The Best PS5 Audio settings | PlayStation's never sounded this good!

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Here's how to get the absolute best sound quality with your PlayStation 5, no matter what your setup is.
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The Best PS5 Video Settings:
The PS5 does a decent job of automatically detecting what kind of sound setup you're using, but that doesn't always work the way it's supposed to. Like the Xbox Series X, it helps to know what PlayStation 5 settings you should and should not tweak, as well as how to tweak them. Whether you're using headphones, a soundbar, or a full-on surround system, we've got the tips and tricks you need to get great sound.
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01:09 Potential Setup Scenarios
01:39 Headphones/Gaming Headset
01:49 Soundbar
02:21 AV Receiver
02:58 PS5 Sound Settings
03:08 PS5 Microphone Settings
03:44 PS5 Audio Output Settings
06:45 PS5 Volume Settings
06:56 Final Thoughts
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  • Soundbars are getting very good, and I enjoy headphones a lot (everyday) but for gaming and movies, I'm all about a legit surround system with full-size speakers. But is that a dying breed?

    • @azzuri09 battlefield 5 is exceptional with a proper sound system with decent sub. the explosions around you from mortars and jets flying above you is an incredible experience.

    • So many people have the settings wrong, they get partial surround and no directionality. But once it is set it blow everything away. Soundbar is small upgrade from tv speakers full 7.1 avr home cinema is better than actual movie theater. I use earc ps5 use DTS, set avr to afd plus neural x the surround sound is more accurate than any meme headset ive tested myself. I hear everything naturally as i were in dem games myself. No echoing like headsets do nor does it sound like tge sound is coming from a small box like small speakers do. And the bass...

    • 7.1 avr here 10inch 300w ysmaha subwoofer and full size tower speakers calibrated perfectly around the sofa Lol you dpnt have to worry ouydating if avr have Earc. Games sound epic its more importan than even graphics Sound x50 better thqn any headsets. Directionally is better too.

    • @The Nash I know. It sounds soooooo good when it’s opened up. I recently watched Kong vs Godzilla in movie theater and my sound system destroys it.

    • Agreed

  • what is the best configuration for the Sonos ARC + LG CX?

  • Full 5.1 audio

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  • Thank god! This vid helped me out a lot. Bitstream sounds so much better then pcm. On my system anyway. PlayStation never replied to me.

  • My TV is hooked up to a full surround system

  • I run my PlayStation5 into my 75” LG C1 then the sound into my Marantz receiver running Atmos 7.1.2 to Klipsch speakers and sub. The video I’d love to see is best picture settings for the C1.

  • If I’m using a Bose 2.1 setup should I use PCM or Dolby?

  • Thx

  • 1:40 honestly if PS5 would let me connect headphones via bluetooth….things would be different….

  • would like to know which is the best sounding virtual surround sound dac/amp that take dd 5.1 via toslink and downmix it best to stereo headphones (something lik soundblasterx g6 or mixamp pro tr by astro, and others, i see conflicting opinions and reviews, i would like you take on it)

  • I noticed today while streaming on Twitch my audience couldn’t hear me. PS5 audio output was set to DTS.

  • I have à soundbar with atmos. But it doesn't have eArc, just ARC. Do I get atmos but lowered quality?

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  • I have a Sony 950G tv and a Vizio 5.1.2 soundbar, I have my PS5 connected to HDMI 1 and my soundbar to eARC hdmi 3. When I play video games or try to watch blu tag movies on my PS5 I can only hear surround and no voices. But when I use the tv apps there’s no problems

  • Rocking a 9.3.4 for my PS5 set up

    • 3 subs? Nice man. What settings do you have for atmos even though the games don’t support it. I just have a 5.1.2 setup

  • Let’s do best gaming headphones for PS5 👍

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  • Tbh lg c1 with stand has quite fantastic audio quality. Other than that pulse 3d sounds great. Wireless headphones are great

  • I've used an AV receiver and speaker setup for years with my PS4. I'll probably hook up the PS5 directly to the TV and use the toslink cable from the TV to the receiver.

  • So my sound bar is 7.1.4 lgsn11rg...should I select sound bar or receiver so I can select the 7.1 audio option?

  • Do not use Dolby or DTS for games if you have a soundbar or AV receiver (that support PCM 5 channel) !! PS5 audio is LPCM by default because it renders it in real time, Dolby and DTS is added after and compresses the audio.

  • This is where I would adjust my PS5 sound settings...IF I HAD ONE. Whoops, lost the happy. BUT THE HAPPYS BACK

  • I have a 5.1 bluray cinema set. Now bc ps5 does not have a optical input i do my optical cable in my tv to my blu ray player that is connected to my 5.1 to vet surround sound I already mis optical input on my console.

  • How do I increase chat volume and lower game play audio?

  • 7.2 Dolby Atmos surround sound. I run all via my receiver to the TV

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  • I was usually a headphone person using the Sony XM3. But since i have the A90J. Its acoustic surface audio's surround sound is so good that i'm playing with the sound of the TV now !

  • Headphones all day

  • I can only imagine the A40s on the ps5😤

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  • What settings should i have, i don't get sound coming from the centre channel and i am on 7.1 surround sound?

  • wish ps5 would see my headphones, ( connecting via spidif out to magnius/modius stack to lcd2 classics), still great sound tho

  • Steal Series Articles Pro.

  • I love the Adjust Speaker Position setting, my receiver only sets the distance of the speakers, not direction/position. Now I can have correct distance and position settings.

  • When trying to use Dolby/DTS I get no sound out of my rear surround speakers. Have to use LPCM and get all the surround, spacial moving noises etc. For reference I have a vizio p65 TV, and a Vizio 3651 soundbar.

  • I use a 2.1 soundbar, explosions from that subwoofer are insane. I do occasionally use a headset if it's late at night.

  • I use the Bose soundbar 500 w Bose bass module , headphones I only use on VR , I have the Bose 700 NC great sound in my opinion

  • Linear PCM is the way to go with AV receiver, especially if you have 7.1 - for gaming.

  • This was an incredibly helpful and useful video I was completely unaware of there being a sound-bar setting on the ps5 and a Dolby option I thought that was automatically done

  • I don’t think the AV receiver and room full of speakers thing is ever going to go away. I do not think soundbars are inadequate if you do your homework and make an investment. I have the two types of systems in my game room and have played PS5 with both. I give the edge to the auto room adjusted sound bar covering ambient sound to the extent that is very helpful with hearing enemy locations accurately. Very helpful with Outriders in particular. It just uses the acoustics in the room so efficiently. But if you want immersion you want 2 powered subs and old school tower infinity’s on a high wattage receiver that allows equalization on each channel. You basically forget the real world. But you get shot in the back more.... I did mess around with the PS5 audio settings (because that’s what I do) and tried to match up the positions as diagramed. Difference? I dunno. It’s probably a little worse on the receiver with the speakers measured and tuned. After this video I feel like I need to spend a little time listening closely.

  • I run my PS5 through my ARC, because my receiver isn’t capable of outputting HDR, but it’ll only output in Dolby Digital 5.1. I miss out on TrueHD sound as a result.

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  • next time please if you are so good at giving advices and making videos about ps5 sound ..please answer and actually at least pretend to see the posts or questions the ppl are writing in your comments. so dissapointing

  • I use sony headphones for my ps5, but i am willing to buy that 3d pulse headphone if you can confirm me that they actually do better 3d sound,our i will end up with same sound?

  • For ps5 headset like pulse 3d or wired ones I still need to choose linear pcm ?

  • I have Dolby Atmos surond sound bar I got the pulse 3D tbh headphones are way more fun

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  • The games feel worse audio wise. The ps4 sounded louder in every game i play. I got a turtle beach stealth 600 but surely the ps5 should be louder than the 4 ??

  • Please make a video for best ps5 setting with the tcl 6 series 🙏

  • I would like to hear from people listening through headphones plugged into the DualSense vs from a USB connection on the PS5 or TV headphone jack.

  • I enjoy open back studio headphones for most games and movies

  • I think even the controller Enhances the Mic quality from the headphones

  • 7.1.4 baby

  • Prefer receiver and speakers but girlfriend does not. Use Headphones the majority of the time.

  • I hook up my Ps5 to my marantz setup 7.4.2 av 8805 pre pro + 2 mm 8077 power amps it sounds beyond amazing , no sound bar is ever going to come close to a real set up like this , I do own a sound bar, but I use it only for listen to relaxing music so we can sleep better at night

  • I have a Sonos arc full 5.1 system with the surrounds and the sub, connected to earc on my LG C9 always thought linear pcm was the way to go since it detects lpcm 5.1....will try Dolby to see if it improves

  • What is the best experience playing ps5 these days, headset with 3D audio or soundbar with subwoofer and two rear speakers for surround sound? And generally is it okay to keep the AV amplifier speaker position from PS5 setting at default? Or do we need to adjust it

  • Good old Caleb spending his money for the good of the gaming community

  • I find I get little or no output from my sub when using LFE? It turns on doesn't seem to do anything? Maybe it's more subtle for games? On MGSV the sub doesn't even turn on? Is this normal?

  • Soundbar with rear speakers, 7.1.4 system

  • My setup: TV+soundbar+PS5. If u connect ps5 directly to TV, how to get maximum sound quality from soundbar? Some people had issues of sound quality - they noticed that the sound quality was bettter when connected PS5 directly to soundbar - not to TV. How to fix that?

  • I use a home theater system and I am anxiously waiting for the update that gives 3D audio support for home theater systems. Also, letting the PS5 decode the audio (Linear PCM) gives you 7.1 audio, while Bitstream Dolby or DTS is stuck at 5.1.

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  • how about Soundbars with rear speakers like the JBL Bar 9.1? if i select Soundbar it is only 2 channels. Can is select a AV for my 5.1 Setup with the soundbar?

  • What would be best for a soundbar that uses an optical cable

    • It your TV has an optical out, use that. The PS5 doesn't have an optical out.

  • What if you have a LG CX which has no DTS passthrough and you have the console connected to the TV with EArc connected to a soundbar? Dolby I'm guessing

  • Hello. Maybe you can help me out pls: i have a denon x2700h conected to 5.1 speakers and the ps5 trough the receiver and the receiver to the tv and i'm experiencing some small delay in sound very small like 100ms but still visible. Can you please explain me why? the ps5 is set to linear pcm, the hdmi is set to bypass in the av ...and the video is flawless no delay perfect ..but the sound seems to be coming a little late . thank you in advance

  • For the Sonos Arc soundbar... should I use Dolby or PCM ?

  • It was really hard to get it up and running on my setup. My tv is not 120hz, it's a Samsung series before that, along with my marrantz receiver 6012. Amazing sound when all set and done. As you realized ps5 doesn't have digital audio out. When connecting on the TV, even tho it was connected to the receiver on via ARC HDMI, receiver would receive only stereo. I was loosing it, until occurred to me to change the audio setting on the TV too. Then the TV goes ito my turtle headset via digital audio. Now i have great audio quality on speaker system and headset. Not at the same time tho, i have to turn off receiver so the audio goes to the headset. It was a pain to setup. Ps4 was so much easier!

  • This is an odd thing but on my LG CX on PS5, if I don’t switch the audio to bitstream, all of the sound is in the games except for the dialogue. It’s very strange but I googled it and it’s apparently a thing.

  • I'm confused.. one of your other videos you said I should plug my ps5 into the ARK hdmi port. I only have one ark port. I have a Bose surround sound system.. Do I use that ark port for the ps5 or boss sound sound system.. will the ps5 not perform as while if not on that ARK port?

    • Plug your PS5 into one of your TV's HDMI slot (non-ARC). Use the HDMI port on the TV that supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) to connect to your sound system.

  • I used to have a pretty receiver system but I got the Sonos arc and a sub a few months ago and wow it’s great. It is pricy but it’s great. For headphones I use turtle beach 600 and I’ve had them for a little over a year and there decent.

  • Receiver and Speaker with the TV and PS5

  • 4:55 what should I set it to if my soundbar (2.1) supports both Atmos AND dts:x ?

  • Do I have to do something special if I'm using powered speakers on my tv setup?

  • No Atmos for me right now. I’m using a good 5.1 setup with full range main speakers. Good sound will help you immerse into the game a lot.

  • I'm having issues with my headphones,the same ones I used on the ps4 now sound muffled on the ps5, and when I play games like COD I can't really hear the person until it's to late and when I do hear them they always sound like they are coming from the same direction. Any way to fix this??

  • Prefer receiver/surround speakers. Will not get PS5 unless/until they support 3D sound/Atmos on elevation speakers... for the games. I know they support this for movies but already have 4k blu-ray for that

  • Always headphones

  • Sound bar Surround sound

  • @Digital Trends, can you help me? I would like to buy a good headphone, which one is perfect for dolby atmos, Netflix, movies on TV or PS5, gaming etc.... But i'm completely lost in those products... Can you suggest me a good headphone for this purpose??? Thank you for advance!

  • I have a 5.1.2 atmos setup, would selecting 7.1 make the center ceiling atmos speakers act as the 7.1 side speakers, or should I just select 5.1?

  • I have the jbl 9.1 do i set it on 5.1 or 7.1 in the ps5 settings?

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  • It absolutely kills me that PS5 doesn't support most any USB DACs. I have a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 and an Audeze Deckard. Neither are detected by the console, leaving me only to use optical passed through my TV. Definitely not ideal in my opinion.

  • How about a review of ps5 as 4K player

  • ok idk who will read this and can relate but here goes nothing.... I have a LG OLED C9 with a Sonos arc and a ps5 the ps5 is ran thru the eArc HDMI and I notice the sound is richer if I have the tv sound set to bitstream and the ps5 set to bitstream but...... if you play COD you will notice there is a slight delay there is nothing to can do to change it have tired.... in the end the only way to get some decent audio with no noticeable delay is to have the tv in PCM and the ps5 in LPCM the app will say PCM 2.0 which Is such a turn off thinking I had a sweet setup. @Sony @Sonos you have to figure this out and do better!!! you would think leaving everything in auto would give the best setup but nope this is as good as it gets. 😔

  • It's good to have various options for similar products that may cost cheaper.

  • I got the headphones I feel like my Sonos arc does not work super well with the ps5 but I like it at times

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  • Since I own a Steelseries Arctis Pro that uses Optical Out. Had to add HDMI Audio Extractor to get Optical Out option..

  • so the ONLY reason you want DOLBY or DTS "ON" your PS5 is to watch Movies? from my understanding GAMES do NOT support Dolby or DTS...

  • When using Bitstream with my soundbar, I get audio delay. I have to leave it on PCM.

  • I'm a receiver & speakers kind of gamer. Recently upgraded to a Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 with a massive subwoofer. Ceiling speakers are game changing.

  • what about.. i dunno..... using a DAC and an actual pair of headphones.

  • Dolby Digital headphones is what I prefer

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  • I have the Bose 650 home theater. I have my PS5 connected directly to the Tv and the Bose connected to the Tv using the earc port. On the PS5 settings I selected output device Av amplifier and audio format Dolby. Is this ok?