Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV Review (QN65QN90A) | Can this dull OLED's shine?

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The QN90A is Samsung's flagship 4K TV for 2021 and features the company's take on mini-LED backlight tech. Is this a game changer TV?
The Samsung QN90A Neo QLED is available here:
Mini-LED, if you aren’t familiar, allows TVs to pack thousands more tiny led backlights behind an LCD panel to achieve better control of lighting: That means, on paper, brighter highlights, better black levels, better shadow detail, and less halo around bright objects on dark backgrounds. Does Samsung's QN90A Neo QLED live up to the hype? Let's find out in this Neo QLED review.
0:00 - Intro
1:04 - Samsung SmartTV Interface
1:55 - Neo QLED
2:31 - Backlight System
2:59 - Measurements
4:03 - Black Levels & Blooming
5:14 - Color Accuracy
5:38 - Off-axis Viewing Angles
6:03 - Real Life Performance
6:33 - Motion
7:05 - Sound Quality
7:34 - Gaming
8:34 - Final Thoughts
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  • Oh man! Is it vs. C1 or A90J. Which one? Or both?

    • Its all about 4k HDR in 120HZ for games like COD as Digital trends showed the CX had graphix issues running in performance mode on the ps5. I cant buy a tv until I know which tv can hang at performance mode on ps5 without issues. Watch his video called PS5 + LG CX Ultimate gaming pt 2

    • QN90A vs. A90J please


    • C1 or G1. Sony is only brighter really in vivid mode.


  • Dear Mr. Denison, Did you notice the bloming of this TV increase at different viewing angle?

  • I would really like to see the Neo Qled 8K qn900a review and the battle against the Lg G1 Great content!

  • Some TV's get really bright but the colour volume doesn't increase. Same thing with Panasonic TVs.

  • As nvidia cards support freesync its not really a downside

  • While this is normally one of my favorite reviewers/channels, I can't help wonder if Digital Trends got another QN90A than other reviewers? No other reviews I have seen are this enthusiastic while not seeing most of the problems they report about.

  • could you explain the difference between Mini Led and Full Array? thank you x

  • I dont see any halo on my LG $399 tv.

  • Caleb - you did us dirty with the misleading title

  • Video title: "Can this dull OLED's shine?" Caleb Denison: 9:02 Viewers: "We’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray, run amok and flat out deceived!"

  • When my bank tell me that my funds are grossly insufficient 3:32

  • an inspiring review

  • Why are you wearing a mask sitting alone playing a game? Thanks for the great videos.

  • It Don't Burn Like a OLED.. Sold !

  • LG G1/Sony A90J (counting these as sort of the same thing even though they are a bit different), sony X95J (when it's available I guess), LG QNED equivalent

  • How many HDMI 2.1 ports are there? Your other video says there are 2, this one says there is one. Which one is it?

  • Hey Caleb, love your reviews! I'm planning to get the 85-inch QN900A! Would love to see your review on it!

  • Not sure if I missed it but does the xbox series x run at true 120? I bought a samsung 2020 TV thinking it because it said it was 120 4k but when I got the Xbox it only does 120 at 1080. Also how is first person shooter games with this TV like pubg? Again with my new 2020 TV it is a total let down on most games as far as picture goes, infact on almost everything it's a let down, the only way I seem to get the awesomeness I bought the TV for is to put it into "retail mode", everything pops and is so vivid! 55Q70R I'd give it a B- I don't want to be let down again.

  • NO Dolby Vision, no want. Come on Samsung!!

  • No thank you

  • Sony A90J vs QN90A

  • Umm for me It is between this TV and the Sony X95J which is not even out yet. I have always been a Sony guy but thinking about switching to Samsung.

  • LGCX is better & cheaper 👍🏻

    • Burn in is the only thing that is stopping me from getting a LGCX and LG tvs don't have HBO max

  • I’m a Q90T owner and would love a comparison between the 2

  • ngl I have an OLED (65 inch CX). But this TV looks great. It looks like it really pops, and the black levels still look excellent.

  • Vs LG C1 and CX in 2021

  • @Caleb: Trying to use the C1 as a display for my Nintendo 64 which has R/W/Y outputs, going into a RWY adapter to the back pof the C1. Switching to AV gets me only a buzzing sound and a 'no signal' message. I've looked all over the internet and see tha the c9/cx and such are great tv's to use with these retro consoles. Any ideas what the problem might be?

  • What KEF speakers are those? And are they better than Bowers and Wilkins 600 series?

  • What about x90j ???

  • Hard to accept a top tier TV without Dolbyvision or Dolby Atmos in 2021.

    • Even if you had two of the same TV side by side to compare HDR10 vs DolbyVision, you'd be hard pressed to find people who actually see a difference without pausing the video. Is there a difference? Yes, of course there is. Is the difference significant enough to deter you from an otherwise stellar TV? In my opinion and clearly Caleb's, no.

  • Samsung the best

  • vs Sony X95J of course!

  • I’d like to see this TV vs TLC 2021 6 series. I like to compare a low priced decent tv and high end high priced tv. Compare contrast and see exactly what you get for an extra $1500.

    • Has anyone found this comparison yet? I’ve been looking but no gold. I’ll be buying this week

  • Miniled improvement this year is bigger than oled improvement.

  • I would like you to compare this one to the LGC1 and the X80J from sony. I am looking for 77 or 75 inches for the living room, but I am so Undecided. Please help, the best one of these 3 under 4G in America, thanks

    • Don't bother, OLED always better than any LCD tv, if you got the money, buy OLED, at current stage, won't fail you.

  • QN90A VS LG G1 VS Sony A90J Great video Caleb !

  • What about the 4k players themselves, I have not seen any review of the different ones on this site and was wondering if it makes any difference.

  • VA or IPS? 10bit or 8bit + RFC?

  • 6:33 so that means I can't watch / have a proper 24p experience with this TV?! I don't like Soap Opera at all. Is that an issue on other Oled Tvs aswell?!

  • I just don't get the appeal of needing a super BRIGHT tv lol. I'd rather have better picture quality, contrast and deeper blacks, being a movie buff and gamer. I don't get people who need or watch tv at 1PM on bright sunny afternoon in the living room. lol Am I crazy? And my LG CX oled gets bright enough for me.

    • I don't think you're crazy, but a lot of people watch TV during the day, have windows in their living room, like/need ambient light during viewing etc.

    • Even my plasma is bright enough for me.

  • This vs. Sony X95J would be a delight


  • I’m happy with my TCL mini led

  • The C1

  • Great videos. I only miss hearing more about motion quality (compared with other TVs) and picture quality loss when in game mode.

  • Sam Nei vs lg G1, Sony a90j, x95j

  • It’s great to see that the led with all its brightness has improved further this year on contrast, color space and control. I don’t feel the oleds have had similar improvements. A90j and gx have tried to get led brightness for typical viewing patterns and results aren’t great, granted they lead in dark room performance but they did so last year. Word from an insider in australia is Samsung micro leds will be out at the end of this year so the gap is closing further. I’m glad you did this well balanced review as I do find tizen and especially is menus prehistoric, but it seems Samsung have begun mastering black and grey scales now and most of the public will always appreciate bright screens and good colour fidelity over cinematic accuracy in a dark room.

  • Where the hell is the new TCL,s 8K, OD Zero thousand control zone Mini LED crap! I’ve been waiting since January 2021 until present holding on to my money WTH !!! Can somebody tell me something I just finished my man cave and the the only thing left to purchase is an Oled Cx or something that’s new, when they finally drop I hope they’re worth it damn!!

  • So I hear but Sony

  • While you're down there. (classic)

  • I usually find that it's best to tune down the B-Gain of the TV as much as possible to get white as pure white, so that it looks drastically better when Calibrating. It Might be useful for Game mode. (I don't know if the 4K Samsung TVs are still relatively the same as before).

  • *The neo crap is very bright with lots of blooming and DSE!!*

    • @Vic Oled q8fn was garbage.but mr oled you need to check things out before going in blind. The best oled A90j is barely as good your Cx and the qn90a is better than your cx.

    • @George Dres Boy stop!! I had the Q8fn and returned that garbage because of the horrible blooming and DSE!! I brought the C8 and never looked back!! Oleds are king of picture quality!!😆😆

    • @Vic Oled your peak btw is unstable and a fraction of a seconds worth before the abl turns white into a blue mess. Don’t be upset just go to rtngs and use comparison tool for education.

    • @Vic Oled it’s got to tone map and is crap with any light. I sold my cx for the same reason..I can tell your just an oled kid and don’t have critical thinking as a attribute. U stay with oled…been there but always interested if there is better unlike u

    • @George Dres So, my C8 has a peak brightness of 950 nits!! HDR looks beautiful on it!! Better than that blooming qled crap with horrible contrast, HDR looks disgusting on qleds!!

  • Soap opera effect is bad. Keep up the good fight!

  • Stunning tv but you must have luck to buy one with no DSE becouse dse is terrrible on this tv ....

  • I pretty much doubt there'll be a really serious contender for the crown this year, aside from Sony A90J. Perhaps only the new Panasonic flagship OLED will march side by side with the Sony.

  • After 6 months of searching for a good replacement for my old plasma, I've concluded all currently available models flawed. It's a case of which flaws can be tollerated.

  • I'm certainly looking forward to some comparisons between OLED and micro LED...let's find out what tech does what best

  • 55 qn90a vs 48 c1 vs 55 g1 best for PC gaming monitor with rtx 3090?

  • Love this TV just for the simple stand that doesn't make me buy a new entertainment center!!!!!! This never should have gone out of fashion.

  • There is noticable light bleed on the bottom left on the tv. I saw it with the star demo.

  • Mini led is oled's competition.

    • Not with blooming and DSE! That's why scamsung is buying oleds panels from LG next year!

  • You cannot get the best HDR experience on this tv because it does not have dolby vison.

  • Totally unacceptable that this only has 1 hdmi 2.1 port what the hell was samsung thinking, for the price of this I can get the LG G1 for only a few hundred dollars more with all ports being hdmi 2.1 and Dolby vision

    • @hgonz14 While I agree the earc port should be there, I don’t agree that two hdmi 2.1 ports would make this TV game friendly. This TV has very low input lag, great motion handling, supports VRR, 4K@120hz and provides all the nice visuals gamers want.

    • @marinmijatovic 2 should be the bare minimum with the earc port for it to be gaming friendly which sadly this is not

    • Even if you had two of the same TV side by side to compare HDR10 vs DolbyVision, you'd be hard pressed to find people who actually see a difference without pausing the video. Is there a difference? Yes, of course there is. Is the difference significant enough to deter you from an otherwise stellar TV? In my opinion and clearly Caleb's, no. As for HDMI 2.1 ports, for the majority of people, 1 is all they need.

  • Samsung q symphony is supported I assume?

  • Can't wait for the price to drop

  • Definitive I wanna see compare videos between Samsung QN90A and LG C1 55 or 65'',make that video, btw this is great review....

  • So it's still a God damn LCD! People still falling for this shit?

  • Caleb, can you post the various picture settings that made you happy?

  • I prefer a box of donuts over a bag of chips.

  • Caleb: “Can this beat OLED?” Video Title: “Can this dull Oled’s shine??” Also Caleb: That’s a topic for another video.

  • Caleb you are finally doing a samsung tv review.i am a samsung fan and i mostly see lg tv reviews on your channel coz i know you are an lg fan.thanks for finally reviewing a samsung tv after a long time.

    • Me too it’s like oled is apple with the fan boys. Thing is most of us are not cinemafiles and want accurate bright sets for punchy gaming and movies

  • Really nice video this one as im really interested in this tv. Please can you advise on the differences bwtween the 55 and rge 65 the 65 seems to score more positive reviews.

  • Please post the OLED comparison soon! I have to decide whether to get OLED or a neo QLED shortly...

  • I hate blooming, and dsr. It's the reason I returned my q90t's. You didn't go into much depth about that with this tv:(

  • I have a cx and I crank up de judder and motion blur to 10 and I don’t know why you tv nerds out sharpen on 0. I keep it at half the bar. Sharp is sharp. It’s in the word

    • haha, i also use sharpness but you get artifacts when you set it too high. dejudder and motionblur at 10 means soap opera effect + stutter at times.

  • Based on your own comments there’s a LOAD of downsides for serious movie watchers.

  • I appreciate what LED based panels offer, even over OLED. But the color shift left to right and update to down just KILLS any benefits over OLED for me. The illumination “zones” kills it even more. I’d rather deal with limited Dolby Vision brightness, potential burn, and crushed blacks with OLED. OLED is STILL the best overall picture over ANY LED panel unless you’re focused on one ONLY or two specs.

  • Does this still have advertisements that come with the TV? If so thats just shamefull.

  • V LG CX

  • In terms of general durability on display, this seems to have an obvious edge over the OLED one for the next 7-10 years. There are plenty of features that close the disadvantages of the panels.

    • Except OLED is new technology and this crap is still an LCD.

  • Ugh, no Dolby Vision? Why Samsung, just let your custom, weak HDR go...

    • Even if you had two of the same TV side by side to compare HDR10 vs DolbyVision, you'd be hard pressed to find people who actually see a difference without pausing the video. Is there a difference? Yes, of course there is. Is the difference significant enough to deter you from an otherwise stellar TV? In my opinion and clearly Caleb's, no. Your comment about weak HDR is just wrong. This TV hits 70% of rec 2020 xy and 76% of rec 2020 uv and over twice the nits of OLED. That is strong HDR, not weak. I'm not bashing OLED, it's picture quality is the best, but in many ways this Samsung is a major competitor.

  • Can you do the same with Samsung QN900A?

  • Are you kidding me... Topic for another video... Why would you even put that in the title? What are you? A 90s cartoon show? Ass.

  • Would like to see a review of the QN900A from Samsung.

  • LG CX or this? Can you do a comparison? Which is better?

  • You lost me when you said no Dolby Vision and only 1 HDMI 2.1 port. Lack of Dolby Vision support is slightly forgivable, but 1 HDMI 2.1 port in 2021 is not. LG C1 smashes this TV, hands down.

    • Even if you had two of the same TV side by side to compare HDR10 vs DolbyVision, you'd be hard pressed to find people who actually see a difference without pausing the video. Is there a difference? Yes, of course there is. Is the difference significant enough to deter you from an otherwise stellar TV? In my opinion and clearly Caleb's, no. As for HDMI 2.1 ports, for the majority of people, 1 is all they need.

  • Unfortunately it's too early for some of the head-to-head. Many TVs still haven't hit the market. You can't compare to its main rival - the X95J - or the cheaper models from the likes of Hisense.

  • Why you guys don’t check out Samsung neo 900A??? 1k subscriber you tube channel already unboxing neo 900A. I thought you guys have enough budget but looks like you guys are waiting for company sponsors

  • 638 nits in SDR? That's less than the q90r. Rtings measured SDR brightness of over 1000nits. Wtf is the actual brightness of this TV?

    • @Treebsquire wouldn’t it be 1428nits? SDR real scene brightness on the Rtings review? Q90R got 831nits for SDR real scene brightness

    • @marinmijatovic Yes I know, that was my point. Rtings recorded a completely different SDR brightness than this review. There seem to be a lot of comnflicting numbers on the birghtness of the Neo QLED's. All I want to know is what the brightness is like when using the TV with a PC but can't find that anywhere.

    • RTINGS reviewd the QN90A. Use the compare TV tool on their site with the 90R.

  • Now we just need Dolby Vision

    • @marinmijatovic you said it my friend.

    • @Henry Michael If Dolby Vision is a need for the consumer, its widely known Samsung doesn’t support it. Being that Samsung has the best reviewed LED TVs according to Rtings, I’d argue DolbyVision is more of a consumer want than need.

    • @marinmijatovic that might be true but I think its up to the consumer to decide what their tv has when they purchase it.

    • Even if you had two of the same TV side by side to compare HDR10 vs DolbyVision, you'd be hard pressed to find people who actually see a difference without pausing the video. Is there a difference? Yes, of course there is. Is the difference significant enough to deter you from an otherwise stellar TV? In my opinion and clearly Caleb's, no. Want? Yes. Need? No.

  • What disc do you use to demo these with the honey and the deer and stuff?

  • So the headline promises to answer a question about the new Neo QLED: "Can it Dull OLED's Shine?" OK I'll bite. So I watch and 9:01 seconds later Caleb finally gets to the topic in the headline and asks "Does it beat OLED?" I'm on the edge of my seat after this long build up. And what is Caleb's answer? "I'm afraid that's a topic for another video." WHAT? You were supposed to answer this question in THIS video not ANOTHER video. Not funny Caleb. Not cute. If you are not going to answer the question your headline boldly asks, then PLEASE change the headline. Click bait AND bait and switch rolled into one. What a waste of 9:22 of my life.

  • Compare to Sony A8H.

  • Love to see this up against the flagship Sony and LG.

  • No Dolby vision? Hard pass. Might be a gimmick. Might not be. F**k Samsung for not having it an option though.

    • Dolby Vision HDR has amazed me the most. Would never buy a TV without that. HDR10 is decent but DV is insanely good and HDR10+ is dying, so Samsung is forced to let it die soon

  • qn65q900n Neo

  • There is nothing wrong with Samsung's smart tv user interface imo.

  • I'd like to see this compared to the X95J when that comes out.

  • The central narrow stand on this TV is much more practical than those stupid widely spaced ones on Sony TV'S.

  • Watched this video on my QN90A 65" 😎