Should you buy the LG CX right now? | LG CX vs. LG G1 OLEDs

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The LG G1 OLED is LG's best OLED yet, but are the improvements so vast that it's worth spending thousands more? We put the 2020 LG CX OLED next to the 2021 LG G1 OLED and compared them side by side to help you decide which is the smartest buy for your money.
0:00 - Intro
1:12 - User Interface & WebOS
2:22 - Gaming
2:54 - Processing & AI Features
3:34 - The New Evo Panel
3:53 - Brightness & Color Accuracy In SDR
4:49 - Brightness & Color Accuracy In HDR
5:24 - Object Detail, Sharpness, Upscaling, & Smooth Gradients
5:44 - Should You Buy The LG G1 Or CX?
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  • Can you connect a DVD player and a direct tv Console and a Sonos Arc Soundbar to the lg g1 OLED?

  • You should buy Samsung, LG going out of business, there phone company just died

  • I have an LG OLED 65" E7 2018 OLED TV. Unfortunately I bought my TV when LG OLEDS were expensive. As of today I have had a bad panel replaced, then a weeks later a circuit board failed causing the Oled not to turn on and now as of to day 05/05/2021 I'm starting to get burn in retention. Before I purchased my TV I had read a lot on burn in retention and how to keep problems away. I made a support ticket to LG and was told that they one time courtesy repair. The bad thing is there not a repair Service near me that wants to work on it. This morning I called LG to get some information on how they are going to proceed and was told they closed my case. What should I do or any help you could suggest.

  • Why coreen subtitle ?

  • What do you mean "while you still can"?

  • I just got a cx. Will be here tomorrow. Saved years for this. Hope it’s worth it.

  • what about the CX vs the C1? I mean, 700 euro difference is 700 euro difference

  • Yes you should. CX is the same panel and similar enough processor as the C1 and about $550 cheaper ($1050 cheaper than G1)

  • G1 the best

  • I can get the g1 for 200 bucks more than the c1. Which is about 700 bucks less than the cx. So is it worth for 700? In Australia money btw

  • Just bought the CX before I saw this video. Glad I did! I hate getting Buyer's Remorse! Thank you very much.

  • Just picked up the LG CX65, cannot wait to start watching movies on it. Looks like I made the right choice too ;)

  • Cx is amazing

  • I have the LG C9 65 inch and am very happy with it! TV's today are like computers and they have a newer upgrade version every year, but who can afford that. The C9 is a beautiful picture ... with my Panasonic UB820 4k player any my Dolby Atmos soundbar I'm all set!

  • Nice video, sticking with my 48" CX which for me is the perfect Xbox Series X TV.

  • Just picked up a 65" CX in the UK for £900 on clearance BNIB. Absolute monster of a TV.

  • Got CX yesterday. I can't step away from it.

  • I have two CX TVs in the lower level of my house. I’m thinking of the G1 to replace the TV in the very bright upper level.

  • Caleb, thanks for all the reviews. They helped me in choosing my new tv. Just got the cx recently and I absolutely love it.

  • I’m getting a CX 65 this weekend

  • We picked up a 65" cx in a black Friday sale last year. It's amazing! Best tv out there for its price point.

    • How much was it? Where did you get it from? Was it Best Buy?

  • I bought a LGCX but having found it wont play audio for I wouldnt buy another form them. DTS support come on LG

  • What is the big deal with the supposed brighter oleds? My lg c8 is brighter according to rtings numbers.

  • I have the cx65 and thinking about upgrading for gaming and movies

  • If you have a GX now and can change it to a G1 for 350 euro would you do it? Im having a hard time to decide if i should do it. One the one side, the evo panel uses less currency to power so theoretically i would expect less wear and less chance of burnin. On the other side, the differences in brightness seem minimal so viewing wise it might not make a difference and its might not be worth 350 euro to exchange to G1

  • I own a 65 inch lg oled E6 (65 inches) since 2016..that was the best tv i’ve ever i am considering of upgrading to g1 or cx 77 inch...the difference is about 2.000 euros between the 2 models, and i was wondering if it worths to go for g1 instead of cx. I watch a lot of 4k material in e6 and i am a power gamer...brightness was an issue (especially in games) in e6, but the panel totally smashes it!! What do you think? Thanks in advance...

  • Could you compare lg C1 and G1

  • I heard SD13 had his lover Jimmy buy him one, he paid him back well. AVS forum rumors, you need know if they are true. Nice tv

  • Just pulled the trigger on a cx. Didnt even know it was gonna discontinue or something. Trying to find the right mount so that it gets as flush to the wall as possible like the gx, any recommendations?

  • If you have the LG CX there’s no reason to upgrade to a LG C1 or LG G1

  • pulled the trigger on the cx today. thanks form helping me make up my mind.

  • I got a LG CX 65 for 1500$ so I'm happy with it

    • @BlackBruceLee here in Norway in r store if you know some that work in a retailer you can get friend discount I have a friend that works at a retailer that sells tvs so on so I got a friend discount on the tv


  • Proud CX owner. Super happy with it!

  • They’re the same tv lol

  • Has there been a LG CX firmware update for 4k 120hz hdr since you last reported that issue on ps5 COD?

  • I have a LG tv now I just don't want to do it anymore and you're not gonna make me!!

  • I don't like the stand and the TV seems bulky

  • Sat on a C9 65" considering a 77" and love the OLED i have so considering options, also cabinet vs wall mount

  • Huh, I don't realize I wasn't subscribed.

  • I would like to see a comparison between the Sony A80J and the LG C1.

  • If you’re thinking of getting the CX be aware of binding. This issue isn’t covered enough. I went through 2 CX’s and both had binding on bright scenes. Went to Best Buy and had them pull up a white screen on the display tv and sure enough there was binding. Wherever you go, have them pull up AR-one and type in “4k white screen.” This problem is immersion breaking and shouldn’t be there for a tv that costs thousands.

  • Thanks for making this video, as this was the exact dilemma I was facing. Ended up buying the CX, difference in price is just too big to justify the G1 in my opinion.

  • Can't see why anyone hates vivid mode. That's the best mode ever.

    • @knuckles1006 on the other modes they're unnatural colors also. Cinematic for example is hecka dark. How black or white can a t shirt be. Plus on vivid the brightness makes the colors pop. To each is own tho. I love vivid.

    • Because of the unnatural colors and brightness.

  • I have been watching your videos for some time as well - did not realize that I have not subscribed yet - subscribed today :) - i appreciate your reviews and your time :)

  • Your right i always watched your videos but now im subscribed

  • saving up to get my first oled this year.....putting my 4k samsung on the retirement

  • i can i am to poor...cant afford none.

  • Just bought the CX love it

  • Can we get a similar A90J vs A8H comparison 😄

  • I hated the new UI hope LG reconsider

  • Brightness really matters to me. That’s the one thing Qled has over Oled so I’m definitely picking the G1 up.

  • Someone needs to tell us if the G1 is worth the money over the C1. Also, when can we get the G1? I can't find it anywhere.

  • I bought LG48CX 2 days ago. I was thinking about getting 55 inch, as it's 100 euro cheaper, but for a PC use I think that 48 is a good choice.

  • I just bought the CX from best buy yesterday. It's $1399.99 for the 55", the lowest I've seen in a while. The 55" C1 is $1799.99. I hope I made the right choice.

  • PLEASE can you do a vid on this - LG 75NANO916PA (2021) LED HDR NanoCell 4K Ultra

  • I have ps5 and I need TV, The best tv for it is ? (Max 55c)

  • LG G1 evo 55" (790 000 HUF ) is double price than LGCX3 55" (390 000 HUF) in Hungary. It is very expensive.

  • can someone please tell me which damn tv has good greys? NOT deep blacks but come out of black well. I need to get a new tv. I get tv’s for 10 years not every year. We love dark movies and the old Panasonic we have is terrible. I was looking at this tv but if you say the greats aren’t great WHICH TV IS?? Or which system is? OLED or LED.

  • grabbed a CX for £1000. just bloody love it. cheers caleb

    • I did to bought mine for$1000

  • How about picture quality in motion (fast moving objects)? Is CX way worse than G1?

  • Here in France, we can find a 65GX at 2000€ and a 65G1 at 2700€. The price gap is not so huge.

  • Cx on the way 1349.99

  • bought a cx 65 last week, using it as a 2nd monitor for gaming and movies. Couldn't be happier!

  • We just bought the Sony X90J 65" OLED and it is the brightest old on the market with 1300nits. Outperforming 95% of gaming monitors. X90J has 4 HDMI 120HZ 4K 2.1 HDMI input. 2 HDMI 120HZ 4k HDMI EARC. The Sony Outperforms both the G1 and the any LG C10 or CX except their true 8K screen. But Sony offers true 8k too. If you buy an OLED buy AudioQuest Carbon Series HDMI or you will not get the high-quality. Wr had monster top of line cable and it's pictured was killed by AudioQuest. Trust me LG processor can not compete with Sony A90J or any 2021 releases. EVO sucks too.

    • Also A90J has best sound output system to supporting old bars and new bars.

  • Just bought a 55" CX last month and almost every day has been movie day lol

  • I don't know I just like the original looks more fluid and unique original design from the past but the new one look like my Xbox One X platform with all the windows that's why I prefer using my Xbox One X content

  • Thinking of buying the CX

  • Thank you very much. I'm buying the LG CX at Costco tomorrow (they only have three left) at $US 1349.00 Plus a few rebates of some kind. I'll be hooking it up the my new Starlink connection Friday. I haven't had internet for two years, been working off my Verizon phone w/ Hotshot. Thank you again. :)

  • My 65' LG CX will arrive this Thursday 😬

  • The game optimizer is nice, just maybe not $450 nice. So, I think I'm going to go with the CX

  • Great content and comparison!

  • I have b9 and I think it's pure amazing am I wrong?

  • Web os sucks missing so muchbshir HBO max etc

  • LG sucks. I bought a cheaper LG 4k tv for living room and it can't even handle watching a football game. My good tv is a Sony in bedroom for gaming and movies and I would never consider getting an LG flagship tv. Their processor sucks compared to Sony

  • Owning a CX and not planning to upgrade for many years.

  • Still rocking my C6. Still love it. If you are considering an OLED TV and can afford it, there’s no regret getting it.

  • wheres the best place to buy a CX ?

  • Can't wait for the C1 vs CX and G1 vs GX review!! I've been waiting to get a Brand new Oled TV this year.

  • There is c9 65 available in my area should i buy one or should i wait or buy cx how about c9 vs c1 ? Need urgent advise

  • Is there a big improvement against the LG C8. Should i buy the g1 or should i stay with the c8 and the motion problems?

  • Wasn’t going to be able to buy the G1 anyway, made me happier with my CX!

  • Still love my Q9FN :)

  • Why not compare the C1 with the CX??? Am I missing something? All these AR-one comparison videos are between the new premium G Series OLED (LG G1) and the old C Series OLED (LG CX). Why even bother?

  • I'm more excited with the new A1 OLED. Wonder how it stacked up against its fancier brothers ...

  • I bought the GX on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and love it. I would recommend the GX just for the ability to slim mount on the wall. Looks amazing.

  • Good presentation. Honest recommendation. Subscribed! Getting the CX 77 thanks

  • what is the tv wich is on the the left of screen behind Mr Denison

  • It's always surprising to me to find out that many youtube video viewers aren't subscribed to the channel since the videos tend to get less views than the subscriber count. I had always assumed that most viewers were subscribers and that there was always going to be a fraction of subscribers who actually watch the videos from the channels they subscribe to

  • Yeah if you have a CX no point in the 2021 TV's not a huge difference at all at least not worth spending more money to get less in return with very few new features that you get getting the G1. And they should update the web-os on the CX tv's as well don't see why they can't.

  • Gonna go with the G1

  • Can't remember exactly what Panasonic Viera 42" plasma model I have but it's around 10yrs old. I've been eyeing up LG OLEDs in particular for a couple of years now but am ready to jump for the 55 G1 fairly soon. I'm aware the Sony A90J does better motion handling than LG & the OS may well be better but £2699 instead of £1999 is more than I'm willing to pay. My Viera is wall-mounted so will whip that off the wall & use the supplied bracket instead. I presume I will be able to record to an ext SSD over USB much as now & only one channel at a time so will require an external sat tuner/recorder. Sound will be over optical to my DAC. Great reviews Caleb - no over-blown false familiarity - just down to business!

  • Subtitles in english, please

  • Looking forward side by side between CX and C1... Many thanks!!

  • Sorry but why u compare G1 vrs. CX there is no sense of it! Better will be to compare C1 vrs. CX i having CX 48" and i m very happy with it!

  • I bought my C9 when the CX came out. People are copping the CX now with C1 out. No point in buying the latest OLED when the changes aren’t significant.

  • Bought my CX couple days ago for cheap and absolutely blown away with the picture its super amazing

  • Just ordered a 77” CX. Can’t wait to get it set up!

    • @Vinny Bruce Man, I got it set up and I love it. Wow. Just wow.

    • My opinion My Cx and everyone else it’s a damn good on the CX

  • Thank you for the video. I think I'll keep my C9 until the next TV update. :)


  • i got a cx77 4 weeks ago and i love it !!