Sony Bravia XR A90J 4K OLED TV Review | Believe the hype!

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The much-anticipated Sony A90J OLED 4K TV is here, boasting brightness never before seen in an OLED TV. Is this the TV to beat this year?
Sony Bravia XR A90J 4K OLED TV Available Here:
In our review, we dig into those brightness claims as well as what Sony boasts is the most advanced picture processor it has ever developed, the XR Cognitive AI processor. With all the hype around the Sony A90J OLED and its chief competitor, the LG G1 OLED, a lot rides on this OLED TV review.
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01:24 Design
02:26 Google TV & Google Assistant
02:55 Sound Quality
03:57 Brightness & Processing
05:56 Picture Settings & Measurements
07:53 Picture Quality
08:59 Gaming
10:05 Final Thoughts
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  • Hey everyone! Couple of things: I don't think Sony is likely to confirm whether the A90J uses an evo panel or not. They don't even like to discuss FALD zones -- gotta count those myself. Also, no word on VRR update, and I'm not expecting one soon. Finally, if you think you see blur in the COD game clip, know that it is the camera, not the TV!

    • @Warren G lol winter for a tv that came out in the spring ridiculous

    • I would not waste money on a sound bar for a Song or any high end TV. Never , never buy a Bose Surround Surround Sound.are they out there? Waste of money. Whatever tv you pick, I hope. You enjoy it

    • I really don't get the practicle benefits of the new Cognitive XR processing chip Sony is using in it's new 2021 TV lineup.🤔 Dosen't the next gen A.I processing it's implementing on a scene to scene basis by analysing and changing colour, contrast and details for improvements in immersion go against how movies and TV shows are ideally meant to be watched? aka, the Creator's mode that preserves the creator's intent becoming a highlight in the past two years in the TV market. What's even more puzzling is that Sony markets 'Netflix Calibrated Mode' and 'Film maker mode' right next to this new feature. Correct me if I'm wrong but won't the processing turn off when these modes are enabled? It's pretty obvious but still I could be wrong. It's just not Sony either, others like Samsung and LG are bringing this sort of processing tech in some way or the other with newer, powerful and improved chips every year. With all the picture settings we got to manually fiddle around with out of the box to get started with accurate viewing experience this new marketing gimmick just seems to turn everything around, dosen't it?🤷🏻‍♂️

    • @Kaiser Erick whoa! It took roughly 10 minutes but it worked!

    • Dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn account hacker if you wanna try it yourself

  • Right now looking into it the price is about 3600€. I paid 2700€ for my AF8 in 2018 and it looks like the panel developed a damage - got some green color bleed on a spot at the bottom... So, save a lot of money for this or pay less then 2018 for an AG9?

  • Will we be seeing a AG10 (uk) A10G (us) this year? I wanna buy this TV, however I don’t know if I should wait to see if they is a AG10. I have a AG8, it’s useless now.

  • 1:07 No way...I''m not paying 4K for a 4K... Now, please excuse me while I enjoy the 55" version that way only 3K...

  • $4K?

  • Quote of the day, 'And while your down there" '=)

  • I believe everything you say, what an outstanding tv, but considering you can get 2 C1's from 2021 for that price it's a no-go for me.

  • PRICE?

  • Why does this tv look cheaper than my 2017 Sony X900e?

  • Where did you get your TV unit from, I love it!

  • Great review...very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun :) Do people even read manuals anymore Great job on your video :)

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  • Favorite vacation destination: Oahu!

  • 434K views this TV has more interest the LG G1 OLED tv lol 😂

  • How much is he being paid by SONY?

  • Have the Xh90. Watching always on custom. Vivid is way too bright for me. Sony’s TVs are so good. I’m coming from a LG tv and you can’t compare them. The speed of their tv and Android tv as a whole is genius. You turn the tv off and turn it on and instantly you’re back in AR-one/Netflix whatever. In 1 Second. The picture is outstanding but natural. I can’t recommend Sony TVs enough. Parents have Samsung and they are jealous (they don’t listened to me 🤷‍♂️). Buy Sony TVs. Especially as a gamer and someone who is a lot on AR-one and Netflix/prime.

  • I dont get it... who cares if you can reach 1300 nits, if the image quality is total shit? Under normal circumstances, it doesnt sound like it's much brighter than an LG tv like the C1, which is also way cheaper.

  • Would like to check with you what is the difference with XR65A80J. Can please advise

  • Modern TVs shouldn’t have sound in the first place. They do a shitty job at it. Why would we pay more for “pinpoint located shitty sound”?

  • $4000? Keep it. I couldn’t care less !!

  • Nope, no 4K on a 65" 4K. 😎

  • PS5 + A90J = PARADISE 🌴🎮🌴

  • $4,000, No but at half that I would consider it.

  • .

  • I'm not sure how good this TV's picture is, but my iMac sure made it look good... maybe not $4000 good. Thanks for the build up of Sony... Are you giving independent review?

  • Even through my monitor it looks unreal

  • Really came here to see the processing difference from last models- barely covered in this video. So much about processing- what does it really do in comparison to normal tv. Anyways other settings covered top notch.

  • Get a VIZIO and save some money, or you can waste money paying for the name.

  • I have bee waiting for this one. Big fan of Sony in this space. Always great technologically, but also the reliability and longevity is 2nd to none.

  • Its Sad No HDR10+ No DTS

  • Sony hot 2021 👍👍👍

  • I don't enjoy, having my TV hacked, or licensing in on my conversations, I want a TV that cannot be hooked to the internet unless I hook it up. I would have to remove the Microphone, and speakers. and when I want to use my TV, I will hook up an external speaker. No new TV's for me.

  • Still Enjoying my A9G 77 but nice to see Sony still putting effort in there product.

  • Its not so much about how much money but percent of income. I would spend no more than 50% of a years HOBBY/SPENDING money out of my salary. Thats definitely not anywhere near $4k right now. So, sadly this is way out of my range.

  • Sony is the best brand for TVs 👍 Always loved them.

  • It's Sony

  • I want one. Also, best holiday so far? Believe it or not, Zanzibar (Nungwi Island). Every place on earth can be stunning if dolled up correctly; it takes a very special place to separate itself from everything else entirely, and that's what Zanzibar's a world separate from anything else...

  • Nice to see Rocky Mountain Express used. Amazing film.

  • She IS bright. Damn.

  • All top end TVs can hit insane numbers with vivid mode. When an oled can hit lcd 1800 in calibration, than we’re talking

  • What is this boss I think lg oled is better maybe Sony paying you please give me right information thanks

  • 4000 dollars for a tv holy shit 😳

  • 4K for 4K 😎 WOW!😱

  • Prefer android over the data mining and spying google system, personal preference, just saying

  • Anyone know what the dimming is like when static elements are on the screen? I can't seem to find any information on this..

  • I’ll only believe the hype when HDTVTest reviews it and shares their thoughts.

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  • Does it have 1 millisecond response time? I’m curious how well this would work for gaming

  • Too bad sports are not broadcast In 4K

  • 4k for 4k lmao i loved that. Ill wait for when it goes on sale ... 😅

  • Your reviews are amazing! As an engineer, I love them. As a consumer, the same. I appreciate when you make the personal comments in the mix: I'd game on this TV all day long is the best kind of two-thumbs up! Thanks. Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere my family gathers.


  • Greece Lefkada you won't regret it :)

  • Please do the X90J. Curious on your full review with their more budget friendly model and the new chip with 120hz

  • Can please review Sony X950J thanks

  • What about the XR Z9J Sony 8k TV

  • Sorry... I left at the price announcement. Haven't acquired a high enough salary to throw that amount of cash away for a TV. Plenty for less with great pictures.

  • Nah I mean the tv seems awesome but I thought $1800 on my LG CX was a lot

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  • So what’s the difference from the other Sony oleds? Nothing really has changed that much.

  • Can somebody name the background music at 03:57 please ?

  • What is a vacation 🤔???

  • Which speaker's are those?

  • I'll buy the 77"

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  • hi caleb, i'm stil waiting from you for Sony Bravia X85 J unboxing and review...thx

  • So here's my comment on product pricing. Full disclosure: I'm a Boomer who likes to put discussions in historical perspective. So everyone knows there are several intermediary steps between production and the final consumer. The farmer grows the crops and sells them to a local distributor. The local distributor sells the crops to a national distributor. The national distributor sells the crops to the giant retailer. And the giant retailer distributes the crops to their individual stores. In our simple example, our produce went through 5 ownership steps to reached us. Back in the old days, you were doing fantastic if, at each of these ownership stages, you doubled your price. So in other words, the Farmer gets $0.10 for his apple, the local distributor charges $0.20 to the national distributor, who charges $0.40 to the giant retailer, who then puts it in the store for you to buy at $0.80. Like I said, those were the old days. Nowadays, all you have to do is sit down and watch an episode of Shark Tank to understand why a television set costs $4000.00. Mark Cuban won't even talk to you unless you're able to mark up your product 5x what it costs you to manufacture...and every step expects the same profit margins. But that's OK. When the inflation that's coming our way hits (and it already is beginning to), they won't be able to get $1000 for those TV's. know.....people need food more than television. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if our $4000 TV costs even $200 to actually manufacture.

  • No VRR no deal.

  • 4k $ - NOPE

  • Cancun

  • Thanks For The Review Sir!!! I've Got One And I LOVE IT!!!

  • What about screen burn when you play a lot of games?

  • And here i am waiting for oled to become cheaper like lcd did. Well, that plan is out the window.

  • I have the next Gen of this T.V. Mine is a 75 inch and it cost me only 1800 plus delivery. As for a sound bar, mine didn't come with one, but in everything else, it's cool. The sound quality is great with no distortion. As for the 4k picture. WOW! I have never seen anything like it! The color and clarity is sensational. One thing I like about this T.V. is that I can hook up my computer to this T.V. From this point, I can play any game I have as well as DVD movies. Not only that, I can send my phone picture through my T.V by cromecast and watch anything on the internet. Simply put, I'm glad I bought this T.V.

  • what about glare?

  • Have been using my 55´ for over a week now and i absolutely love it.

  • I have a Bose soundboard 700. Can you use the Sony sound system together with Bose system?

  • I've always loved Sony products (except for their pricing), especially their ES series receivers. As I write this I'm looking at my first ES receiver - the STR-GX10es purchased in 1990. I've also had a number of Sony 5-channel es receivers. My biggest purchase was a 55" rear projection tv - 2003. The color fidelity on this was spectacular and it brought me many years of enjoyment. While I'm not currently looking to upgrade my tv (Panasonic TC-P55ST30) if I did it would be the Sony A90J. For the high price of this set one would think that banana connectors would be the absolute way to go rather spring connectors for the center channel. Looking at the back of the set with all its high-tech wizardry and then seeing cheapo speaker connections... c'mon Sony.

  • awesome review, appreciate it! Kona/Kohala coast on the Big Island Hawaii is the place to be

  • Yeah I don’t know he said the same thing about the Sony a1e I went ahead and pull the trigger five years later down the drain $4000 burn spot a blue I sent it to me last time I’m buying a Sony product


  • Price???

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  • Ur a great Sony salesman Not a $4000 Closer but u came close

  • I had the A9G and when Sony released the A90J I quickly switched and wasn’t disappointed. I love this tv I love the backlit remote and glad they kept the metal on the remote. Best 4K I’ve ever spent. I would recommend everyone to purchase it (:

  • On second thought, don't believe the hype. Never believe hype.

  • The google part gives the tv a thumbs down 👎 for me.

  • Fuck Sony. After being a big Sony fan for a long time, I haven’t bought a SINGLE Sony item since their rootkit bullshit.

  • Sapporo Japan

  • Amsterdam for sure. Are you calibrating this TV with a Judd offset? For the record, there are no BVM X300 being manufactured at this point, and its replacement hasn't gotten the nod from some of the top color artists out there.

  • This video brought me joy and sadness. Joy because it's such a beautiful TV, but sadness because I have adult responsibilities for my finances and I can't afford it right now.

    • It be down 2500 before you know it.

  • Nope, just bought a cx for 2k. Can’t justify 2x price

  • Would like a ms response time measurement when discussing gaming

  • I still think the A90j is a little too bright & possibly a screen burn worry after 2-3 years 🤔

  • 4k for 4k, very good

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  • Hi Caleb. I'm a noobie to your reviews and they are great. Could you elaborate on the potential of screen burn as this is the only reason why i still haven't gone oled. I use tv for gaming(ps5 when i eventually get one) and just normal tv viewing. Keep up the great reviews.

  • Hi, I have it in 65" for 5 days now and the image quality is really stunning. HOWEVER!!! the screen surface is sort of warped an not flat as expected on a premium device like this. Has anyone made similar experience??

  • I like the feature this TV has if you were to connect Xbox series X on it, the TV melts the console lol

  • in the 1980s I used to sell 25 in curtis mathis tv's for 1200 to 1800 dollars that is eqivalent to 3000 to 4000 today. I ran out of product every month. So if you want best you gotta pay.