Google Nest Hub 2 vs Amazon Echo Show 10 | Sleep tracking smart display?

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With the all new Google Nest Hub 2, it may finally be time to pick up a smart display. But what if you prefer Amazon's Alexa? We compare the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen vs Amazon Echo Show 10 and break down all their great features including Nest Hub sleep tracking and the Echo Show rotating display.
Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen available here:
Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd Gen available here:
Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen full review here:
00:00 Intro
00:53 Google Assistant vs Alexa
01:06 Buying advice - where is the device going?
02:05 Nest Hub 2nd Gen killer features - sleep tracking and more
03:36 Echo Show 10 3rd Gen killer features - rotating display and more
04:28 Echo Show 10 camera
05:15 Final Thoughts
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  • OoooOOOOOooOOooooo

  • لو عايز طريقة مضمونة تعرف بيها باسورد أى شبكة واى فاى ( wifi ) قريبة منك بدون برامج كل اللى هتعمله , هتدخل جوجل وتكتب mbc70 وتدخل اول موقع وتحط اسم الشبكة هيظهرلك الباسورد

  • I bought a Nest Hub 2nd GEN shortly after it came out. It was working for around five minutes, when I realized I made a mistake setting it up. It was easy to reset it and try again, except it refused to connect ever again. Bottom line, I was told by Nest Support in the Philippines that I needed a new Router. I have several other Smart Devices working fine. Why doesn't Google tell you to call your ISP before purchasing. Guess that they didn't want to hurt sales. Returned.

  • You have to sign into your account on your nest hub. But what if everyone in the house want to use and control lights , thermostat and view door bell camera alerts? How do you manage the sign ID if you are sharing the nest hub?

  • For everyone with an iPad, I've developed an app that turns the iPad into a SmartDisplay. Simply search for "SmartDisplay" in the AppStore.

  • Well, I have the Nest Hub second generation and so far its been a complete joke when it comes to monitoring sleep as it can't tell the difference between a dog barking in his asleep and me snoring, and the alarm clock going off while Google thinks I'm coughing. Just another gimmick like the majority of features Google fit already offers. Amazon, Samsung, and Fitbit does way better than this BS.

  • We returned the new Samsung for the CX and it's bigger and a better picture for the same price couldn't be more happy with the choice

  • You perhaps didn’t know the Echo Show has a built in Zigbee Hub.

  • It seems interesting to see if there are any interferes while wearing the apple watch.

  • This is not a fair comparison! $90 Vs. $250, Really, dude! I expected better from digital trends.

  • Question!!! The sleep sensing, do you have to actually activate it every time you go to bed or schedule a 'bedtime' or does it just happen automatically?

    • It happens automatically. Usually when I lay down, a notification on the display would say that sleep sensing is active -- so it knows when you're in bed or not.

  • Wipe your screen and table man its full of dust.

    • Thanks for watching, and we hear you, keeping things dust free is important! It will look better next time.

  • Lint free rag wipe down of the display before showing it on video would have been better.

    • Thanks for watching, and we hear you, keeping things dust free is important! It will look better next time.

  • I'll take the Amazon Echo Show 10 as it comes closest to the Jetson's Rosie. Also, Google can't add a device to more than 1 room or group; example: kitchen and family room are adjacent to each other and I want the lights in both room to turn off if I say all, as well as independently turning off either room.

  • I can put the nest Hub into the wall 😁

  • Why are you comparing the top of the line Echo Show 10 MSRP $249 with the $99 Nest Hub v2? You should have compared the Echo Show 10 with the Nest Hub Max and find that it is a much better implementation than the show, and much less creepy swiveling around.

  • You have good taste in music. 👍

    • @Tyson Reed Yea, been using flixzone for since november myself :D

    • Pro trick : you can watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies these days.

  • When it comes to privacy, which is better: Smart speaker or smart display?

  • *How did you determine that its sleep tracking features are accurate? Have you compared it with professional medical equipment?*

    • @Tech Nerd And according to my respiratory chart I died.

    • @James M LOL

    • From my experience it picks up everything that makes a noise in a room. But at least I know how many times my AC cuts on and off, how many times I hit my snooze button, and when my dog barks in his sleep. Oh, and best of all when I fart.

    • All home based monitoring solutions for human biology ( %fat weight, sleep patterns, heart rate EKG, brain wave, etc) will only give an approximate relative number that can serve as a flag but isn't meant to replace professional equipment.

  • 3:43 - I'm flabbergasted that someone would consider a piece of spying hardware having the ability to rotate and keep you centered in its camera to be a plus.

    • I checked out my history on the Alexa app and noticed many and I mean many "Unknown" recordings of me and my family just talking. That was it for me. Removed all Alexa products from the house.

  • ah ... doubt it.. What if you have 2 people in bed and 3 cats lol

    • 2 cats and 2 people in my case and it still manages to track only my movement.

  • Nice job on the review. Are these wifi only or do they have an ethernet port?

    • @Digital Trends ok thanks... Looking for a wired solution... But interesting tech segment for sure.

    • Thanks for watching! Both are Wi-fi only.