DJI FPV Drone Review and Flight Test | Quicker than a Tesla

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The DJI FPV opens up a totally new world for existing drone enthusiasts, but what do you really gain from choosing the DJI FPV?
The DJI FPV Drone is available here:
While you could argue that DJI dipped its toes into the FPV (first-person view) world with its FPV goggles not too long ago, the DJI FPV marks the company’s official entry into the exciting new world of FPV drones - those high-flying, speedy drones that are like souped-up street-racing cars in their performance.
Read the full review here:
0:00 - Intro
0:47 - Powerhouse Beast
1:56 - Steep Learning Curve
2:17 - FPV Goggles
2:43 - OccuSync 3.0
3:03 - Dynamic Flight
3:31 - Camera
3:56 - Who Is This Drone For?
4:33 - Pricing
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  • What would you do with the DJI FPV, and where would you fly it?

    • @Rex Winston yea, I've been using flixzone for since december myself =)

    • pro trick: watch movies on Flixzone. Been using them for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.

    • I wouldn't buy it I'd fly a real fpv quad

    • I'll tell you once it arrives at my doorstep. 👍🏼

    • Outside? That said I've ordered bumpers.

  • Lol that is all

  • DJI FPV + motion controller! You guys should seriously have to try it!

  • I think DJI should really have named this drone Flash! There's no question about it, I will be craving for this kind of speed on all my other drones.

  • It's really good for serious videographers but I think the DJI FPV can also be for anyone who wants to try out FPV-style flying granted they have experience with flying say traditional drones

  • Have you ever flown a real fpv drone? You do realize this is a toy?

  • Awesome Work 👍

  • 😂😂....😂😂😂... "Serious pilots" ...yea ok. These things practically fly themselves. This is a toy.

  • Bigest pile of cr......p! Come on this is gimmicky as hell, the batt is what £150 EACH for just 20 mins and takes hours and hours to charge one batt, and politically with the bilgerant ccp should we relley be funding them? Build ur own start small and before you know it you will be collecting and having more fun building, no more dji spy, also they make you update outside of the play store so God knows what ur uploading and downloading from the big server.

  • A serious fpv drone pilot wouldnt bother with over priced price of crap, new pilots would be crashing all the time , that drone would break first crash

  • This drone is not unsuitable for a beginner, it is made for a beginner. In normal mode it has lots of safety features and that makes it easy to transition into manual mode for beginners. Also I agree that the extra 2 batteries are useful, but to call 2 batteries for 300 usd "great value" is something I disagree with. Especially when they most likely will not be compatible with future models.

  • Dji and serious pilot, haha good one.

  • Shakey video? Crappy flight time? Props in the shot? I feel like this drone is crap compared to a custom fpv drone. Dont waste your money on this poop.

  • Wow

  • I am sorry

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  • Can someone time stamp the Tesla race?

  • Good common sense information and to the point. Thanks

  • You've inadvertently shown us what is wrong with the drone. Anyone serious would get a proper Fpv drone, and any beginner would get a mavic mini or something. So this is basically for nobody then - it's not pro but it's not beginner... It just doesn't work

  • Don’t get the DJI care. Better options if u want insurance.

    • @I3ORG HARVEY get a life.

    • @MrDamonLeBeouf Then buy one they love people like you lol, for someone who's interested you sure have 0 channel's on them ect, ay.

    • @I3ORG HARVEY naa im good. much rather buy something thats ready to rock. i dont have time to build.

    • @MrDamonLeBeouf Like build ur own for cheaper and if what or do hit something then fix it yourself for CHEAPER.

    • @MrDamonLeBeouf squaretrade $200 full coverage for two years

  • I think you missed the point of DJI's FPV drone. I don't see DJI's FPV drone for "serious" videographers. There are better FPV Kits if you really want serious videos in an FPV and cinematic way. I really see DJI's FPV drone for DJI customers who like their safety features in their drones and want to fly this drone literally in FPV with their goggles and experience that feel from the cockpit - and would like to dabble\learn how to fly in manual. It just happens the drone can take video, but unlike their Mavic Pro 2 line, the camera on the FPV drone is not its selling point and actually is a big reason to not buy the DJI FPV dron if you are looking to do something like you would with a cinewhoop drone.

    • So glad others are awake to djis rubbish lol

  • Half of the comments below are highly suspicious.

  • So I need a drone license to fly this ?

  • A bullet is faster than it tho.

  • Assuming from the title, the price should be as expensive as any prime furniture or home appliances. It could be a good motive for any academies to develop lessons for drones.

  • this piece of plastic is gonna snap like a twig on your first crash, faster than a Tesla? 😆🤣

  • Terrible video. The flight test happened when in the video exactly? Could've atleast purchased the product you're using stock footage to review.

  • What do u mean quicker than a tesla? Lol

    • @Ted Thomas oh lol

    • 0-60 in 2 seconds

  • Spotter sold separately.

  • I don't like seeing the props in the corners

  • Steeper learning curve lol. Setup is a breeze. One extra device to connect. Not that fast in regular normal mode. And there is an emergency brake button. GPS keeps it in place. Way easier to fly out the box than my previous quadcopter. Lot's of fun. I'd get the insurance if you are just starting out.

    • Yea...this whole article COMPLETELY missed the point. This has all the safety features a beginner would want and can expand into more aggressive flying one one frame...Dumb article is dumb.

  • China... No thanks!

  • You know you can always tell which youtubers are trying to be sponsored by who they are taking about. Bend over DJI. This youtuber is kissing it. He's praticly begging.

    • They come straight from cgtn lol,

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  • I shouldn’t have watched this, there goes my stimulus smh

    • @bufootballa lucky.

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    • Broke people talk

    • @TheKesma you know I didn’t think I did either, made right under 200k last year. Either way, I’m not complaining now and I won’t be complaining later while I’m flying my drone ;)

    • When I see stimulus comments like that I realize why I didn’t qualify for them.

  • Fact check : 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid Plus, 0-60 mph in under 1.99 sec.

    • Yeah that .001 of a second. 1 or other played with the numbers

    • @Ted Thomas 1:15 He refer to Tesla Model S

    • "a tesla" not "all teslas". also the drone will be quicker on a windy day 😁

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  • See, Western can't stop big Chinese companies likes DJI, they can't

    • They've got some new, cutting edge tech right across-the-board. South Korea too (plus they actually know how to respond to covid so their industries aren't as heavily impacted).

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