Best Headphones of 2021 | Bose, Sony, and yes, the AirPods Max!

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There are tons of great headphones on the market, and we've had the pleasure of testing and reviewing all the best headphones. From industry leaders like Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser, to Apple's latest AirPods Max, we break down the best headphones you can buy in 2021.
Apple AirPods Max available here:
Bowers and Wilkins PX7 available here:
Bose ANC 700 available here:
Sennheiser HD 560 S available here:
Sony WH-1000XM4 available here:
Focal Celestee available here -
00:00 Intro
01:24 Apple AirPods Max
02:27 Bowers and Wilkins PX7 Carbon Edition
03:18 Bose ANC 700
03:51 Sennheiser HD 560 S
04:51 Best Overall - Sony WH-1000XM4
05:39 Focal Celestee
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  • Should i get the xm4 now or wait for xm5? Opinions are appreciated 🙏

  • Dude Apple headphones are not worth it. No case no cord no adapter. Sound quality isn't even close to Sennheiser or Audio Technia. One reviewer needs to quit accepting price by saying well it's Apple. Who cares if it's Apple. Next headphones will be 1k and people will go well it's Apple. Good god the cult.

  • Sony best Earbud and Headphone brand no 1 sellers.

  • Listening with my xm4s. I knew they would win haha Give it 5yrs and we will have the same sound quality as that last headset did over Bluetooth no doubt.

  • I stopped watching when you were sitting in your living room alone and wearing a mask.

  • Would you recommend headphones with both wired and wireless functionality? I will use it for podcast broadcasting.

  • Where is JBL?? I am so disappointed.

  • No SkullCandy? 🤔

  • Which headphones anc dp you recommend fitting for big heads and big ears?

  • Hello! Quick question for you, I am looking for a new set of headphones and I am having a difficult time deciding between AirPod Max and PX7. Needless to say I love both brands. I am an Apple user just in case that makes a difference. Thank you in advance!!

  • i guess this guy has never heard of DROP

  • B&O H95 supposedly are better sounding than all of those you tested.

  • .

  • Bose 700 quite great

  • I love music. This would be worth it!

  • Sony 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Good review

  • Akg nc700m2 is best in music. Better than xm3

  • how much sound difference can you expect between qc35ii and nc700

  • Just got bower and wilkins px7s, they're pretty good. Wide sound stage and accurate tuning to the songs. Crisp and clear all around with great build quality and Anc!

  • just got my xm4...they are fantastic and they slapp

  • Try the new headphones called IRIS (IRIS LISTEN WELL) they are seriously good

  • Drop Panda .. Audeze Möbius .. Ahhh. Dali 06 04

  • Which is headphones is better Bose 700 vs Sony XM4

  • Thank you 😊

  • Best headphone of 2021 is sennheiser hd 600 Change my mind

  • Bose? Really?

  • Best headphone: Hifiman Susvara.

  • Bose zero base .. it’s so useless had to return it

  • Still using my ultrasone pro 900s paired with a fiio e11 amp. Bass on these are unreal.

  • I have the Sony's xm 3 it's sufficient for me

  • Wish the focals had anc

    • Focals aren’t made to be used as commute headphones, they prioritize sound quality over anything else

  • Sony xm4 is the best set of headphones.. I own them.

  • Finally a review for focal :D

  • I recently got the XM4s on sale and very happy. Beyond the great sound and ANC I really like multi-point connection and the wear sensor. Little quality of life features that add up.

  • what do you think of the bang and ouflsen ?

  • How about Jabra ?

  • Interesting that you've called the the Focal Celestee the best soundstage contenders, although everyone else that has reviewed these has mentioned that these are very in your head. Focals in general don't do sounstaging very well (even the open ones, I own Clear and did own the Elear, and I also owned the closed back Elegia) but in particular many reviewers have called out the soundstaging being particularly poor for the Celestee. Wish I could hear one since there is such a conflicting range of opinion on these.

  • Song Always!🤟🤟

  • i think Sennheiser HD600

  • I really want to get the Sony’s but the mic in reviews I’ve heard just doesn’t sound that great, it sounds so tinny, any advice?

  • Waiting to hear more reviews on the V-Moda M-200 ANC, the previous model's have all been tops IMO

  • Loving my XM4

  • Question for Caleb and all: Let's suppose all (except Celestee) were the same price. Which would you buy?

  • So does this means V-Moda and Marshall are trash??

  • Sony XM4 is an incredibule headphone. I absolutely love them

  • I have Sony XM4 and AirPods Max...I grab the AirPods max every time I want to listen to music or a movie. The Sony’s have been downgraded to gym only headphones. If you’re an apple user the AirPods max are the clear and obvious winner.

  • Bought my NC700 2 years b4, and I'm considering to switch to B&O H95i....

  • Top 5: 1. RAAL / Requisite SR1a 2. Abyss Phi TC 3. Hifiman Susvara 4. Focal Utopia 5. Audeze LCD-4z

    • @Peter Wow ur lucky to have all those high end headphones

    • @#ElhijodeDios# La doña In the order I listed them. That said, I am using a HSA-1b to drive the first 3.

    • @Peter which one is your favorite?

    • @#ElhijodeDios# La doña The bass is beautiful and likely the best defined and controlled around except for the Phi TC.

    • @Peter the issue on the SR is the bass

  • Sony xm4

  • airpods max are better sounding than the sonys, better made, better noise cancellation, better transparency, etc....

  • I don't know about the best but I just got myself a pair of Focal Clear Pro's and they sound pretty amazing.

  • Sony XM4 is the King. Definitely worth every penny.

  • I'm on Team Bose! I can't live without them.

  • I own the Sony Wh1000-xm4's and they are AWESOME and I am saving for the AirPods Max. Great video man.

  • Hi Caleb, nice job. Could you please review H95 Beo Headphones by Bang & Olufsen? They are freaking expensive Headphones and I need to know if that money is worth the Headphones. Thank you.

  • I’ve been using the Air Pods Max wired with a Dragonfly Cobalt DAC. To me, FLAC (from Amazon HD) sounds amazing and much better than Bluetooth. Just wondering if I should ditch this setup and go for the Celestee?

  • Ive had my AirPods max for over a month and i returned my sony headphones for them. To me, they sound so much better.

    • @Baby Yoda im talking for the monitor on the seats of the flights.

    • @Fork and plate doesn’t really matter. Can’t you just connect to your phone with Bluetooth and watch something from there?

    • But no headphone jack when flying.

    • True, but to me, they just aren’t practical. Sorry Apple.

    • Same, once you get used to them, other regular non-audiophile headphones sound dead and cheap

  • Fostex TH900- yes I have them. High end bass cannons.

    • Best bass of all headphones probably

  • Focal Celestee costs $990 that is made in France and the AirPod Max which cost $550 is made in China. It’s such an easy pick. Focal all the way - superior sound and it is an audiophile level. Slave labor Marxist apple cannot touch.

  • I bought the Sony1000xm4 2x weeks ago, best headphones out there. I have a pair of beats solo pros that were killing my ears so I bought the Sony’s and love them.

    • I'm looking to buy some as well!

  • Very informative , waiting on comparison of Sony a9g and new 2021 Sony a90j , thanks

  • Hi

  • trash. this is for mass consumers who don't know what they want. except FOCAL.

    • @Cesar Antonio no need to be rude.

    • Yes, it's for all of us who are mass consumers. Did he say this video was for any other group? It didn't say it was for professionals in the music or recording industry.

  • Glad to see focal got some coverage

  • Glad this was downshifted to "some of" the best headphones 😁

  • Bang&Olufsen H95 are all the way up there. In my opinion they should be included in comparisons like this. And yes, I am biased because I own them :)

    • agreed - I tried them all. The sound quality of the H95 are fabulous. Only issue is the ANC or Transparency that are not at the level of Maxs or XM4. For the price tag of the H95, they should of done a better job. Hopefully a software updates will help. But sound wise, they are the best. I use the XM4 when I travel as I've had "clamp" compression with the Maxs.

  • Saving for Shangri-La!

  • Bose is my favourite brand

  • waiting for my XM4 to be delivered :)

    • @Michael Tran I've got mine for a few weeks now. The noise cancelling is great, but I'd personally say that the Bose probably have better noise cancelling. But the XM4's definitely have better bass etc.

    • How’s the noise cancelling feature?

    • @three bedrooms oooooo fantastic! I'm definitely getting a pair myself. Thanks for the reply!

    • @Alesztra a great upgrade over version 2 !! connect to 2 devices, battery is mentioned in blocks of 10%, noticeably lighter, stronger bass :)

    • Have you received them? How are they?

  • Patiently waiting for Sony A90J unboxing and review

  • Thanks to various updates, it's never too early to buy these products.Any feature suits our style as we own one.

  • Please review the new Samsung Neo QLED TVs and the new Sony A90J 4K OLED TV. Thanks so much!:)

  • XM4, best bang for your bucks. Also, you can still find one for $278

  • Apple airpods pro will win with Apple users because it designed specifically for Apple products. No contest there.

  • 1:37 Something fell off the AirPods Max. What is that?

    • Yeah I see it. At the moment he claps with his hand in them when he is sitting st the desk. Hmm I don't know, I would also like to know what that was cause it's a little bit funny he didn't even noticed it.

  • I love my Bose NC700!. I tried the Sony XM4 and did not like the comfort at all!

    • @Cesar Antonio yes you can pair two devices.

    • Can you pair two devices at a time? I have the xm3 and xm4 but I'm itching for the nc700 too.

  • Sony mx4!

  • What is your opinion on bose qc35ii? I got them recently , what is your opinion on vodafone 4G R219 mobile wifi broadband and also GigaCube wifi mobile broadband? ? I wonder because I need to switch internet soon because we move house , also do you think 64 mbps of internet is enough for 4k gaming and streaming ?

  • Jabra 85H

  • My best headphones pick is Sony XM4. I don't own it yet, i am saving for it. I shall get them soon!!!

    • Best headphones I’ve ever had! They sound fantastic, are very comfortable, and the dual device paring is the best I’ve ever experienced

  • I was expecting the worst when you were about to say "Focal", but you said it right! Be confident my friend! Best from a Frenchman.

    • @Landyn Korbyn yup, I have been watching on Flixzone for since december myself =)

    • pro trick: watch movies on flixzone. Been using it for watching a lot of movies lately.

  • B&W is a huge disappointment in comfort and sound

  • Been appreciating the headphone content! Recently picked up a pair of "audiophile" grade cans (Philips shp9600) and have been amazed at the quality. Have seen the Focals here and there (watched your video on them as well) and really like the look of those ones. Little too pricey for my tastes, but maybe someday.. I also picked up a pair of Soundcore Life Q30s, for the bluetooth portability, not long ago, and have been pretty impressed with them overall. Great for the price.

  • ANC gives me a headache, are there any without it that have the same sound quality as the xm4s? I tried those but even with anc “off ”, it still felt weird

  • Bose 700 sound/call😃

  • well you just convinced me to get the focal

  • If you can, please do a review of the new Xbox headphones. They’re wonderful for low audio latency on the tv’s game mode and the sound isn’t bad but not as good as my xm4’s.

  • What about the Massdrop Panda?

  • Airpods max but I'm too poor to by them rn 😂

  • I'm still rocking the Sennheiser PXC 550. Excellent all-rounders.

    • they're terrible for video calls.

  • Skullcandy Crusher ANC may not be considered "Premium Headphones" but in my opinion it provides a uniquely synthetic exaggerated listening experience that nothing else has come close to matching

  • Brian Tong’s top two Bluetooth headphones were the Apple AirPods and B&O H95-said they were both on a tier all by themselves. Surprised that the H95s didn’t make your list. Have you listened to them yet?

    • that guy just paraphrases online articles. that's all he does. no knowledge about sound quality

  • Dan Clark Audio Aeon Flow 2

  • I've gotten to the point where I am just switching up headphones every day. I feel like making a choice as a consumer had gotten pretty difficult. I know if I had to pick just one, I'd have a tough time, but probably land on the xm4.

    • @Kilak Nope. Never been sponsored.

    • @Kilak yes that's an interesting question I realise now because I never heard about them before, don't judge me 🤔😅🙄. But are they really as good as told in the video?

    • Just wondering.. are you sponsored by Focal?

    • How are you able to switch between them every day? 🤔😳 I have to choose one from them all that are out there and don't know which one is best, price by side. I thought maybe Sony xm4, bose 700 or the new huawei free buds but the huawei didn't seem to be as good that's why I might delete these from my maybe list.

    • Would love to have the Playlist you use to test all these headphones.. A Spotify link would be much appreciated! Also since I have the xm4s wanted to know what equaliser settings you favour! Cheers! Enjoy your reviews and you got me thinking about the focal headphones as an alternative to the xm4s!

  • Bowers and wilkins px7 all day everyday

  • 3:13 Why he avoids the word "audiophile"? That is not the first video i've seen him doing that

    • @M. S. thanks

    • It's a bit controversial because audiophiles love to argue about everything.

  • I own the Bose NC 700 and like their sound and the dual-device connectivity, but these things have so many connection problems that I just can't stand Bose anymore. Don't think I'll buy Bose products again any time soon.

  • I think bose quite comfort

  • Sony XM4 is King! One of the best purchases I’ve made! 🎧