The best movies and shows new on streaming services February 2021 | Play/Pause

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Should I add a new streaming TV channel, or drop one for a while? Don't miss out! We're keeping track of all the streaming TV services and when change their lineups of shows and movies.
February 2021 is here, and along with it a vast list of new big-screen-quality streaming content to enjoy from the comfort of wherever you like to watch these days. The only problem is, there’s actually too much of it. In this video we cover what you should watch this month, and what you might not want to bother with.
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  • What are you watching right now? Are you planning on adding a new streaming service, or dropping one?

    • Watching wandavison

    • I really do like Prime, shows like Upload seemed far more original than what's on other streaming services.

    • i have loads of old tv shows on Prime. watching the original series of star trek now!

    • I'm watching Superstore on Netflix

    • "The Little Things" on HBO Max actually surprised me with its picture quality. A solid detective movie too. Even though it's not listed in the supported devices page, if you use Chromecast to Vizio Smartcast it will do 4K Dolby Vision and Atmos. If only there were more 4K titles on HBO Max... And for more fun shows, 3rd Rock from the Sun on Peacock. Malcolm in the Middle on Hulu.

  • When I show off my home theater I stream a UHD movie from my Plex server.

  • I love this new series! thanks 👍I'd add Anime to this too lol Crunchyroll or FUNimation. Attack on Titan is one of the greatest stories ever told.

  • I like that one movie with ray J & Kim K :)

  • Paramount plus is just a rebranding of CBS All Access, so if CBS All Access is a pass..........

  • Love these. Please keep doing them.

  • Lol, Trash.

  • We added Disney+ and a must see is the Right Stuff on Natgeo about the first US Astronauts.

  • Just finished up with The Expanse on Amazon and then of course keeping up with WandaVision on Disney +. Looking forward to that Billie Holiday move...

  • i have a question . I want to upgrade from a plasma 50 in. to a 65 in tv. around 600.00 could you help ?thanks

  • Hands down Netflix for me almost all the shows are in Dolby vision which is great

  • Is Paramount + replacing CBS all access ? And how much will it be? And is it US only ?

  • You're gonna have to update March 4 because of Paramount Plus.

  • With the Inception of Disney+, everything doesn’t need to have have + in it too.

  • I actually just paused Netflix for the month

  • I stay away from movies with Oscar buzz. They always disappoint.

  • Nothing good is coming this month

  • I’m still waiting on that new Stranger Things season. Time for Netflix to bring back the best Netflix show of all time.

  • Alita Battle Angel is super awesome in 4K. The graphics and colors are amazing

  • Nice👍👍

  • Hi Caleb, well done video, I am thinking about pausing Netflix for a bit and trying Disney an and of course I have Prime as well but they are driving me crazy trying to charge for more stuff

  • So now we know Caleb is a feb-OOO-ary guy and not a feb-ROO-ary guy.

  • Interested to see where this goes.

    • What would you like to see us talk about next month?

  • What about apple tv

  • and 👉🏼 degolyer films 👍🏼

  • The best show to show off you're tv I think is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!! Amazon has it available in 4k hdr. The show features incredible pastel colors, fluid long take camera work, and has now won back to back Emmys for cinematography!!

    • It would also rank highly in my list of best television shows ever. We enjoyed it immensely.

  • Disney plus for Marvel movies other movies I watch are on free TV apps like Tubi crackle and others

  • Do a comparison of music streaming options. Would be interesting to hear detailed opinions on which is the best option. The Deezer vs Tidal situation for audiophiles is another major topic.

  • I just wish streaming services would increase their bitrate. So much motion/color/compression artifacts on every service.

  • This is a really useful show!!! Please keep it up! Also just finished watching Tehran on Apple TV+ amazing show spy drama and it was shot in beautiful Dolby Vision 😍😍

  • Netflix+ Hulu & Disney+ESPN bundle. All I require.

  • The crown

  • ready player one on hbomax looks amazing in 4k. really showed off my new tv

  • Don’t see it mentioned that often, but the animated movie Over the Moon on Netflix is awesome for new TV flexing. The space sequences have stark black and white contrast with dazzling splashes of color. Big sequences of fast motion too. The story is alright in my opinion, but the animation is superb.

  • Thanks for the advice. I'll probably hold off on getting Amazon. It's getting too many streaming at this point. I'll stick with Netflix/ Hulu and Disney for now

    • All I really need as well and I buy the rest on iTunes

  • My favorite for the month of January, 2021 is M. Night's Psychological horror series, *Servant.* Production value is through the roof. It's currently on it's second season.

  • Hello I like fade witch saga on Netflix on my of cx 65 inch looks very impressive recommend

  • discovery plus is actually pretty good

  • I actually prefer the updated CBS all access over Disney plus...all the classic Nickelodeon cartoons are on there and all the classic Paramount movies....

  • It seems like we are all getting pushed to buying SMART TV’s. With all the streaming services available and now the major networks opening streaming apps/services, I don’t see that we have much of a choice.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine... one of the best short shows ever...

  • CBS the stand and wandavision

  • Mandalorian

  • Not everyone is interested in woke media

  • I thought Paramount + and CBD all acess were merging?

  • Hey! How come there’s no apple tv plus??😂😂😂\

    • @Caleb Denison Check out M.Night's Servant before you stop it. I admit they don't have a lot to watch, but this show is worth a single month subscription to binge it.

    • Good one!maybe a permanent pause for me. Which, I guess, would actually be a Stop.

  • Yes continue with the series

  • Cobra Kai

  • Another black history month?!

  • Snowpiercer is my new favourite.

  • For me personally I really don't like weekly episodes that is just an excuse to keep you suscribed longer. People who want to re watch any episode they can do so they don't need weekly episodes. If I would want weekly episodes I would have kept suscribed to any regular cable company. Overall I don't like the content on Disney Plus and specially weekly episodes.

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  • I’m watching Your Honor with Bryan Cranston on HBO right now. The suspense is killing me....

    • @Matt Shaughnessy Yeah, I forgot to say it’s on HBO here in Sweden. But you’re right, my bad.

    • Your honor is on Showtime not HBO

  • netflix is good enough for me

  • U missed News of the world on Netflix Feb 10th

  • Great job as always Caleb! I hope all is well my friend.

  • All of those Streaming site make me to say Piracy is a great policy

    • @bionic woman no warys I have been watching anime and other stuff like that way for 29 years now

    • No. Enjoy jail.

    • Yep!!

  • second

  • First