New 24-inch Apple iMac M1 | 2 things I really don’t like

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There’s a lot to love about Apple's redesign of the iMac including M1-sized performance upgrade and the ultra-thin profile. Unfortunately, Apple missed the mark in two areas on the iMac.
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  • The new iMac has some issues, yes. But if you went out and bought one today, which color would you opt for? Does anyone really want a bright orange computer?

    • Blue

    • @Andy Braylon trying it out right now. Looks to be working.

    • Nop. Id love a pro design , with black bezel, and silver/black color just like the imac pro. Id have bought right away if it was like the imac pro model.

    • Yellow, blue or silver!

    • @Roger Lapin it's a PC.

  • Green

  • I got greeeeeeeeen

  • Why is it a radical design? It has white bezels instead of black and no logo for the chin?

  • Can’t upgrade memory to 128 GB and iPads not in colors to match, only silver and space gray. Come on.

  • Is it me, but surly the obvious place to put the CPU motherboard ect. Is either on the angled vertical part of the stand either at the front or the rear abit like integrating a MacBook mini onto the stand. Then there would be no need for fat bezels at all. Your welcome Apple if you steal this idea in the future. I'm running to the patent office now 🤔🤓😂

  • Space grey

  • I will stick with my 2012 iMac with 1TB SSD installed. I won’t buy this oversized iPad.

  • It looks like a glorified iPad

  • yay someone that didn't pander to everything apple releases. big ups for that

  • Will Apple ever thrill us again? I don't think so.

  • I don't mind the chin at all though.

  • Haha bezel. I don’t think nobody cares. Sounds like CCP politics

  • This IMac seems to be for the casual web browsing, email, and AR-one watching. There’s no slot for SD card so that takes out any professional use.

  • I really like the bold colours they used on the back, more than the lighter colours they use on the base and front of the imac. So if I have to choose a colour the way they are now I probably pick the green one, but if the bold colour was all around, I would go for the orange one!! I don't mind they kept the chin, as I feel it is signature Apple Imac. I don't know why they chose to erase the logo on the front now that they decided to keep the chin. Would have loved to see more ports like a sd card slot and a USB-A port. I don't know why you would ever buy the 1299 one over the 1499 one.

  • There’s a industry standard for bezel size? Also are you looking at your screen or the bezel?

  • I'm really glad that Apple is copying the amazing look and feel (plus colors, minus usability) of the Microsoft Surface Studio. I've wondered for many years why other companies are not creating similar. But let's take that a step further... why doesn't this iMac come in 28" and 32" version? Why doesn't it tilt back all the way like the Surface Studio? Why in the name of God are in we in 2021 and Mac still doesn't have touch screens? If they demand we stay in 1995 technology, then for the sake of God, put iOS in this system instead of Mac OS (or dual boot maybe?). Microsoft innovated for years as Apple fell asleep in their success of the iPhone. Now Microsoft has fallen asleep in their stunning success of their Cloud and Enterprise money printing machines, but in the stunning innovation of their Surface Studio which the iMac resembles, but only has a fraction of the usability (and price) of, it seems that all OEMS have forgotten that this is what we want, but we don't want the Microsoft $4700 price point and the iMac half stab (but pretty) version of the Studio. This leaves a wide-open opportunity for a new company to come in and take it all.

  • Wow. 24 inch screen.

  • where can you buy besides apple..

  • It’s a step back from the previous laptops and the Mini. Same CPU with reduced I/O, high price and a divisive design. It looks like a stopgap measure, probably forced by the global semiconductor availability issues. I’d wait for the second generation with M1X or M2 chip and bigger screens.

  • I seriously don't get why anyone gives a crap about how thin it is? You view these guys from the front, not the side. What you see from the front is the chin and the screen. If they'd made the Mac thicker, they could discard that chin forever. It only looks good and "wow"s you in the ads. Irl it doesn't make a difference

  • With the colors and that bezel, it looks like a iPod mated with a Zune.

  • New design? Maybe new style of the same all-in-one design.

  • The colors make this a definite pass. I don’t mind bezels or chin but can’t live with those ugly childish colors

  • I want a green one. Minty fresh.

  • Get over the design period. For normals does it work for what they want it to do? Get over the size of the chin. Do not know why you pendants are always watching the bezels, and in this case the chin and not the screen like us normals do. After all that is where the content we want to see is at. Most normals do not even use the ports. In fact that is why Apple made the base model without an Ethernet port as most normals just use WiFI to connect to the homes LAN for Internet access. So why pay for something you are never going to use.

  • Just simple Marvelous New IMacs thank god …

  • Sorry but this is not that great. Sure nice design but it is more about design then function. It is not balanced. Remember the macbook pros going thin, by going thin it went against the function. Overheating, crappy keyboard, loss of ports, dongle hell. All the ports are gone except for usb-c. To have the network port on a ac adapter is dumb. What if that fails you will need to buy a new ac adapter unless you have it under warranty. Now you have to get dongles if you need to connect a device that don't use usb-c. Bottom line I am buying a desktop not a macbook. Its like they had their heads in making a large screen macbook.

  • Blue or Green

  • Spending $500 over the base model in the past for you a faster graphics card or faster cpu. Now all it gets you is an amount of ram or space that isn’t embarrassing. Are we better off now than we were last year? If you have the money sure and don’t care about specs. Most people buy monitors that are $300 or less. But most of the price of this iMac is the monitor and adding back ram and space that should have been there to begin with.

  • there is a hdmi input? or display input?

  • the heck. too much focus on the chin. really?

  • Back and sides really beautiful but front 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 why apple whyyyyu that fron is horrendous as hell


  • No 4k webcam?

    • Apple doesn't want to make 4K webcam. It will cost them more money.

  • The orange iMac is amazing.

  • You said Apple failed to come up to industry standards relative to putting the working computer right below the monitor. Can you give an better deployment? This is compact and works well.

  • Anyone else not a fan of this new design? Idk about you guys but doesn't look all that powerful for a desktop. Looks almost toy-ish. Glad I got my 5k 2020 iMac. & I've never had an issue with the old design of the iMac. Yes, it can look outdated but to me, it just looks more sexier.

  • I would just buy a macbook air and a 5k monitor.

  • So much technology.... so much technology that is poorly implemented. Super thin, who cares. New colors, who cares. Where are the ports? Get ready to spent $$ on cables, hubs, adaptors. Really disappointing.

  • Yellow

  • Cant wait to get one and set it up in my kitchen right next to my sink!

  • Good thing you wont be buying one right?

  • What annoys me most is the lack of the Apple LOGO graphic on the front. And why does the color get so washed out (too light) compared to the back. Many of us use our iMac up against a wall, so we'll never seen the back except when reaching around to plug something into one of the (far too few) ports. Green is my favorite color.

  • I have a late 2012 iMac 21.5 inch that's been bullet proof for 9 years and it still runs great. I don't like that I can see pixels on the display, though the quality was probably ahead of its time. What this review didn't mention is that probably the biggest draw on the NEW iMac is THE DISPLAY. It's 4.5K and on a 24 INCH screen. That alone would convince me to pull out my credit card. As for color? I would probably go with the blue. The RED back with PINK chin? Ehhhh. Pink? I don't know if I could stare at that every day. Second choice might be the basic SILVER back and chin.

  • A nice option if you can find a color option that works for you. I’m just not a fan at all of Apple’s two-tone colors (ie different colors on the front and back...darker on the back, more pastel on the front). For me, it’s the darker colors they chose for the back that look garish. They started this two-tone thing with the Apple Watch fabric bands a couple of yrs back ....and wasn’t a fan of that either. The big holdback for me...if I was in the market for a new iMac (ie and I’m okay for now with my 27 inch intel iMac) is: no SD card slot. So they included a headphone jack but left out the SD card slot? Come on guy’s....really? For a Lightroom user like me...that means some sort of docking station or a dongle just to upload photos. Good grief Apple....if you’re gonna tout this thin as being good for creative work like least include an SD slot.

  • We still use a 2011 21.5" iMac, and business is just fine. :)

    • Mine is a 2012 and works great

  • Everyone’s complaining about the chin, but those same people are going to find it a handy place for sticky notes and to-dos.

    • The so called "Chin" has always been there even with the previous model

  • Really is it so important to have a desktop computer so thin? I don't think so. The design with the chin, white bezel and no Apple logo on the front is bad.

  • Dear Apple, I am waiting for a 27" iMac 5k redesign, but I am not a 14-year-old girl. So can you please just concentrate on powerful CPUs, proper thermal design for pro users, and just make the whole thing 'iMac Pro grey' and done. Thanks.

  • So do you need a pc to run it or does it just run with one cord

  • dissapointed???..first world problems

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  • You can't go out and buy one today. If you watched the keynote, you can't order until the end of the month......

  • Needs the Apple symbol on the front.

  • These iMacs look gay and they are. Granted, there are no USB ports (desktops are meant to be a versatile and practical workhorses, for goodness' sake), memory can't be upgraded, 256GB for the price is a joke... Simply put, it isn't the direction Apple should be going (and I am an Apple computer user saying it). Yet, I am suppose to jump and run because they are bright orange and thin? Come on... As for the speakers, I have my desktop computer connected to a receiver powering 3-way tower speakers and a sub. Again, this is a desktop but one being treated as a laptop - at its own expense. There is clearly an identity problem at Apple.

  • I like the orange color

  • My current iMac has a "big chin". I do not stare at it all day.

  • So bad design

  • I would love the bright orange one, call me crazy but I am really digging it.

  • I need minimum 32gb RAM. So now byeeeeee

  • The title is a bit misleading... but the bezel doesn't really bother me.

  • I am extremely disappointed. No SD card slot. No RAM options, limited hard drive, Kindergarten colors with pastels facing the user. Yuck! Impressive sound and microphone.

  • Hate the colors and white bezel. Give me Space Gray, black bezel, and no chin

  • Who would waste money on this

  • The most significant and welcomed improvement is obviously the M1 chip but there are misses that makes me more disappointing than excited. 1. Apple’s obsession with thin design comes at the expense of practicality otherwise they would have made it a slightly thicker and moved the ports from the inaccessible back to the side (along with an SD slot). Do they really think had they done that, folks would have said “nope” not buying one? 2. What’s with the white bezel? 3. Was hoping they would added up/down monitor adjustment. 4. Was hoping the base incorporated a charger for phones/watches/airpods.

  • That purple is slick. I love it. Idk why they didn’t make the iPhone pro purple too.

  • It looks like a 24inch iPhone that has a mouse and keyboard.

  • Purple

  • I actually loove the design, I think the yellow one is my favorite 💛

  • Why would they make the back and the sides look BETTER than the front?! Makes no sense!

  • I would have been happy if the iMac was 1 inch thicker, if it would do away with the big chin. Also don't like the two tone colors and the white bezels.

  • If you dont like new imac 24, don't buy! .. just buy imac 27 intel.. case dissmised

    • You are wrong. We will wait for 32 inches new iMac Pro after a few months later.

  • Very ugly

  • An ipad with a stand and the companion annoying power brick instead the integrated PSU.

  • Totally pointless being thin at the expense of everything else. And that white bezel and chin, jeez, Jony Ive would never of signed that out.

  • I like the bezel, it compensates for my personal lack of chin.

  • horrible new imac , i am really disappointed about the screen , whats is the point that they put the computer thinner but the screen space lost bellow is so stupid, very very disappointed

  • This show sucks now. Bring Greg Nibler back. You even screwed up on Apple’s new releases and made it boring.

  • Exactly, what *you* don't really like

  • Thank you for this review. You have just convinced me that the $1700 iMac is worthwhile buying, if only for the better camera, video camera, and sound system. If it performs as well as my M1 Macbook Air with 16 Gb RAM, 512 Gb SSD, 2 USBC ports and two USBC- thunderbolt 3 ports are more than sufficient, I would be willing to invest. I can easily put an external 2 Tb SSD drive and a second 4K or 6K monitor.

  • I hope there's an actual heatsink connected to the M1 chip... From the video apple showed, there're just two fans, like the old intel macbook air design.

  • Goodness, this guy loves the sound of his own voice. He said nothing that anybody who watched Apple announcement video wouldn't already know and having praised the thinness of the new iMac he critisizes the reason it was possible, the placing of the M1 and associated components under the screen (BYW, that's not a "bezel"). That's a wasted five minutes of my life I'll never get back.

  • People: Why isn't everything USB-C in 2021? Also people: I will miss USB-A

  • Why is the entire world obsessed with chins and bezels?

  • Why make the back on the screen this vibrant. I dont know about anyone else bur I dont look at my computer or TV from the back or side I look at it from the front so I don't care what the back and how thick rhe side is. The bezel being white makes it look like a toy. Also the screen adjustment options are too limited for ergonomics its a real missed opportunity. The pastel colour on front. I would love the red comlutee but on the front it is pink which is just not my bag baby. The chin is a real shame they should have made the bezels as minimal as possible screen edge to efge and if there is any bezel colour match it to the case or plain black.

  • 1. The Design 2. No support for 3 Displays

  • I think your opinions are so very important, it’s amazingly beautiful important so that apple should listen to all your opinions. So important right?! 😝 😂

  • They are going all out to get all the Skittles fans.

    • Jj W. I like your skittles comment. Maybe Apple is trying to appeal to the younger crowd

  • 2 ridiculous things I *_really_* don't like. Apple's ridiculous obsession with thin and some people's ridiculous obsession with the chin. Both obsessions are fashion over function. There is nothing wrong with the chin, in fact there are a lot of good things. It lifts the screen higher, it is a solid support where most large displays are wobbly and flimsy, it enables superior sound, and it holds the computer components in a simple easy to cool location that isn't trapped behind the screen. As a designer I absolutely want something to separate the screen, that I am working on, from the distracting background. Thin bezels are not going to do that.

  • Things I don't like: - they removed the USB-A ports. - they removed the memory card slot. - they removed the Apple logo from the front. They practically turned the iMac into a dongle-dependent device. When the iMac looks better from the back and side than from the front ... Apple you have a problem.

    • Their problem is they won't be able to make the fast enough.

  • Looks like the Apple power brick took a note off Google's USB PSU for the older Chromecast Ultra which allowed ethernet connections to the wall wart to be transmitted via the USB power cord.

  • Apple went all out on the iPad Pro but on on the iMac, well it’s a start, will see what they come up with next in a few years to come. Defiantly will check the iMac out in stores.

  • I like the Bezel. I can put my sticky notes on the Bezel for reminders at work.🤷🏾

    • Probably have better luck with the chin because the bezels are smaller so with the new one put it on the huge chin

    • Same here

    • You’re more likely over 47 years old.

  • They are so annoying with the removal of all the ports. The iMac used to be their option to actually still have access to an abundance of ports. smh

  • No gray, no buy.

  • What to heck no regular USB ports? How we supposed to plug in flash drives and what not?

  • Looks like a “Microsoft” computer!

  • I don't mind the chin (great for post-it notes), and I don't mind the colors. Believe me; they will sell. If you don't like the color options, pick up the silver option. I am also confident that the pro version, which I assume most commenters on this video will be more interested in, will be more subdued and much more powerful-the 24" iMac targeted at basic consumers and education, not for serious power users.

  • Is the new iMac worth buying? I'm kinda stuck between buying the 27inch iMac and the new one...

    • @Sourish Deshmukh I stuck a tape measure on my 27" and checked out if I could live with 24". I can and it'll stop the machine dominating my study. The proverbial elephant in the corner :-)

    • @Sam Tramontana Why Sam? The colour is irrelevant, a desktop isn't a fashion accessory. The iMac Pro will give you a lot or power you'll never use like those dorks who go shopping in a Porsche and unless you're half blind you don't need 32" (as the actress said to the Bishop).

    • Wait a little longer for an iMac Pro in Space Gray or Matte Black with black bezels and a 30"-32" Display

    • @Roger Lapin Which you you suggest?

    • Don't waste your money on an Intel based Mac.