TVs had it rough in 2020, will 2021 be better? Delays, Defects, Gaming

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Between delays, defects, and damage in shipping, 2020 was rough on televisions. Can we expect any better in 2021? I think so. Here's why.
0:00 - Intro
1:04 - 2020 TVs Were Delayed
2:17 - Damaged TVs
2:38 - Quality Control and Picture Quality
3:24 - TV Availability
3:58 - Quality Assurance and Firmware
4:20 - HDMI 2.1 and Gaming
6:04 - ATSC 3.0
TCL 6-Series 65:
Sony X900H 65:
Sony A8H 65:
Samsung Q800T 65:
LG CX 65:
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  • Gotta love the marketing hype every year they come up with something and make you think your gonna miss out if you don’t have this newest feature can’t wait to see what they come up with next

  • Bought the A8H in 2020. Super happy.

  • I’m sorting out choices for 50” tv and I really like the Vizio M7 based on your review. However, I’m concerned about reliability of the brand. I was also considering staying with a Samsung since they seem to be built better, although with much less features. Don’t want to throw away money with my limited budget. Any thoughts?

  • I got the 77 LG GX and it's am amazing tv. Very happy with it

  • I hav sony KD-55X9005A which I hav few years now,sound is great on dis TV but I want to know is my tv as gud as these new TVs or or sud I stick wit it 4 now

  • Why do you always skip on Philips TVs??

  • This year I only got a Crystal 8 series for the bedroom, but in 2019 I got the Q80R and it's still the best one I've ever had 👌

  • Yes I held out buy till 2021

  • I got Sony A8H OLED last year and so far I am very happy with it.

  • Bought the display lg c9 for 1.1k from Best Buy. It is the best tv I have ever seen with my own eyes. Love it. Also got a ps5 for the winning combo

  • I moved to a new apartment, the place isn’t big so I went for 43” TV. Even though Samsung keeps all its best technology for TVs of larger sizes, I’m glad that Q60T has a 43” model. I will be honest, I really like it. It wasn’t really expensive ($600 CAD on Black Friday), the colours are great, GameMode works fast. Viewing angles kind of suck so that’s the only serious drawback. There is also a very ugly Apps store on this Samsung TV. They promote some sort of garbage on the top front page - ranging from an app to watch tv channels from Muslim countries to some sort of cheap PowerPoint-looking games to pornography (no kidding). The section is called Editor’s Choice (LOL) but if you need to find all the cool apps (Disney+, Apple TV), you need to go to Popular Apps, which is located closer to the bottom of the page. The good thing is that you don’t really need to go to that place that much, since there isn’t that many apps you need downloading, so I wouldn’t count it as a major disappointment. Especially considering that Samsung UI puts ads on the dashboard.

  • Hisense Q8G 75 inch. Purchased in July and an absolute nightmare. Sluggish interface and horrible viewing angles at anything more than straight on. Blotchy pixelated images in dark scenes. Returned and on the look out for a new 75 inch tv. Any suggestions for a bright room with couches leading to off angle viewing?

  • I was so frustrated with banding and dse my two tries at a 75" Samsung 8k that I have reinstalled my 12-year old Samsung 55" (not a Smart tv), and decided to wait until 2021 releases to see if they've conquered these defects. After my second try I ordered a Q90T at the suggestion of the store salesman because "it probably has a mature panel", but after reading that it would be no better, I cancelled it and am back to ground zero. Loved the color and brightness of the 8k, but couldn't swallow $3500 with those defects.

    • @AllGoodThingsNetwork Thanks for the response. By expert accounts, the 2020 tv's came out late and were a mess. Every manufacturer had problems with DSE, but decided to release their products and have customers play the "panel lottery game". I'm thinking that I should write to my state's Attorney General and file a complaint of how retail stores are knowingly selling defective products without warning their customers. Think of this. Best Buy is selling their Geek Squad extended warranties based on the cost of the product. If it fails, they'll honor the warranty, but go back to the manufacturer to recover because they agreed to sell the products with the manufacturer's knowledge that they would unacceptable to most customers at those prices. It's a no-lose situation for Best Buy. They make their margins AND keep most of the extended warranty fees. Unbelievable!

    • Yeah, this was my experience with the 65" Q90T. I wasn't willing to return it, which was probably a mistake, but the DSE was horrible. And once you see that you can't go back, so I think you made the right call.

  • So basically wait for a good tv for the Series X?

  • Best tv right now for under 1000 like the very best trying to buy suttin soon like real soon what would be your opinion.

  • i have a plasma tv does any tv come close to motion today?

  • I got the 85 inch Q80T when the price dropped to $3k and so far I love it. Far less glare than my Q60R and much brighter, too.

  • I got a 75" and 65" Sony X950H. I love them both! Your review was dead on. Great tv's and I would much rather prefer a better picture (a tv's primary job) over a promised feature that will become available over an update. Your X900H vs X950H video nailed it. You said in a previous video that 2020 was a good year for tv's and I agree.

  • Thanks! This made me decide to wait till the '21 models come out.

  • I`v been holding on since 1990 to buy a new tv ! Because every year they ask hold on till next year and see the wonderful new tvs !!

  • I got the Samsung Q90T around July 2020. It replaced a Sony Bravia KDL-NX800 2010 LED so the picture was amazing to me. BUT... it had serious DSE issues, which was a let down because this TV is not cheap. I also had a bit of buyers remorse about not going with an OLED panel, just because it appears that outside of maybe mini LED, nothing else can compete with the OLED. Overall, getting a really good new TV was a good decision in 2020 because, hey, what else is there to do? But I do think the supply chain on things electronic, from iPhones to Smart TVs, has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

    • But even LG OLED has banding/dse issues. They all do. Waiting for 2021 models. I don't mind not wanting to shell out the cash for the best of the best, but anything $2500 and up should be expected to deliver a picture quality which doesn't include banding/dse. Amen.

  • Got the LG CX in may of 2020. Best thing I got that shitty year!!

  • Bought a LG 55” CX. I love it. Best TVs ever

  • Bought a Samsung Q70 Series 55-Inch Smart TV for gaming and I've been very pleased.

  • I got a P75QX-H1, waiting for that full review!

  • I got a q90t 55" for $1297 from Amazon. I couldn't resist the discount. This TV is da BOMB 💣!

  • I held out on buying a tv in 2020 because nothing was in stock near me. I wasnt about to drive 250 miles & I would rather buy from a store than Amazon for my TVs. So we'll see, I may have just saved myself some headache with HDMI 2.1 though.

  • After 12 years and a move to a new home it was finally time to upgrade our trusty 50” Panasonic VIERA plasma 720p TV (which honestly is still working great and moved into our bedroom) with something more “modern.” After watching several reviews ON THIS CHANNEL we finally settled on purchasing two Sony X950H model tv’s. One 75” and one 85.” Amazing! Not sure how we have been living without 4K! My wife appreciates that she didn’t have to learn two different interfaces (on two separate tvs) and my daughter loves the google assistant features. Along with 4K movies looking amazing, I was happy to see I could still keep our vcr, laserdisc, and old gaming devices connected via 3.5mm adapter port. (FYI - you need to buy the proprietary Sony brand adapter as they are pinned in different order than most other adapters). While we wish the prices were cheaper, we do look at these as “long term investments.” We hope to get at least 10 years out of these TVs, but will continue to follow the channel for updates along the way. You never know, 32k is probably just around the corner! Thanks for making great videos!

  • I bought a tv in 2018, so didn't need a new one yet in 2020. Sounds like this will be a better year to get one.

  • I bought a LG BX 55" and I am very happy whith the performance. My games on xbox series X and my BX its just perfect 😁

  • Just got an LG CX 65 inch brilliant pic great TV

  • I didn't hold out. I just couldn't find an LG 48CX in stock in Australia. I could get the 55" but I refuse to buy something that big. Even the 48" is too big for my use case, but I could still deal with it. Anything over 50" is a HARD pass for me. I want a 40" or 42" 4K screen with high refresh rate. And I wish TV manufacturers started using DisplayPort instead of mucking around with HDMI. Or as I call it, the retarded cousin of DP. Just make a "PC monitor" version of some of their TV's without the TV functionalities as I have no use for them.

  • Lg cx is almost perfect in every way apart from the game mode too much stuttering so I have to play on cinema,will have to check hw it works when i get my hands on ps5 if ever this year🙄

  • The LG CX OLED is getting deep discounts from this year's Super Bowl TV deals. the C1 seems like a small incremental upgrade - and at full price - so I'm going to pull the trigger on the CX.

  • Picked up a 55” Sony X900H over a month ago and no regrets! $1200 CAD , seemed like a good deal.

  • Got a 65 inch Sony A8H on Black Friday. I prefer the Android TV interface over my LG E7. Unfortunately the RCA Audio Video conversion cable from my LG does not seem to be compatible with my Sony. Had to pay $60 to get a new one. Hopefully it works with my VCR.

  • Sony Ag9,,I am happy with it

  • Thanks for all the info.. I will be waiting for Samsung to release their new 4K 2021 range with 2.1 my Xbox Series X is catching alot of dust at the moment..

  • Going to be buying the LG G1 when it comes out - the issues that the CX had with 120hz still isn't fixed and that's a lotta money to spend on something that doesn't deliver the features they stated.

  • Bought a LG 55” Nanocell 2020 . Love it, apart from the fact that they removed the DTS decoder, this was only apparent after the purchase, and will need to get an external device for this purpose.

  • I have been waiting for a new tv for ages now. 2021 seems to be the year i get one.

  • I bought a Sony A9g 55" oled Dec 2020 really impressed not only by the picture quality but also the sound quality.Really recommend this tv. :-)

  • Im definitely waiting for this year's TV. Buy one in 2020 didn't make any sense knowing the features needed for gaming with new consoles.

  • I’m done with Samsung TVs. I own 3 different TVs from them in the past 5 years and they all have problems. Their customer service is horrendous and don’t seem to care you spent hard earned money to buy their products. Complete joke of a company.

  • Bought an LG TV this past year and I completely regret it. The picture quality is way below my expectations, its either over saturated or cloudy and lacking sharpness. I had burn in within the first month. I already have the LCD light leaking through the picture. It's been less than year! It consistently disconnects from my WiFi, a common problem on LG TVs according to their forums with there bing no fix. Personally, although reviewers claim WebOS is great, I've found it to be disappointing and often laggy. However, the worst thing about this damn TV is that watching sports on it is terrible. The TV can't keep up with the speed of a moving subject resulting in a ghost effect whenever there's quick motion (I've tried sport mode), it's shockingly bad. It also advertised live playback and recording. You need an extra external device as the necessary storage isn't included. The only saving grace is the the sound is decent. But then I didn't buy a TV to listen to music! Definitely a 2020 purchase!

  • TV will be cheaper in this 2021

  • No I waited

  • Just bought the Sony xh90 55insh fore 950 euro's. Now i just need my ps5 and hope they Sony was a good choice

  • Definitely holding out until 2021 mediocre reviews on 2020 TVs mini L CD I watch some of the fomo reviews too

  • Wanted to watch but couldn’t. Can’t stand the constant cutting in and out of zoom.

  • I have the chance to buy the 77” cx for 2600 should I wait for 2021 TVs or buy now

  • I bought a Sony X900H this year. I'm not a gamer and am very happy with this TV overall. It still has bugs to work out (eARC drop outs is the big one for me) but the picture looks great and I can easily recommend it.

  • I got a Sony X950H and I am happy with it. I kept waiting year after year and I finally just got sick of waiting and realizing that there is will always be something new and exciting coming out.

  • I bought a 65 inch Samsung Q90T in 2020 and I absolutely love it! No complaints at all and I love not worrying about burn in. Next TV o get will definitely be another Samsung, hopefully one of those NeoQLED 8Ks 😁😁.

  • Heard of Realfiction holding and their new technology that will revolutionize the way we watch television? in addition to being able to display holographic images, a major upside is that the technology requires 80% less electricity than ordinary displays resulting in huge savings of approximately USD 7.4bN, 1.34% of the electricity production equivalent of 56 TWh of electricity and 25 million tons of CO2 only in the United States.

  • Bought a 75” Sony X900H at Costco in November. Great price, picture is very good, but having the wi-fi issue that so many are having. Hopefully Sony will have a fix soon.

  • Hello, I purchased a LG 86" Nano 90 TV last year. Only issue I currently have with it is the tv needs to be in a dark room so there no glare issues.

  • 65 q70t, first 4K tv for me, very happy for the price

  • I bought lg c9 in 2020, not a regret

  • I came extremely close to purchasing a LG CX... and then Sony announced a new 2021 lineup. Still figuring out if it's worth the wait.

  • I bought a 75” Sony X900H, had a little bit of trouble with the streaming service part. Every time I tried to play something it would freeze. Called Sony and they got it fixed over the phone.

  • I purchased a tcl55c815 great sounding tv picture is also great but I feel I need a degree in how to set it up 😀. One complaint is occasionally the screen goes black, still have sound though and the only way to get it back is to restart it. Tried to get in touch with them but struggling to get and English number. And costco weren't much help.

  • I'm gonna wait for micro led tv's

  • I got The Frame 2020 on black Friday and it's perfect for what I wanted. Beautiful, great image, eArc, hdmi 2.1, incredible for gaming.

  • 2020 was bad for TVs? I got my Sony 900H and I love the picture quality, bluetooth remote, HDMI 2.1 and how fast the apps and menu works. If they finally release that VRR, then it will be perfect. That $999 price point for the 65inch was the cherry on top.

  • I got the 55" samsung q80t as secondary tv for my bedroom. Not my main viewing area, but gets really dark and I only watch tv at night here.

  • Bought a Vizio Oled to get HDMI 2.1 for ps5. Cheaper option but lawrd. That TV was a mess. Returned it for LG CX and love the CX

  • Lg cx 48in. Love it !

  • Yes I held out this year 2021 to buy the full Sony 55 inch 2.1 hdmi capable TV, hopefully the price is right and no problems

  • TCL 5 series. Not a bad set, Is it the best HDR, no. But pandemic finances be like...

  • I 'bought' a 58" Samsung TU7000 Crystal HD. I got it because I was moving back to Canada and into a new (to me) completely unfurnished Condo and needed to stretch my budget as far as possible. Thanks to Airmiles this TV was actually free, which is the whole reason I got it. I knew that the TV was at the bottom of the Samsung 4K HDR line-up so my expectations were appropriately muted. While I would have liked to see deeper blacks, I find the picture quite vivid overall with very decent contrast. I am not a big gamer, but I am impressed with how the television detects when I start a game on my X-Box One-S and automatically switches to a gaming mode and when I exit said game it goes back to my default settings. I also appreciate the eArc feature as it solved an HDMI handshake issue I was having between my brand new Denon receiver and the used Toshiba HD-DVD from 2007 (you read that right lol) that I picked up for fun. I simply connected the HD-DVD to the Samsung TV instead and had the Audio channel go out over the eARC. It worked like a dream. In terms of design, I have it wall-mounted so I really appreciate the thin bevels and minimalist lines. On the whole I am quite satisfied with the television, especially for the price (lol) and getting it for free let me spend a bit more on the receiver and speakers. My only true annoyance is that Amazon Alexa will not detect the television with the SmartThings skill even though the SmartThings Android app controls it just fine. This is. at most, a minor inconvenience. Once day I would like to upgrade to a quality display in the 75" range, but for now, and probably the next few years, the TU7000 will serve me well.

  • Yes I have hold on to buying a tv I’m waiting on LG GX series. How much or when will it be available?. Or maybe Samsung as well if the price is right and the tv is a bit like the gallery series from LG but not Samsung’s frame tv terrible one!

  • Been waiting for the 2021 line ups, your channel has been a great help!

  • I bought a 43” Sony X800H. I would have preferred a better model (900, or 950) but the 2.1 issues were confounding. Ultimately, I bought this one because it was the right size (it fit inside existing bedroom furniture), the price was fair, it was a 2020 model year with reasonable specifications, and it was available that day at my local Best Buy (I was entering a COVID-19 quarantine, and someone could pick it up for me that day). My only real disappointment is the sound quality. I know, Sony delivered exactly what was promised. It still bugs me that a decent sound bar might cost as much as the TV! Yes, the world has bigger problems. Overall, this TV has met my (limited) expectations!

  • I got a C9 last January, love it.

  • I did buy a 65" Samsung q80t in December. Its my first TV purchase in like 6 years. Its also my first TV purchase over £700! (yes I'm a cheapskate) So it's definitely better than my last. But honestly... Wasn't overly impressed. I find a lot of the motion controls don't stop blur, some make it worse! The sound equaliser does nothing, turn the low end allll the way down, and its still basey as hell and hard to get clear voice unless the volume is relatively high, so really needs the extra purchase of a sound bar. Its also not as bright as I was expecting. Its literally twice the nits as my old TV, but often seems somewhat dull with HDR content. I don't regret purchasing the q80t, I was just expecting... more... considering it cost twice as much as any other TV I've purchased and is multiple generations ahead because its relatively new. The only thing that I do regret was not getting the 75" version! Really thought going from 55 for 65 would have been quite noticeable on my wall above the fireplace .... It isn't.. Lol So anyone wanting a new TV, debating whether spending the extra on the next TV size up is worth it... The answer is yes.

  • Got a Sony 55X950H before New Year after watching your review. Truly agree with everything you mentioned in review. Outstanding TV. Every time I turn it on, I have a smile on my face. I also have 75X900F in the living room, and picture I must admit x950h picture is way better than 900 series. It is very close to OLED with good solid blacks.OMG I cannot be happier with it. I wish I could have exchanged my 75x900F for a 950H model. Guys, dont listen to anybody. Buy x950h while it is still available cause Sony eliminated x950 model in55 inches.

  • Bought an LG CX back in December. Very, very happy with it so far

  • LG CX 2020 55" 4к σℓєd there is no substitute .. 📺 👀

  • Got a LGCX probably the best purchase I've made really happy with it. Needs a warranty though my 1st set broke down in a week but my 2nd set has been perfect.

  • I bought the LG 55 C9 OLED, yes the CX was out but got a great deal C9 + LGs SL9 Dolby Atmos sound bar. Uk price £1.600 GBP. CHRIS IS A HAPPY BUNNY

  • Being a die hard Sony fan, I was so happy when Sony came out with a high end tv without the ridiculous filter to aid wide angle viewing last year but alas it didn’t have hdmi 2.1. Hopefully that’s problem has gone away this year. I’m still worried the lack of dimming zones on their TVs though 😬 Come on Sony, the cash is burning a hole in my pocket...

  • I bought a vizio m series from best buy on black Friday 2020

  • Are you going to "do over" Vizio PQX and OLED reviews since there appears to be a fix for all the 2.1 related issues?

  • Hisense Dual Cell SX65, not prefect but I like!

  • I hold out for a new tv, waiting for the gaming feature

  • Wanting to upgrade from my last gen Plasma to the world of 4K HDR but the brighter panels announced this year, would be very expensive compared to non-bright OLED models. Next year, the LG C series more likely to incorporate the Evo panels or Sony could bring it down to the base models. Let's see. Would not touch 8K! A gimmick.

  • I first got a TCL 65R635. Genuinely liked it at first. Volume capacity was off the hook loud! But the crushing black poor dark room performance was getting to me, and after having to turn the bright TV way down black subtleties (grey levels) were gone. But then the audio went haywire, from too quiet at first to too loud (at 01. After the 30 days BestBuy let me exchange it for the 900H. Ahhh. Classic Sony cinematic image.

  • I got a Sony A8H on black Friday for 1799.00. The picture is fantastic. My only complaint is that it doesn't work well with accessories plugged in to my denon receiver. Too many handshake issues. I had my denon plugged in to my erc hdmi. Would it be better on another input?

  • i got the sony x95h and i love it.. flawless color and picture and beastly HDR quality

  • Folks NEVER 👎 buy First Gen tech!! 2021 is a year to skip and wait

  • In 2020, I got the 85” Sony X900H specifically for the 4K 120hz feature which as we all came out with a firmware update in the fall. I was super excited to hook up my NVidia 3080 only disappointed that the TV didn’t really support 4K 120hz and resulted in blurry text. Very disappointing! Costco was kind enough to take the return outside their 90 day policy, now I’m waiting for a 77” LG CX to get delivered.

  • Taken in broken tvs hilarious! This is why new designs are bad because they are massively big and flimsy ha! 😆😆😝😝

  • 2021 TVs be like... Don't bother with us, you have a deadly virus out there to worry about instead! You don't need us at the moment....

  • 65" LG CX and it's amazing.

    • Made the same purchase and largely agree; it's an amazing TV. Only complaint is I should probably have gone with a QLED for the specific room (lots of windows and a skylight) but will gladly buy more LG CX for rooms where I have more control over lighting.

  • The promise of eARC was a massive letdown. It’s buggy and some manufacturers like LG won’t pass through DTS

  • I did hold out but may still get a 2020 model if the prices drop sufficiency. Based on the trend of manufacturers like Sony and Samsung downgrading brightness and dimming zones each year, we are going to see some compromise with even mini LED tvs this year, especially the 4k models.

  • I got an LG CX 65" a month or two ago. As my first OLED I love it and I'm gonna keep it as long as possible especially for the price and never going back to LED for my living room.

  • Got c9 in 2020. Its been super so far.

  • Sony A85. (A8h variant) Love it. Was worried about it being too big and was considering the smaller Sony A9s 48inch but couldn’t justify the extra cash given that the 55 inch A85 was such a good price. It’s crazy how correct placement of tv for room makes a difference. It looked huge in corner of room but with a little furniture tweaking I found the correct place for the tv and it looks amazing. Other smaller tv Sony 43inch xg8396 now looks tiny. Always loved quality of Sony and find it hard to buy another brand.