Sony unleashes new TVs at CES 2021 | Sony has some exciting surprises you need to see

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Sony typically is the last TV brand to unleash its TV plans at CES, but CES 2021 is different and we now know what Sony's full slate of TVs for 2021 looks like. There are some fun surprises, and I think you will be surprised at just how many Sony 2021 TVs there are.
0:00 - Intro
0:55 - Sony Master Series Z9J
2:12 - Sony X95J
2:36 - New Sony OLED TVs
3:46 - Sony X90J
4:29 - Sony Cognitive Processor XR

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  • Sorry last time I smashed the like button it broke

  • I bough x900h. Damn i should have waited for x900j. The problem with x900h its old chip


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  • LG is DEFINITELY NOT an OLED option for me! I've bought 3 different high priced LG tech items in the past and ALL have malfunctioned, then LG tries to squirm out of honoring their warranty. No more LG for me.

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  • Caleb- Always great product reviews!! thank you !!

  • What tvs are people in Germany watching???????

  • I hate the way tv manufacturers just forget about the older tvs that we've paid thousands for...surely by now these tvs should be upgradable as I thought we were supposed to be thinking of the plastic use..but no..millions of tvs on the scrape heap again..I hate to say this..but more over I hate paying for tvs that they forget about and stop updates firmware and apps that get stopped at a blink of an eye.

  • My 65 inch $2000 SONY has a 8inch black stripe down the right side and white lines across the Whole screen ...... 1 month after the 1 yr warranty expired ....... Never will I buy any Sony products again 👍

  • My last 2 XBR's did not last. So I'm done with Sony.

  • Sony is death company - they are gone or almost _ I do not known nobody whom want SONY or anything from Sony - even more worse I do not known nobody who considering to talking about Sony _

  • This TV is special cause it has LG OLED panel in it LG should stop selling their panel to Sony and this brand is selling well only in its home country and the third world countries.

  • Nice outfit Caleb

  • The only feature missing from Sony is durability more than a couple of years. Use to be a fan of Sony, but had too many failures. No more Sony for me.

  • Hey, have you ever thought of smiling occasionally instead of looking cold and unfriendly?

  • Great news for people who want to buy this year. Sony X90 or X95 series Full Array Led is best bang for the buck. I got X9000E in India here couple of years back and do not miss my Samsung Plasma.

  • Sheesh...How many more features can you add to a TV?

  • On any of these new tv's can I hook up my DVD or Blue Ray player? because if I cannot all those TV's are junk

  • 'o hell, I just spent $300 for a tv at Walmart 'so now I have to toss it and get this new one? Listen, I'm going to need another stimulus check, maybe 2

  • My Sony turned purple spots all over in less than 5 years! No more Sony for me! Samsung next for me!

  • Are Sony products still only compatible with other Sony products? Ive not bought a Sony in a decade and worried if I buy one its going to be still annoying as hell.

  • like they say there's no other like Sony

  • i challenge sony to fuse together a computer a projector with a projector screen. so the end product become a all in one projector screen that is also a computer. It needs to be able to project hd 4k 6k 8k And holographic images. It also has to be able to connect to another person driving a car via phone dial it must be able to contact another person while driving a vehicle and share the movie i am wacthing with the passengers of the vehicle.. plus chrome cast with wireless internet and buddy share. Buddy share is a name i give to ther share screen with a friend in another house. via tablet or phone or internet lets go sony make it happen. impress me.

  • Might as well talk Klingon, I've no idea??

  • Nice to see Sony back in the game.

  • Google OS, no thank you.

  • These ultra HD tv's remind me of cars that can go up to 200 mph, never to be used to their full potential

  • oh google TV, spyware , I'll pass on all TV's that run that app.

  • 20 models

  • "Trust me it will do everything". You just outed yourself as a sales shill channel, for...whoever pays you.


  • Always something newer and better on the way that’s why I go with the mid tier models if you will always want to upgrade to the next great thing every year they come out with a new feature they tell you is the best this year was HDMI 2.1 4K at 120 you gotta love the marketing behind it all I think Sony held back this year and I’m glad I sat this year out it looks like next year is getting all the upgrades thanks for the preview can’t wait to hear more

  • Just me then who thinks a TV should show what's transmitted to it and not try to "process" the picture into something it thinks we would prefer? If this upscaling processing is anything like motion smoothing then people will just go straight to settings to disable it.

  • Google tv replacing Android TV... OOF enormous fail.

  • There is no 8K content available, so 8K is pointless. I was at a Best Buy and looked at a 4K OLED next to an 8K TV, I couldn't tell the difference. Save your money and buy a 4K TV. I currently own a Samsung 4K QLED TV and the picture is extremely good.

  • I'm done with Sony , 2 55" tv's in the last 10 yrs and both defective with terrible support

  • Qled - SAMSUNG! Better

  • I don't know, but i think the A9g from 2019 is still in 2021 a really(!) good Tv..

  • Isnt x90j from 50" not 55"? correct me if im wrong

  • What is that model you say would be most populars response time when gaming? I'm looking to get a 120hz 2.1 TV for my series x. I know at 120hz response times are halved over 60fps. I'm currently using a Samsung Suhd from 2016 and in game mode I get 12ms response time.

  • How good does a TV image need to be ? The stuff they say is the best TV this year is basically the worst next year.

    • @David H We have to be made think that we need all this tech in order to justify actually producing it. The language used becomes a lie next month. We can never own the best possible tech as there will always be something better evolving.

    • For the billionaires out there, the human eye cannot see in 8K, certainly not up close at TV viewing distance. You will be unable to discern any difference between the two. Now 8K at 500 feet MAY be a different story, IF the screen is large enough.

  • As the TV technology gets better the content available to watch get worst - I'm going back to my 12" B&W to watch "I Love Lucy".

  • “Garbage in garbage out”..just clearer garbage.

  • I'm happy with my TV and the picture BUT I have never been happy with the sound. Now, this is not a problem with the quality of sound but about the loudness that the TV allows the programme makers to 'control'. I hate the loud adverts and the change in volume during films. Can some invent a TV that can give me back the control of my sound?

  • Send your money (what little is left of it) to Foreigners, that buy nothing back....

  • The ironey is.. the space saved by thin tvs now taken up by huge steros to hear the dam things because they have crap speakers.

    • And you pay more for the Sound system than you pay for the TV.

  • "It's official!" Lol

  • Simply amazing!

  • Be careful with Sony they don’t sale screens after you broke an oled panel SONY WOULD TELL YOU TO BUY A NEW ONE

  • Has anyone counted the number of acronyms this guy has come out with? What's the point in having TVs with all these fantastic (?) doodads when the programmes are still 💩?

  • The question everyone wants to know how many limbs I'm I gonna have to sell to afford this

  • i need a tv good picture quality same as oled but i neet a tv that won't burn

  • The tech innovations are certainly impressive. But I'm still waiting on a remote that my wife can work out how to use. Plus some content worth watching on TV would be good too. I like the stuff they have on display in the sales franchises. Hopefully there will be an easy way to leave these new TVs permanently in sales demo mode, after they've been installed at home.

    • Not to mention the need for externals speakers to hear it.

  • For people who want to keep up with the Joneses I see perfectly well and hear perfectly well on my Vizio 2012

  • I look at all the large screen TV's in our local store which are mostly exemplary for picture quality and then you look at HD inputs mostly two or three, lucky if there are more. My 6 year old LG LED HD TV has four all stuffed, six would be better. The picture quality with 4K originated programming is fabulous.

  • anything good for people on a budget? aka poor people like me?

  • They should make monitors too.

  • I dont care anymore whats inside all these new TVs.I want to have a wall TV that looks as thin , as toilet paper.Thank you and have a nice day

  • I love my Sony bravia...i still think it has the best picture quality of anything that I've seen on the market!!!

  • Good for gaming?

  • I don't think of buying Sony products after their bad PS5 launch.

  • Digital trends should i buy the 75in z8h or wait for the 75in Z9j, what do you think?

  • they really fucked up putting an Xbox in a Sony Promo image.... 2:19

  • tv technology has not changed much in the past few years.. all technology is a bit stale, they just make it sound better when its not.

  • Got a Bravia a couple of years ago but won’t be buying another one without 3D, I’ll probably get a UST projector

  • Hopefully they did something about their software that f***** up the ability to turn off the tv via Apple TV 4K. Everyone complaining about it. Sony response. 🦗

  • The only thing Sony nails is not producing enough PlayStations.

    • Notice they put an Xbox in the product photo at 2:19

  • I'm a BIG Sony fan from my video production days!!

  • Sony still has the name and that's all. LG is king now.

  • I'll never trust Sony again. I bought their SXRD 60" for almost 4 grand when it came out. They touted new technology and first of it's kind. Come to find out, during development Sony had many issues that were not corrected and decided to let it go to the market anyway. Allot of people bought 4 thousand dollar lemons. That was about 18 years ago and I have never bought another Sony product Since nor will I ever. Sorry I'm German I hold a grudge forever

  • Do their new tv's play HEVC?

  • How did humanity survive before 8K? It must have been hell.

  • Nice review ...... make a quality recommendation near a 43” smart tv for less than $1,000. I need to buy one soon ...... as I will be a chord cutter in 10 days !!

  • When they will be on the market?

  • Sony is so dead.

    • well.. it's worth about 150 billion dollars, so NO.

  • Amazing how the pictures a far superior to the last TV! I have. Sony Bravia LED and I cannot honestly see how the picture can be improved, well at an improvement that I can actually see the difference!

  • After a lifetime of Sony being on top , it has spent the last 15 years in the shadow of Samsung and LG. Nice to see they are finally waking up at Sony

  • Video starts at 0.56

  • I want to buy the Z9J but not sure if is worth the price gap instead of X95J

  • One thing I cannot figure out: why do they bother putting audio in tvs? The "frame" of the tv is so small it doesn't allow for any decent sized speakers let alone mid or low end. Why bother with the cost? If you're going to spend that kind of money on a monitor you're going to have a surround sound amp and 15 speakers and never use the tv audio.

  • I’m ready for the x90j. Was super close to getting the 900H

  • 7 Sony TVs this year

  • Which of these models would be best for a PS5? Keep in mind i'm not buying a hundred inch TV.

  • Sony is dropping the Audio and video division. This year will be the last. So they’re restructuring and concentrating on gaming and networking. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that they’ll eventually drop the cellphone division as well. Samsung is dominating them both in the TV and cellphone markets.

    • @Glenn Archer dropping them would mean laying off 6k employees.

    • @Glenn Archer nowhere did they mention that they're dropping theur audio and video division.

    • @sindhoor gk Do your own web research. Or you just to lazy and want someone else to do it for you?

    • huh? Sources please.

  • 3 new models

  • Don't need more resolution or "smart" features or great speakers. I want a "dumb" TV that has decent (but not cutting edge) resolution and no built-in speakers (never as good as a dedicated sound bar). And Sony is too expensive.

  • 7

  • How many of you know Sony is owned by Samsung ??

    • @Abhisar Choubey you seem to know only about Samsung and nothing about any other companies. Lol..

    • @Abhisar Choubey and why's everybody glorifying tesla? It's technology is so.. 2010's.

    • @Abhisar Choubey samsung isn't leading in automobile semiconductors. Bosh and denso are the leaders. Even LG is above samsung in that segment.

    • @Abhisar Choubey samsung can't build even a pole in earthquake prone countries like Japan.

    • @Abhisar Choubey building a building for cheap without any safety requirements like earthquake proofing the structures etc.

  • Why do many of you guy’s ask for us to hit the like button and sub, at the start-before we have watched your vid . I know it’s unlikely but it might not be a good clip . You don’t give a tip before you eat your meal .

  • why to get an 8k tv set when there is literally almost no content for it in 8k avaiable?

  • What 8K content is out there anyway?

  • Just hold on buying it, they are just going to keep getting better.

    • Then you'll never buy anything....because every year there will be improvements on everything (almost). It's called incremental improvements, I bet they have already designed tvs that are three times as good as these, just not releasing them until 2024......

  • Will all include Full Spec HDMI 2.1? Like 120Hz on all ports for GPU's which can support it, not just eARC? What about ATSC 3.0 (OTA 4K?)? Not a big kicker in all areas yet, but will be in the future.

  • modern TV's suck.

  • wake me up when they release one with 2:1 aspect ratio.

  • I hadn't watched this channel before and since the presenter takes an epoch to get to the content, it will be the only time I watched this channel.

  • Still loving my Z9D, but at 65”, I’m ready for a 75”. Don’t need 8K, 4K is good enough, I’m more about great HDR then pixel count, so nits are important, along with great local dimming. I can’t go OLED, too dim with no backlight behind the panel as each pixel is its own light source. The issue here is, while 3D is just ok, I do have a large 3D library and I do like to watch a 3D movie every now and then. I would love to find a 75” Z9D somehow. I guess at some point I’m going to have to give up on 3D as some people already had no choice as well for one reason or another.

  • Can't wait till I can have a 400ft TV in my house. Now I just need to buy a big enough house to put it in. (Side note: I work in the Broadcast Industry and I DON'T Even OWN a TV.) What does that tell you?

  • I am trying to decide if I should get a A9G Master OLED 65” at a discount or hold out for a 2021 model. Appreciate any advice.