Vizio V-Series (V705-H13) 4K HDR TV Unboxing and Review | Does budget equal quality?

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The V-Series is Vizio's most affordable TV line, with a 65-inch model coming in at under $500 and a big 70-inch model coming in well under $700. But what kind of quality can you expect at that price?
Vizio V-Series Smart TV is available here -
Is the Vizio V Series competitive with options from the likes of TCL and Hisense? We dig in to find where the 70 inch Vizio V Series sits among the competition in this Vizio V Series unboxing and review.
0:00 - Intro
1:26 - V Series Unboxing, Connections, and First Impressions
2:16 - Initial Setup
2:49 - V Series Picture Settings
3:58 - Audio Settings
4:23 - Picture Quality Impressions
6:31 - Panel Lottery
6:58 - Gaming
8:03 - Should You Buy The Vizio V-Series TV?
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  • Hey everyone! What do you actually need/want from a budget TV? Large screen, small price? Is there a picture quality standard for you?

    • @Tucker Issac whoa! Took roughly 10 minutes but it actually worked!

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    • @Brian Todd hisense and TCL are trying to step into the premium market. Their prices will probably be a little lower than the big three but are people going to be willing to pay a premium for the kings of the budget tvs?

    • Hello Caleb. I actually just purchased LG 86UN85. Have you done a review on this tv? I would love to check it out. And if you haven’t can you make a video covering tv? Thank you!

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  • Not having a component input confuses me.

  • It's honestly okay for what it is. Especially for the price, bought it for the living room since it's big and i'm usually not there.

  • I wanted to go with the M series, but way down south in Foley, Alabama the choices were few. Walmart did have a 65" M series. I decided to go big and went with V705. I don't think I can see the differences. I was replacing a E600i-b3 which I think is at least 20 years old your video was very helpful Thanks

  • I can't seem to change any of the picture settings when gaming on my PS4 or Switch plus it has audio that cuts in and out during quiet moments it's irritating mind helping out a bit and helping me with it

  • I bought a 50 inch for $300. It's my first smart tv so my expectations are low. It's a million times better than my old tv

  • For the money I’m happy with my V-series. Big 65inch for my bedroom. $500

  • Best tv with atmos set up and test atmos movies and games.

  • Just bought this for the wife and she loves it . Huge upgrade from her 55' .

  • Bought the v-series and really like it, i don't watch movies or stream but do game and to me the screen works out really fine

  • I plan on getting the 55" for my bedroom. I've got an old Vizio and it still works great but I want a bigger picture.

  • Can I ask why you always leave sharpening on the TV. Im not sure how you get a good picture while having artificial sharpening on.

  • Just got the 5 series 2020 version 55 inch in my room looks great

    • The 5 and 6series TCL tvs are some of their best panels. I have all of the 6 series TCL tvs and I love them all.

  • Love the series! Keep it up :-). Question though,, with all the new technology happening, what should we stay away from meaning what technology will be obsolete sooner than others?

  • Caleb, I just recently bought a PS4 and looking for a TV for gaming. Is the TCL 5 series a good TV for PS4?

    • I got this one for my ps4 pro n it very Decent no lagging with the gaming pro engine inside of it it’s good

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  • Really? You need a mask to unpack a box? 🙄 Stop the propaganda!

  • That 43” is going in my room.

  • Free 77 inch Oled giveaway 😃

  • 5:45 Here’s the problem with the M-Series. My dad says his next TV would need to be at least 75”. The M-Series doesn’t go that high. It goes up to 70”. So it’s either a V-Series at ~$800, or a P-Series at ~$1700 In that case, would the V-Series be worth the comprise, considering the price difference is much wider at that size?

  • She Shed? No. It's called a Lady Lair.

  • From your video the image quality of the TV is quite acceptable. I have this model myself I just replaced my 55" V series which was ok for what it is, and this model was better with the picture quality. Ultimately most people when they by a large screen want maybe 4 things, especially on a budget. They want a menu system that is fast and accurate with a user friendly remote, they want good picture quality that matches the source content, it should be bright enough for a light room, and should have good black levels and colors. I would say that 90% of the TVs out now fit into most acceptable categories, there are some outlier garbage cheap sets out there, I do not think the V705-H13 is one of them and I feel its better than just acceptable. ITs not a M series or Oled and yes it needs to be about 500 nits brighter to be closer to the HDR claims. It is not going to win any HDR awards, maybe HDR400. I have put 4K videos to it, along with some HDR downloaded content to it, and for a budget its a good option if you need a large panel on the cheap. If anything I would be more suspect if it was cheaper. I purchased it because we recently got new living room furniture that changed the layout of our living space and pushed us further away from our 55" This now created an issue where the viewing distance was not optimal. Moving the set closer was not an option. The old set was a older V series 55" like 2017-2018. The V705-H13 is faster, with better black levels and it is noticeably brighter. I could have sprung for another $200 for a Samsung 70" but they were out of stock. Save some money and this unit will do. Colors are very good, I compare it to my Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor which is a true HDR10 monitor with very accurate colors, its not better than that but its ok on its accuracy. I think its a good buy for the money.

  • What's your take on the VIZIO - 58" Class V-Series LED 4K UHD SmartCast TV.. gonna get this for my basement.. currently selling at bestbuy for $399.. what do you think?

    • I just bought the 50" and well... I'm currently not so sure. Pretty much all Caleb said applies to any of the v-series TV's including mine. I was and am happy with my 5 yr. old 32" Vizio but not sure about this 50" one. One of my biggest issues is the 45 degree x-axis... the quality of the picture dims or fades somewhat outside of watching it at a 45 deg. angle. And I'm going to be doing some gaming on it, PS5, and want it to look the best it can, so... not sure man, I have my doubts currently. I like the size and the price but that's about it at the moment (some of the free channels are cool too).

  • Yeah, these smart TVs are really good in quality and they use a really wonderful mediatek chipset that offers great performance.

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  • Thank you

  • Nice video. The Vizio V series is definitely very affordable and works great too with a mediatek processor

  • TV giveaway for 2021 models?

  • I bought this black Friday for $478 70"...home screen has crashed a few times and apps stopped working mid video. Vizio told me to do a reset some special way changing the language then back to English to clear cache'.....worked so far but has not been long. I sort of wish I went P series or some higher brand but I could buy 1.5 more TVs at that price. I think I will go top end next time. For ref I am coming from a 2009 46" LCD HD. I just wanted more screen to take up the bare spot on the wall and my kids don't know what good picture they are missing yet.

  • Thanks for doing a v series review. Been looking for a good trustworthy review. Appreciate you doing this!

  • For a TV not going in Media/Living room, this seems fine for bedroom.

  • Got a 65 inch Tcl in my living room. Have a 50 inch vizio in my bedroom. I would like another 65 inch in my bedroom bu the wife says no way. So I compromised and I'm getting a 58 inch hisence.

  • Hi Caleb, I just bought this tv because I am on a super budget and am moving into a new place. I know its basic but I did get it for $600 after a discount at the retailer I work for so at least theres that but have you found the best settings for it yet? Guessing you didn't play around with it much after this review but figured i'd ask just in case. I am pairing it with the M51a-H6 you gave a good review for so hopefully i'll at least have decent sound until I can afford a better screen. Anyways, love all your content and thank you 😁

  • Celebrate with a giveaway. Those white speakers are beautiful, so maybe a brand new pair of those!

  • i just bought a samsung 65inch QLED q60t it looks great

  • Not sure why I ever buy this TV personally but, I bet there are many who would be delighted to have it who don't have a garage. I suspect many have no concept of a quality standard, so why not go for BIG and cheap. The $4000 TV is to me beyond the pale. BTW is TCL going ever going to go Android on the 6 series?

  • for celebration try to sync several tv from different manufacturers to show 1 image, so we can see the difference, make a wall of tvs :D

  • That's a guest room TV

  • looking for a 32 or 43 inch affordable tv on a budget.

  • Can u do a review on a 4K laser short throw (vava,hisense,0ptoma?

  • Setting up the spare room upstairs and have been tv shopping. Not going to be a tv that I watch every day, but will get a decent amount of use. Your review here pretty much confirmed how I feel about the v-series. Not that great and I'll be better off spending a little more on something else. Looking at TCL's 5 series, Vizio M series, might check out what LG and Samsung have in a similar price range. The room isn't huge so probably no bigger than a 55. A 70 would feel like I'm sitting in IMAX. Okay maybe I do need a 70 lol.

  • I just purchased a 58” V-Series from Target ($399). Paired with a Vizio 2.0 soundbar from Amazon ($50). To have this picture and sound quality for under $500 is really incredible value.

  • Give me a tv😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄

  • Waiting on my LG C1, not budget, but I am very excited.

  • I was thinking of this for the lake house to replace a 20+ year old DLP RPTV but I think I need to do better than this

  • Ive bought the 43inch v series....and honestly if you dont compare it side by side with the higher quality sets, you will not be disappointed at looks amazing on it, my nintendo switch looks great, and the HDR feature works with my series s quite well...this TV is strictly middle can easily get better or worse with your hard earned only complaints with the TV is that it doesnt support the spectrum app, and it doesnt currently support 1440p..which my series s has natively....its a solid purchase 8/10

    • @Deon Kirk awesome can't wait. Thx

    • @Nick Harris yes it does up scale to 4k quite nicely and It supports most of the advanced features but you must enable the 2.1 feature in the settings...if you don't it will keep defaulting to 1080p with no hdr...if you decide to go with it you won't regret it

    • Wouldn't it upscale to 4k?

    • Is it still a solid gaming tv for xbox series s? I'm getting one 43' 2021 v series but wondering how yours stands up.

  • There is just something about the feeling you get where you think you have scored a great deal so I’m always a fan of Vizio Hisense and TCL. Vale for features is my middle name. 👍🏾

    • @Mac22 I have the M series and I really love it

    • People sleep on Vizio but they're cheap good all round tvs.

  • Quality over quantity every time for me. Vizio is just not a good tv company in general. Sony for me all day long

  • Thanks for doing a review of a t.v. that the average person buys.

  • do tv's upscale content played via pendrive ,,, or it only upscale content played via hdmi , streaming apps etc.....

  • hii will samsung q80 t upscale videos played via usb

  • I've never been a fan of Vizio, dating back to 2012-2015 when my friend went through 6 of them in 2-3 years. Anyways, the V series is a huge piece of sh*t. I've had 5 on display at work die in the past 2 years, on top of getting at least 1 return per week from customers. Then, the picture quality next to ANY other TV looks horrible. Even on vivid mode, it's dim, colors are not saturated, and the black levels are horrible. I try to talk everyone out of buying it. For $20-30 less, you can get the TCL 4 Series, or what I recommend to everyone is for an extra $100-150, you can get a much better TV in a Samsung 7 series Crystal or LG 7300. Or for $200 more, a Sony X750. Then, I had a new display of a Vizio PQX only last 3 weeks before it took a sh*t, and I had to take it down. I'd never buy any Vizio.

  • TCL is king.

  • When you reach the milestone you should do a giveaway of some kind

  • When those stimulus checks came out I saw people buying these TVs every time I went to Walmart. I could think of better things to do than blow free money on a big mediocre tv

    • @Michael Wyckoff no joke! I guess for some people they are fine though. Definitely not me

    • You are absolutely right. Why spend all that money on a piece of garbage.

  • Put my TV in my bedroom 🤪looking at the x900h 65inch

  • The practical and attractive features to experience, removing a conventional stand. I suppose it more than enough for personal rooms.

  • I like your videos

  • I think reviews of budget TVs such as this one are great for many people that aren't like us and aren't subscribed to the channel. They may not know or care about specific tech specs. Some people are looking for the biggest name brand TV for the best price, and this fits the bill.

  • Help! Vizo M series Q7, or Hisence H8G, or TCL 5 Series. Which one is the better solid TV picture for $550.00 at 55" size.

  • Honest review! Caleb is awesome! 😎👏

  • Are you really curious for comments or is it just the way to ask for whatever youtube algo needs today ?

    • I read as many comments as I can, and I really do want the feedback. So thanks!

  • I am looking to replace my 2015 Vizio M series. It's only 1098p, which was good for its day, but I have had glitchy issues with it for a couple of years. The screen will come on really dark or even black, which apparently is a known Vizio bug? Turn it on and off a couple of times and it works again. Also, it suddenly stopped connecting to the Internet. None of the apps work. I've tried connecting manually, but no go. Fortunately I have a Roku. So I'm already leaning away from another Vizio. This review didn't make me change my mind. I'm waiting for reviews for the new TCL to come out to make my choice.

  • I have the 40inch version of this so does this review count for all other sizes of the tv?

  • If you're doing more budget tv reviews, I'd really like to see your opinion on the TCL 4 series Android tv's ... specifically the 75" model.

    • Just go for the TCL miniled 6 series it's a good enough TV for almost everyone.

    • If you're looking for a good budget TV, I'd definitely recommend that one. Also, would much rather have the Android TV over the Roku one.

  • I bet this thing must be total shit after reviewing the A90J and G1

  • For the million subs celebration, you should introduce the entire Digital Trends AR-one team and show all gear used to produce the videos.

  • I purchased the vzio v series tv and I love it. I respect your opinion but I completely disagree you are wrong this tv is a incredible for the price. You cant go wrong with this tv.

    • @Cisco's World I'm looking at possibly the M-Series now

    • I have two 60” and just bought this one I absolutely love them

    • I just bought their 50" v-series and I'm having some doubts... what Caleb said of this 70" also applies to mine...

  • I just bought the H8 so not really in the market for a new tv in the next couple of years. I just want to see if Visio improved their interface or screen quality. It looks like they have not.

  • I was looking to upgrade to an LG, until I saw your review on the Hisense H9G. Went out and bought it the next day. Best tv I’ve ever owned. Beautiful picture and zero issues so far. So, thank you!

    • I did the same thing. I had a 50" Samsung 7 series Crystal, and it's a great TV for $350. But, because of everyone's review of the H9G, I decided to give the 55" a shot for my bedroom, and it's definitely better. But, for twice the price ,it better be. For my living room TV, I want to replace my other Samsung for a Sony X950H.

  • Just get a budget Panasonic from 2019 or 2020 they're super cheap now

  • What's the point buying vizio TV when colors are fake and so many technical issues on all vizio TV during manufacturing process. All vizio TV are in China TV no Wonder QC control are very poor and bad quality TV Never buy any vizio TV its not worth it.

  • So basically it's a $700 piece of s***.

  • Very nice reviews but every time when i see you alone with a mask at home i will give you thumb down. Its time to stop push this mask and freak out the people.

    • @Caleb Denison the masks are funny cause trying to block covid is like trying to catch mosquitoes with a fishing net 🤦

    • @Todor Kolev Bro, thanks for watching. I mean that. Dig this, though, I like wearing a mask. Ain't no thang to me . Dan is careful for me and my family, and I am careful for he and his. Zero sacrifice, maximum protection. I hope you keep watching and hit that thumbs down. It's your prerogative, and I have zero issues with that.

    • @Dan Baker guys im sure you are very smart people , did you still think this virus is so dangerous. You can do your reviews without push those mask. I like your videos so much but i cannot accept 1 year to block all world for some not that scared virus. Please dont be that kind of people who still showing this. Time to live normal

    • Hey! Thanks for checking out the video, but it’s worth noting that these videos aren’t produced in Caleb’s home, they’re actually produced in our office downtown, so Caleb isn’t actually alone, he’s sharing a space with me. We’re just trying to limit our risks so we can continue to push out more content.

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  • When you hit the million do a 55 inch TV giveaway

  • Love the reviews you v helped me find the best Sony I bought last year

  • Would like to see the Nano 99/8k review from you... Y’all definitely deserve the 1millon support IMO

  • @8:30 Caleb was about to become dinner for that Chameleon!

  • She shed? That’s the first I heard that term.

  • 1 million subs, cocaine and strippers. Great content, eagerly awaiting to pre order the G1 over here!

  • You can celebrate by giving away free stuff, like TVs you reviewed.

  • Really enjoy his reviews but drives me crazy he wears a mask when sitting and gaming or looking at the tv. What is the point exactly?

  • Love the content Caleb! Hope you guys can reach a million subs by the end of the year! Cheers bro.

  • You need a leo bodar tester for the gaming Imput Lagg your opinions don't count for shit otherwise we need an actual number just saying

  • My 12-year-old just destroyed our 11 month old hisense 75” tv. I can’t tell you how many times I told him to wear the lanyard on his Nintendo Wii remote. Ugh. So this time around, I’m aiming for something budget but a little better since the last TV had color uniformity issues. The TV will be going in our living room. Thank you so much for all of the amazing content. I am leaning on you greatly for solid and honest advice.

  • Looking at a budget 65 under 1000. Some gaming features wild be nice, but I don't need 120hz. I need a bright picture for our main living space.

  • The downside to subscribing is ... you can only sub once

  • My neighbor purchased the 58" model from Costco and wanted me to set it up. Took like 5 minutes lol. She had one of the original Vizios from, maybe over 11 years ago lol. That thing was heavy. I mentioned the M series and Quantum but she wasn't into home theater like I am but from what she had to this, it's not that bad of a tv. 300$ well spent (Open box)

  • I have this TV. Good enough for me. Im not dropping $1k for a TV lol

    • Get the Vizio M Series for $499...

  • Virtual fireworks.

  • (It displays images on a screen) not a great review. Hahaha

  • I have a V series and personally I can't wait to get a Sony lol. I'm definitely going to spend a little more money this time I learned my lesson 😌

    • @Roy R yeah I just bought the 50" v-series and I'm having my doubts... all that Caleb said is true. Sitting or standing outside of 45 deg. angles the picture quality goes down and here I'm getting a PS5 and for gaming it doesn't sound that great either. Might have to fork over more $$$ or get a smaller TV for about the same price. Oh boy...

    • @Martin Chitembo Yeah just like he said in the video regardless what you do with settings it just doesn't look good at all. Gaming is horrible its really laggy it makes it hard to play. It says it has Dolby Vision and HDR10 but to be honest watching 4k blurays you don't notice a difference with it activated or not. Honestly it's just a cheap TV so you can't really expect to much. If I was you I would look into the M Series or better yet a great amazing budget TV that blows this TV away any day of the week....The Sony X900H it's last years model so it's really cheap right now. Hope I helped good luck sir.....

    • What were the downsides to the v series,your response is highly appreciated.

  • Cue the Sony, LG fuq bois

  • *Thank you CALEB* I bought one for my six years old daughter for and with those few calibration it looks decent.. Again *THANK YOU * 🙌

  • Man, those Q950 never get old to look at, absolutely gorgeous and wow . . . if you ever get a chance to hear these speakers or nearly ANY KEF speaker, you are really in for true audio bliss. And yes, i own several different KEF models so I am unapologetically biased. lol

  • How very classist/bougie of you! You definitely aren't keeping proper perspective. At least you're honest about that. Most people who are looking to buy this TV usually don't have the extra $200 to be able to "save" to step up to a TV to your personal liking. My youngest son bought a 55" V series and is quite happy with it. It fit his pocket book quite nicely for $300+. Because he did I bought a 65" version for our living room for use by my two daughters to use so they don't have to surrender use of my 85" PQX when I come home from work. Btw. When are you going to finish your review of the 85" PQX? You basically blew it off after criticizing it for being "too bright"! Incredible since the reviewer/infuencer bugaboo is about TVs not being bright enough. I think you'd do well visiting "Value Tech Cents" AR-one channel for some "perspective" on TVs and what the non-elites are buying. He does an awesome job of review on the PQX just so you know.

  • I think I wanted this tv. Instead I bought Sony a90j. Ugh.

    • Sony not good ? Can't be worse than this Vizio...

  • Why does this TV have eARC but my 2019 Vizio Quantum M8 does not?

  • Give away a high end tv.