How to clean a TV screen the right way | Avoid damage to your 4K flat screen!

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Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to clean a TV screen. Avoid doing damage to your flat screen TV by following some simple steps using simple products. This is how to clean a TV screen the right way.
You don't need special electronics cleaner to clean a tv screen. In fact all you may need is a microfiber cloth to remove dust. If there are any smudges on your 4K TV, applying a small bit of distilled water to the cloth can clean a screen. For heavier cleaning, try a tiny drop of dish soap in water. This video will show you proper technique for how to clean a tv screen, computer screen, or any other monitor. Whether it's a brand new OLED, or a LCD TV from 2010, these screen cleaning tips are sure to work.
Windex Screen Wipes -
Endust Screen Wipes -
Microfiber Cloth -
Dust-Off -
0:00 - Intro
0:46 - What Not to Use!
1:34 - What Can You Use to Clean a TV?
2:01 - Dry Cleaning a TV
2:35 - Cleaning Hand Prints & Smudges
3:20 - Still Not Clean? Try This Trick!
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  • Did you know Windex was a no-go? Now you know. Thanks for watching everyone!

    • LCD/LED and OLED or just LCD/LED?

    • Adam's Microban Interior Detailer. Used it for years. All screens, monitors, laptops, phones, keyboards, mice, anything inside your car, you name it. No residue and it has never harmed anything I've used it on. My list is way too long to list. Making it far better than some one-off product.

    • U use windex and its the best option

    • I knew

    • I use eye contact fluid to clean my screens

  • Isn't a microfiber towel just like sandpaper ?

  • No worries, I get Maria to clean. She needs a job.

  • Warm water and liquid soap is ok.


  • 4 mins to say how to clean a screen?

  • Dried fanny batter

  • Why is your tv screen dirty to begin with? Who is touching it?

  • I use a feather duster

  • So you can't use Eye Glasses cleaners and the cloth that comes with them? Eye Glasses cleaner does not have the chemicals that damage the anti reflective and anti scratch coating on the lenses plus the cloth is soft with no fibers that will scratch the lenses.

  • Thanks very much I was looking for this as my TV screen is very dirty and was afraid to clean it Thanks for the Video

  • Totally missing why you have a mask on while cleaning. 🤦‍♂️

  • So a power washer is over kill?

  • i just use wet toilet paper. works perfect

  • Oh, your supposed to clean them.

  • I piss on the tv and wipe it clean. Urine works wonders! 😂

  • We've had lcd screens for over 20 years, why is this news.? Does anyone else find those white speakers terrible looking as opposed to black?

  • Great video as always! Hope you can hit that 1 mil sub soon!

  • Really i should not be using sandpaper ?

    • Yes, you shouldn't use sandpaper because it will scratch your screen. Don't use sandpaper, okay?

  • I sometimes use non greasy armor all

  • i use Screen mom from fantastic...streak free and no dust

  • Your amazing. What would I do to my oled without you?

  • I been using windex with no ill effects.

  • I just lightly swiffer my tv to get the dust off.

  • I use 70% filtered water and 30% Methylated spirits in spray bottle and microfiber cloth. Dry's quick and removes finger print oil. Great for all cleaning.👍

  • A lot of places only sell demineralised water. Is that also good instead of distilled water?

  • Man STOP being complicated!!! This is all you'll ever need to clean ANY TV screen, whole phone, computer monitors, etc... "Invisible Glass (spray bottle)" + a micro cloth! That stuff is freakin' AMAZING!!!! Been using it for years with ultimate excellent results...

  • Thnx i finally get rid of that exploding pizza stains your the best!

  • Excellent info! Thanks.

  • 👍

  • “Brillianize” works great on TV screens.

  • Microfiber cloth will cause more damage than paper towel. Don't believe me if you don't want to.

  • I love your TV Unit.

  • I dunno, every other person will say to use long stright wipes over circular motions to avoid scratches. Also a 80 percent distilled water mixed with 20 percent rubbing alcohol works great

  • Thanks.

  • Left, right, up, down, use a linear motion. If you use a circular motion and you do have a small piece of grit in the cloth or on the screen, then you will cause a larger area of damage than if you use a linear motion. People who polish for a living know this and avoid circular motion if possible.

  • I use water based/unscented baby wipes. If they're kind enough for babies skin, then they shouldn't harm the TV. Plus I'm lazy ;)

    • Great idea ❤️

  • I am mystified by all the shit that appears on my TV screen. I find turning it off helps

  • I accidentally wiped the anti reflective layer off a TV before. What a nightmare.

  • My cleaning regime is never clean the screen! Never go near the screen, don't touch the screen, in fact don't look at the screen. Seriously, just use a squeezy camera blower and blow dust off.

  • What about alcohol?

  • So DON'T use my high speed buffing wheel and meguires heavy cut compound?

  • Had my T.V. a good few years, never had a fingerprint on it and only ever used a feather duster, I was eating a ham, egg salad baguette and couldnt hold in a sneeze although I stifled it...where did it end up 🤦‍♂️

  • I use a little rubbing alcohol on a microfibre cloth every time to clean TV & computer screens = perfect results everytime

  • Good stuff, thanks !!!

  • Adam's Microban Interior Detailer. Used it for years. All screens, monitors, laptops, phones, keyboards, mice, anything inside your car, you name it. No residue and it has never harmed anything I've used it on. My list is way too long to list. Making it far better than some one-off product.

  • I love my XBR with gorilla glass over the screen

  • after watching this i came to the conclusion that i really really need to get out more.

  • Thx . Never gonna use the traditional cleaners

  • Yea i done sprayed windex on it then Wiped with a paper towel 🤦‍♂️

  • Bounty Towels to dry water is fine. Cannister spray is a no no. You're destroying the environment Dennis.

  • food fight

  • And.. bodily fluids...????

  • Just use paper towels and cleaner. Good grief, by the time you even damage your screen with it your tv will be outdated and recycled anyway.

  • Hi. Great review.. what happens if your wife decides to clean your TV and uses a window cleaner.. can you rectify? Thanks

    • Was wondering if you got it it back to ship shape ❤️👍

  • Awesome! Thanks for the tips!

  • I use a bucket of water, a scourer and bleach, image quality is poor but my tv is Covid free...

  • Hey Caleb I Use microfiber cloth and Z-water. Its cheap an non toxic.

  • Sand paper is very effective while cleaning the TV 📺

  • i don't worry about cleaning my tv with windex i own a 1963 zenith color tv i restored it won't be damaged by cleaning it

    • 👍❤️

  • How about when your four year old nephew leaves a booger on your screen trying to touch Elmo?

  • شكرا،،

  • So you're telling me my spit & polish method is wrong?

  • He didn't show a thing he talk to much

  • any tips for cleaning samsungs tvs with their black filter layer or any reflective layer what evers is on top, mines got patches of blue from when ive tried to clean it, tried loads of things to try get it back to "clean" but nothing seems to work

  • DO NOT DO THIS promote TVs like the oleds and say there good for gaming when they get SCREEN BURN

  • I use that cloth who comes with glasses, humid. The best way i know it. That cloth is smoth as fuck.

  • Great idea

  • Tip: Use distilled water because tap water has minerals that can be abrasive. Also tip: Use dish soap (which actually contains abrasives) for tougher stains 😁 Seriously I agree distilled water is a good idea, but don’t use dish soap - use cleaning alcohol ideally with a soft cloth to remove grease then clean with water and buff to remove remaining deposits.

  • That "tiny drop" was HUUUGE!!!

  • Tell me why I should use micro-fiber cloths instead of cotton? I have many guitars that have pristine, glossy, mirror-like finishes. I find that micro-fiber cloths inevitably leave their mirror-like finish hazy due to many very fine scratches caused by the synthetic materials used to make the micro-fiber cloth material. I would NEVER use these cloths on anything I valued. How is micro-fiber right and I'm wrong, because my real-world experience with guitars far more expensive than your flat-screen TV suggests otherwise. I use towels made from old t-shirts that haven't been laundered with detergent, fabric softeners, or other chemicals, & that seems to work pretty well. Thanks for pointing out the many chemicals that SHOULD NOT be used. I find it comical that many "experts" recommend products containing alcohol or ammonia to clean a variety of delicate surfaces, like white-boards that have an acrylic surface for example (TV screen coatings are another example). Alcohol DISSOLVES acrylic and many other coatings as well. Thanks for the video..

  • TVs are so cheap in theese days that i buy new TV every time they get dirty :-)

  • My Dane shakes his jowels and flicks sticky blobs onto the screen.

  • TLDR: search tv cleaner on Amazon, thanks

  • I’m curious would would water from a Brita be distilled enough to use to clean?

  • I use Pledge Electronic Spray and Microfiber cloth. Dennis is right a lot of chemical spray leaves so much residue left behind. A professional Wypall cloth that is soft and doesn't scratch will get it off.

  • This video could've been 3 mins long but oh noo let's speak and speak and speak about nothing to kill time

  • Thank you for this! I didn't know about the distilled water though.... Great work! Keep it up!

  • i would recommend a few drops of photo-flo instead of dish soap

  • I put a tv dust cover on my tv! And when I have to clean it I use eyeglass clothes and then I take a flashlight and then I look at it from a angle then I breathe on it! Like you fog up a window! And then quickly wipe it off one spot at a time? Works great! Yeah it’s time consuming but well worth it 👍

  • I just use warm water and a clean lint-free microfiber cloth. Works perfectly! Uses no chemicals!!!!

  • I've found that a diluted ammonia and water solution on a microfiber cloth gets my Samsung squeaky clean, and removes the oily film that can leave streaks with plain water. After years of use I've never damaged a screen.

  • Unless you live in a house of heathens, you should only have dust on your screen. For me it's a microfiber wipe down once a week, done.

  • Thx, I pray God I didn't damage my tv already. But from now on I know what to use. Glad I still buy distilled water for my car glass after two years since I bought my wheel! xD

  • I keep getting jiz on my screen. Any ideas how to clean.

  • Awesome tips for cleaning TV screen...👍

  • Sprayway cleaner, It's ammonia free and i use it with a microfiber cloth and does a great job

  • Is de-ionised water ok?

  • I've used screed Mom with a micro-fiber cloth. What do you think of that product?

  • This is a great video, you should use this same care when cleaning the touch screen in your car, phone, or other electronic devices.

  • The thing with ''no toiletpaper'' etc , i dont get it. My tv is now 8 years old. Probably older than the most of the tv's from the viewers of this video. And i cant see a scratch on its screen - and yes i used mostly toiletpapers (really: what toiletpaper do you have in the US ? Sandpaper ? ) . And even if there was scratch (lets say i am wrong). Even then... those microscratches (if they arent a lot) arent visible at all when the Tv is used. Sure maybe, if we turn the Tv off, and look in a specific angle against sunlight, than we see some microscratches (maybe!) - but who wants to look on his Tv that way all the time ? So lets say: my Tv has some scratches, and i am just to dumb or blind to see it. Even then , i seems to be that small of an issue that it doesnt affect my experience. And most of the people doesnt have a Tv for more than 8 years anyway - nowadays. Also my Tv was broken (for another issue) few years ago, and i repaired it. Most of the people buy a new Tv if their Tv is broken (and that usually also happens in between 10 years). So yes... sure the recommendations in this video arent wrong - but at that level : unnecessary. And yes, i also get it: not to use glasscleaners - they usually are quiet aggressive - i get it. I use soapy water instead. But another thing : whats the issue with ''tap water'' ... again: where do you live ? xD Do you use golddiggers water or what ? Minerals are usually SOLVED in water , so they dont scratch the surface of the screen. And after cleaning with a dry paper, there isnt anything left for evaporating and ''left the minerals on the screen'' for ''scratching on the next cleaning session'' And even if there would be left something (lets say i am totally nuts about that) : even than : in a normal lifespan of a Tv , and with not to extensive cleaning (are you clean your Tv every day or what ? ) the amount of scratches (if there are any) would be quiet invisible when the Tv is used (again, i doesnt speak about : 'if we angle the Tv to the sunlight, with screen off, the scratches would be visible , blabla) . Your points would be (maybe!) valid, if you plan to have your Tv for 50+ years Toiletpaper btw has the very big advantage : that it comes perfectly clean every time. If someone is using cotton , microfaber etc (usually they have that thing for years - meaning: the risk is quiet high to pick up some dirt or sand particles (only ONE single sandparticle is enough !) , and THAT can indeed scratch your Tv - to an extend that even me (who isnt a snowflake about tv-screens as you read above) would disturbed by it.

  • Caleb, you're the best neighbor I've never had! Thank you for the tips.

  • Question regarding my LG 4k player, some movies are fine and others make a humming sound when I play them? I bought the player new $200 and even a movie was new? then I tried an older blu ray and no humming. I hope to hear from you. Thank you for the review.

  • LPT: Don't throw pizza at your television screen.

  • Recently just got my 4k tv and this helps a lot!😁

  • I had one of the old projection tv's years ago and learnt the hard way not to use windex. I have a tv that is mounted several feet up and somehow it even gets smudges where nobody ever touches it.

  • That's what I've been doing for quite a while now it's so true what he says two micro cloths of different colours one for putting water on and the other taken off, when finished put them in separate plastic bags,

  • Excellent advice! I use isopropyl alcohol aka isopropanol 75% in the little spray bottle. Helps cut the grease and evaporates quickly. Plus it's a disinfectant ☺

  • Use microfiber

  • Thanks! Good video..