TCL TVs at CES 2021 | What just happened to the 6 Series?

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TCL has a a three year history of launching groundbreaking TV tech at CES 2021. Its 6-Series is legendary at this point. So what happened to the 6-Series this year? You're not going to believe it.
But that's not all.
TCL is launching an entirely new line up TVs you definitely want to know about, including 85 inch XL models. Plus TCL has a new technology called OD Zero you should pay attention to.
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00:00 Intro
01:16 TCL 6-Series
02:03 OD ZERO
02:53 TCL XL Collection
03:49 What happened to Vidrian Mini-LED?
04:19 Soundbars
05:17 Final Thoughts
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  • Great video. But they really need to slow their obsession with "thinner is better" and continue to go for better and better picture quality until there's no difference between their product and OLED TV brands out there.

  • What you really need to tell your viewers is that TCL's customer service is horrible. My 75R615 screen went black on January 4th it is now February 22nd. I just got off the phone with a supervisor at TCL and he said I should be hearing from their tech by the 26th. 2 months to get a replacement is unacceptable! He also tells me the replacement tv is only warrantied till my original purchase date with no consideration that I have been without a tv for 2 months. I do not care how good the picture is if it doesn't work, spend the extra or get the best Sony or Samsung you can afford. TCL is not worth the aggravation!!!

  • Yes I think tcl is going too overtake Samsung

  • Thanks for the great videos Caleb. Do we have any pricing or release date info as of the time I'm writing this comment? Also, I think I remember you saying you personally own the TCL 6 series at home. Would I be worth it to buy that over the new 2021 TCL for 4k?

  • i have 2 tcl tvs i like. them. but with no announcement of hdmi 2.1 or 120 hz native it looks to me like they may all be 60hz. and no hdmi 2.1 again will see. if so ill probably go sony.

  • @caleb denison Is there any projected ETA on the release of the new 6 series? My TV completely died and don’t know if I should try and hold off for the 2021 version. 2020 version is 6 weeks out too...

  • Ok stupid question. I have a Pioneer pdp5080 plasma TV how would this compare with regards to blacks and motion?

  • What about the TLC OD-Zero?

  • Who makes the TLC?

  • What is the build quality of TLC?

  • I still think samsung will come out on top

  • You should wear a under shirt with those types of sweaters

  • Waited to get the 635 hoping it would be on sale Super Bowl Week.. instead it went up 50 bucks

  • I really need a Tv asap, any release date or should i go with the older 6 series? I really want a 4k 120 :(

    • TCL hasn't given us an exact release date, but most likely it will be in the 2nd half of 2021

  • I'm sticking with S Korean electronics.

  • Yes because for me the Price for Samsung is to high and tcl have bring the First Mini led and they have lern

  • Yes, TCL goes to # 1!

  • Hisense in 2021 is gonna be great .......super bright tvs with mini led, 120hz, hdmi 2.1, vrr, even 8k models

  • I’m waiting patiently for their release 2021

  • How many Trump supporters are in here praising TCL?

  • If the 8k mini led 85 is 2.1 and around $3000, there is going to be a lot of pissed VIZIO owners

  • I’ve change my mind I’m waiting for the tcl 8k

  • I have the 2019 55 inches TCL series 6 and it's a beast best bang for the buck in that year!

  • If they make the 8K TVs for 85” and higher, cool. IMO I do not feel 8K should be on anything lower than 85”. Once again, just my opinion.

  • Picked up the 55in TCL 2020 great picture, a little dark in some of my xbox games, but overall well worth the $.

  • I really want to upgrade my TV for the next gen consoles but still unsure which TV to pick.

  • No, but it will be a tight race but definitely in 2021

  • I’m just in love with my LG CX Oled 55 and also have a TCL 6 Series $2019 and still working fine.

  • I haven’t seen a TCL yet that catches my eye like the mid tier Samsung, Sony or LG. For all around use and reliability I’d still go with the big traditional big three. Their chip processing technology (especially with upscaling and color accuracy) is something TCL has yet to match. But they are moving in the right direction and have another backlight technology to drop to rival the Samsung QNED that’s coming.

    • I bought and returned an LC “nanocell” and a Samsung (forgot the model), both for around $600. The LG had horrible backlight bleed issues, and the Samsun display was dull and didn’t have real HDR functionality. Ended up getting a TCL 6series and it’s FAR better than both Samsun and LG, and unlike the Samsung and LG, it had actual HDR (not simulated) and had more input/output options. The only downside I can see with the TCL is the motion when using frame interpolation. But I don’t ever use the frame interpolation (soap opera effect) so it’s not a problem for me at all. Not only that but the local dimming is so good, the blacks are almost as good as an OLED.

  • Dolby Vision support will keep Samsung second in Videophiles eyes.

  • On your recommendation I bought a TCL 65 inch 6 series.. I Returned it.. During football games up close shots looked Fantastic.. Once they went to a wider shot, you could see blurry artifacts around players helmets.. My buddies LG OLED had the same problem.. I used your settings recommendations also.. Very surprised and disappointed that some movies also, I would be able to see a blur when actors moved.. My buddy has a Samsung 8000 LED .. Works beautifully.. No action blur on football or movies..

  • Keep up the great work 👍.

  • Buying a TCL - I don't care how cheap or innovative - is only funding the CCP, who gave us a global pandemic, crushed the civil rights of its citizens protesting for freedom in Hong Kong, and destroys American jobs. Promoting TCL is like promoting suicide - it's suicide!

  • When are the new xl series coming out?

  • Will they finally add bluetooth to their TV's? Having to use it through your phone for private listening is bullcrap and one of the reasons I have stuck with the LG C6.

  • I'll keep my kuro pro 151, still can't beat plasma. Amazing it's still holding its own. Oled is way over priced for a harsh picture

  • You're a very good presentator and communicator; really enjoy your review videos. :)

  • Thin and frameless sucks, just makes it way easier to crack the screen when you simply just try to move the TV or plug cables in to it.

  • Comunist TV's are the best TV's. Powered by political suppression, intellectual property theft and organ harvesting. But hey who cares, they're cheap, am I right?

    • You think every Chinese own company in China. Is own by Chinese communist party? You’re a F&@king ignorant. Go back to your basement.

  • Is the 4K TCL 6 Series getting a 2021 refresh? With the new Mini Led and OD and HDMI 2.1 ??

  • I hope is not running roku that sucks

  • 8k 85 inch price ?

  • Is developing 8K TVs on a massive scale just companies trying to take advantage of uneducated customers? There's almost no content to watch in 8K. Even on AR-one, and in the U.S. mostly people don't have access to Internet broadband services that will stream 8K effectively. Hell, even the PS5 box says 8K on the outside of it, but right now games that run in 60FPS run at around 1440p. Not even sniffing 8K. I'm just confused why they area doing 8K, when there's just so little content. Movie companies are still in the progress of remastering 4K versions of their movies.

  • What about the Indian market

  • I'm waiting for 16k and the holy grail 32k which will tide us over till the real holy grail 64k and then 128k

  • Nice job

  • Hi Caleb. I'm having a difficult time finding a local (Michigan) seller of the TCL 6 series mini led 65" - 65R635. Any Idea as to why?

  • Interested to know if they will add any gaming features

  • We use or tv a lot I mean like it's on ALL day I have a samsung that's around 9 years old still works good just has some faded spots.. do you think TCL will last long

  • 8k is a joke

  • I seriously hope that they can beat Samsung, they might actually have to start making good TVs again

    • The only two companies that make better is Sony and LG CX... It’s awesome when idiots who don’t understand technology speak

  • I have a 6 series 65 inch screen got cracked by the kids I'm so mad

  • What’s going on with the 8 series? You made no mention about that...

  • I am a super happy and proud owner of TCL’s great new addition, a 75in Series 6 mini LED TV. Super, super happy with it. It is ‘off the chain’!!!! I cannot say enough about this set. I did my research on the best....the Sonys, the Samsungs, Visio’s, etc. and I am glad to say (according to my eyes at least) this one tops them all. Also, was very surprised and amazed that Sony is ‘bringing up the rear’ on mini led technology as announced at this year’s CES 2021. Very interesting. Also, I must confess, this is my third TCL set. The others are series 5 55 inch and I love them as well. Last comment, prior to buying my first TCL TV, I had to do an awful lot of research because, quire frankly, I had never heard of them and was cautiously optimistic it would be a good set. It exceeded my expectations in every respect.

  • I just bought a Sony x900h 55inch for $1,100. Kind of wish I held off and just bought a TCL 6 series 55inch tbh. 😡

  • Who cares how thick the TV is... As long as the pictures is excellent it doesn't matter... We don't look at tvs from The sides

  • A quick question Caleb. TCL have had a pretty woeful reputation in Europe for product quality issues, faults and almost non existent customer care, resulting in a lot of court cases of customers suing the company. Even today people's first reaction to TCL is pretty negative. I have a Samsung 8k QLED so I won't be in the market for a few years, but do you think that TCL are now at the level of product reliability of say Samsung or Sony?

  • Chinese tech are in big trouble in the states because of garbage trump administration

  • I do think they will over take esp if they can hit the nail on the coffin with the xl series

  • Say no to China.

  • LOL Atmos soundbar! That's like comparing a sex doll to a real woman; the experience isn't even remotely close to the same .

  • Ugh I don't want to wait to buy a new TV but I also don't want to buy one that will be completely out classed in a few months

  • Yes, I dropped Samsung for TCL

  • TCL is a Chinese Communist product. CCP harvesting organs, running re-education camps, and crushing freedom for the rest of th world.

  • Caleb - How do 4K and 8k TVs handle broadcast signals? In Kentucky most broadcasts are still 720p. How do the TVs handle these signals? Do they look good? What are your thoughts?

  • TCL just keeps me another reason to put off getting a new tv one more year (gotta wait for those new model prices to drop).

    • ​@RainCity84 Well, I've decided I like the 635 model. I just never want to pay the premium for a new model. So, I've been waiting and will be waiting for later this year to pick one up. Nevertheless, every time you hear of the latest improvements, the cycle begins again. So, you're right, you just have to pick a time and them do it.

    • but that is the same every year, why not just wait until the new ones come out and grab the now last year for much less?

  • I bought a tcl 6 series last year, absolutely loving it and great value.

  • Tcl in Asia.. What series should buy ?

  • I know the popular thing is big TVs, sizes so big that the theatre is now possible at home without a projector, but I am more interested in smaller sizes such as 43 to 50 inch sizes. Televisions at this size used as either computer monitor replacements or can fit the gaming cave.

  • Number 1 what? In sales, maybe. In quality of TVs, definitely not.

  • Whats with HDMI 2.1, see some wonky adoption, is it the certification or chipsets deficiency?

    • I think it’s just because it’s expensive to add in. Budget TVs like the TCL don’t have it but you can pay a premium to get it.

  • Is it crazy that I'm still rocking HDTV in 2021, and although not ready to upgrade yet, I'm more interested in a 4K UST laser projector than a big 8K panel?

  • Would this be good for high end pc gaming? Or do we still have to stick with a monitor?

  • Guys, what do you think of TCL 65 C715 tv for movies, bit of gaming, Will I be happy with smoothness and quality??? Thanks

  • Looking forward to getting an 85" tv this year! Thanks Digital Trends for all the videos!

  • Here is TCL 2021 lineup: TCL X925 Pro 8K miniLED LCD-OG Zero TCL X925 8K miniLED LCD TCL C825 4K miniLED LCD TCL C728 4K LCD TCL C725 4K LCD TCL P725 4K LCD - most will have HDMI 2.1 with ALLM and VRR, DV IQ and Google TV on Android 11.

  • I choose to no longer support the enemy of the United States of America.

  • My girl got me a 65 at target for xmas and i thought it was a cheap model and gave it to her ,for the smaller samsung we have , I FCKED UP

  • No

  • What does it matter what technology is there if you cannot obtain it at a reasonable price. Been trying for a 6 Series 55” model for months. No stock! Getting ready to forget about TCL!

  • TCL been making good tv for a very reasonable price

  • Finally! Someone mentions Vidrian 3:52

  • Do we know yet if the new 6 series will support 4k 120hz on top of 8k, similarly to how the current 6 series supports 1440p 120hz?

  • Yes

  • TCL !!!

  • Why did they do that I don't want 8k ,no content and no reason to get it so why didn't they keep the6 series in 4k with their new tech odzero don't make sense ,bad move on their part now I will buy a 4k samsung

  • No 8k content to even enjoy.. so it’s all a waste they should be developing a tv that will work to its max with the new generation of consoles. Aka 4K 120fps

  • As always the best video's here is my question is does the TCL 6 have the strongest Soap Opera affect I am color blind and I hope that it has a strong soap opera affect it helps with my eyes

    • @cadwell Collins That's really cool to know about. Thanks for sharing your experience. Does that mean that, in general, you enjoy movies more OUT of theatres, so that the tv you are watching it on can apply the soap opera effect? (since movies are 24fps)

    • @Micheal Williams as far as for me the ability to make it look more like a video camera caption rather than non-soap opera effect seems to help me identify the tones of the color better I know in the movie Avitar the sony I saw it on for the first time outside of a theater was simply amazing you could tell of course the CGI portions but that is a good price to pay for seeing the more vibrant movie, I think.

    • I'm curious, can you explain how a simulated high frame rate help with your color blindness? I've never heard that before, and it sounds interesting

  • I am glad TCL and Vizio have up their game. Tired of Sony and LG with their ridiculous price, not everyone can afford their TVs

  • Will this reduce pricing for the 6Series 4K's?

  • Yeah, cause price is the only problem OLED has...

  • 8 k and more dimming zones ! looks like more of the same for tcl and that is mostly good. I bought the tcl 625 and ended up returning because the color looked off. especially skin tones. It also had a bit of a hazy look when watching lower quality stuff like uverse cable. I Think they need to work on processing and color more then the backlight to compete with the big dogs.

  • we dont want no tv brand sound bar ... Why make a 85" tv and a sound bar that looks like a center channel , If there going to make it make it the distance and depth of the tv If not Just stop

  • how many weeks will will the tv last before the pixels die ghost in burn in adhesive come apart, power supply dies and its on the side walk waiting for the garbage truck?

  • Ok and when will all this stuff come out? I’m literally about to buy the 2020 6 series. And I’m wondering if I should wait or not.

    • Yes wait, should be out by June

  • Spying on us? Not US...

  • I love my TCL 6series. I have had it for 2 years and watch it every single day since it is in my bedroom. I would buy another for my Living room in a heartbeat. Still remember the salesman @ bestbuy laughing cause I didn't buy the Samsung.(The cheap thanks) "Good luck with that tv" is what he said. what an idiot

  • I would like to see them overtake Samsung, but I think they still don't have the customer base to support big developments. Just a year or two from it though. And yes I own both a TCL and a Samsung, both are great.

  • You do know those TV are being investigated as chinese trojan horses spying on ppl in yhere homes ID think anyone cares about there cheap TVs till that issue is put to bed j.s I hope it's the year they go under👍🏼

  • Why does a tv need 120 hz? Unless it’s used as a pc monitor, I don’t know any movie nor console with those frame rates.

    • Ps5 and series x support 120 fps now, that's why they are pushing for t.v to now have a higher tier of 4k 120hz. With hdmi 2.1