Trash to Triumph: How discarded drivers became $2500 works of art

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Recycling takes many forms. The crew at Case of Bass rescues electronics headed for the trash heap and gives them second life as some of the most artistic creations coming out of Portland, Oregon. Created on a CNC machine these wooden Bluetooth stereo speakers speakers are perfect for a vinyl setup. With two omnidirectional full range speakers and matching subwoofer this system is precise producing well-rounded sound that fills a room.
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  • Yeah am interested in audiophile equipment.

  • To me, Ezra looks like some good old Grunge era person, and 'cause of that big like for him and his work. I live in Bosnia and there is no chance for me to buy this piece of art, but would love to hear how it sounds for real (somewhere). Great job, Ezra and Caleb. And I agree with others. Please, more of this kind of content.

  • Real nice.

  • Yes! Would love more audio stuff from you Caleb.

  • I bet the price of these don't reflect the low quality of the " Donated subwoofers, tweeters and Mid range drivers". This setup looks like a cheap stereo from the 1970's with a subwoofer cabinet. Anyone who purchases these will end up selling them at a garage sale for $5 within 6 months.

  • Nice, so there is more to Portland then crazy Marxist antifa city burnings.

  • You are always good in explaining every detail. We need more on audio 🔉

  • Qn90A vs C1 pls, thats what all are waiting to make a choice!

  • Guys have seen the review of the rtings lg c1. The c1 has a lower brightness both in sdr and in hdr, compared to the cx and the c1 has a horrible calibration out of the box.

  • LOVE. IT. Per your opening cards, I’m still rocking the Empire Scientific Grenadier speaker system I got for a trade way back in 1996. They’re the only speakers I’ve ever had, and I love them.

  • Cool and environmentally freundlich concept and audio system. The mics or the sound mixing are in need for some adjustments. Caleb sounded really harsh when his voice went up.

  • The audio sound weird when the volume all the way up

  • Why the video blue

  • Nothing better than audio, please do sound systems too

  • I was wondering how much they went for ?

  • This was interesting but irelevant content for me. I would rather watch reviews of some entry level tv's for the masses on this channel if there is nothing else to fill the gap between reviews of ultra $$$ high end tv's.

  • Portland, I can confirm is indeed: Speakertown.

  • Yes I love it, sound systems all look like clones nowadays just like cars. Wish more companies would think like this ESPECIALLY with recycling auxiliary materials.

  • Whats the del with the sound? Sounds like it's clipping

  • Price?

  • You used a CnC machine on plywood and you’re only making 10 of these? A lot in this product review doesn’t make sense.

  • This is a GREAT video. videos that bring art, design, & function together like this one would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for this.

  • Is it just me or is the sound of this video about sound so bad. Looks like volume is to high and is disformed.

  • interessting. would like to hear a sound test

  • Who thought disguising a 60s speaker as a mainframe tower was a good idea? 🤔😳

  • ORGIN story

  • this whole video is an ad!!!

  • Finally someting else than tvs n intereresting

  • I love how you highlighted our hometown!

  • I feel like I'm reading a fifth graders paper

  • Thanks for this

  • Please do more audio equipment reviews.

  • That's a pretty bad title or question. Anything can be art. It's in the eye of the beholder isn't it?

  • Awesome video Caleb!! Thank you so much for this guys!!

  • Really cool video, I'd like more of these one offs! As far as the speakers themselves, let's just say they're definitely unique.. 😅

  • Speakers that make the music sound like it's live in a room rather than coming from a pair of boxes are what I'm interested in. Would love to have you review Ohm Walsh speakers from Brooklyn, NY.

  • Bang and Olufsen = Beautiful speakers

  • Gain is a little hot on the mic, might wanna turn that down in the future.

  • Why why why must you put a stupid human in every thumbnail?

  • No I wouldn't

  • Love this type of vid. I do want to see more of this!

    • @Ryland Gunnar Yup, have been using Flixzone for since november myself =)

    • a trick: watch movies on Flixzone. Been using it for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

  • Those look awesome, design vids like this are great!

  • I understand the hard labor and creativity behind the process, but that still doesn't justify the price.

  • Great creativity, CNC makes life so much easier for large quantity requirements. I would buy a set, if I could hear them first.

  • They look pretty bad tho

  • Woofer Could Be Better...

  • First? Hahah great work!