Two TV settings you should change right now

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Before I do anything else with a TV, I make a few key adjustments. But why? Let's take a look at picture presets, color temperature, and motion processing, and why I insist on using certain picture modes and turning certain settings on or off.
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00:00 Intro
01:16 Preferred Picture Temperature
03:07 Why I Turn Off Processing and Motion Smoothing
03:47 The Dreaded Soap Opera Effect
04:53 Why You Should Watch Things The "Way They Were Intended"
06:34 Final Thoughts
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  • Wow! I had no idea so many people preferred motion smoothing! Keep the comments coming! Also: do you prefer the way a movie looks at the theater, or on your TV at home? Let us know!

    • Motion smoothing is awful, it makes movies look like they're sped up and it gives me motion sickness. Higher frames is only better on games and even that is debatable when the game is heavy on cutscenes.

    • @Deacon St John rocks Yup that's what purists think, the rest of us like a more realistic motion. I don't have to like something just because it is authentic, i like it because it pleases me, and a jerky motion picture isn't one of those things.

    • To me, it sounds like it is mostly the action movie aficionados who hate motion smoothing as it kills the false sense of urgency (due to the blur) 24fps shot gives. What I find interesting though is they claim that motion smoothing makes the scene look unrealistic (like you also claimed in your video clip above), if anything it makes the scene more realistic as humans and objects don't move with a blur in real life (at least we don't see it that way). Understandably Tom Cruise also hates it, as a lot of his films are action flicks and he would certainly like to look surreal for a wow effect in those action scenes. I am personally fine with motion smoothing cause if i wanted a surrealistic look i would probably lite up a joint or even drop an acid tablet before watching the

    • @Rocky Cola Why do you call judder 'magic'?

    • Hi Caleb. I DO love motion smoothing since the day I looked the first Philips in the shop implementing it, I was stunned by that effect and i really wanted it since that day. I can remember the film that was sent as a demo on the screen: it was 2002 Spiderman with Tobey Maguire. As of today, I could not buy a TV that cannot manage to have a very good motion insertion algorithm

  • Yes let me know.

  • Well, I love the "soap opera effect" but in some movies. Mostly movies from the 30's through the 70's. Including TV shows. It's like giving them a form of art life, when I showed my wife her favorite movie Back to the Future in full 60fps. She was so happy cause she kept saying during the movie is like I'm there with them filming the movie. Is a new experience, and watching cartoons like Tom & Jerry of the 70's is so beautiful how that animation still looks so well done.

  • Yes BTS please

  • If you are familiar with the term "juttering", please give tips on how to reduce this.

  • Not to mention if you have hyper kids it's much better to set your TV on the warm settings , same thing with there gaming pcs or x box and ps4 or 5 , the blue sets off the hyper activity in children.

  • I would love to see how you test TV's Is there any test you do for sound

  • Are the crime drama color temperatures intentional? "The Listener" looks oddly green. "CSI: Miami" looks amber. "Cold Case" looks blue. Do the film makers want me to see it that way, or do I need to adjust the TV.

  • Just film in 60 or 120 fps and we wouldn't need all this. 24 fps is just way too low for fluid motion and camera pans.

  • I don't get it the title says two settings I should change but the video is all about two settings you change to accurately review televisions. Besides that I will not watch anything "cinematic" it looks like garbage and always has, high frame rates are a godsend.

  • Does standards of whitepoint tho.. haven't tho changed as tvs got better? More vivid colors and whiter white seems like the rational settings to me. Like why would u have a less whity white😂 i don't get it.. I still have my tv to warm 2 and everything now, but am bying the lg cx tomorrow and are really confused as to what settings i should use..

  • The most helpful TV setting I've found and the one I've gotten the most enjoyment from is the OFF button.

  • What ever happened to keeping it simple? The days when all you did was turn on your tv and starting watching.. everything is so damn complicated and I’m not just talking about televisions ..

  • If anyone in Southampton can calibrate my tv Samsung Q95t

  • Super video? I think!? Even though I clicked the "like" button, this video was really made for techies! Those of us who are not that computer savvy were lost within the first 2 minutes!! But thanks anyway.

  • behind the scenes? absolutely!! Dankeschoen....

  • why im so in love with warm colour temperature paused button hit So its fuck all to do with correct settings is just your preference

  • I love motion smoothing! It also helps games that run at 30fps look closer to 60fps and I like that, and with the new consoles and their power doing so does not create input lag. I a, so tired of people with their snobby “you need to turn off motion smoothing it’s bad”. It’s not bad to me and that is my opinion, and you believing it’s bad is your opinion, stop with this elitist don’t use motion smoothing nonsense. No I’m not turning it off, I prefer it especially when gaming.

  • LOL your german is as good as "dr" jill biden's spanish.

  • I hated motion smoothing the first time I saw it, but the more I saw it the more I appreciated it. I don't have it all the way cranked up on my LG TVs, but I definitely like it. I really wish HFR would've become the standard for theater projection too. My mind was blown seeing The Hobbit trilogy in HFR 3D.

  • I consider Rock of Love and all those dating shows a soap opera

  • I always turn this motion thing off of my TV hate the soap opera effect. And I always fix all my friends/relatives tv to turn the ugly motion thing off, they all appreciate it, no complaints so far. 😁

  • Very interesting but what were those two settings that I need to change right now?

  • I ❤️ soap opera effects

  • But warm looks so orange and no natural at all

  • I despise "soap opera effect" and the amount of clicking involved in getting rid of it.

  • I simply can't watch any animation without frame interpolation now. Try watching a fast anime combat scene without it, it looks like a Powerpoint presentation!

  • cinematic look 24 FPS is shit

  • I hate the Soap Opera effect myself.

  • LCD blooming does my head in.

  • Do these settings even exist on Sceptre TVs?

  • Did you actually tell us anything? Noooo

  • Can you do a review on the X90j??? Please!!

  • i LOVE the soap opera effect.

  • These are things I've always done even before I saw this video. I just bought a TV recently for the living room, and when adjusting the settings, I noticed that the "Cinema" mode had the best colors, so that's what I set it at. I also hate the motion smoothing effect. I have no idea why people like this effect.

  • The thing that rarely gets mentioned about motion smoothing is that it introduces unnatural artifacts in scenes with fast motion like weird ghost trails behind objects in motion. And sometimes it even produces stuttering during shot edits which is sadly ironic considering what it's intended to do. Granted, this is usually when it's cranked way up but still, not a good look. I have relatives who have that smooth motion turned on on their brand-new 4K TV and they love it. It drives me insane to the point where I can't even watch TV with them. I'll just go into another room or stare at my phone to avoid having to see an iconic movie butchered like that. Once upon a time, I would wait until they were out of the room for a bit and then I'd go into their settings and turn all that shit off. Most times they wouldn't even notice. But I don't do that anymore.

  • Hopefully there is an easy way to backup those settings so I can restore those settings easily in case the TV is reset to factory default. Maybe @Digital Trends has idea for it.

  • I'm not changing my Samsung out of Dynamix mode. I bought QLED obe5r OLED for a reason. That having been said...I AM going to TRY turning off whatever the Samsung equivalent to smooth is...

  • I hate new tv that can’t make everything you watch on it look great meaning SD,Full HD and 4K content. Instead of trying to boost everything to a higher resolution a tv should downscale as well to match the resolution of the content you are watching.

  • What is the easiest in home set up quality TV ?

  • Guys where is the Screen Shift option in WebOs 6.0 on LG?

  • I turn off everything that sounds like it should have "tm" after it. On my Sony, no Cinemotion, MotionFlow, Digital Reality Creation, LiveColor...NONE of it!

  • On my buddys hisense their version of trumotion looks pretty good but i dont like it on my LG oled

  • Do you know there was even a soap opera effect to begin with? Loved soap opera stars had careers that could span decades and diffusion filters were often used to soften their fine wrinkles in order to make them appear forever young and restless. I can also be used in "dreamy" romance scenes but often in the soaps these were close up shots where wrinkles would be even more apparent. At least that is what I remember a producer saying a couple of decades ago. I have seen this in places other than soap operas and professional photographers often use filters like the Schneider Hollywood Black Magic Filter for this, but most professions now use software because as we know, a filter softens everything in the frame, while software can soften just one area. Any professional photographer will tell you though that softening is a staple of post processing. No bride wants to see tiny wrinkles in their wedding pictures. Anyway, people talk about it a lot and I have watched a lot of videos and not every seen anyone give a reason for why the effect was used to begin with, but this is my understanding of why it even came into common practice in the soaps. I enjoy your videos.

  • Why does new tv keep muting itself? Then I have to turn the power off and back on to get the sound back. This is happening every thirty minutes or so. And it is getting worse. Help me please.

  • Roberto Garcia was planning to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. How ironic.

  • Not all TVs have the same settings because of the brand and the TV model are you able to do one on let's say a TCL, Hisense and or Vizio?

  • I hate soap opera effect and I hate soap operas.

  • I hate Soap Opera Effect

  • I hate the "unsmoothness" of 24p, probably as much as you hate frame smoothing. I have been using frame smoothing on my TVs since 2009 and I cannot live without it. But as I always say.. to each their own 🧐

  • I hate motion "smoothing" efects since we bought a Samsung F8090 nearly 10 years ago. Some times a person turned his/her head fast, it looked like they were aliens because the prediction was so bad, the head movement was so fast and wrong, it looked ugly and stupid. Since we have a Samsung Q95T we of course disabled such stupid "improvements" because the make everything worse. I can only imaging why "so many people preferre" it: They are used to it or they are (much more) often watch football, soccor or other fast scenes, where these features are working better.

  • I don't watch soap operas.

  • My Mitsubishi WD-72838 DLP actually has ISF calibration mode in it.

  • So is there techs out there ho come to home and set this up

  • Yes

  • Soap opera effect is something real, just not the thing that the 24 fps worshipers think it is. It's all about the shooting schedule that doesn't allow for as careful lighting and sound as a weekly show or a movie. So lighting can be a bit harsh, and sound can be a bit lively, with lots of background noise. It has nothing to do with frame rate however. People who believe that 24 fps is magical ("natural" is a new one for me, it's anything but) can blame frame rate til the cows come home, that only proves that a little knowledge isn't a good substitute for more knowledge. In reality nothing is sampled, and motion judder simply doesn't happen. It's _not_ natural! It's _anything but_ natural! And while there's nothing wrong with _preferring_ the herky-jerky motion and garish cartoon-like colors of the movies, proclaiming that to be superior to accuracy is dishonest. For the dilettante, all of the bluster _sans_ knowledge is to serve but one master: ones ego. Ego and knowledge are completely different things, and one cannot substitute for the other. Likewise, the wold of make believe can never be a substitute for reality. In the world of make believe, anything goes. But in reality there's an objective standard to measure everything against. Knowing how to come close to objective reality is a marketable skill, and BS artists need not apply.

  • Thank you very much. Yes, I would like to see behind the scenes vid.

  • I kinda like the “soap opera” effect in movies. Call me crazy 😁😎🥃

  • The reason "because I want a level playing field" is obviously valid for comparing different TV's but I only have one in my living room, so I don't care. You need a better rationale for your suggestions than that.

  • BTS sounds great

  • Ha! I was calling it "soap opera effect" before I knew that's what it was called. I do hate that effect.

  • I love smoothing. It feels weird first couple of days, but then you never want to get back to that jittery 24/30 fps

  • It's subjective. I love frame interpolation.

  • Is this advice just for American television

  • Turning off motion smoothing, turns on motion bluring ... witch sucks

  • That "Soap Opera Effect" setting is the first thing I always turn off when setting up tvs. They make movies look like totally and utter shit. The smoothing is great for documentaries and sports though. So for those I'll turn it back on.

  • I like the soap opera effect. I prefer the soap opera effect over cinematic theater view. It seems to smooth the frame rate and make a top Hollywood movie look like it was recorded on a home video camera. Looks more real life and removes the filter look

  • I'm still enjoying my Vizio July 2020 50" M Series TV. I still get excellent picture quality on the highest model for that one size. Even at full $400 price I don't regret the money I spent it I got before any tech reviewers did. So I got write the first Best But review on it.

  • I thought the purpose of buying these new TVs is to get that smooth kind of effect. Personally, I love the smooth motion effect because it literally feels like you're in the show/movie with the actors. The only problem that I have with it is that my signal is 1080i, so when it interpolate the frames I sometimes get the interlace artifacts during fast action scenes.

  • Hi, I own a 65" Vizio LED TV and generally speaking, I love the picture. However when it comes to outer space scenes with stars in it, instead of a smooth black field, I get something that looks like a lot of black cotton balls. Can you suggest a way of correcting this?

  • Why are French TV live shows such as the news so vivid ?

  • A:DVD school FZB(

  • *acx🏙📲🏙🖥🎚🗾🏙🛕🏛💡💰🔌

  • I like motion interpolation (but only on animated content)

  • 1:00 That's the first time a bloke's said "while your down there" to me.

  • Well, you seem to know what you're talking about. I've hated the 120Hz LCD or LED/LCD tvs (LED on the edge of the screen) when watching sports. The football moving through the air (pass play) appears blurry. So, they tell you spend more on a 240hz tv. Much more obviously goes into keeping live action in High Definition look like live action. So, to answer your question from the beginning of the clip, YES! Please do a more detailed video about the various settings on the television that are manipulated by interpolation and BFI, for example. Tell us, if our TV is 120Hz and other common specs, teach us how to get the most realistic viewing of movies and sports, based primarily on how they are shot/filmed/recorded. Do it in a few parts if need be. You covered this particular list of variables quite superficially, but yeah, I'm on open book, ready to learn. Signed, Hungry for knowledge and facts.....not sales techniques. Why do stores that run video on their demo TV's always show football or colorful fields of flowers and grass? Because the fewer colors, brighter colors (Red Greens and Blues) make for the most impressive examples of 'quality.' Yet, we get them home and suddenly, movies that have scenes at night are nearly impossible to see clearly. Why? Please teach us.

  • one TV setting you should change right now. power button to "off"

  • No talk about sharpness? I'm surprised.

  • But to compress into layman terms...what the heck did you just say... I for one and others I am sure have no clue... even with pictures what the heck you are talking about ...

  • I actually like the soap opera effect

  • I just need someone to tell me step by step how to do this you talk so fast but you don't seem to tell us how to do it

  • My wife says to me. Spending all this money on this great tv you have to have, shouldn't all the settings be all set already. Don't make sense to me.

  • Another close-minded old guy that "hates" frame interpolation. If you don't prefer it, don't use it. Don't tell people not to use it just because you don't. Frame interpolation is awesome. Why would anyone want to look at motion judder when they don't have to. 24fps, 30fps are outdated standards. I own 35mm theater projectors and films, so I "get" the 100+ year old technology. It was a compromise. I suggest everyone try the frame interpolation/motion estimation/motion compensation features that their TV's offers, and turn it on to the highest settings. At first it is a "different" experience. In a short time your body's visual system will be retrained for proper smooth motion on a video screen, and you'll never want to watch another thing without it turned on. If you are not using the frame interpolation, ME/MC settings on your TV, you are truly missing out great viewing experience. Make sure it is proper frame interpolation and not a fake, black frame insertion approach. I agree BFI is pretty much useless, and just dims the image. Open your mind, and give it a try. Or stay stuck in the past, and watch judder. High frame rates are not just for games. I understand that FI/ME/MC is not perfect, but it is the only way to add frames, and smoothen an image until the standard frame rates that tv and movies are shot at are substantially increased. P.S. I despise that video with Tom Cruise telling us not to use the setting. Hey Tom, you are an actor. Shut the F up, and just do your job. He thinks Scientology/religion is real. Enough said.

  • My tv after updating my firmware the tv dims down why ?. However my saving light mode is off and my settings is set to dynamic. Any feedback !

  • When I first got my Panasonic Tv I googled the model and found the custom calibration settings for it which improved the picture quality immeasurably. It was a bit of a pain to go through it all but totally worth it in the end. Great video by the way 👍

  • Unfortunately I sometimes have to use motion interpolation to combat 24p jerkiness. Trying to find middle ground between no/less 24p jerkiness and some artifacting and no/low soap opera effect is the only thing I'm slightly disappointed in since I got my Oled TV. Here's hoping TV tech fixes it in the coming years and that my wallet will allow the upgrade once it's available...

  • Can you do an article on setting up for those of us who wear spectacles? My spectacles are reactions and TV colours are slightly different when wearing spectacles due to the slight tint in the lenses.

  • Yes, I would like to see a behind-the-scenes video of you setting up a TV 4 review...

  • I'm an FNG with setting up my Sony XBR-65X850G. I was wondering if there any help to for the correct TV settings, for my TV. Needless to say I am confused. Thanks again.

  • Honestly black frame insertion should be reserved for game mode settings only and really 2d games where HDR is not a thing and having smooth motion matters far more than highlights.

  • 3:48 Totally DISAGREE. TruMotion/Smoothing is the greatest advancement in TV viewing since HD itself. Saw all of the Hobbit films at the Theater with it as well as Gemini Man....visual wonders! To each it’s own but I love this setting

  • Of course, everyone has different opinions about what looks "right", as everyone sees things slightly different. My personal tastes will never be the same as yours. As for soap operas, if you don't say the 60's-70's Dark Shadows, you don't know good soaps.

  • I hate soap opera effect so much I don't go watch movies at certain friends and family anymore, as they seem perfectly fine with their fictional frames while it tortures my eyes and edges my mind ever closer to misanthropy.

  • Not commenting about settings here but you sure brought back a memory of my grandma who died 45 years ago. She always said it was time for “my stories!” 💕 OMG I remember when Search for Tomorrow and The Guiding Light were back to back 15 minute shows!! Think how much actual show there was between Tide and Cheer commercials! 😂

  • I'd like to see the behind the scenes, so I could set my samsung tv

  • i have a 55" lg tv i dont see any motion smoothing setting???

  • I bought my TV at Best Buy so it is their brand so I don't know if it has the warming setting or not on the TV flat screen. Thank you for your video very informative.

  • Good tech info, but I would have liked a little summary where you slow down all your fancy editing and show us how to actually change the settings. Flashing various screens at us in milliseconds is not helpful.

  • Bitteschön!

  • There's a channel that shows old Sixties shows, like Lost In Space and Twilight Zone, with frame doubling. It's the most annoying thing ever. Do they think they're improving the original look of these shows? You feel like you're watching the show being filmed, as opposed to watching the show. A spectacularly bad idea.