Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra Unboxing, Impressions | What's right and what's not

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They're here! We've got the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra and have some early thoughts and impressions. Is the S21's plastic back really that bad? How big is that S21 Ultra? And is it really that big of a deal that there's no SD Card slot? Let's unbox the phones and find out!
00:00 Intro
00:54 Unboxing the Ultra
01:28 What's in the boxes
02:25 Phantom violet S21
04:01 S21's new camera bump
04:22 S21 Ultra size and impressions
05:58 S21 Ultra's camera cutout
06:23 New designs stand out
06:49 No SD Card slot
07:11 Final thoughts
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  • No charger in the box ... but do we care? USB-C PD chargers are $10-20 on Amazon, and the phones are $200 cheaper than their predecessors.

    • @Andry Tafa its a dumb answer. The phones are 200€ cheaper in comparison with the last release. But how about the releases before?

    • It blows my mind that these phones are cheaper. I could a sworn the prices only been going up.

    • Yes we care

    • @Frank Reynolds I love SD cards

    • Plus if u pre-order they gave a range of 100 dollars credit to 260 credit depending on the phone you get and if u reserved, and the 25w charger cost around 16 dollars

  • During the launching, they said only S21 ultra has the sd slot

  • How many as I switching from a s5 to s21 ultra?

  • fact check - Ultra has 256GB or 512GB

  • This is a pretty mediocre review. What is laughable, but not surprising, is that another "tech reviewer" is subtly defending another capitalist corporation's dumb money-inspired mistakes here. Samsung is shaping up to be a pretty shitty, unprofessional, and dense capitalist corporation - they make fun of Apple, but then they prove to be their mini-me and bitch, drawing anti-consumer inspiration by creating problems to sell solutions to. That's the takeaway from the S21 line. Now consumers get to marvel at less in the box. They'll surely go bankrupt if they don't suddenly and arbitrarily pull nonsense like this! So now Samsung can't be potty trained without daddy Apple assisting them in the way of the anti-consumer corporation. Suggesting that people should pay more for less, let alone patch up the problems Samsung created here, is typical corporate slave slang. So the consumer should just max out the storage and pay more for the S21 Ultra because there is no expandable storage like before...that came with most Samsung phones in the past, no problem, and for free? No one asked them to make these compromises to "lower the price" with...and it ends up evening out when you realize that they're taking away essentials for a lot of people. The Xiaomi Mi 11 GIVES consumers the OPTION to come packaged with a charger for the SAME PRICE as the one without a charger. Too bad they are not on good terms with the US, but at least they're the better company in that regard. It pays to give your consumers these types of options too for a change, rather than typically treat them like tools. So what about the missing charger? Is it "our fault" because they assume we must at some point own a USB-C charger, and therefore, it's OUR responsibility to provide a charging solution to the device (with a rechargeable battery) that THEY made? So much for principles here too, because they HAVE TO HUSTLE twenty extra dollars out of the consumer for something that came with the device for FREE many times before. Don't even get me started on the eco-friendly bullshit... Is this a paid review? Way to go - you're essentially an ad vehicle for an expensive downgrade. People should totally "upgrade" from a Note 20 Ultra, or even a Note 8. They come with traditional assets that the S21s lack. You can even get a lot of phones released in the past two or so years that give you more than what is left in the S21 line for the S20 FE. Not to mention that the price of phones, like the aforementioned Note 20 Ultra and Note 8, go down significantly over time anyway...

  • I've held all 3 phones. You can't tell it's plastic. It feels a lot like glass. If you tap on it you'll notice but who does that? It doesn't feel cheap.

  • I have to chuckle. I'm curious why they don't change the name to Cell Camera since the phone portion of this device is now an after-thought.

  • No headphones and no charger in the box? What a joke. You’re telling me that I’m paying over 1k for a phone and not one of those accessories will be in the box?. Yeah no.

    • For 200 cheaper than last year + if you pre-order you get galaxy buds pro for free

  • No charger. 200 less and a 200 Samsung store credit

  • how is a 6.8 display on the s21 ultra larger than a 6.9 display on both the s20 ultra and the note 20

  • Nobody is switching from an S20? 😕 I sure am. 😏

  • First off the plastic back fells just like the glass mat back to me an one won't crack as easy . Charger .... Who doesn't have them all over the house by now . Also all smart phones rock when on the table with new cameras, nobody text with there phone on the table . Use the cloud if you want more memory did I mention there $200 cheaper


  • $800 is reasonable for the S21 Ultra, the S21 regular is a $500 phone at the most.

    • Samsung would lose money on every single phone at those prices.

  • Apple fan, we talk about samsung, still we cannot use it

  • Are you selling phones on swappa. Just saw listing and it has you as a seller?

  • 4:00 Did galaxy S20 rock on the table? how is it compare to S21?

  • I upgrade all my partner's phones to the latest model every year, so yes, I will be upgrading TWO S20's to S21's. They also both use MicroSD expansions because the onboard storage just doesn't cut it if you have a lot of music and actually consume media/play games (so maybe they will be forced to skip this next upgrade?).

  • Junk. No charger no sale. No USB A, no sale

  • Aaah, the typical youtuber Whining about a camera bump when real people who Actually pay for their $1000+ devices immediately put them in a case, Lol.

    • Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Who the hell would buy these phones and not put a case on them.

  • Who the hell is going to waste their time uploading 8k video too a freaking cloud? Not me, time is the only thing you can't get back once it gone.

  • The charger I give zero ducks about. Have a ton of those. But, the microSD card slot and 8K video is insanity. What is the 512GB model $1600s. So, that 128 is useless. I only buy phones with style too content created. I bypassed this and bought the N20 ultra.

  • I tried watching this video on Flipboard, it said this video is not available in my region. 😂

  • Yeah, you don't need an SD card slot if you spend extra $$ for bigger internal storage (pretty obvious). The idea is that we already have our SD cards that we transfer from phone to phone so we don't need to spend more on internal storage. So it's a big deal for some people. Just seems like they are trying to make us spend more money to get more storage like Apple.

  • This guy calls himself a tech reporter and doesn't use micro sd cards. What a joke

  • Over Christmas I purchased an A71 5G directly from Samsung for a net cost of $200 after trading in an old Note 3. It too has a plastic back. It has a micro SD card slot, and the box included a fast charger. For my money, I'll keep the extra $1,000 and be happy with my A71 5G.

  • hope the Ultras keep getting cheaper that $1400 Ultra S20, what was that!?

  • Regarding your upcoming full review, can you please check a couple of software items (settings) : 1) Can the hole punch from the FFC be hidden? 2) Can more than one app be locked in recents? Thank you.

  • Please review the battery life

    • You can see my take on battery life in my full review that's now up!

  • 4:23 it’s actually smaller than the S20 Ultra. The S20 is 6.9 inches, the S21 is 6.8 inches.

  • I'm still using 7s edge, lol. As soon as I read or watch a review on a new phone and all it's variations, a new phone comes out. Slow down, Samsung, slow down!

  • Does S21 Ultra come with a pre-installed screen protector?

  • Unboxing videos should be scrapped. There is nothing in there.

  • Phone made from plastic: reviewer about to complain "when you hold it in your hand..." Nah chief, hold up, you gonna put it in a $5 silicon case first.

  • I'm not trying to be rude but the guy in the video seems like an uneducated simpleton with the things he tries to explain.

  • "If it doesn't get fingerprints, there is no grip..." What?! Also... heavier is not more premium. In fact it is the result of taking shortcuts on material research and weight saving design.

  • next year samsung is going to sell people the box and the dongle inside and maybe the simcard if they're feeling nice

  • Hard pass on this phone. Samsung didnt learn anything from the s6 debacle

  • Samsung really blew it this time. No sd card slot and No headphone jack is a deal breaker for me. Time to change phone brands. Goodbye Samsung!

  • 1st take away the headphone jack. Annoyed but fine. 2nd take away adapter. Inconvenienced but fine. 3rd taking away microSD? That’s a big NO. Why? 1. Security issues. You will never be able to trade in your phone anymore without having to worry someone might recover erased data from your traded-in phone. Good data recovery apps such as Acronis will be able to purge all erased files. It’s the same reason why I would never sell a hard drive. With microSD, your storage is with you regardless of hardware changes. 2. Convenience. When time to switch/upgrade the phone, it will be great hassle to transfer data to the new phone. Especially if you have a lot of data stored. With microSD, all you need is to do is just swipe in the old card to the new phone, and you’ll have all your data instantly. Yes this can be mitigated thru cloud storage. But no thanks. You will need to be anchored to internet connection at all time to retrieve data. Also there are places and countries where internet is less than reliable. 3. Stuck with whatever storage the phone has. With MicroSD, it is super convenience to be able to swipe in different cards. This is no more. What Samsung is taking away vs. what new features it added has reached a point where the negatives start to outweigh the pluses. Taking away microSD is where the line is drawn, imho.

  • Plastic or glass. Users will still put case on it. Plus glass wether its new gorilla glass type it still fragile.

    • @Xxx Xxx but majority does.

    • Not everyone uses a case. I don't use one and would never.

  • OMG, did they really have to copy apple with the no charger thing 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • @stang20877 Because that's true and you refuse to acknowledge it. 🥴

    • @Deka Orange don't you have something else to say? u keep posting the same thing. grow up kid

    • OMG is Apple still rely on Samsung for screens? Go manufacture your own Apple 🥴

  • Samsung data shows that normal ppl don't care for a glass back, 95% of them put a case on it anyways. They just want a good camera and they would rather have a plastic back to make the price cheaper and more more durable.

  • I want to see how well the camera shutter speed performs. Taking pictures of antsy kids always end up extremely blurry.

  • Wtf. How am I supposed to connect my phone to my computer then? Guess I'll just have to find an adapter? Or use another charger just for connecting to my computer?

    • You still get the cable, just not the charging block

  • i don't want to be a jerk but some of us actually have to pay to get the phones and not having that card slot is a big deal. that means the money that I shed on the Samsung card that I bought in the past pretty much is wasted and now every generation a new phone comes out I have to pay the premium for the highest tear phone instead of going to just swap the card from my old phone. so it is a big deal. like I said I'm not trying to be a jerk but I don't feel like swapping and transferring my pictures every time I get a new phone instead of just swapping my card and save myself the extra 2-300 dollars extra every generation. this is the reason I will stop upgrading every year starting with this year. too little increments and actually drawbacks. not sure you mention the mst being gone now, the only payment you can use is through NFC. they did the same with the Samsung watch and lots of other useful things for a 100x camera that Idk how much people actually use irl .

  • I like the way you said the SD slot is gone forever? Really, the Note 5 removed it and then it came back in Note 7 so I would not say forever! History is something to remember.

    • @Trident Trident exactly flash drives are cheap

    • @Phillip Pugh I'm hoping to just dump pics and etc. into sd card reader from the usb c as a way to sort out later?

    • @volleyplay1 you do realize that the s21 ultra is the best phone for content creation sooo yes Samsung knows a thing are two about creating media content . Fyi no other flagship phone has a SD card slot and some have never had it including apple an most of the big Chinese phones companies .

    • @Phillip Pugh you obviously are not a content creator. Samsung is trying to be like Apple plain and simple. They want to sell the higher storage variance to add to the bottom line. It will be brought back as a new and faster S/D storage.

    • It's gone kepp it moving built in memory is way way faster

  • is there a screen protector on the glass out of the box on the ultra? I know my wife got an s20 and had one.

  • I'm calling it now next iPhone will have a Matte Black color. 1/15/21

  • Samsung trying to be apple. Just be yourself ffs. Tired of all companies copying apple. If I want apple, I'd buy an iPhone.

    • Why they need to copy an huge and dated notch when they can use drop notch, punchole or for like zte underscreen cam. 😛

    • Apple copied samsung in some ways too. And Other companies copy each other. It's going to happen. So sit back and deal with it.

    • And Apple still relies Samsung screens. Stop using Samsung screens Apple 🥴

  • Would love to hear if a Razer Kishi fits on S21 Ultra.

    • That'd be a question for Razer ... I don't have one!

  • This guy sounds like an apologist. He needs to tone the douchiness down a little. Nobody wanted Samsung to become like Apple before, and nobody should now, either.

    • Yup, you have to remember, these guys have to say good things about the companies, or else they won’t get invited to their CES events, or other events they host. Meaning they are not the first to break this news, meaning no one watches their channel. It’s a mutual gentleman’s agreement. They help out AR-oners such as Digital Trends by allowing them to their closed door events, and they talk positively about their products. It’s just like all the big COD AR-oners, they get invited to all the Activision events before the games are even announced, but If they start talking negatively about Activision, well then they just blacklist them, and there goes their AR-one channels.

  • SD card support would still be nice since data service is getting more expensive to access files from the cloud. At this price point doesn’t make sense not to support it

    • Then your never gonna upgrade cause no one else has as card support ether

  • No micro SD Slot 😡💩😡

  • If you don't leave fingerprints, that means you can't grip it? I'm sorry, what?

  • Pro!!... it's not for the table, not a pc... let's see the camera and software part

  • No SD card and MST! Why ?!

  • Messy unboxing. Doesn't know how to clear out the table. Ended the video at 3:53. Sorry.

  • I agree, don't really care about the charger, and have a 25w charger from my S20....yes you read that right, S20. Although you assumed in your video no one would upgrade from an S20, I did. I wouldn't otherwise have, but it was only $75 to do so! I got the T-Mobile version which at checkout (because I need Wi-Fi calling compatible with the carrier) and it was only 774.99 cuz they gave an instant $25 rebate, and Samsung gave me $700 trade in value for my S20. Plus $160 credit in the Samsung store which I used to get the Buds Pro. Plus a Tracker tile and 4 months of AR-one Premium. That's insane incentive to upgrade. Samsung knew what they had to do to get people to buy this phone in Jan in a pandemc and they did it. Kudos to them for offering enough to get me to upgrade. I don't care about the plastic back, as I'll have a case on it all the time...a clear case, to show off that sweet violet/gold color which I think looks original and very nice

    • @Fredy Dominguez can confirm. I also just returned my 12 Pro Max

    • It seems like a lot of people haven't noticed this. They talk about going away with the charger and headphone jack but if you pre order you get $200 off at the store and a decent price if you have a phone to trade in. Also the tracker and the 4 months of AR-one premium. Its a much better deal than the iPhone 12 Pro max, which I will be returning.

    • T-mobile themselves has an offer on their site where it is totally free with a trade-in, starting at the galaxy s9 level.

  • Amazing discussion about phone love to be here viewing this video.

  • Oh man, watching those phones slide around face down on that table is like nails on a chalkboard painful, plastic cover or not.

  • Loaded with bloatware and pop ups. No SD card, no head phone jack, no charger, no sale.

  • No charger and no SD card? Tough sell. I'I'd like to see a video on camera performance compared to S20 (video focus, low light photo and zoom quality)

    • This might be a trend going forward but that dont mean it's still not sh!tty

    • Will it be a tough sell a year from now when all phones have no slots and no chargers?

  • 2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  • "I don't mind the plastic back on a 800 dollars phone" really?? REALLY? there is 300 bucks phones with a glass back

    • @Oscar Mejia Good thing Samsung cut corners there giving plastic back as its useless to have glassback. Almost everyone I know who has iphone has a case for glassback.

    • @Adam Jakowenko that's not my point. The guy in this video is talking like if a 800 dollars phone is cheap and is fine if is made out of plastic when you are paying pretty much a premium price

    • If someone handed me literally any phone with a case on it I wouldn't know or care what the back was made of. I and many others will have a case on this 100% of the time so it makes no difference what it's made of, and plastic makes the phone lighter. For people who don't use a case and prefer glass that's fine, but for case-users the back won't make any difference.

  • These are just as ugly as the new Apples. For someone like me, who has never owned a cell phone, these companies are doing NOTHING to tempt me. Worst colors EVER. It's 2021, is there some reason we still have baby bumps (camera humps)? Sorry, not a fan of "table rock" or of the "lumpy-look". Hideous. Maybe if we're lucky we will see the return of the champagne gold they use to have 8 or 9 years ago. Until they fix this mess, I'll go without and keep putting my money in 77" OLED Tvs, XBSX, and the latest surround sound recievers.

  • nice work

  • I have to upgrade later this year. I really like the Note phones but I really don't like the rounded edges of the screen. Great review.

    • The N20 is more squared off. I don't like rounded edges either.

  • I wish everything else waws plastic too. Makes it lighter and less likely to break. And what percentage of people use a phone without a case?! stop charging us for crap that is only useful in unboxing videos.

  • If you would have told me a few years ago that people would be saying we should cut manufactures some slack for making $800 phones out of plastic I would have laughed in your face. This is not a mid-range device, it shouldn't feel like one.

    • @Chris D S21 is smaller than FE. S21 has 5nm chip, variable refresh rate display. So battery is gonna be alot better. Everyone knows that thats why its useless to change phone every year. But there is improvement in cameras, processor in s21. S20 fe had worse cameras than s20. It is lite for a reason. So no, just having plastic back and 1080p doesnt make it midrange. Great camera is why many people buy flagship phone and it provides that. Flagship phones are always not value for money unless there is tradein or pre order deals.

    • @Frank Reynolds we must live in different areas because the S20 FE available to me has 5G and a SD865. It also has a larger battery than the S21 so I'd be interested to see how the overall battery life actually compares. Processors and cameras are getting so good these days that I don't know if an average user is going tell much of a difference. The extra 2GB of RAM much help keep things running a bit another on the S21. I hope someone does an in-depth comparison of the two since they're close in price and only came out a few months apart.

    • @Chris D Well S21 has higher Ram, better processor, better cameras, newer software, LPTO display for high refresh rate, so better battery too. S20 fe 4g was even way worse deal because it had shittier exynos 990. Same with s20 in other regions. These things are way more important to most people than sd card slot and high res display which needs to be reduced to 1080p to use when 120hz. Flagship are never value for money but s21 isnt that downgrade like most idiot claims it is.

    • @Frank Reynolds it has nothing to do with being poor and everything to do with value for money. The S21 is not only arguably a step down from last year's S20 (which was more expensive) but also the S20 FE which is $100 cheaper than the base S21.

    • @Chris D Well phone price is usually around double more than its manufacturing cost. Before phones used to cost $250 dollar to manufacture and sell at $700, now its $550 to manufacture so prices are $1200. To reduce price, they need to cut useless things. If you are too poor to buy flagships, there are always great midrange options.

  • No headphone jack, no charger, no sd card slot. What, trying to be Apple? Made fun of them too. Hypocrites.

  • Total chonker lol

  • ya

  • 2nd view

  • First view! Ha! Lol