Ultimate Xbox Series X & LG CX OLED Gaming Setup Guide

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Finally, the Xbox Series X is here and you know that we just had to pair it with the feature packed LG CX OLED.
Xbox Series X: bestbuy.7tiv.net/4ZjmM LG CX OLED: bestbuy.7tiv.net/ojZLn
On paper, this looks like a match made in heaven with 4K gaming up to 120Hz, variable refresh rate, and HDR gaming capabilities, but is this combo with the high price tag?
0:00 - Intro
1:18 - First Impressions and Connectivity
2:02 - The LG CX Advantage
2:30 - HDR Game Calibration
2:46 - Xbox Settings
4:03 - Video Modes
5:12 - Audio Settings
6:05 - This Thing Is Fast
6:39 - Using The Xbox Series X As A Media Hub
7:56 - Glorious Gaming
8:39 - The One Downside
9:01 - Is It Worth It?
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  • I have both the Xbox and the LG CX on the way and should using these setting around March 5! Thanks for the information!

  • why i have in free sync info 5,5hz ??? this is bug???

  • You shouldn't use PC RGB on Xbox. It causes black crush and is well reported by the more clued up places like HDTV test, Microsoft and many other TV sites

  • Just found this channel... Literally answering most stuff I wanna know. Excellent!! And yes I can't wait to get my new TV and xbox.

  • My steelseries arctis 9x turns my console back on and then my controller starts flashing indicating it's not linked up. Please help.

  • The only way it works is if I turn off the TV’s AMD Freesync Premium

  • I have this exact setup but my Xbox does not recognize the Dolby Vision capabilities

  • I had a series X but I have a pc and a One s so it didn't really make sense when I can put that $500 to something else.

  • 2:35 I can confirm the blurred Xbox account is named Drgroovee, as at 7:56 the account playing Fortnite is Drgroovee, also at 8:16 Drgroovee is a friend of SkThrifTShoP101, Finally at 8:07 Drgroovee is a friend of Its OG Mikey. Next time make it harder to figure it out @Digital Trends.

  • 7:47 He is Playing Apex Legends on a PS4

  • I've had my LG B9 since last year, and got my Series X on launch luckily. It has been a dream pair to game on. VRR and 120hz on a console has been a game changer for me.

  • Did he state at at 7:10 that the UHD disc drive can do Dolby Vision? I thought both the PS5 & XSX didn't have the hardware for disc-based dolby vision---only via apps?

  • Got my series x a few weeks ago and my LG CX will be here March 1st!

  • Bitstream out gives the best sound for Dolby Atmos. After you choose bitstream you can choose DTX or Atmos.

  • I have the xbox pc rgb mode. Should i put the tv to pc mode or consol mode?

  • No one mentions the C9 any more . I have the series x and c9 just as good

  • I have the 77" cx and series x combo. Also added the JBL 9.1 soundbar. I love this trio together 🤯

  • Slow guy

  • I have an issue, and maybe someone can help. I have both the series X and the LG CX, but when I try to change my refresh rate from 60hz to 120hz the image drops out and says signal can't be found. I've been battling this for more than a week or so since I got the TV.

  • Your facts are not accurate.

  • I bought a sony x900h for the 120fps but so far it isn’t worth the money since 120 comes with limitations and i don’t think it’s going to be something big with the new consoles. Maybe the next xbox/ps or mid cycle upgrade. 60fps full 4k is the best feature about these new consoles so far and I am happy with that

  • I got mine off aimcrypt on |nst@. Thanks for those who recommended them to me...

  • I got mine off aimcrypt on |nst@. Thanks for those who recommended them to me...

  • You needed an xboxer to help u with this review, u made some mistakes, no big deal, i still love ur channn.

  • Hello

  • I love videos like this. I’m getting ready to by my last tv for a few yrs and it’s between the LG CX or Vizio Oled H1. Which would be preferred? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

  • When I set the xbox to 10 bit color it looks like its about to break my tv. I have 65 inch LG CX. I have had this issue since december. Need to run the xbox on 8 bit and its fine. Any idea if im doing something wrong?

  • First time OLED owner, grabbed a CX in anticipation for the Series X; now just need the Series X! For OLEDs though, is it normal to have a faint grid pattern? noticed it on light or near white screens wasn't sure if it was some screen uniformity issue or if it was normal for the OLED technology.

  • I have lg cx and Xbox serie x but i prefer playing on my 32 inch monitor 4k HDR , 1440p 120 fps. Ill watch tout video tonight and try it at home. Thx for this.

  • Never heard of it

  • Make more videos

  • ultimate setup !! to play old games on an xbox lmfao!!!

  • Same combo right here since day one!

  • I love Xbox design ecosystem and especially the POWER but the exclusive games are laME. Yes, hALO AND gEARS OF WAR ARE DEAD. GoW went SJW Halo is the same every year since launch almost. Sony just has much better first-party games. I honestly not a fan of Sony as a company or their products but their games pull me in every time unlike Xbox/microsoft. So I bought a PS5 and if xbox ever gets a great game Ill play it on PC.

  • If you use a receiver you will want to set HDMI audio to Bitstream. This way all the sound processing will be done by receiver not by XBOX. In most cases you'll get the better sound.

  • I have The LG CX, Xbox Series X and the Ps5 thanks to my BEAUTIFUL WIFE 😍🤗😘

  • Got both series X , and LG Oled Tv . The best , greatest gaming experience ever love playing with those graphics and deep colours ! Specially the assassins creed games ! Def. recommend the combo 3 thumbs up

  • so what sound bar would you recommend with this set up? Caleb Denison.

  • Xbox is amazing I wouldn't tarde it for anything.

  • Doesn’t do Dolby Vision on UHD Blu Ray. Hoping an update comes soon to save me having to buy a player.

  • Make sure to set the dynamic tone to HGIG on your LG CX before doing HDR calibration on the Xbox. The calibration is basically worthless if you don’t have HGIG enabled. And yes I know HGIG makes the picture darker! but what you do is calibrate the Xbox first, then in the game adjust the HDR brightness to meet your liking. Additionally make sure to set your input on the LG to “PC” to get the 444 chroma. I enabled both of these settings the other day while playing AC Valhalla and wow that game is even more amazing to look at afterwards.

  • Have the same set up, really enjoying it, the only gripe i have is the noise that comes from watching 4k uhd blu ray discs, it can get a bit noisy.

  • I got one

  • I have had the series x and cx oled for 3 months but I wana do 1440p at 120hz but when I do it it don’t enable HDR anyone else have this problem or have solution?

  • Do you know if you have to turn off instant game response when using video apps? Also can you just leave it in 120Hz for games that run in 60Hz? 🤔

  • I have a series x I just need that tv with 2.1 and 120 fps. I'm getting the 65 inch though

  • Your wrong xbox has 40gbs and it's the ps5 that has the 35/32

  • Copped my Series X when they opened for preorders. Most people gave up too early. Three hours after preorders opened, and after many crashed sites were back online, I was easily able to snag one from Best Buy.

  • can create a favorites screen with all the video apps...

  • i have a lg oled cx65 plugged into a xbox series x too it rocks.

  • Have the c9 amd xbox. Its amazing

  • Bought the 65” CX about a month ago and just got my series X last week. Absolutely love the fact I can use my airpod pros as my headset through the tv. Hooking my ps5 when I get it next

  • As far as the app you can make a group on the homescreen or add them to your pins.

  • i am buying dont know the tv yet like 75 or bigger

  • Love the Xbox series X and love my LG GX ... but I hate LG for not supporting DTS anymore. Not a good move

  • Bro that tv is so much better than mine 😂 mine does 60 hz and doesn’t have Dolby vision and it doesn’t have 2.1 HDMI but we had to keep it in our budget😊

  • Always PlayStation and AMD.👍👋

  • Great video man I’m glad there has been a firmware update for the blurry issues trying to get a hold of one is extremely difficult here in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in the UK 🇬🇧 I think the price of it is extremely good. Yeah it’s a shame there’s not any serious x games yet I love snooker & pool games toomraider is great I can’t wait for GTA6 I would like to try the watch dog games saints row games are pretty good any recombinations would be great :-)

  • Netflix looked worse for me on the Xbox compared to the app on my Samsung

  • About the heat, you can buy a cooling pad and put under it That's what I do

  • Someone’s probably already said this but you can actually create groups of apps and then pin those groups to your Home Screen. That solves the problem of not having those media apps easily accessible.

  • If you go to home dashboard on the CX, select the gear on top right corner for settings, select the source your console is using, click the controller icon and change it to PC. You can enjoy 4:4:4 chroma instead of 4:2:2 you’re welcome.

    • Thanks for the heads up, great info. I thought I knew everything about my setup but there is always more to learn.

  • Glad you said “yes” cause I just got this combo 😅😅😅😅

  • I went into my general video settings and everything was checked except for allow variable refresh rate and auto low latency those are unable to be selected. Wtf

  • I have an issue when my lg cx randomly does no input signal while I’m playing a game and I have to take the HDMI out and put it back in. How do I fix this please help?

  • Is the guy for real the 4k blu ray player doesn't do dolby vision

  • What difference does it make when nobody can get one except AR-oners with big channels and scalpers

  • What about the burn in with OLED?

  • Please cover the LG CX Chrominance/Luminance Overshoot issue!

  • Hey, don't sleep on 1995! Don't sleep on the 90's period. 💯

  • You can add a tab and have all your streaming content right on the home screen and you can position the tabs in any order your want. Makes it handy if you have a few games or apps you like to use regularly

  • @7:29 regarding the apps being hard to find. You can actually pin them to your home screen. I created a group named it “Movie Time” then pinned Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, and the Blu-ray app in the group. I put it just below “Gamepass” on my Home Screen.

  • You can Pin your apps on the Home Screen.... and how is nobody mentioning the “invalid format” problem? I get this still multiple times a week even with the latest firmware update.

  • Yeah Series X is my console it choice.

  • Local game store said come back next year for the console

  • I was lucky enough to get a series X at launch 😃. Loving it !!

  • Great video ! Waiting for my Series X to get here & got the Cx coming in a few days. Looking forward to the Next gen & a new chapter !!

  • You really should of mentioned that hdr calibration should be done with hgig tone mapping selected on the tv. And that the other calibration screen is for sdr content and does not apply to hdr content. Pc Rgb also only applies to Sdr content and black level would have to be set to high. Also you should download dobly app and resister your tv and switch to bitrate dobly atmos setting in sound so that your Xbox will natively send out dobly atmos on all games, which lg CX will pick up and notify that atmos is turned on the internal speakers.

  • I have an LG CX, PS5 and series X since launch and play the series X more than anything.

  • XBSX connected to LG CX experiences black screen while playing Netflix and Disney. The image disappears and audio still keeps on playing . Turning on Freesync on LG CX somewhat fixes this issue . No one talks about this problem as if this is not an issue.

  • Have Both Systems & a LG CX 77 The PlayStation Is Way Better And So Much Smoother The Xbox The Last Time I Used It Months ago Crashed While Playing a 4K Blu-ray Haven’t Turned it On Since….. 🙄

  • Had my series X since launch, recently got the CX (65 inch)....holy crap do they pair well

  • Got lucky got my series x at a target half an hour from my work. Yes it my console of choice

  • I will 100% be getting an Xbox Series X. However, I am still enjoying my Xbox 1x, and since the series x is still hard to find im in no rush. But I want to upgrade my TV at the same time I buy the Series x, so I'm waiting until q4 prolly for the new 2021 tvs to come out. Or maybe I'll be able to pickup a CX at a little discount by the end of the year. Well see. But in answer to your question YES!!! YES I WILL BE GETTING A SERIES X AND I CANNOT WAIT!

  • rocking 65C9 with xbox series x ;)

  • Got the TV still waiting for the bloody console to be available in my region 🤦‍♂️

  • I got my Series X a few weeks ago and I am loving it! Just wondering if I should upgrade my Hisense ULED for the CX...

  • I have both CX and Series X

  • Dose it matter what hdmi input you use

  • I got mines two weeks ago

  • I brought the ps5, series x and cx55. Loving it all.

  • All the suggestions are generally good advice with the exception of color space, you want to set it to standard not pc rbg. Running it on pc rgb is equivalent to the full range setting of 0-255 while standard is the limited range 16-235 you also want to make sure your black level on the lg is set to low and not high to match otherwise you will have problems with either the blacks being to dark and crushing detail or the opposite where the blacks are not dark enough. Otherwise all the settings he went into and changed are great.

  • For those with limited space, what's the best monitor 27" to 32" to use with the new XBox?

  • Yep, I I’ve had the LG CX 55 and the Xbox X since launch. Even now everything looks amazing, so can’t wait to see what the future holds

  • I'm happy owner of 55" CX and Xbox Series X👍 perfect gameing setup!

    • @Aeyx combination of games... Around 4-7 different game..but sometimes 4-6h with same ( Sea of Thieves)

    • @Balint Gulyas alright good to hear men! But do you vary your games or do you play one game alot?

    • @Aeyx I just play on the CX from last year Oct... I can't imagine this will burn in! Every time i turn off I'm waiting to do the refresh and all safety features are on. ( Under lockodwon can you imagine how many hours i spent on it...)

    • Its great right, I have the cx hooked up to my one x and it still looks amazing! How is your usage? Do you game alot on your cx? If so any sign of burn in.

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  • Got the same setup. Ori and the will of the wisps was incredible. playing cyberpunk sometimes I just walk around and stare at stuff.

  • Got both the PS5 and Series X with my LGC9 and the series X is definitely my favourite

  • How does the Sony X900H compare if at all? Looking for a new TV to pair with my series x!

  • Another question. Should I wait to get a tv and see if the tech matches the console?