iPhone 12 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra | Which would you pick?

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The iPhone 12 Pro has been my smartphone of choice since October, 2020. But now the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is here. Can it dethrone the iPhone?
This comparison of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra looks at all the features of the phones including a camera comparison.
00:00 Intro
00:53 S21 Ultra's Superior Camera Zoom
01:35 S21 Ultra's Better Screen
02:05 In-Display Fingerprint Scanner On S21 Ultra
02:21 Better Notification Management On Android
03:26 Things iOS Does Better - Standard Apps And Wallet
03:52 Airdrop Is Amazing
04:05 iPhone 12 Pro's Beautiful Design And Manageable Size
04:42 Final Thoughts
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is available here: amzn.to/39LIiu2
iPhone 12 Pro is available here: apple.sjv.io/rkvVy
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  • I can't not use a Samsung phone. I tried the iPhone and I'm just too used to the Samsung/Android system. That plus the brighter screen/faster response time for gaming. I just can't leave for the iPhone Pro.

  • Samsung is good, but their phones don’t last.

  • Great choice, doing the same

  • Apple: I want alimony and Child Support

  • Woooow

  • I just switched from S21 Ultra to a 12 Pro, I love both but man IPhone interface is so much smoother

  • Hi, Great video ! What do you use to transfer your WhatsApp's messages from iOS to Android or vice versa?

  • Samsung Pay is muuuuuuuuuuuuch better than Apple what? 😂😂😂😂

  • I have both and s21 ultra is a better screen hands down if iPhone had the screen would be super but that’s next in iPhone 13 or 14 lol

  • Didn’t present a compelling reason to switch. Basically switching for a zoom camera that probably hardly gets used. You use airdrop every day but switching to android which doesn’t work with mac etc just for a better zoom camera and slightly better screen. Also said you don’t use the pro max because it’s too big but swapping to a S21 ultra? Sorry but this video makes no sense.

  • the S21 Ultra is soooo much bigger than the iPhone 21 mini....pro whatever...of course it's bigger :).

  • 12promax and 21ultra are two girls,please choose your like 😁😁😁lol

  • It’s good that you are able to switch between phones and aren’t too caught up with a brand. I’ve got too caught up in Apple ecosystem.

  • I went from iPhone XS to S21. The S21 was slower than the iPhone. It disconnect from the internet all the time . When I went to another internet source then back to my home I had to power down the S21 to get it to get back on my internet. The galaxy store tried charging me for free apps until I found the google store. The Samsung went back. Many other issues. The.screen was great and the camera was ok but not worth the hassle. I got a 12 pro

  • Quick share feature on samsung devices is equivalent to air drop

  • I'm torn between these. Currently on android but thinking of getting the iPhone 12 Pro. Don't want a huge phone so that puts the Max or Ultra out the running. Although having the stylus might be useful for work. Thing that puts me off the Samsung is the durability when compared to the iPhone.

  • Hi good review I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max an just upgraded to the s21 ultra when indoors an on both on manual brightness the iPhone display is brighter!! the s21 ultra brightness only kicks in, bright light or in hdr mode so useable brightness goes to the iPhone just something I have noticed Using both phones side by side

  • Have met alot of scammers on youtube.... But I saw people's comments on youtube about this guy *Dumpsdark* on telegram.. I was amazed when they delivered my iPhone 12pro max to me yesterday ... Imma still come for laptops bro ✊

  • Fb preinstalled on samsung is something that i hate

  • Just wait when he starts posting the photos on social media and they look a tad bit worse than the iPhones - that why Samsung and LG press teams have been caught posting with iOS devices 😂

    • @squid boi apple routinely uses android phones to develop for Apple Music - Apple TV - IOS transfer app and various other services as google does the same as well

    • Same thing has happened with apple tho caught using Android devices

  • The S21 Ultra is the coming iphone 15 Pro Max Super Mega ;-) Android has Nearby share, which functions kinda like AirDrop.

  • I rather iPhone 12 pro max cuz it’s less laggy and has better color in the camera

  • Scumbag zoom for me 💯 😅

  • Love the s21, I have a s10 right now Just wish samsung does a good fully Gold colour option. That purple colour option is stupid. White in the s21 plus looks good, but I always wanted a good gold colour on my smasung phones. Guess ill have to with the silver s21 then.

  • What about the battery between 2 phones?What about the SOT(No games of course)

  • It is hard to say you are "Making a mistake" and since you are not totally into the Apple Eco system, like you said, "It is easier to move away".. But having said that, do you use and MacBook and iPad ? if so, then I think you would be making a mistake, because of the seamless integration between devices. I have the Ultra for my Android phone and I love it, but the iPhone 12 is my Daily Driver. If I had to give up one of them, it would definitely be the Samsung.

  • I absolutely love Samsung phones, I have the s10 plus and i have an iphone XR and iphnes are very good phones and software are very good i just prefer samsung over iphones. I will be upgrading to the s21 ultra when i can. That is my choice samsung over iphones.

  • Good video. Nice comparisons. However, there was no mention of Samsung One UI. The comparisons were iOS vs. Google. Samsung Dex is pretty. badass, though it's not complete substitute for Airdrop, it's a really nice option.

  • If they come with a smaller "ultra" variant I will go right back to android. I like the 12 pro, but I only got it because my wife and kids all use iphones (imessage and facetime). There is a lot I miss coming from to Note 10+ over to the 12 Pro. My hands aren't large so the 10+ was a slight struggle to deal with. So yeah, a smaller Ultra would be nice.

  • S21 Ultra all the way!!!

  • Lol this guys a wank

  • I luv the notch and the green spot flare on videos and the smudge fingerprints on the edge of the I phone

  • Samsung has Quick Share. It's actually just like AirDrop

  • Samsung are for uneducated people smart people have only iPhones everybody knows that

  • S21 Ultra design and built is brilliant

  • Samsung pay is much better than all

  • S21Ultra 😍😍😍

  • S21 ultra is definitely best smartphone in the market but only if it’s available with snapdragon outside off USA too ,,,

  • Samsung pay is awesome. what

  • Well 1 answer is quality... there is so much lags lacks in android... iphone 12pro max is better

    • @Brashaad Taylor yeah its lagging but still i find ios better than android .. simply better

    • That’s completely false and it’s the opposite. Samsung simply do not lag anymore. Has you used iOS lately? Now it’s been laggy and buggy.

  • Why use Google Pay when you can use Samsung Pay?

    • @Jack Quick apparently not

    • The other day I seen these girls having an issue with apple pay and was holding up the line calling their tech support. They stormed out and was not able to get their stuff so I'm guessing apple pay isn't good like people say it is

  • the S21 Ultra only downside is the curved screen, the other option is to go S20Plus but then you loose resolution , finally will be switching to iPhone 12 Pro max but will only loose the refresh rate of 120Hz

  • Both are great phones, It’s nice to have options 👍 And it’s good to have competition

  • I just switched to this phone from iPhone 11 Pro. 24 hours in im loving it completely! S21 Ultra is awesome!

  • I actually first wanted a 12 pro... then i saw the s21 ultra... i preorderd the s21 ultra (phantom navy)

    • @*yhenzii* wel i hope il get it this or next week, because of the color it takes longer so im still stuck to my iphone 8 for now

    • let me know how it feels. im also tried of apple being so basic

  • Quickshare is the answer man

  • I carry my S20 more than the 12 Pro. Fingerprint sensor rules it all when you have to pick up your phone a lot. Apple missed the boat, not including the sensor on the power button. Also coming to the conclusion that I am tired of two devices and need just one. Samsung will be the one I carry every day soon. An unlocked S21 is looking good right about now!

  • I buyed s21 ultra over 12 pro

  • Agreed. iOS notifications have been appalling since day 1. I can't stand it anymore. iPhones are overrated and hyped. Its a great OS in terms of smoothness, ease of use, and support...but..I can't get over how limiting it feels...and having to wait 3 releases until I get a 90hz let alone a 120 hz screen? no thanks. I'll take the S21 Ultra. Finally I can breathe and do what I want with my phone, rather than feeling like the walls are closing it when I ask for more utility.

  • 120hz at max resolution is enough for me to get the ultra

    • @Farris2k1 I mean like other androids. One plus 8 is a great alternative. I already know apple sucks lol

    • @Mario Sandoval no, the none of apples phones do 120hz

    • You can get that on other phone though

  • I’d still rather choose the iPhone 12 Pro since that the S21 ultra is too big for me and too expensive and I prefer iOS. The main thing that you should do when comparing is what OS you prefer. If you prefer iOS then the iPhone will always be better for you and vice versa for the Samsung. If you prefer android then you need to choose between the many android phones.

  • It boils down to two things really: 1- Personal preference. 2- Being enshrined or not into Apple’s ecosystem. Me, I absolutely could not live without everything that Apple brings to the table in its ecosystem. I love Apple Music, and I could not live without my synchronized music playlists, for example. There’s a lot to like on the Apple side, and not enough for me to switch to Android BY FAR... But hey, to each their own! Cheers. PS. And I hate large phones. I currently own an iPhone Mini... ;-)

    • @Dante Vecchione Tks. Good to know. Additional question: in which aspects do you prefer the ultra. I know it trumps the iPhone in terms of cameras, but which other aspects do you prefer it over the iPhone?

    • @Raphael Ferreira yes. As long as you have the apple music subscription. I have the 12 pro max and the s21 ultra. Not even close. Game over for me. My sim card is going in the ultra! Selling the iphone

    • @Dante Vecchione Do your playlists sync as well? Because what is the most valuable for me are the mixed playlists that I spent YEARS curating... (Genuine question.)

    • you can use apple music on your Samsung device. it all syncs

    • @Raphael Ferreira indeed my friend

  • I just trade in my Iphone Xr 128gb with Galaxy S21 Ultra 512gb Phantom Black 100% no regret

  • The Samsung uses quick share its jus like air drop jus turn it on in settings screen when u swipe down


    • Samsung Pay is a killer feature 🔥🔥🔥

    • Quick Share

  • Stop doing ads in mobile games why why

  • There is something like samsung pay

  • Hello whats got the best selfie camera now ???? In your opinion of course.. ???

  • Anyone else keeping their note 20 ultra??

  • Thanks for the info 👍

  • This completely misses the mark. You compare iPhone 12 pro max to s21 ultra. The screen on iPhone 12 is oled and dolby vision supported, s21 ultra can't even touch that. And he price is another thing to consider.

    • @Jim Cameron Samsung swears by HDR10+ which is barely supported and vastly inferior to dolby vision, and they will lose that battle. Dolby vision very much matters. Even the front facing camera can record DV. And the pro or pro max record it at 60fps. Yes it very much matters to be able to record it. As I CAN watch it on my 2 tvs, that support Dv. Also, Samsung Ultra is a $1200 phone. Locked with 128gb internal only. With iPhone 12 versions being able to go way higher. Up to 512gb internal. This video doesn't mention any of that.

    • Samsung Flaggschip also OLED (Long before iPhone) + with deep AMOLED (same as OLED!) black who need DOLBY VISION???? DOLBY VISION only matters for TV (XL larger screens) normal peaple viewing movies/series not at phone!

  • When the new iPhone comes out, they'll all be saying the same about Samsung. It's a never ending cycle 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • New iPhone? I thought these were the new phones.

    • Only difference being, when they say it about Samsung, it's actually the same gen phone so it means something. The iPhone is always a newer gen phone on release, so it doesn't really mean anything until the new Samsung comes out. In that perspective, the Samsung is always better.

    • it's probably going to be the same iPhone with a little tweak, Apple need to make politicians they're the only company that can sell the same shit every year, and make billions of dollars🤣😂😂.

    • Well yeah, they need clicks

  • Sounds like he's breaking up with his girlfriend here. "Its not that I don't LIKE the iPhone, its just that its not the right phone for me, RIGHT NOW..." its not you..its me

  • Love the zoom. Like having binoculars in my pocket. Who wouldn't?

  • This is so boring and tedious now. Different OS, they simply cannot be compared. If you want Android, get this, if not get the iPhone. I'm personally done with Android after years of non-optimised apps and needing to factory reset every 6 months. Very poor job from a tech page. Again.

  • I didn't realise how much a needed a zoom camera until I got one with the Mate 20. (same goes for Ultra-wide). I've ordered the S21 Ultra.

  • periscope camera is the deal

  • The rant about the notifications on iOS from 2:30 onwards shows just how much of a blind spot tech reviewers live in. What bothers them does not bother the average person because the average person does not receive seven thousand notifications from social media apps every single day. Also, the grouping and individual swiping off of notifications on iOS has never been a problem for me or several of my friends who use iPhones. I have only ever heard tech reviewers complaining about it. I also use a Samsung phone and notifications on Samsung phones are terrible both from an aesthetic and functional perspective. If you ever use a Samsung phone long-term you will know what I mean. The way you swipe in the notification centre and the way a notification jumps off and suddenly gets swiped away on Android is something only a long-term user can know. Compared to that iOS requires intentional input from the user. And above everything else the biggest con is the fact that on android apps begin sending you notifications right after install them. On iOS notifications can be allowed only when the user taps on the app and gives explicit permission. This is never brought up by any tech reviewer. Sometimes ranting is done for the heck of it and there is no real purpose or logic behind it... it’s only to get views.

    • Ok 🍎 fanboy Android apps asks for permissions. And I am a long term Samsung users and have no issues with notifications. All these "reviewers" are wrong right?.. Lol

    • Best commemt Ive read in a while, finally some common sense

    • Exactly!!!

  • S21 all the way! And I'm counting down the days until my pre order arrives on Friday. 🙏 Plus...who uses imessage anymore? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Here in the land down under we use both.

    • @Graham Steele yes, I know. Everyone other than the US uses WhatsApp

    • @srbell67 wow OK. Here in the UK it probably is never used and WhatsApp is used by 80/90% of British people.

    • Who uses iMessage anymore? What? Maybe 80-90% of Americans

  • 3:42 Google Pay? Why TF you ain't using Samsung Pay on a Samsung phone 📱? Apple Pay don't even work everywhere but, Samsung Pay does. All you gotta do is swipe up 💳. It even works on the Samsung watch ⌚. Apple 🍎 is shit 💩 compared to Samsung.

    • they killed off MST (mag stripe pay) on the S21's in the US. One of the best features of Samsung Pay. Bother. :/

  • What good is a phone with a dead battery? Apple much better than Android. I will never buy another Android!

    • what are you talking about? 5000mah battery beats the iphone 12 hands down. other reviewers have already shown head-to-head battery tests between the ultra and the iPhone 12 and the ultra beats it every time.

  • have fun charging that s21 every hour or two

    • now that's just a stupid comment. especially when it has a bigger battery and better battery life than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  • I bought the S21 Ultra from Samsung store yesterday. Pre order deliveries have begun here in India. I've been using the camera since last night and now morning. I am noticing extreme over sharpening in daylight photos. It'd on the latest update. Got one immediately after setting it up. Mine is the exynos model. I don't know what's wrong with the camera. Has anyone experienced the same thing? If you read this and get yours anytime soon please do check the images. Zoom into them and notice the sharpening effect. It's pretty bad.

  • If you want continuity get all Samsung products like I have with the Samsung tablet, phone and Windows laptop everything will sync together. You almost have to think outside of just Google embrace the Samsung ecosystem it is more seamless. The s21 is the better choice. The s21 actually to me feels smaller in hand because it's not as wide

    • I wish I could ditch Google and embrace the entire Samsung ecosystem, but there are too many flaws and weaknesses in Samsung's software and apps right now. Google is just much more integrated across platforms and devices.

  • I agree with you.

  • Sorry, iPhones are still the best smartphone on the market & at better price ranges. Also, Apple’s iPad & overall ecosystem just makes it all more worth it.

  • Galaxy Better than iPhone

  • AMOLED and 120hz is the big draw for me!

  • S21 Ultra no competition. Okay, i'll be fair. The iPhone 12 Pro still takes slight better videos. But in all other categories, S21 wins handsdown including the OS.

    • @rafikz77 Nah, it's better.

    • OS preference is subjective You can’t say it’s better , maybe it’s better for you

  • That is your own choice no bike make it

  • Iphone is losing terrain.. the ecosystem narrative is not working when everyone is eating the userbase %

  • I am a college student and so confused, which laptop should i buy???

  • Seeing as how I'm no longer a Mac user, I've come to terms with the fact that I don't need an iPhone... I hardly airdrop, iMessage is nice but not really a reason for me to keep being "okay" with the design choices apple makes every year (notch, refresh rate, ability to customize their devices, high prices for how little they are offering, THE LIGHTNING PORT!!!!!). As a previous Samsung user (Note 4) I can tell that Samsung has really made a great phone here. That's why I'm awaiting my S21 Ultra to replace my iPhone X.

    • @Jack Quick no 😂

    • Samsungs Quick Share is just like AirDrop and it's echo system is similar now.

  • I'm making that decision Friday. Stay with the 12 pro max or get the s21 ultra

  • This video really sold me on the iPhone 12.

    • sounds like you already had your mind made up before. lol

  • Androids answer to airdrop is nearby share which you can use on android phones running Android 6.0 & higher

    • Doesn't work with my MacBook or my friends and family who are constantly AirDropping files back and forth. Sadly.

  • You are making the right decision. You are getting more for your money: more screen, better quality, nicer design, more versatility, better battery life, 120 HZ, Copy & Paste and Drag and Drop, etc. And, very importantly, you don´t get a 2017-old front design.

    • Yep Especially since Galaxys turn to laggy pieces of shit after a year Such a great investment

  • Why not using an ipad pro ?

  • I mean I guess that zoom comes in handy with social distancing n all

  • I was literally debating over this like 2 weeks ago before the s21 ultra was announced and the notification shade was one of the biggest decoders for me. Even after iOS had their update that revamped their notification center.. I went around asking iphone users.. and none of them use it. I live through the notification shade

  • Could you also give me that iphone you no longer using bro😁

  • I would rather keep both and have the best experience of both sides

    • nice! wish I had the money to do that! lol

  • Your making the right decision! I been with Apple since the first day and after Tim Cook took over Apple is going down hill. Not fast but slow. And we are at a point where other companies are now caught up. I’m giving Apple one version and if it’s not up to part. Then the Apple gotta go because it’s going sour.

  • I like this guy.

  • Never used apple wallet but never once had a problem with Google pay. I've really liked it. Anybody wanna fill me in on what's wrong with it?

    • The answer is that for NFC payments they're exactly the same. Apple wallet supports more rewards cards though I guess but I never use that feature

    • @gcforreal Gotchya. Thanks! :)

    • Not necessarily anything wrong with it apple wallet is just better one of those things you’d have to use to appreciate

  • Let me know when samsung users can send quality video messages. Had the ultra and went to iphone 12 pro. DEALBREAKER! I jad to ask family to download an app so that i could send them videos!!!!!!!!

    • Nah bro. Not if your family has Android phones too. Then it's the opposite. My videos from my iPhone look shitty to my fam who have Android phones. One of the biggest downsides to iPhones for me. Google messages has RCS now so if I had an Android my videos would be full quality.

    • @LAfurrion yh your iphone sends good videos to other phone brands,just like other phone brands send good video to other phone brands but other phone brands cant send good video to iphone cos apple refuse to fix their compression algorithm for iMessage

    • @Kafui. xx but my iphone sends clear videos to all phone brands...samsung, apple, htc, lg, google, etc... like i said dealbreaker no matter how gimmicky the ultra was.

    • It's a problem with iMessage compression when it android to ios...not Samsung's fault

  • Ffs

  • Who uses 10x zoom on a phone?

    • I've never used it for a purpose. However, I always zoom into random stuff when I'm bored and have nothing to do. Like, I once read the "ingredients" on a can of Pringles whilst sitting at the other end of the room😂😂. It feels good to be able to know your phone can do that.

    • I do! I've taken some seriously impressive photos at 10X, and even 30X, with the Ultra. It's one of those things that seems ridiculous until you have it a tap away. You start using it.

    • Exactly my thought.

  • Android Martonik from Andrew Central.

  • I've been running Galaxy phones since the S5 (then S7 Edge, S8, and now using a Note 9), and will likely be switching to an iPhone for my next device. I still *love* what my Galaxy Note can do, but I hate the platform changes that Google has been making, and am jumping ship before they make everything a billable add-on. Deal-breakers for me: - Google Play Music replaced by YT Music (godawful app design and service). - Unlimited Photos storage going away in June 2021