Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Hands On | Finally a "Galaxy-worthy" Laptop?

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Can Samsung make high-end laptops? It just unveiled new Galaxy Book Pro laptops, and we have hands on look at why these laptops might be worthy of the "Galaxy" name. They've got beautiful OLED screens and they're impossibly thin!
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00:00 Intro
01:11 Portability
02:07 Port Selection
02:27 Galaxy Book Pro 360 and S Pen
02:51 Power and Performance
03:31 Keyboard
04:05 AMOLED Screen, but in 1080p and 16:9
05:21 Final Thoughts

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  • If you were to get one of these two new laptops, which would you buy? The clamshell Galaxy Book Pro with lots of ports or the convertible Galaxy Book Pro 360 with the S Pen support?

    • @Lulzpoint clamshell. I don't need a foldable

    • @Kay Aerie It is definitely on the shallower side of things in terms of key travel, though the 15-inch Pro 360 feels a bit better for typing because it's the thickest and heaviest of the four models. But depending on what laptop you're coming from, there may be a bit of learning curve.

    • I'm ordering the Pro 360 15" with the 16gb of ram and i7, to upgrade from my current 5 year old laptop. To be honest though, I'm a little concerned about that shallow keyboard travel given I often need to write for hours at a time. When testing it hands on, did you find it comfortable to type with?

    • Galaxy book pro 360

  • why does it seem that all the 2in1 taptops are intel. . . is that a business thing or a technicality thing?

  • I need to get my hands on and see how the typing experience is

  • Do you think these laptops are good for a designer who works on heavy programs like AutoCad, Photoshop, 3D Max and others ? And which one of them is better for that ?

    • @lalarsen11 Thank you so much for you advice and kind answer I will follow your advice and check other laptops as well ⚘ Thanks again

    • I can't say much about actual performance on these laptops yet, you'll likely see similar performance in between the models as they have the same specs, though both of the 15-inch models are likely better performers. If you're open to other laptops, there are certainly more powerful options, whether that's more processors with more cores (and higher frequencies) or laptops with discrete graphics. One thing to keep in mind - to my knowledge, all of those applications you listed are primarily CPU-based for performance.

  • He is killing me with the...I'm a little disappointed. Just buy something else. Geez, everybody trying to get the product features and specs and he is launching a personnel "I want campaign" lol.

  • Love that you get straight to the point. No gimmicks, just quality Caleb. When I buy a TV it’s definitely gonna be through your affiliate link, unless you send me one “to review” bro ☀️

  • Nope. There's not enough there to entice me from my XPS 15 7590 (OLED). Seems like a MacBook-lite more than anything else. Most content creators and light gamers will say: a step in the right direction, Samsung, but I'll sit this one out. Create something to match the Note20 Ultra and S21 Ultra. The Odyssey is not available (at least in Canada) so--I know I said it already but--no.

  • Does the samsung products cost heavy in terms of repair

  • Really interested in the bronze, but it looks a bit pink in some shots. Pink is great, just not my thing. Would you see it's actually a true bronze or is it more of a rose gold?

  • If it can offer reliable Apple​ type integration like advertised I'm in.

  • I love the design. And it's so light

  • Me getting that powerful laptop

  • Not sure if I missed it but what operating systems do they run on? I'm assuming windows???

    • Yes, they run windows 10!

  • Samsung: High price Bad computer DONE.

    • @Richie lovy agreed

    • @Guy Sharon if Samsung is not good then who is good? Maybe you need to start your own company because you seems to be better than both Samsung and apple.

    • @DS I don't own any apple devices (accept my ipad pro) also I hate apple more trust me it's just that samsung isn't good ether...

    • 🍎🐑

  • Where's the SIM card slot for LTE? Or will there be an LTE variant... which is disappointing.

    • It will be a variant, only available on the 13". The SIM slot will be on the right side and will open like the phones, with a pin key.

  • To be honest the prices are ok , but they would have give the option to select 4K panel on the premium model at least , disappointed ☹️.

    • @Hybrid InfoDesk Thank you. I already bought it so I really needed to hear that.

    • You don't really need it. What they do well is displays. Have their Book S in 1920 x 1080 and it is gorgeous. Extremely bright so I keep it down on an 20% brightness my personnel taste. And the text and images are extremely sharpe. It looks like a 4K.

    • @Rico Alexander Apple?

    • Yeah, I'm very disappointed about that too and the aspect ratio is rubbish. No 5g for 15in model also disappointing. Don't call something pro if you mean it for entertainment.

  • So gorgeous 😍

  • I want the 15.6" Navy-blue Pro.

  • I want the 360 in silver, but for some reason that's not a pre-order option. Really strange that it's only offered in navy and bronze here in the U.S.

  • I am definitely interested, because of the value proposition.

  • What are the integration advantages for owners of the S21 or A52 phones?

    • Your samsung notes and gallery sync. DEX works several ways. You can take and receive calls text, etc. Most of the samsung apps are also on it, etc.

  • single -use laptops

  • Great video, it was on point and concise. However, I'm wondering if the Pro 360 worth the upgrade from the Samsung Book Flex.

    • It's a good question! I already liked the QLED screen of the Flex quite a bit, though OLED is on another level. I'll be curious to see if performance and battery life are as good as that laptop was.

  • Mac M1 still unbeatable deal atm but imo this is the most intriguing ultrabook option from PC world so far. OLED screen, beautiful design, crazy lightweight body for 999 is quite appealing. Then there's the optional cellular 4G or 5G, 13/15 screen sizes options, convertible design with S Pen support are something still not available in Mac M1 world (yet). I've been looking for the best alternatives to MacBook M1 from Windows side but hard to find (Mac M1 is so good for the price ngl) but these Galaxy Book Pro easily tops my list for Windows alternative, tick a lot of right boxes for reasonable price too. Overall not bad Samsung. My 2 cents Also hopefully this big Unpacked event will be indication that they will expand their laptop availability unlike previous years ...

    • You make some good points! The M1 will likely be quite a bit more powerful, but the OLED screen and options for touch screen and S Pen are certainly a draw. Not to me ruin quite how thin it is!

  • Nice review on a great product. I would get one.

  • So there will be Ryzen 5000 series too? I'll buy it if it has Ryzen 7 5800U option with 8 cores and 16 threads

  • When will they be available on samsung

    • Pre-orders are live for the pro and pro 360. August for the Odyssey

  • I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked them. I am very curious how it's going to turn up after the full review. It really does seem too good, so I am bracing myself for the caveats.

    • @Luke Larsen Samsung laptops come highly optimized. On my second one the first one performed for 10 yrs still works. Not worried about performance accept high they have been able to work around Intel's shortcomings.

    • @Luke Larsen No benchmarks were allowed for these "previews" (promos) so that is a good question? The LG Gram performs well below the median for the 11th-gen chips and is similar in design restrictions.

    • The performance is a big question. It's clear that Intel worked closely with Samsung here, but the thinness of the chassis will always be a hurdle to overcome when it comes to performance.

  • The LTT video on the same laptop line (different specs) beg to differ regarding the chassis rigidity.

  • Interesting. APPROXIMATELY how much $$$ will they co$t ??

    • @TheDeadlyDAD- you're welcome!

    • @Umang Vatsal Tyagi thank you !👍🏻

    • $ 549 - Galaxy book $ 999 - Galaxy book pro $ 1199 - Galaxy book pro 360 $ 1399 - Galaxy book Odyssey

  • Sir please go back to year 1834 with your M1 pals too. Most things only need an iPad. Let’s abolish laptops. They are a clunkfest. Maybe you should wear clunky shoes also at your desk. Or relax and put on a croc like a true iPad comfortable man.

  • Always right on point.