Apple MacBook Pro M1 vs MacBook Air M1 | Apple has a problem

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Choosing between the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air has never been more perplexing. Apple's new M1 chip is insanely powerful and it appears in both the new MacBook Pro and Air. So how are these two laptops different?
With performance being similar, the ways in which these two laptops are nearly identical become more and more apparent. In creating the awesome M1 processor, Apple has created a problem in its MacBook lineup. It's MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air time.
0:00 - Intro
0:38 - Apple's M1 Chip
1:18 - Making A Decision
1:47 - Little Differences
2:16 - Similarities
2:49 - MacBook Air Catches Up
3:40 - Performance
4:36 - For Creators
5:23 - Picking The Pro
6:15 - Future Of The MacBook
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Apple MacBook Air M1 is available here -

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  • Hello. I wanted to report some problems I encountered with my macbook pro M1: 1) when the Mac starts up, on the initial screen that requires the user password to be entered, the incorrect time appears next to the battery icon at the top right; 2) whenever the screen goes to sleep at the next restart the keyboard language switches from Italian to U.S .; 3) The photo application is unable to analyze the photos saved in the cloud and divide them, as is the case with the iphone, by people. Are they problems related to Mac OS Big Sur or to the new M1 processor? Thanks

  • Digital Trends...convincing Apple to further screw its customers since forever, thanks.

  • 5:35 Seriously? So much??

  • Hey! I'm trying to decide which of these Macbooks would be best for me, the Air or Pro. I use photoshop to design things like event flyers, cd covers, social media images etc. And also use a software called Movavi to edit videos. Nothing too fancy, mainly trimming, pasting and adding various video clips and audio files together to create videos that are roughly 45 mins to an hour long. Can the Air handle this easy or should I get the pro?

  • Hey New sub No idea what the intro style is called, but rapidly flashing lights really hurt my head, please try avoiding them Thanks Edit: should I get the Mac mini with M1 or wait for a refresh?

  • MacBook Pro and air have same display but less brightness on air about 100 nits

  • MacBook Pro, but really just waiting for them to drop the 16inch M1 MacBookPro.

  • Does the M1 MacBook Pro have a 4K display? Could you do a comparison video between the Google Pixelbook Go with 4K AMOLED screen and the M1 MacBook Pro, in terms of display quality? Thanks so much!:). Happy New Year!:)

  • Damn I can’t decide. I want an m1 for editing on final cut and photoshop. Def a 16g but don’t know which to choose.

  • ignoring the GPU differences, ignoring or not noticing trackpad size difference, NITS and color space....perhaps I am picky...

  • Heard they were pretty great? As a Director of Infrastructure and Operations with a huge number of Apple devices to manage, I can attest that these new processor versions have created significant application crashes and instabilities, and the newest OS has made those issues even more pronounced with a slew of applications that aren't working right on them.

  • The displays have the same color accuracy now, dude

  • Another senseless touchbar criticism.... Did he actually even say why he didn't like it? Also the macbook pro has much much better battery life than the macbook air and has much better performance over sustained load. Next time you make a comparison video, actually compare them. The Macbook pro is the more superior device for anyone actually wondering. Get macbook air if it's all you can afford but I can tell you, all you will be thinking about is how much more value you could have gotten with the pro. I am happy with my 16gb M1 MacBook Pro

  • I wish people would leave the Touch Bar alone. Everyone has their opinion, mine is that I like the Touch Bar. If anything, app developers are the ones that haven’t implemented it well enough.

  • I got the macbook air 256g and 8 ram and works fantastic I haven't fully charged yet

  • So for $300, Apple gives you a Touch Bar, extra cooling, and slightly(?) better battery life? Frankly, the touch bar is a turn-off for me, give me keys that always mean the same things and that I can develop muscle memory for! I agree that the MBAir looks like the better deal.

  • My choice: Pro, 16 gb, 512 gb SSD. Is right or anyone is better value for job?

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the mac book pro have one more core compared to air?

  • He's probably a macbook pro owner.

  • I clicked bc I knew it was click-bait and I clicked. I clicked dislike button too. You're welcome.

  • This time both versions are good, to get a positive echo in the news. Next MacBook Air will be significantly weaker than MacBook Pro

  • Macbook novice here, buying air or pro for my daughter, didnt know which to get, just ordered the Air after watching your video. Very informative. Thanks

  • You need a haircut.

  • my reason for getting the air (I traded in my pro) doesn't have that stupid Touch Bar.

  • down with click bait

  • Apple suk they never did anything for anyone why would i support them ✌🏽 I'm out

  • I don't really see it as a problem. I Never had a Mac but always wanted one, I just didn't want to spend 1500€ on one MacBook neither I was going to buy an i5 MacBook, instead I bought a Huawei matebook 14 with windows, it's great but it's value depreciates a lot more than Apple and now with this "affordable" version I'm thinking about buying a MacBook air, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one seeing it this way.

  • Nonsense what a misleading title

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  • I would go for Macbook Air since it better fits the laptop use case and it has function keys rather than that mac bar.

  • Apple wants to have MacBook in more people’s hands so they can services, at this stage they have started to make Apple’s entry level products almost as good as pro versions for e.g. latest iPhone 12 and 12 mini means people don’t really need to buy the pro versions unless they have extra money or a some real reason.... M1 Mac mini also entry level product, again a very powerful product that will suit most people, it’s become Numer one in Japan already

  • Not really fond of the flashing intro

  • Hey thanks for the video. I have decided to get a macbook air. But my confusion is whether to buy the 8 gig dual core, i3, or 16 gig quad core, i5.

  • I Waiting for the Pro to deliver I rather go pro ne Ouse I the Touch Bar I like it it just looks cool and little bit more battery life quite nice

  • Sold my first and only Touchbar Mac solely due to the Touchbar. Dumbest idea ever except for making Tim Cook CEO.

  • Most info is useless

  • Air is on the way. No silly touch bar, but more importantly, no fan. Maybe I'll thermal throttle every now and then. No fan!

  • Shhhh Apple won't add features like more I/O ports that people want, Apple will just cripple the Air!

  • They used to make chips pre 2001

  • Really a very good video, But I have a few questions. I am a windows heavy task user and never bought MacBook but planning to buy this time. But I am afraid of the newer version in maybe 2022. I was thinking would I regret that I bought the first generation macs? Because everyone knows the next MacBook will be game-changer. If I buy M1 this year than how long I should expect to work on them flawlessly without worrying about that I bought an older (beta) version. One more question. Are all issue are related to software, not hardware and can be fixed by OS/apps updates because that would be nice as I am planning to not invest for the next 5 years.

    • Hey Shubham, that's a tough question. FOMO is a legit concern here, just be thankful you didn't get a MacBook 6 months ago! Do some research for M1 specific issues on the software you use. Detailed info on specific problems and how Apple is solving them can make your choice a lot easier.

  • Touch Bar = ❤️

    • Not love but it = emoji’s

  • Hahaha medium settings and can run fortnite at 60fps that's crap. My old lenovo laptop can do better than that. Poor poor isheep

    • That's really good considering that these laptops don't have dedicated gpus. The best thing about them is the battery life.

  • A lot of talk for nothing new, especially considering the little difference in price. Are people to stupid to make a decision just comparing the few factual differences ? I personally do not care about the Air model as the Pro exactly fits my criteria.

  • Are those in space gray? I have a hard time choosing either space gray or silver

  • As far as they will have a 13" or 14" MacBook Pro with more powerful chip and 4 ports, they would simply need to suppress this unnecessary MacBook Pro. I think they left it to profit on those who want the illusion to buy the most powerful (M1) thing out there. Just psychological trick.

  • The air has one less core because they decided to turn one off which makes no sense

  • I hate how the air looks

  • i completely disagreed. it’s now easier than ever for me to decide which one i want

  • MacBook Air does 7 cores and the MacBook has 8 so there is a difference there

    • There’s also a 8 core variant of the Air

  • Facts: Just bought a MacBook Air with friends and family discount from a family member at Apple. Price $849 (8gb256g) MacBook Pro: $882... that proves the point of this video. You're paying $300 for a fan.

  • I think Apple's only strategy with the 1st gen silicon is to show the potential of arm based silicon. By the time the 2nd gen silicon is introduced a lot of the issues will be resolved. Then apple will really differentiate the lineup.

  • For 2021 I’m expecting an Mx Mac Pro, with initial price 3500$ and all-in-one setup in that expensive monitor, stand included. That would be a good investment. Anything else from Apple it just costs too much. Unless they decide to sell upgradable products.

  • I’m pretty sure this year was a trial run for how much the processor is a game changer and what it’s baseline is. I imagine next year the pro will come with 32 GB Ram as standard to differentiate it, and possibly updated graphics or webcam. This year was to prove the work they put into the processor paid off.

  • Can you help me decide on which one to get? Macbook air m1 or macbook pro intel core i5 2020 (model before m1 version)

  • I bought the M1 MacBook Air. It's amazing.

  • Upgrading from my old MacBook Pro to air because of gold color since other differences negligible as noted in video 😂

  • The Touch Bar is fine. I don’t get what all these youtubers are complaining about. Maybe copying each other’s comments? Also the screen is just brighter on pro otherwise same color gamut compared to the air. Get your facts straight. BS video. Lots or filler videos on AR-one these days. MacBook review after 1 week, after 1 month, after 3 months, whatever.

  • Seizure inducing intro.

  • apple add new features like " more shit you dont need"

  • I would for the pro cause of touch bar and it looks worth the money for an expensive device

  • Thank you so much!! I couldn't decide for myself which MacBook I wanted to buy, but now I do. thank you

  • $300 difference? better do some research, the identical spec for M1 on both is $250, you are comparing an 8-core Air w/ 7 core GPU to a Macbook Pro with 8-core GPU. Because if you say identical CPU then you must compare the 512GB version which has the identical M1 chip

  • hmm.. i would like to see 4 usb / thunderbolt ports aswell as an hdmi out on the PRO model .. oh yeah i almost forgot :) get rid of the touchbar

  • Its not a review and then reviews the products

  • Went in best buy to get the iPad Air walked out with the MacBook Air.

  • I Apple remove the NASTY touchbar or make it optional on the next gen macbook pro, I want the air due NOT have the touch bar.

  • I'll wait for the M2 or M1 gen 2, I never buy first gen products.

  • Can’t believe i watched this whole thing just to get a rehash of takes widely published weeks ago

  • For me, it comes down to ergonomics. Not just the presence of real function keys, but the taper on the air makes it far more usable as a laptop. Whenever I've had a laptop in the form of the thick pro, I end up using it on a stand on the corner of the desk with an external keyboard, basically losing the use of the laptop screen. Basically, the pro offers a lesser laptop for more money, and comes in your choice of grey or gray.

  • At least 12GB ram, 2 more USB C ports and at least higher clocked M1 would have justified the price premium.

  • Wow fortnite at close to 60fps at medium. Daaaaam. That's innovation......

  • I have two M1 MacBook airs and love them. One for work one for personal. It can handle my development tasks. I’d recommend the air cause I hate the Touch Bar.

    • @non-binary me neither, I have been delaying installing tools for development

    • @Tao unfortunately not. I've been using macports or getting stuff directly.

    • Have you managed to install compatible home-brew?

  • Apple made the best 2 laptops ever made and it's a problem? Yes there are close yet not same, but not a problem. Plus they will distinguish them more later. It's a new step

  • I am stuck between the two models, so I found your review very helpful, thank you. I would just suggest you caveat your final statement about Apple not updating the MacBook Pro to specify that you are referring to the 13". I have a feeling they are going to update the rest of the Intel-based MacBook Pros soon...

  • People have lost their minds. Pick one and be happy with it.

  • This is the first time I've been tempted to buy a mac. I'll wait for the 2nd gen processors. What i really don't like is that touch bar. I hope they would at least offer me the option of having a standard keyboard. I can see this being annoying when using keyboard shortcuts.

  • Clickbait garbage

  • WOOOW great and super informative! I really didn't know that there was this BIG PROBLEM! Thanks for your amazing video!👍

  • Id go for the MBP because for me a good bright display is really important. In the end you keep in front of a display quite a lot so you expect this to be the best and brighter as possible, your eyes appreciate it.

    • Your eyes appreciate it of you dont Turn up the brightness to 100% The pro could be the better choice of you Work Outside a lot, but I usually never Put the brightness to 100% on my air

  • Here the air is sold out with big waiting times. There is a premium for the air. Interestingly the pro is being sold for the same price as the air. Still people want the air!

  • Both have P3 colour display.. pro has slightly better contrast ratio

  • I would like to see the 8 core air vs the pro since they are the same price. Or, the 8 core vs 7 core air.

  • Shall I buy macbook air 16gb or macbook Pro 8gb or buy lenovo legion 5?? Can u pls help me out

  • Like it

  • As a photographer and videographer I went with the 13¨ MacBook Pro for better color accuracy.

  • You’re way off target. Apple doesn’t have a problem. It’s two different buyers. Air buyers one cheap and light. Pro buyers want the higher graphic performance, more memory and bigger hard drive solutions with a more robust offering. There’s more to a computer than the processor. The pro has better speakers better microphone better ram better screen etc. cake

    • This guy is a tool. He is just doing clickbait crap with no real info than what you could read on the box.

    • Yup: CLICK-BAIT. In addition, the air *did* have a fan in some previous models. And, the fan in the pro *does* make a difference at least for me. I use a digital audio workstation for music production, and it pegs the CPU and benefits from the fan (even though I can't hear it, thanks Apple!). The bigger battery definitely makes a difference if I'm using it without external power. Etc etc. This guy gets this comparison very wrong. For sure, the air is an amazingly "pro" laptop, but there *are* significant differences and, no, Apple does not have a problem.

  • The MacBook airs display is actually just as colour accurate as the pro cmon man.

    • @Brad Haines hmm, will need to do more research. Might be moot anyway bc I'm not sure anyone would consider an Apple Retina display to be reference. I'm assuming most creative pros who care about accuracy are editing with external displays.Thx.

    • @Dublin Anto different displays are calibrated differently, some are calibrated at 100% brightness.

    • @Brad Haines Hm. You said calibrated at 50% _or higher_ -- given the 400 scenario, why wouldn't you calibrate and operate it at slightly higher than 50% (i.e. 62.5% on a 400 nit display) to get to 250 or whatever the desired brightness is?

    • @Dublin Anto yep youre totally misunderstanding. if 400 is 100%, then 50% is 200, if 500 is 100%, then 50% is 250. its still more.

    • @Brad Haines if you have it 50% most of the time and the extra 100 nits is only achievable at 100%... or maybe I misunderstand display math?

  • Clickbait on the title...... This is just another M1 Mac review like several hundreds out there....

  • They have the same color accuracy display now.

  • The Air doesn’t have Touch Bar which instantly puts it miles ahead of the pro

  • The longer you work them the bigger the performance gap grows

  • I think they should just merge the two lines. Pro is really just Air+

  • Appreciate the insights and nuances. Great low key presentation style and tone. MacBook Air all the way. Thanks for posting.

  • You said the Air has typically used a lower-wattage Intel CPU so Apple can keep it fanless, but the M1 Air is actually the first fanless MacBook Air.

    • Technically correct, but I think he was referring to the MacBook line, which took the practical place of the Air for a few years before the Air *finally* came out with retina (so much so that I bought the fanless MacBook I'm typing on shortly before the retina Air was at last announced).

  • Graphic designer here and I still prefer saving the money and buy the Air. Turns out, I don’t always need a supper accurate screen on the go if I am gonna review most things on my home computer.

  • Why the flashing effect in the beginning? It is unnecessary and is dangerous for people with light sensitive epilepsy.

  • That was a super click bait title. I'm still waiting for my 16gb 1tb Air after deciding that was good enough for my multi-cam 4k editing, plus I prefer the form factor. I think going forward, the Air and the Pros will be separated by processing cores once further enhanced chips come out. Personally, I'm seeing the Air (for me) as a stop gap that I will give to my wife once a newly designed 14" pro comes out with more cores....

  • Overly wordy review that doesn't say much almost like he was a mouse piece for Apple as far as pictures that would be nice on a Mac pro how about a bloody HDMI port that is the single most useful thing that that device is missing also more USB ports would be nice excluding one just one USB a I know Apple likes doing clean brakes but 99% of the world still uses USB a this is not like when we moved away from scsi and serial ports and FireWire which was great was never Mass adopted and apple still has USB a ports on its desktop machines it's an unnecessary pain for people to not have the ability to easily use the thumb drive without remembering to bring an adapter if Apple wants me to spend an extra 300 bucks for a pro I'm asking for about 30 cents of extra electronics I don't even take a smaller battery to have HDMI and USB a and yes I still want USBC I use it a lot but just the convenience particularly on a computer that I'm taking with me for USB a is worth every penny that's the primary reason why I'm still running a 2015 despite owning a bunch of newer machines for my family I even keep a 2012 around for work because of ethernet but that's a feature I'd like to see back on the 16 not so much on the 13 particularly 10 gig would be nice please take away the touch bar the thing is completely pointless

    • Yep same reason I bought a 2015 mbp a year ago. Very happy with ports and magnetic ac adapter.

  • I’m getting MacBook Air M1 space grey 512gbs I can’t wait 😀

  • So they're selling $300 a fan, what's the problem with that ? It's the normal Apple fan price