iPhone 13 Rumors: Will Apple finally lose "The Notch"?

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The iPhone 13 may still be months away from release, but the rumors are already flying! Will there finally be a smaller notch? Will Touch ID return? How much smoother can Apple make the screen?
We go over all the big Apple iPhone 13 rumors in this video. The newest iPhone represented a major change for the iPhone series, with an all-new design, improved cameras, and more - but if rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 13 could be even more exciting.
00:00 Intro
00:59 iPhone 13 Pro models should get 120 Hz refresh rate
02:06 A smaller notch?
02:52 The return of Touch ID?
03:30 iPhone Design changes?
04:14 No charging port?
06:04 Camera updates
06:58 Final thoughts
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  • What do you want to see in the next iPhone?

    • The Pinephone. F Apple. LINUX!

  • When you believe that apple removed the charger from the box to save the planet ..

  • Lol.

  • It could do with another 10 cameras!!!!🙄

  • Apple mad slow with technology, it just looks good

    • @Andrew Martonik like what , Apple never had a hdmi output before the the Bluetooth technology / wi fi connectivity being the focus

    • Apple can lag behind in some places, but to say they're slow is hilarious. They push a lot of boundaries.

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  • I freaked hate Apple. Next would be the return of the 3.5mm headphone jack and let's start giving charges bricks again and they will promote that they came up with it all. Bunch of f$+ck a** h**es

  • Oh thank god Apple isn’t removing the charging port! Such a relief to hear to from you, a trusted source! Phew..!😌

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  • I use the notch for system icons and such, i really dont care about it strongly. Also the dislike ratio seems to indicate you might be a tad boring because I don't see any other major problems

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  • Download "sponsor block" Thank me later

  • The notch is here to stay. They will milk that notch until Samsung gets rid of their punch hole. Apple could easily put the components in the bezel, to get rid of the notch, but they will not, because they know that’s the last major design, and they fear, people will keep that new design longer than before, causing potential revenue loss.

    • @Edvin Karlsson I’ll take that slight bezel increase.

    • No they can not fit all sensors in their current state inside the bezel without increasing it slightly. But apple could defenitively reduce the size of the notch without problems, just not remove it completely. But i agree that they’re definitivly not doing their best. I hate that im so well established in the Apple ecosystem, cus i dont want to give those greedy fucks any more money. But switching to amdroid would be too much of a hassle for me...

  • The "Pro" is not a pro at all for the iPhone and is just marketing hype to make a person think pro. The only pro phone which is meant for professionals is the Sony Xperia Pro. I know it is Apple's top of the line lingo but they as well as others need to come up with non pro marketing words. Maybe just "Supreme" as that is all it is including the price.

    • Companies throw around "Pro" way too much, I agree. "Pro" no longer has any tie to "professional" as much as it just indicates "the best phone we make." The fact that the Xperia Pro is ostensibly for "pro" videographers also doesn't make it a "pro" phone. What if you're not a videographer? Then this isn't the phone that's "pro" for you.

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  • Iphone sucks, but i still like it!!!

    • may be its a feel rich thing!!

  • "I Love Face ID"... Famous last words.

    • Apple seems incredibly committed to Face ID. It's a real competitive advantage.

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  • That notch indicates how tone deaf Apple is as a company.

    • @Andrew Martonik Yeah, you're right it’s well understood. I think most also understand that Apple (much like Sony) has mature, functioning tech upgrades available long before they're implemented in order to keep people guessing and coming back in between major release updates. People get to the point where they need (or want) a new phone and get frustrated waiting. They then Lao buy the major release sooner because it actually has the long rumoured upgraded tech. Big name companies can milk every dime out of non-sota technology while riding on brand loyalty/recognition. I’m pretty sure that Apple could have embedded Face ID in a pin hole wide angle camera (or in the screen itself) if they’d decided to. But they’d only be motivated to do so if they saw sales dropping off.

    • ... how? I think it's pretty well understood that the notch enables Face ID.

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  • Worst rumor video! The notch isn't going anywhere, touch ID isn't coming back it isn't needed because Apples face ID is flawless. you guys need to redo this video based on leaks from reliable sources and let Caleb do the video.

    • The notch isn't going anywhere, it's just getting smaller. And Face ID isn't ... flawless. It's amazing, but let's be honest there are lots of situations in which your face can't be seen. As I said, Touch ID coming doesn't require the removal of Face ID. They can absolutely do both.

    • No it isn't "flawless". With everyone wearing masks, using your fingerprint to unlock would be way more convenient.

  • Why would they remove ports when I use the phone to plug in to use my guitar app

    • Because these companies don't care about what you want. They remove ports because they know people will buy their phones anyway. They put the notch in despite NOBODY liking it. We need to stop buying their phones. Stick with the older ones until they make a product worth buying.

    • Because you don’t mean anything to Apple

  • 5 years from now "Apple will be getting rid of the notch this year" 😂

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  • Never was bothered by the notch. Even on the mini.

    • You're part of the problem. You weren't bothered by the notch, well millions of people weren't bothered by removing the audio jack. All of you keep buying their products so Apple will keep removing features.

  • you don't have style that's why don't like the notch

    • Keep on Vaping DUDE

    • ^ And in this exhibit we have an Apple Sheep in full display. Watch how he blindly defends any decision Apple makes. Truly a strange creature.

  • Cool

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