the camera is a slight upgrade but where are you going to store the pics (or god forbid the high-res video) my current run-of-the-mill s20 has over 1TB and now the big, fat and heavy s21 Ultra has a pathetic 512? Really? Samsung seems to be trying to copy Apple. The problem with that is that they are going to lose. Until Samsung increases storage capacity to over 1TB and brings back the headphone jack I'm switching to Sony.

  • It's just enormous, I sent it back.

  • Hi, have you got a link for a reputable supplier who would deliver to the UK, as we have the dreary exynos 2100 which is 20% less effective than the SD as you well know & I have been in two minds whether or not to buy the s21 ultra exynos or hold out for the oneplus 9 pro but would really like the s21 ultra snapdragon version if at all possible, thanks in advance

    • We will deliver the snapdragon version.

  • People are complaining that they aren't seeing these numbers for battery life because they don't understand that power draw is dependent on so many other factors. People don't seem to understand what Screen-on-time actually means. This reviewer was not talking about screen on time, he was talking about a normal days use and most likely in an environment where he stayed connected to one cell phone tower the entire time. If a phone is between two different cell phone towers the radio will be connecting over and over which sucks more power than just being continuously connected to one. If your in a bad coverage zone then the radio has to work overtime to keep a connection which also sucks more power. He also likely has his screen timeout feature set very low and he probably turned off anything that was unnecessary like haptic feedback or beeps and stupid notifications. Another thing that kills a phones battery quickly are PUSH notifications because they have your phone constantly sending update messages to numerous servers. Make sure you who are having power issues go into your apps that are unimportant and turn all PUSH notifications off. Even if you don't actually receive any notifications from a certain app if PUSH notifications are on your battery will be drained in the background just due to the nature of the feature. Always on display will also drain power and imo is a feature that is not super necessary. Google assistant also drains power just by being ready to hear your voice and "hey google". Although that is one of the best features an android phone has. I could never turn mine off. Oh and if your using bixby?...stop it...just stop. There are so many other power saving tips that I could literally write a 5000 word essay on the subject.

  • What case are you using?

  • I don't understand why anyone that pays $1200 for a high end phone doesn't put a protective case on immediately when the buy it. I always use Otter Box on my expense phones. Never had a problem when I would drop it.

  • Had the note 10 plus and thought it was the best phone then I forced myself to get note 20 ultra and felt that to was the best. Well I got the s21ultra and it's phenomenal.

    • Do you miss using the SPen? I myself have the Note 10 Plus and I'm really thinking of getting the S21 Ultra. I've had a Note phone for yeeaaarrs lol.

  • I still have 8+ and the camera isn't very good. Thinking of upgrading

  • I got a heavy duty case and insurance on my Ultra. Tempted to go play tennis with it.

  • The lack of an microSD slot is a deal breaker for me. And no, cloud storage doesn't solve lack of local storage space, cloud should be for backup, not for actual use (you can't always access it, after all! Or your connection maybe too slow.) I get some others might be upset about lack of a wired headphone jack, which is understandable, but wired headphone always broke too quick for me.

    • @morningcalm21 But then the files aren't on my phone, so its pointless. Micro SD cards increase phone storage. USB sticks don't.

    • You can easily get a 256gb USB memory stick with a type-C adapter from Best Buy or Walmart for under 75 bucks. Then, if you need to clear up storage space on the fly, your problem is solved.

    • @Andrew Sauk No, literally every price range of wired headphone eventually has some aspect of the cable damaged enough to no longer function properly. (And wires on wireless headsets, but less quickly) And yes, considering how fast I filled up a 256 GB microSD, a 512GB phone won't last me several years. I'd rather extend the life of my device by getting newer and larger microSDs as they come out and become rapidly cheaper. Don't really take many photos though, so it's all Patreon art, videos, podcasts, and games.

    • your headphones broke? that sounds like a problem with the headphones you decided to purchase. also, the phone is available in 512 gb. do you need more than that? how many photos do you have??

  • I must be the super duper power user because I only get about 8 hours of battery life with mine and charge it at least twice a day. Everything else is fantastic.

  • Have to say, I really like the size of my Pixel 5. Wish it had an 865 and newer camera modules, but the size is actually perfect.

  • So the iphone 12 pro max is not a big phone to use 1 handed? 🙄 I've been using the largest Galaxy phones for years now and using it with 2 hands doesn't bother me at all.

  • Luckily my hand is big enough to type one handed. My prior phone was an Huawei p30 pro. By same usage the battery was a bit better. In any other aspect best phone ever.

    • That is right, my previous phone was a Huawei Mate 20 pro and battery was better, it even charged way quickier. So far I think the only upgrade I got was the camera.

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is more my style because it is smaller and easier to handle with one hand.

  • The cons too big for your little hands? 1. Get a good case. 2. The phone has the option to use with one hand mode. Overall, best phone I ever had.

  • You sound like an idiotic Samsung Ad. Please if you can't make a proper review with real facts, then find something else to do.

  • I got the S21 ultra for the camera ... and it is great. The principle that applies is "The best camera is the one you have with you". One niche thing that is spectacular is its star pictures (astrophotography). I though I was going to have to really spend $ for specialized equipment ... don't need to for my purpose now. The zoom is better than the rest. Also, on price ... I got $800 trade in on an old S7 plus $200 in accessories ... I could not resist spending $600 additional to get a 512 GB S21U. And I certainly got a case.

  • Well this video is so fake, paid promotion without freedom to say what you want 😂

  • When you spend that money like I have on the S21 Ultra or any phone.......first thing you do is buy a case!! No phone will not be damaged dropping it on concrete without a case!! Who does that!! You don't deserve such toys!!

  • Let's blame the phone for you dropping it, ok.

    • I agree that was dumb but we all have dropped a phone right and that's $1200

    • Exactly.

  • I have the s20 ultra thinking about upgrading now

  • Been using it for over 2 weeks now and it's life altering how good an experience it is to use this phone.

  • My s8 plus still rocking ! No lag..super zippy ...and screen resolution way better then S21..check specs;

  • S21....I like the upgrades and the size, but the removal of certain features were key negatives to me. I live in the southern US and many small shops and vendors not in major cities don't accept NFC. MST is huge when I'm traveling and for Samsung to remove it is a massive letdown. My phone is like a tablet/laptop combo for me. I have had my Note 8 since November 2018. That's shortly after it launched. I've used two different microSD cards in it, 2x 512GBs. I dump photos, videos, documents, music, etc to my PC, but I keep well over 500GB of data on my phone with apps. I get that for an average user that's not going to do much more than make calls, plays some games, take random pictures/video, and browse social media the lower GB is okay, but for any power user it's not enough. And having to limit your video footage to such a small amount is stupid with the camera setup. Why put amazing cameras with so little storage and no expandable storage?!?!??!?! And the fact Dex is available, but limiting its functionality as a productivity phone? I think if I upgrade I'll either go with the Note 10+ (used ofc) or a Note 20 Ultra for the 5G. They both still have MST and an sd card slot.

  • Guys can you change the style of your colour grading the skin tone doesnt look proper

    • Is that what your worried about watching this video?

  • Cant wait for a 20 📷 camera phone

  • Over a £1000 for just a phone

  • Excellent vid and review👍🏻👌🏻🔥 samsung nailed it with the S series. Got the plus version and I am happy with it.

  • There’s no way you get 2 days battery use

  • What about the overheating on multitasking mine is an oven

  • Wow! The Samsung S21Ultra Build quality, features and spectacular looks are amazing just as your Title claims. Suggest you use a case for any phone review that may ''fall from your hand'' as big phones such as S21Ultra, iphone Max, iphone plus and others may drop from your had while reviewing..

  • S21 Ultra or OnePlus 9 Pro 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Battery is amazing. Three days and no need to charge. Watched tv shows movies used phone for 3 days and still at 60% only. Get the case and screen protector.

  • I have this phone for a month and battery just great I end up the day with 30% to 40% with average usage including about an hour of gaming

    • Same for me, but I dont think it could ever last 2 complete days.

    • Yes it gets better with time.

  • There should be a mini version of this phone.. Which would be perfect.!

  • Is there an option to turn off the 5g and just use 4g?

    • Yes I have mine switched to 4g/3g as there is no 5g in my area as yet.

  • Thank you for a honest review!

  • Only thing I don't agree with is taking pics of moving objects..always blurry for me, slow shutter speed

  • Could have use the one hand mode.