Sony A90J OLED vs. LG C1 OLED | Is it even close?

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The LG C1 OLED costs a fraction of the Sony A90J OLED TV but we here we are, comparing the two. Is that even fair? I say it is. See what happens when two very different OLED TVs enter the ring.
Sony A90J OLED is available here:
LC C1 OLED is available here:
0:00 - Intro
1:14 - Design
2:24 - User Experience
3:12 - Sound Quality
4:44 - HDMI 2.1 & Gaming
6:10 - Picture Quality
7:12 - Should You Buy The LG C1 or Sony A90J?
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  • i want to buy a wall mount but i don't want that the wall mount but I would like the the supoort doesn't be over the weightest part. Is there a lower cost option for a wall mount? Bad news I'm in Mexico so probably I can find the recommended

  • No, we all haven't sold our souls to the google

  • SWEET SPOT = $2500

  • @5:50 are you sure with the 12ms on the A90J? Iam pretty sure its 8ms! And as always, Sony is just soo good. I always wonder why ppl even wonder or are curious if the new TV models will match Sony. Its the same story every year, Sony is just too good in the TV Market. PS: The Sony has hdmi 2.1 48gb ports while the LG has 40gb ports. And we dont need to talk about the looks right? God is the A90j sexy

  • Lg 77 inch c1 stand is it bigger than 65 inch lg what the length is or they’re the same can you tell me please.

  • The C1 is the best buy of 2021. But A90j is legit awesome, best tv... ever. The increased detail, better skin tones and absolutely amazing HDR highlights.. Great video. 🧐💪

  • Big Sony FanBoy detected here !

  • looks great i love Sony and panasonic, their picture quality is better than LG and samsung. Will probably get panasonic OLED for my next TV

  • I love my C1, hat's off to Sony if the user experience beats what I have. I unfortunately have nothing to compare my C1 experience to since this is my first oled, but the price I paid is about as high as I'm willing to go on any tv. That said, if anyone is coming from the land of LED like I did and you're on the fence about the C1, just get it. I'm coming from a 2 year old Samsung and the C1 gets plenty bright for me. 4k gaming, HDR movies, and even some SDR content look absolutely amazing. I can totally see what oled owners have been preaching for years, and believe me, the old saying "Once you go oled you'll never go back" is absolutely true!

  • I'm leaning VERY heavily toward an A90J even before this video, this kinda just confirmed all my reasonings. But those extra trappings of the LG C1s gaming features gives me slight pause. So now i'm in the research phase of "do i actually need those extra things?" I don't game online basically ever, i play mainly single player games like Last of Us or Horizon Zero Dawn. So will those extra milliseconds matter for me? Will the G-Sync/free sync matter for me? I only have the PS5 and no use for eARC so does the smaller HDMI 2.1 selection matter for me? Probably not.... But then as you pointed out, the A90J is $1,000 more and that's not a small amount. I guess that'd be the true thing holding me back. I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford it but i still want a good deal and as great as the A90J is, is it $1,000 worth of better than the G1? Hmmm......

    • I game on the PS5 and have the A90J trust me just get it you won’t be disappointed

  • Sony buy OLED panels from LG , but Sony and LG has different picture settings and video processing , but LG after calibration has better pictures from Sony (LG factory picture presset and settings is bad),

  • Damn you've always been and you still are a hardcore Sony fanboy!

  • You said in another video that the LG G1 was your choice for TV of the year, and now you are saying that it's the Sony. Make up your mind.

  • I can buy the LG C1 65” from Costco with a 5 year service contract for $1995. The Sony can be purchased from Best Buy for $3800. Add on $895 for a 5 year service contract. Add another 6% sales tax and the Sony is $300 more while the LG is $120. Is the Sony a better TV? Yes, Without doubt. Is it worth $2600 more, no way. I can buy two of the LG’s for the same price as 1 Sony. Think I’ll go with the LG.

  • Didn't even mention the LG doesn't support DTX not even passthrough over eARC. That really ticks me off. While I can't imagine the high end Hisense being anywhere in the same ballpark, I like that their best 2021 tv supports every sound and picture format out today... something neither of these tvs do. As far as price, the sweet spot for ANY TV should be under $1800 for a 65" the only reason LCD still sell is cost and the fear of burn in boogeymen by gamers. OLED makers have done little to address either. Crazy ABL doesn't help the problem and heat sinks in only the most expensive tiers and little by way of real world proof/reassurance against burn in also hinders OLED sales.

  • Id get the Sony if they come out with a version without the "premium" sound and reduce the price. Dont need to pay for something I wont use.

  • The LG is the best of the two in out of the box experience really... Besides, for the cash difference you can get extra klipsch home cinema speakers and be set for proper movie setups with the LG

  • $3000 for a 65 oled

  • Gamers - LG; Pure videophiles - Sony; Bang for buck in the enthusiast bracket of TV - LG

  • If you can afford 3000 dollars, But cant afford 4000 dollars. You can't afford the 3000 dollars. You should not be making life choices when you buy a Luxury product.

  • Z9j review

  • Sony A90J OLED hands down the best TV of 2021. Period. Panasonic OLED comes in 2nd. LG is a distant third. Sony FTW!

  • Why you compre sony and lg not a leading brand LG and television is all time leading band LG tube UN test television industry all time new technology and television watch 10 years Sony Television that's why you say Sony is not better than LG but I love LG LG is the number one brand for not any brand compared with LG

    • Sony buy OLED panels from LG, but this video is paid from Sony

  • A white back panel LGC1? Did you get it from Europe?

  • Great review and fair real person cost analysis.

  • 2500 dollar is sweet spot for 65 inch

  • If you are into gaming it would be a waste of money to buy the Sony. The LG C1 and G1 are the best gaming TV's out there at the moment. Surprises me how Sony can make TV's and Playstations and you still have to buy an LG to get the best gaming experience. If Sony would do better at gaming this would really be a no contest, but for now I'm happy with my LG G1

    • Using my PS5 with my A90J no complaints

  • Would you choose 65 inch A90J or 77 LG C1


  • Is A90J a OLED TV or LED TV? Cuz I just visiting Sony's website and look at the TV, it didn't say it was a OLED TV nor LED TV too 🤷.

  • So we came to the same conclusion based on price. I’d love to get the Sony, but it’s not in my budget. Secondly, the menfolk of the house are gamers, so LG wins me over in that category. Cuz it would be used for at least one of the consoles. You basically confirmed the thoughts I’ve had rattling around in my brain for awhile now. My choice won’t waver. Now, I just gotta keep adding to the new TV fund...

  • Still holding out for some manufacturer to add 3D before i pull trigger on a new set. Most projectors have it shouldn't be that hard to do in software.

  • but you can obviously see the C1 is way to dark for bright rooms LOL so i’d say the 90J is better and honestly 16ms isn’t bad my old samsung curve 2013 model had 24ms and i always thought that was smooth

  • Sony for home cinema viewing and lg for gaming and cinema. After a year of my C9 and replacing panel and motherboard I had it calibrated 2 weeks ago and it’s Absolutely incredible. Bar none.

  • If Sony hadda done gaming properly I'd be paying the much more for a TV this year. In a way I'm relieved they didn't.

  • I sorry to say it, you didn't sell your soul to Google but you did it very clear to Sony and trow with s..t in LG sir. How on earth can you compare an Sony OLED 3798 USD (on Amazon) with a LG OLED 2496.99 USD (on Amazon) that LG Oled it's almos 50% cheaper and we dont talk hundreds we talk a big difference over 1000 USD are you insane? So yes that's how "" the called experts " with a review like this manage to distroy excellent companies like LG just because regular citizens (like me ) we watching this ( again no disrespect) pile of nonsense . Just a bit of advise to everyone, stop watching this and just go youself in a shop check the tv for yourself ask the people in the shop to put a tv in differents mode and then make up your mind there after you find out everything you want to know and dont eat all the information( some cases not event the correct one) that you get on review like this one. Once again I'm sorry for if words disturbed some people but I have to say it as people needs to know the truth.

  • For me it’s unbelievable to assume ‘most ppl will go with this 3k€ tv’. If i spend 1k on a TV i consider it a major investment let alone 3x that

  • I prefer Google TV as well. I'm a Pixel 5 User 👍🏿

  • Sony is not made in china. Lg is made in china

    • @СНС Богдан panel is made in korea

    • Sony buy OLED panels from LG! Check on google

  • Is the picture quality exactly the same in the 55" and the 65" Sony Oled TVs ? I noticed a slightly better picture in the 65" on display but it could be a different connection , not sure... So your opinion as a professional would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Gaming Wins!!!

  • At 4000 sony can shove the TV you know where. Review for consumers not the company!!!

  • $700

  • Paid by Sony??? Every time this guy mentions Sony is better I can see awkward look on his face...gotta say what you've been paid for eh??

  • Do you know if sony is going to have the A90j at 75 or 77 inch?

  • I bought a 65 inch CX last year for 1849 and that was my sweet spot but I would say under 2k in general

  • One review that I would like to see is whether to get the X90H/X95H or wait for the X90J/X95J. I don't think that I will be able to afford an OLED and so a top of the line LCD is what I am looking at and for me that is Sony, but do I get the X90H/X95H now which is pretty cheap or wait for the arrival of the new models? My impression is that the new models are far superior and are worth waiting for and paying the extra: correct? BTW I would be looking at 75"+

  • around $800 i think is a price for a great 65" should be

  • while you are down there ...LMAO

  • "SONY ALWAYS WINS! YOU CAN'T BEAT SONY", Chad Warden cira 2007.

  • The Google TV being less ad heavy -- the explanation for that could be more like... "no seriously, just ask anyone using WebOS currently"

  • I’ve always have been a big Sony fan... for many years. I wanted the the best 65 inch OLED and came down to the same two models. I found a few reviews that considered the pictures as being a bit closer but most seem to agree with Caleb (giving Sony the edge). However, I believe Sony has priced their OLED way too high. I could maybe justify about a $500 difference, but not over $ 1k. Sorry, Sony the LG is just too good.

  • I currently own a 65" CX. When I move into the new house, I'll be placing that in the living room while I'll be saving up for one of the 83"'s in my Theatre Room. Now I'm guessing while using an A/V Receiver, I am willing to assume that if my A/V has HDMI 2.1 inputs, having the two on an A90J as opposed to the C1 won't matter too much?

  • Thanks for the review. Great Stuff!! Would love to see a comparison of the A90J vs the Samsung QN900a. Thanks!

  • Here i am again watching stuff i can't afford

    • may your dreams get fulfilled

  • Hard to beat my TCL 65R635 for $899

  • A90J is officially the best TV on the market right now...

  • For a similar User Experience, add Chromecast Ultra with Google TV to the LG C1/G1 lineup for $50. Only drawback is the limited 8 Gb of memory. So look at the Fire TV 4k/Fire Cube TV with 8/16 GB and Apple TV 4k, as well. WebOS has limited Apps and is a dinosaur. Google TV has unlimited Android Apps, like a smartphone. LG has 4x HDMI 2.1 inputs for multiple gaming consoles, a gaming PC, and your new Chromecast Ultra with Google TV. Keep in mind that software updates come out regularly to improve PQ and improve features. A good "brightness" test is The Mandalorian episode with Asoka it so dark for the entire show on a LG C1. Otherwise 99% of all HDR/DV content is perfectly fine on a LG OLED. Cinema mode is darker than Standard. Vivid is brighter for daylight viewing, if you need it..

  • Sick tv (a90j). I can’t wait till next year though. 🤣😂 I’ll sell my a9j. To get that one.

  • Man.. I really, really wished LG would have passthrough for DTS... Why in the world have I spent so much on audio gear just to have the TV not pass DTS.. Foolish on LG and Samsung.. Sony, I'm buying a TV this year and I think it's going to be one of yours...

  • Google? Thank you, but no way.

  • This is the best channel for TV reviews I bought the LG CX 55 knowing Sony picture quality was better for me I can complain this TV is Awesome I love it.

  • Sony has always been overpriced. But the overpriced products Sony makes now are absurd - far more expensive than the competition.

  • At the end of the day a 65 inch TV is really not that big. under $2,000 would be a good price regardless of what it can do

  • Bull shit...C1 is way better.

  • Picture quality on Sony is only like 5%better than LG. Not wasting my $1500 for same 65 inch TV

  • Got 48" c1 to use as a desktop monitor and it's amazing. What is crazy is speakers. Omg how good

  • overall the A90J is the best oled on the market at the moment, but LG is still better for gaming, so frustrating as I'm playing a lot and while I get break I like to watch some movie, maybe next year Sony TV will be for the gamers

  • Clear, fun and great pace.

  • Judder has been the only real let down since buying the cx. My next oled will be a Sony flagship for sure.

  • It's amazing how Panasonic and pioneer were the big guns now it's Sony and lg getting the limelight. If this is what Sony can do like to see what comes out few years ahead.

  • Man hearing Caleb talk about not being able to afford the Sony reminds me of the Greek myth with the guy whose surrounded by water constantly, but can’t drink any even though he’s parched. Must be tough to love display tech that much and see the best, but not be able to take any of it home!

  • Watching reviews I can't afford...

  • In terms of price the C1 spanks that ass!

  • I paid about $2500 for my 65” LG CX and love it. But I can’t imagine spending more than that.

    • When did you buy it. I bought my LG G1 for $2799, I just gotta wait til June before it gets delivered lol

    • I'm with you there....I paid about the same for mine, plus another 500 for piece of mind geek squad protection. I would be willing to pay a bit more, but only for a tech that gives the best of both worlds, like micro led.

  • Hi sir why you are not showing A80j ? this could be a very good sweet spot in comparison to C1 \A90J.

  • If I've been watching a channel for a while, am more willing to like when asked wow! Just realized

  • Why isn't it a fare fight? . And finally....

  • LG for gaming.....enough said....LOL

  • For gaming overall and good price LG. movies motion handling sony but the price is too much both great tv.

  • Like your reviews, but the G1 should be against the A90J and not the C1.

  • 2000 price diff if u go 83"

  • A80j vs A9G?

  • Cool vid, of subject what minimum and maximum distance do you recommend between the KEFs

  • i would have compared the A80j vs the C1 since the price is closer

  • Please review Xiaomi QLED Tv! You really should review Xiaomi Tvs.

  • For me it was between 77” LG G1 for €4300 or 83” Sony A90J for a cool €10K. No contest really. I have been enjoying my LG G1 for a few weeks now.

  • The SONY is just a stunning TV.

  • Got the C1 and find it great, love it. I mean beautiful impressive picture, yes, surprising good sound, plenty of features and settings. I am happy i did not pay 1k or more for the sony and wonder if the picture quality difference is so noticeable if you do not have both side by side.

  • $1300 is a hard pill to swallow as far as price difference for that same price $3800 you can buy a 77 inch LG C1 I don’t think this should surprise anybody Sony is always been quite a bit higher when their new TVs first come out

  • Is the A90J dim in game mode or is the brightness the same as in hdr mode?

  • pleeeaase we want a comparison between the LG c1 vs g1, because im confused betweem them and the 2020 cx 🥺

  • A80j

  • Was blown away with the picture of the A90J. But I ended up getting A 55 inch C1, Ps5, a few games, and a sound bar for the same price as a 55 inch A90J. Couldn't be happier.

    • @Reptileman110 I'm loving it! i've been watching a lot of movies i've already seen because it's a new experience for me with oled. Gaming is a blast! I keep it in my room so the refelction isn't a big issue with curtains closed. Enjoy it over the summer, great choice in my honest opinion,

    • How you liking the C1? Getting one over the summer!

  • In the UK the price differential is even worse.

  • A90J not having 4 HDMI 2.1 ports at this price point, that's like selling a 200k car with only 2 wheels. Nope never mind, i'll stick with my LG65GX that can handle the XBSX, PS5 and soundbar al at the same time.

  • A80j vs c1 will be a more interesting comparison

  • have a question Caleb, what’s a better deal, buying the A90J 65” for €2900 or buying the a9g 77” for €2850? Thnx for your time

  • color of t-shirt is nice

  • Great review,Caleb.