Do this to score the best 4K HDR TV in early 2021

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You can find deals on 4K HDR TVs year round. But don't just jump at a low price before doing your research.
To to help you make your decision, we've compiled a list of the best TVs you can buy in early 2021. This buying guide compares TVs in Samsung's QLED lineup as well as select models by Sony, Vizio, LG and TCL.
Samsung Q90T -
Samsung Q80T -
Samsung Q70T -
Samsung Q60T -
Sony X900H -
Sony X950H -
Vizio P-Series Quantum X -
Vizio P-Series Quantum -
Vizio M-Series -
TCL 6-Series R635 -
0:00 - Intro
1:30 - Don't Make A Mistake
2:15 - Samsung QLED TVs
3:33 - Sony X900H & X950H
4:28 - Vizio P-Series Quantum X
5:03 - Vizio M-Series
5:11 - Let's Talk Refresh Rate
5:49 - LG CX OLED
6:32 - TCL 6-Series R635
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  • lol I'm in charge of my store TV department and i tell people the same thing. I rather go with a smaller TV with better picture and color quality than a big TV that is trash. Lots of people came in on BF for the 75" Samsung 7 series that was $999 and I told I would rather get the 65" Sony 900H for $969 instead.

  • I'm still debating and maybe you can give me some advice. The max inch for a tv in my house is 50''. I originally wanted to get the Samsung Q80T in 49/50''. The downside is that these two versions have 60Hz and no FreeSync + VRR, compared to the larger versions. (really disregard Samsung for that choise) Do you know if that difference is noticeable in the way that you should consider another option, like the Sony XH950? *EDIT* I should say that the TV isn't used for gaming. Placed in a fairly bright room due to lamps but it's controllable. Don't watch any sports.

  • I own the LG CX TV. It's awesome for sports.

  • TCL picture after adjustments is good BUT Major problem Roku doesn’t pick up media off a hard drive! The Remote is terrible sticky buttons you have to press 2 or 3 times deal breakers

  • Great video Caleb! Could you make a dedicated video about the operating systems of all these TVs? I think this will help us decide whether to go for Samsung, LG or everything else. Cheers

  • My family room is mostly in shade, so why would I need a TV with a high nits brightness. Would people in my situation be better served with processing and color accuracy? Which would you suggest?

  • I recently bought the lg Cx 55” and I love it. But in the market for a gamer tv with 12bit color. Which one you recommend for game.I’m looking for a 65”?

  • skip q70? are you nuts? it has hdmi 2.1, it's perfect for gaming, because even if you have q90 all fald benefits are turned off to achieve low input lag, so it's the best next gen gaming tv for the price.

  • Best picture quality for the $$$!! 65” or 75”

    • @knuckles1006 and where would you suggest? Amazon and pay $600 over msrp? Pass!

    • As he said, TCL 6 Series

  • did you include the new M-series Vizio, and does it have 120 Hz

  • I bought a 65" LG GX for it's great OLED panel and it is very thin (wall mounted on fireplace). I have had this tv for a couple weeks and....the picture is great BUT, I have to return it. I cannot stand the wavy screen...I have this in a semi bright room and everytime I walk past it off I can see window reflections where the reflections are so wavy it looks like the tv is damaged. I went back to the store and looked at other mounted GX and they all appear to be wavy. I can't justify spending $2500 on this tv when it looks like it has a manufacturer defect.

  • I plan on getting the 65 inch Sony xr x90j

  • I bought the 65 inch TCL R635 this year and could not be happier! Excellent TV!

  • I'm thinking about buying the 2021 vizio p series but does it really have 2.1 HDMI ?.

  • If you bought a reliable five year warranty on the TCL you might be okay. For value, color accuracy and processing, the Sony 950G from last year still wins.

  • I have the TCL 75R635! Incredible PQ ! Not oled PQ but extremely close!

  • TCL 75" it is

  • Gotta get a new tv for when my wife comes home from deployment. She loves movies and I think she'll appreciate hdr

    • She definitely will! My wife thought I was crazy wanting to spend that much money on a tv but she said if I really wanted it then I should do what makes me happy so after we brought home my first OLED and hooked it up we were both absolutely stunned with the picture quality. Like nothing we had ever seen before! At the time the tv was a 55” LG B6 OLED and since then we bought a 65” LG C7 OLED and I played too much Madden on it unfortunately and burned the timeouts from the scoreboard into the top of my television. You can’t see them when watching movies due to the black bars at the top/bottom of the screen but it still sucked to experience burn in. However, since 2016/2017 they have made some really big improvements and put more and more technology into their TVs to prevent burn in so the experts say that now days you shouldn’t really worry about burn in on OLEDs. I am currently in the military as well. I joined the Air Force and went to basic December 15th 2020 so I’m still in tech school but once my wife and I get to move to our first duty station together one of the first things we will be doing after we get our house setup is purchasing a tv. I gave the 65” C7 to my mom so we currently don’t have a tv to go in the living room since the 55 B6 is our bedroom tv. I will be, hopefully, purchasing an 83” OLED from LG or Sony if the price comes down enough.

  • 'Best 4K TV's to get in early 2021' really? Since no new TV's have been released yet the list is just the best TV's of 2020 which they already made a video on 3 months back. Running out of content!?🤔

  • I hate how he always says us viewers to comment something related to the video and pretends to care what we have to say cuz I have been following him for the past year or so and he never replies to any of it. Now I get you need to get more engagement through more comments to reach more people to work with the algorithm but don't lie about having a conversation down here. We are more than happy and willing to do it anyways cuz we love the content!❤️

  • Man I wish they had the same TVs for the EU region as they do for the US... I would gladly get the 6 series, but cannot really find these in Poland

  • I’ve had the 65 inch x900h for a month and it’s excellent, 4K content is vivid without any soap opera and it gets extremely bright, one of the best values out there

  • Why do you always skip on Philips TVs??

  • Waiting for a good deal on 120hz native panel. Do you think they will come down in price this year?

  • If you're trying to decide between a Samsung Q90T and an LG CX, if you plan on streaming content, get the CX. The Samsung is a fine TV, but the CX blows it away on contrast for HDR content, especially on content that supports Dolby Vision. Samsung... you need to support Dolby Vision. LG is KILLING you because of it.

  • OK, I need help picking, looking for an 85" sony is out solely because I don't like the metal trim around the bezel so. LG LG NANO91 series for $2599 or Vizio P series quantum x at $2479 looking for best picture for movies.

    • Bigger tv e.g. 75" or 85" best go 8k even though there's no 8k content yet. But better picture.

  • Should I upgrade from 2018 55 inch tcl 6 series to 55 inch LG cx or 65 inch 2020 tcl 6 series

  • Caleb do a video on budget-friendly 75+ inch TVs... Would you go to LG Nano cells?

  • please inform when there will be comfortable dual 4K 120Hz VR helm(for games and oldschool flat and 3D movies) at the market

  • I am looking for a 4k tv with great HDR performance and the latest gaming features, waiting for 2021 models

  • Every year there are new models...what is the average time a tv should last before advancements make it truly outdated?

  • I was scouring the deals in my area the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Walked into Best Buy set on buying the Vizio M Series since it is “good enough”, coming in at $580. Sales guy noticed me “looking around” and tried really hard selling me the LG Nano85 for $899 (plus some free $150 LG earbuds). Ended up walking out empty handed and still on the prowl for the right one. HELP! Would prefer a 65” good enough to last me awhile. We recently bought the big Roku soundbar and subwoofer. Not sure if that’s limiting us since it’s not the Ultra, but love the all-in-one simplicity and sound quality for our space. Please chime in and help me decide!

  • Wondering if you noticed noticable stutter on the TCL 76R635 when motion smoothing is turned off? I'm returning mine after a week, couldn't live with it and extremely disappointed after everyone ravibg about. Wondering if it's just a defect and to try again?

  • 2:42 - Isn’t the better TV, the 2019 Q90R over the 2020 Q90T?

  • I bought the Vizio P Quantum X (65in) tv instead of the of the TCL 6 series. They were about the same price a few weeks ago. Did I make the right choice?

  • Hi Caleb! Big fan of your reviews!!! Do you have any hesitations about the TCL 6 series with the recent security breach issues? I am an interior designer, I was just about to solidify the purchase of the TCL 6 series 75 inch for a customer today, as well as three smaller 32 inch TCL TV's, when the salesman at Best Buy gave me a scary warning about people having their identities stolen via a backdoor malware issue that ties back to the Chinese Government. They said they are required by law to notify customers about this. I happen to know the salesman is the store's Samsung rep, and guess what tv he re-directed me to.... The "Samsung" Q80T (lol) coincidence or true concern. I have read that TCL has created a patch for the malware problem so old units need to be unplugged and plugged back in to reboot and I guess new tvs would just learn the new code upon set up??? I was really in love with the TCL 6 series for my customers swanky sports bar basement! Please give me some good news!

  • You need to drop a Sports mode calibration for the LG CX! I just used ISF Expert mode for the Super Bowl but want to calibrate the sports mode so I can use that instead.

  • I’m a huge of you, I got an open box at Best Buy of the 75 TCL 635 , for 1049, I love this tv

  • I have the TCL 635. How amazing it was to see it was on the top of your list?! 😁😁😁

  • Pushing this narrative of buying a freaking tv for a game is just ridiculous, dumb and stupid If one wants to buy a tv and needs one I can understand.... but buying a TV for the super bowl?? Re-read my comment above This years game was boring anyway... KC Chiefs got used and abused more than girl at a gang bang video shoot

  • Does the size of the tv make a difference in the quality of the ones you reviewed. thanks

  • Samsung sucks !! Any tv that doesn’t implement Dolby vision is no good and I agree with you on getting the best picture quality vs size .

  • The LG best choice you have, the LG CX 65 it is better CX than GX model ? So if you have this 2 which one is the best , for 4 K or 8K?

    • The CX and GX use the same OLED panel and processing. The only real difference is in asthetics... also, the CX comes with a stand, while the GX does not.

  • RCSSndZenith old classic coming back fromthe grsve

  • Bigger forlesd

  • Ledd thsn a1000,00

  • Very very happy with my LG OLED 77GX !

  • Should someone be worried about the longevity of a tcl tv?

  • Please help for only movie watching and no gaming is the h9G better or the vizio oled as in over all picture quality and clarity and color accuracy ??

  • Caleb: I would pick a ‘65 OLED over any LED LCD TV, the picture is just THAT good. Also Caleb: Picks the Vizio P series quantum X over their much better OLED 😂😂 why does this guy constantly contradict himself?

  • Smart way to make a quick buck from all those affiliate links before the game

  • Why would I watch the felons league who trash our flag and our military? Pro sports can’t go bankrupt quickly enough

  • I hate football and I'm sick of the media trying to jam it down my throat. I bought a Plasma TV by Panasonic years ago to watch Hockey because they were suppose to be the best for viewing action sports. It still works great.

  • I just bought a q80t 65 inch tonight!

  • Can you comment on how the TCL 5 series compares to the 6 series? Thanx

    • Get the 6 series. It uses mini LED.

  • I have a 50 inch Panasonic plasma TV that I bought in 2013 that’s still works really well, but I am concerned about the power consumption. It gets pretty hot. So I was thinking about upgrading to a QLED like TCL or Samsung. Should I upgrade now or should I wait till my plasma TV bites the dust? Or would turn TVs other than OLED be an upgrade because plasma was so good. I appreciate any comments.

  • Picked up the Vizio MQ7(as i could only fit an ideal 50 inch in my living space.). Biggest complaint: contrast levels and the 1.5 dead pixels i have(but it’s in a hardly noticeable area) other than that. Hands down, best value.(quality control aside) As far as longevity...we’ll see. (Short review) The only other king was the Sony x950/900h and they aren’t the most ideal w/newer tv’s coming out(like the X90J/TCL/Hisense) but the processing on the. X900/950h is superb👌🏽. I now know, real world, what “juddering” is. Lol.

    • Love this comment. Now that you have seen and get judder, how do you think we could better explain it to viewers in a way they can understand before experiencing it themselves? Thanks for your comment!

  • The LG Nano 90 is hands down the best non OLED tv on the market.

  • No dude Samsung's Q ser are garbage...I have installed 100s of these and they look like shit. The scaler for non 4k is terrible. The only tv that has a good scaler is LG!

  • I think oled is the way to go.

  • I don't understand why you need a 4k tv to watch the superbowl. As it will not be in 4k.

  • I need a new TV for our new home living room. Mounting the tv above our fireplace, and the wall is 7 foot wide. It’s a big room with lots of windows and Feeling like i need an 85” good with glare and very bright.. I’ve been watching videos forever trying to decide and debating between Q90T and X900H. Is now a good time to buy, or should i wait? Is the q90t worth the extra $1500? Help!!!

    • Also, do i need 85 or do i drop down to a 77 or so inch LG OLED?

  • I had a LG oled b7 and within 2 years it developed burn in to the point I could no longer watch it . Got a Sony 900h 65 inc on Black Friday sale for $999 and love it !!!

  • would the LGCX drop more than 1900 when the stock is selling off to get ready for c1?

  • The CX 55 is at a price point in budget along with the Sony 900 at 65in, or I can spend $100 more for Vizio oled at 65 inch. I am trying to convince my wife we should take the Vizio oled for both size and picture.

  • Everyone I talk to says to stay away from the TCL. All of them. Otherwise, I was going to get a 6-Series. Now they are sold out everywhere. I was looking at the 75”. Might have to get the Sony X900H.

    • I’ve heard the same about the TCL as well. While they were one of the first to implement miniLED tech, time and time again I keep hearing TCL is not good regardless :(

  • Getting a Sony TV soon! Debating between 85” X950H or 77” A9G. Both are the same discounted Price

  • My budget is $300.

  • Great overall review summary!!

  • Deals are to be had but the game won’t be in 4K HDR. Thanks CBS.

  • He has it(TCL) in his house for a few months now . . . . of course it’s your top pick. Reviewer is compromise as a reviewer. FYI, these are CCP brands, TLC & Hisense.

  • Super bowl this year not in 4K this year because of COVID-19 restrictions

    • Its not in 4k because CBS dose NOT show or have 4k content

  • This super bowl isn’t going to be streamed in 4K HDR so buying a TV for this event is a mistake.

  • How are you enjoying your 950s?

  • It seems to me that you left out viewing angles. If you DO happen to have a roomful of mask wearing watchers, Oled is best for that.

  • I am waiting to buy a new tv , but i am confused between lg cx and the sony a8h , i want a new tv for matches- Netflix- gaming for everything, the only problem with the sony that there is no hdmi 2.1 and since i am buying tv now I wish that i can get all the features..

  • Good video!

  • Looking for a great tv for new backyard cabana/bar. Huge roof, and trees around, but still feel brightness will be the key feature. This will be mainly for I'm thinking the Vizio...right?

  • Tcl only does 60hz. Spend an extra $100 and get the 75" quantum x

  • Have a Samsung 75 in Q90T love it . With a Marantz 6014 4K receiver which up scales broadcast tv . Love this set up . Broadcast tv still not 4K but does look good.

  • Hey Caleb, I have the opportunity to pick up a 75in Sony XBR75X900E. I also have a 65in TCL R635 and a Sony 55in A8F. Do you think I should grab that Sony 75x900e? I can get it for $750........

  • Don't buy a Q90T/Q95T if you want to watch sports, you will be looking at the dirty screen effect (looks like rows of grids due to the back lights) and you will want to roundhouse kick the centre of the screen.

  • So when will the deals start?

  • How the 900H and 950H got picked over the A8H makes no sense to me especially since Sony overall has better image processing than LG. There was nothing wrong with having the CX and and A8H up there 😂😂😂😂

  • What you think about xiaomi redmi 98 tv max?

  • I just upgraded to the Sony KV 1722 for the Super Bowl.

  • Glade i got the a8h because you said that was better, now nothing compares to the lg cx10.... now the sony is not even mentioned

  • Got the 77 inch cx and tcl 635 65inch tvs both look amazing

  • Does the TCL come with CCP listening device?

  • I got the Sony x900h, xh9077 here in Europe, because of your reviews. Thanks a lot, great content.

  • I just got the Samsung TU8200 haven't even opened yet and I can't find any good and professional review on it. how does it compare with the TCL 6 Series?

  • the TCL 6 series is just so good

  • My priority was getting a good deal... and I did. Turns out it had nothing to do with the Super Bowl, but more with the pandemic. Got the Sony A9G you reviewed when you said you considered it the best Oled when it first came out.

  • Just got the 75 inch TCL 6 series and I'm loving it so far! Only problem is I feel like the only way to get the most out of it right now is to watch youtube videos...why is cable still in 720P?! It would be amazing to watch sports in 4K

    • I feel you on this! But that's the way it is right now. Gonna take time for.things to pivot.

  • I don't care about football I just want a bigger better tv

  • CX is beast

  • No deals at all. Best option Ic are the Vizio's P and M series

  • I bought a 65 inch TCL 6 series based on your reviews ( and other research) about a month ago and I couldn't be happier! Thanks for your help. Enjoy the game!!

  • The tv I have been pushing as I sell for the 85” is the Samsung 8k series. Yes expensive but the “edging” you get from 75” upwards is so obvious now on all TVs that on regular channels ( that’s how I show it - not the fantasy Costco shows) it beats hands down. I agree if you have the budget for 4K go CX or even GX with LG. Great stuff thank you

  • Hi Caleb, my priorities at the moment are rather weird... I'm currently a happy owner of a 50" HiSense, and it's so good, I will watch the SuperBowl with it, but my next TV will have to be this way: 1) bigger (I'm thinking 55" or more, but 65" is a really big-ass screen, so something in between maybe) 2) with Bluetooth, because my HiSense lacks it :( 3) with a single central stand, because my table is not so large, and I have to accommodate PC and ps4 also (the Samsung you showed in this video, would be just perfect in this regard) 4) at least with A+ rating for power consumption (European rating), my current TV is A+, but I want that also for my next, bigger screen 5) ps5-ready, with VRR and all the other specifications, when the ps5 will become available, less pricey, and will be firmware-updated to fully support all the new features (in a distant future lol)