LG C1 OLED TV Unboxing, First Impressions (OLED65C1PUB) | Got me again!

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The LG C1 OLED series replaces the 2020 CX OLED and comes with the latest Alpha 9 Gen 4 processor, a new magic motion remote, and revamped WebOS smart TV system. Now that we have seen the new, brighter G1 OLED, will we still be as impressed with the more accessible model. We unbox, set up and get first impressions on the road to finding out.
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00:00 Intro & Unboxing
01:23 What comes in the box?
02:03 Setting up the stand
02:41 Back of the TV/HDMI Ports
03:28 Front of the TV
03:49 TV Setup Guide
05:43 Picture Settings
09:32 First Impressions & Final Thoughts
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  • Keep the comparison suggestions coming! We don't have the G1 anymore, but A90J, C1, CX, and QN90A are all here and on the table!

    • C1 vs qn90 would be awesome. Wanna see more oled vs qled especially with the neo vs evo advancements.

    • C1 vs qn90a for PC gaming please!

    • please think about comparing the C1 and the CX! I am buying one or the other in two weeks. With the price of the C1 being $100 more than the CX.!

    • Can you compare image processing/upscaling? Any sort of image comparison of what to expect when paying extra for the Sony and Samsung processors versus a more budget TV that doesn't specifically advertise processing, like a TCL?

    • C1 bs CX would be awesome...there are many videos out there already but I kinda trust your judgement more

  • Is it possible to completely disable motion smoothing?

  • Is a sound bar needed? I picked up an inexpensive Vizio V21-H8R and trying to decide if it’s necessary or if I should upgrade to a better sound bar ... 1,2,3 Go w/ comments and thoughts please! ( BTW...the C1 looks amazing in 65”)

  • What setting in Tru Motion do I select if I WANT the soap opera effect?

  • considering my current tv is the a 40" magnavox led tv any upgrade will be amazing, however the $2,500 price tag is steep O_O. I couldn't justify spending that much for a tv however spoke to my wife and she told me to pull the trigger ^_^.

  • I'd like to see a comparison between the C1 vs the GX. I'd like to know if the game enhancement is on the older X-series TVs through firmware update?

  • I don't like this tv

  • what is that tv stand? its amazing

  • Review the A1 please

  • is it true 4k 120hz?

  • I am most interested in how the C1 handles near black levels. Does it crush out details in the very dark areas of the image just above actual black.

  • I'm trying to decide between the 55 qn90a vs the 48 c1 for best PC gaming monitor using a rtx 3090

  • Any idea when we might see new sets from TCL this year???

  • Lovely

  • Beautiful tv but those settings seem a bit daunting. Thanks for making it easier. I'll wait for a price reduction. All good.

  • 2:15 same advice applies to must guys during their first time....

  • Any dim grid like pattern in bright areas?

  • I really want this TV but I am wanting to know more about gaming performance with my new Xbox Series X. I can't stand the jitter and blur on my bargain bin Hisense 4k tv from 4 years ago. I play shooters with fast action

  • You said your name was Denison. The video graphic says Denion? No S

  • I got my c1 today and all my movies on usb say “This video does not support audio.” Anyone know a work around????????

  • Does this have the same glossy glass screen like the cx? Or is this one more matte?

  • Ordinary box in Sudamérica the box is beautiful With color 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • That white colored back is ugly... makes it look cheap.

  • I love that white

  • Coming on Saturday! Can't wait!

  • Wait a few years and then check for Burns and how dim they go..

  • Just picked it up yesterday and it's amazing. Can't wait to gett 100+ hours on it and have it professionally tuned.

  • LG screwd me up with there 20 percent brightness reduction I'm done with there products.

  • Well... I didn’t think I’d need to upgrade for years when I bought the LG C8... then HDMI 2.1 and PS5 came along 🙄

  • Please review MI Q1 Qled 75"

  • similarly, are we going to review Sony A80J OLED ???

  • Really want to see Lg C1 vs A80J comparison if possible!

  • I’m sure it’ll be a separate video in itself but understanding how much the C1 stands out against the CX and what any differences may be

  • I’m Wait til 8k TVs really hits ,,2yrs time me thinks

  • Is there a way to insure I mever get burn-in?

  • Hi Caleb Denison, Could you please text me the best display settings for LG UN7190PTA 43inch 4K Smart UHD TV.

  • Digital Trends has replaced CNET for me. Don't know what happened but my boy Katzmaier seems to have basically fallen off the face of the earth with regards to comprehensive TV reviews. Seems like they transitioned to reviewing nothing but low to mid range sets and usually very late. I used to love his reviews too. But I just don't think we'll ever see the likes of Sony A90J, Z9J, X950J, Samsung QN90A, QN900A reviewed by them. Sad. But hey if we have good content like this, I'll be alright. Y'all keep up the good work. 👍

  • Is the misspelled name of the presenter supposed to be a running gag? It's not the first time I spotted it.

  • Looking to buy next month! Full Review here I come

  • You name is butchered in like half of your reviews man.

  • I keep checking the LG site waiting for the G1 or C1 to be available in Canada. There been no information

  • nice video, may i ask 2 questions please 1- what's the deal with models that ends with PUB and PVB? are they different or just regional stuff? 2- are there any compromises when choosing 55' over bigger sizes ?

  • I finally have the budget for a really nice tv. I don't know if I want the c1 or g1 but I do know it's one of those 2. I can't seem to find them in store yet but man I need one of them

  • Can I ask, who actually watches movies with that much brightness and colour?? Movies are always produced with reduced contrast. Apart from wildlife documentaries or travel show, its not that important. Please convince me otherwise.

  • Hiiii.... iam indian....😃

  • How is it compared to c 10 or g1 ego?

  • "there's no good way of doing this" installs in half a second

  • Please can someone tell me the difference between LG OLED55C1PUB and OLED55C1PVB .

  • Does your name tag always change, last two vids i'm sure it wasn't spelt right

  • What is the video playing on the screen with the giraffes?

  • Any idea when the 83 inch C1 OLED TV is going to hit the market?

  • would be nice to compare how much it's reflective in dark or bright scenes, and if there is any progress made from previous generations

  • How comparable are the C1 and the CX by LG? I am in the market to buy and curious about the difference between the two. I know the CX is still available and probably going on sale if it's going to be replaced this year......

  • The white back is an interesting, different touch.

    • It looks beautiful, low-key kinda want LG offer it as optional. I bet many willing to get it.

  • We'll keep reminding you everyday until you get these in your hands for review and comparison: 2021 LG NANOCELL90! LG QNED MiniLed 90 also!!

  • That stand looks like it's come from 2008, Usual LG Ugly Shi*, and another ugly remote too.

  • Searched all over for a video showing the comparison between an older model TV, and modern 2020/21 TVs. For instance, comparing new TV to new TV is great, but I’d love to see what just for example, my HU8700 Samsung 65” Curved, one tier down from flagship, would die against say a 2021 C1. Basically, a video showing the kind of upgrades someone upgrading from 5+ years ago rather than upgrading yearly or biyearly. Does a TCL “budget” Mini LED TV destroy older flagships? Etc. Can’t wait for the C1 Review!

  • What is the current best TV in terms of just display(For HDR movies and normal HD content)? Not worried about gaming features.

  • Why not advice to turn down brightness to help prevent burn in?

  • Can’t wait the full review!

  • I had 2 lgcx fail within the first month of owning them. I would be curious to see what the reliability of these are longer term, but I know that can be difficult to gauge.

  • LG just destroying the OLED competition another great product from LG.

  • I wanted the White back DAM!!! Cow}:-o(

  • Who actually likes motion smoothing, it's the worst

  • Q: How can I turn off screen but not the tv, without going through the some complicated menu options? So I can listen music on tv without screen on. LG has 40watts of speakers there.

  • I already purchased the c1 oled tv it arrived cracked but they send me second free

  • how do the cx c1 and g1 rank? like on a scale of 1 to 100 with the g1 being 100, how much of that quality do we get for the c1 and cx?

  • I got the 77 inch I need some gaming setting on this one.

  • *I wanna see a comparison with the G1!! Is the little upgrades worth the money with the G1!?* 🤔

    • from what I've seen it's like 10 to 20% more brightness, better color accuracy and of course thinner bezels/thinner tv I think if you want that stuff it's well worth it.. it just depends

  • I hate when I make typos on my subtitles and graphics... Lol.

  • What monsters keep on the soap opera effect?

  • Take a drink every review when Caleb mentions Motion Smoothing and us guys having beef with his settings lol

  • Nothing to hide you know, just your privacy...

  • Love the white color. I’d totally buy that.

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  • Take your fucking damn mask off. You're unboxing a tv, Jesus!

  • Hey bro I've been inspired by u and want to film my own tvs and games what's a good camera that will capture these sweet oleds

  • Awesome Job as always! Keep up the great work! 👍

  • How good is for productivity work on desktop computer?

  • I really wish to get the lg c1 , maybe in the future upgrade my lg b9

  • How is the sound compared to lg b9 and overall picture quality 🤔

  • If you want the best sound for Android , I truly recommend neutralizer , Can I use neutralizer on all android apps ? Also can I use it on phone speakers and speakers in general ? Also how neutral can this app make any speakers? Also it's possible to use the app on different devices with the premium account? What is your opinion on neutralizer app , It makes my z fold 2 speakers sound so accurate

  • Energizer. Energizer beats a Bexel.

  • What sistem do you think is best an OLED or QLED

  • I'm hoping for a C1 vs G1 video before I decide which to buy.

  • This TV looks great out the box so far. I want to know how it will perform in a bright room and how it handles gaming. It'd be nice if they offered the white in the US as well.

  • i like this tv, i am excited to see your next videos on this tv

  • I bought a OLED65LGCX a few months ago and I’am regretting it. The blacks and picture quality is magical. But when watching content with white backgrounds and or solid lighter colors I'm seeing faint mostly transparent but visible lines across the entire panel. Not sure if normal but it’s driving me crazy.

  • I have the C8....should I upgrade to the C1 ?

  • Thank you very much for the update on LG C Series. I have the LG CX in the box still, bought it yesterday at Costco ($US1349.00, plus $100 Hulu card, plus $99 All State 5 year warranty [w/ Costco City Band card, 7 years]). I get my SpaceX Starlink dish/internet Friday and will hook everything up then. Thank you again. :)

  • Your last name is misspelled. Another great video.

  • What large format TV would you recommend as use for a PC monitor?

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  • Dang it, I wanted the U.S. version of the C1 with the white back

  • got the CX 65" for 1700£ in the UK ,what a bargin ,great TV, thought about C1 for a second ,but the quality on both is so close and amazing that I went for the more affordable TV

    • Yea they really close and Vin from HDTV test showed its not a huge difference between the two. For someone to own a 65" CX and the C1 being out i wouldn't be like dang i should of bought the C1

  • If you have an OLED from 2019 onwards with no burn-in just don't watch this video

    • @Karim cnn is far the use i wanted for neither local news

    • @Alexander Pagan those can be static but a lot of the times static images stick when they’re like logos or such. Gaming huds can be static but the games can change more frequently than let’s say a bright red CNN logo

    • @Karim what about video games hud like mini maps? Does that count

    • @Alexander Pagan brightness isn’t necessarily the cause of burn in, but static picture is. There’s ways of avoiding that now with software embedded in the TV that allows for pixel shift but i’d still prefer to not have a static image at all times

    • @Karim im not a high brightness user so does that mean i don't have to worried about burn in?

  • LG makes best panels.

  • Much difference between this C1 and the CX?

  • I'm interested in the OS - is it really full of adverts, sponsored "recommended" stuff, and LG channels in your face, or is it customisable to be what a normal consumer would want it to be.

  • can you suggest c1 vs cx? which to buy main purpose gaming on ps5