Vizio M-Series Quantum (M65Q7-H1) Review | Still the best bang for your buck?

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Vizio has been a value king for years with the M-Series being the value leader in its lineup. However, in a race that now includes great value TVs from TCL and Hisense, does the 2020 M-Series Quantum have what it takes to compete?
We take a deep look at the Vizio M-Series (M65Q7-H1) in this review to see if this 4K QLED TV offers the greatest value for the price.
Vizio M-Series Quantum (M65Q7-H1):
00:00 Intro
01:31 Design
01:51 Remote
02:24 UI/Smartcast
02:56 Sound Quality
03:22 Picture Quality
03:51 Black Levels/Shadow Detail/Blooming
04:42 Color
05:34 Picture Processing
06:05 Motion
06:21 Gaming
07:12 TV Comparisons
07:52 Final Thoughts
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  • Is the m 6 70 inche tv any good?

  • Just purchased this... this review helped me a lot. Thank you

  • If you're basing any TV purchase off it speakers, you need to reevaluate things. You can upgrade the speakers later, you can't upgrade the panel. Pretend none of these have speakers.

  • Will you do the V-seris

  • Mine stopped working after 4 months:/

  • Would this M7 series from vizio match the M6 series specifically the 70 inch one ?

  • Got one Feb 2 watched super bowl on att why does not have on screen display

  • How is the reliability of the Vizio M7? I’m concerned about some reviews regarding needing to reboot, etc. I’m torn between TCL, Hisense and Vizio. Have considered Samsung, but disappointed with lack of features. I currently have older Samsung without any problems for years, but not sure about the comparable brands.

  • What about compared to the Samsung tu8000? I’m torn

  • Great review.....lots of information...thinking about getting this for bed room...55 inch tho using to watch TV & play Xbox One X...what do u think.

  • Hey all- I would stay away from this model if you use external devices for streaming movies (gaming consoles, chromecast, etc.). There are sound issues that Vizio has yet to address. Search the reddit threads about this before purchasing so please research before you are stuck with a problematic television. Some of the complaints go months back with no solution or firmware update fix from Vizio. Search for this: M65Q7-H1 drops/cuts out quiet/ambient sound

  • M-8 is worth it. I know from experience

  • Where's the M8 2020 review??

  • I've had the 55" model of this tv (M55Q7-H1) since the holiday season of 2020, this is the most feature-rich tv you could get then for $499. FALD, AMD Freesync, VRR, ALLM, eARC & 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs (4K@60Hz panel). The display is worth that price alone. Semi-matte finish cuts glare well enough for brightly lit areas, 30 local dimming zones & 600 nits is low compared to others around the $500/$600 range. You will notice blooming when captions and menu text are on black backgrounds. The blacks are surprisingly deep without much crushing. Out of the box display is good. Once you tweak the picture settings it gets great. Keep Active Full Array set to medium, high is a bit aggressive. To enable motion control you must disable VRR in the ProGaming Engine option. Sound is pretty bad, (2x10 Watt speakers) turning volume leveling on makes it louder without cranking it. This is worth the money. The VRR on this set even makes SKYRIM on PS3 move butter smooth.

  • Can you review the better M55q8-h1 the m8 series is the higher end M-series

  • Is that what ur telling me? 4k 60hz, vrr, hdmi 2.1

  • So ur telling me 4k 60hz, vrr, hdmi 2.1?

  • All ik is it was only 450.00 for a tv w a good picture and VRR tech that only Lg and maybe a couple others have the tech but for a BIG price tag. So for 450 it’s a good deal for me. It may not be 120hz but w.e 60 is just fine time being for another couple years. It’s still one of the best cheapest bangs for your buck for a cheaper tv for PS5 which I got it for so I’m happy enough w it. I’m not expecting absolute amazing picture and performance just needs to do what it already offers.

  • Is this the TV sold at Walmart Stores?

    • no. the M6 is. wich has 10 local dimming zones & 400 nits on all sizes.

    • Let me Google that for you and I'll get back.

  • My Vizio just went out of warranty after 1 yr and I am not inclined to buy another but watching your revirw!

  • If you don’t mind me asking what where the problems you where having with your tv I just got this tv and find myself seeing slightly darker lines

  • Only $600 at Best Buy today.

  • Is this the Home Depot ads’ voice over guy?

  • This tv have hdmi 2.1?

  • Can any tv be mounted or is something like this not mountable? Will be waiting to see what comes next over the next few months but am definitely ready to replace my 10 year old plasma. I was reading articles that a person's eyes can only see so much clarity anyway so I think I'd be happy with an HDR 4k for the next decade or so. Don't care about sound or anything, I don't get a tv for the sound.

  • Good video, I was leaning towards the M65Q7-H1 at (garblegarblemumblebigboxstoremumblefnordgarble) and I think this cements it.

  • I hate when they get rid of Slingtv button from remote, same with Roku tv

  • I like the Vizio 4k TVs with Mediatek chipset. These M series TVs seem to have really good performance and they had awesome display at the low cost.

  • Samsung Q6DT vs Hisense R8F vs Vizio MQ7? Looking for a good tv for around the $700 mark. Preferably 55”-65”. Any thoughts? Mostly used for cable tv a lot of sports and streaming movies. Occasional gaming

    • Out of those get the 65 inch r8f

  • Is anyone running into audio issues on devices connected via HDMI? Streaming stuff via native app or Airplay sounds perfect, but when I try to stream content from a Roku or PS4 (or watch a blu-ray) one of the audio channels will seem to "cut out" during quiet moments.

  • I have been waiting months waiting on the Super Bowl sales. I only watch sports and movies; not a gamer. I want to get the best deal around the $600 range. This tv is the top of my list and sales are getting better and better. Is this the right TV or which is better?

  • Does it have crunchyroll?

  • What tv size is the vizio 4k m-series 50 inch or 55 inch ?

  • I really enjoy your presence. You remind me if Tim Heidecker took himself seriously lol. Don't get me wrong, I love Tim and Eric.

  • Him:this tv has the best bang for your buck!her:I'd like to get banged for a buck.

  • Anyone have a suggestion on a tv for console gaming? $700 is my highest price range

    • @Doolin DoHDoH BiRDS nice! I’ll be upgrading from a 50 to a 65 inch next

    • @SaucyX4 • Cool, I been doing some research and thats the one I finally decided on.

    • Tcl 6 55 inch.

  • Torn between this tv and TCL 535. The brightness is appealing but the 535 has better local dimming.

  • Anyone had this TV for more than 3 months and have any thoughts on how its holding up? Been thinking bout getting this but might wait till the 2021 TVs drop. Main concern is just this TVs reliability knowing its Vizio

    • @Yeezus I also had the same concern in regards to it being Vizio, but I’ve had this TV for a few months now and it’s been working perfectly. Mainly use it for Xbox series X and SlingTV and have zero complaints.

  • How much of a difference between Q80t

  • Any one having issues with m series shutting off randomly? My m series is doing this. Only 1 year+ old.

  • It does have vrr, hdmi 2.1, 4k @60hz and allm

  • I have a new Vizio M-656 (Walmart brand). I haven't gone through all the settings yet but the only problem I am having is that even thought I am logged in with my WiFi, it shows I am Disconnected and can't access the other services offered on the remote. Any ideas??

  • Great video and review. I just got mine yesterday. I’m liking mine so far. Only issue I’ve run into is I can’t get the optical cable to fit in properly? It looks different from other ports in that it’s not D shape like I’ve seen before. Could it be my cable is the problem? And yes, I took off the protective caps from the cable. For some reason that was a problem for other people! Lol I’d appreciate any help!

  • Exited for TCL 2021

  • Can you connect a bluetooth speaker to this?

    • Pretty sure

  • I was able to get the 50 inch m series for $298 on cyber monday from costco. I love 4k gaming at 60hz. The only issue is you need a good video card.

    • the video card depends on the games you play, lot of games these days run surprisingly easy, and games from a few years ago dont take a whole lot to hit 4k60

    • @Stephen Voss idk, but I’m not so sure about vizio, might just get sony x900h 55 inch

    • 2.1 yes, VRR yes, 4k@60 yes, whats alim?

    • Does it have hdmi 2.1 and vrr and allm and 4k @60hz?

  • Thank you for posting. I picked up a Vizio M 48” (????) 4K right just as HDR was starting to be announced. I would rate my old model for it’s day about how you rated this Vizio today. My Vizio is right before HDR hit, so I’ll be upgrading to new 4K 2022 probably to go with my Panasonic 4K Blu Ray player. I probably won’t get Vizio again (nothing against them) but move directly to LG’s OLED of what ever type is better HDR real world at that point. When I got my Vizio it was $499 vs LG’s OLED at $1,899 for same size and better image quality. Adjusting the Vizio tv’s with a set up dvd is really helpful, tweaking dimming sections and brightness. It’s decent cheap. I had to buy something due to insurance time limit from a fire and loss of house, but yes I always 2nd guessed my choosing a Walmart Vizio vs a LG OLED even though it was about 3x as much. The new and next gen OLED or Q or what ever promise to be far better.. and honestly with what I saved 5 years ago on my Vizio just about pays for a new LG OLED... and that will be a better LG than I could get 5 years ago.. so yeah, I’m ok with thumb “UP” for Vizio.

  • My recently purchased Vizio MQ8 is flashing at the bottom of the screen randomly. This happens consistently while scrolling through apps on the prime stick and at random when watching content on all other platforms including local antenna TV. I'm wondering if I received a damaged TV or is this a common problem with this series. It seems like if I turn the active full array to low or off this resolves the problem mostly. Has anyone else experienced this with their Vizio M Series?

  • Im excited to see what vizio brimgs to the table with their quantum colors or even possible gen 2 of their oled

  • Is this better for gaming than the TCL 5 Series?

  • Would like to see the review of Panasonic oled flagship jz2000

  • I'm glad that Vizio went with that kind of remote. Not fond of the voice command thing. Vizio is the least smart of the bunch, which is to say the least intrusive. Sometimes you just want a TV, just a TV. Which is something impossible to get now days. If you want a really good display you have to accept all the bells and whistle. Some TV won't even let you opt out. Either accept the Google terms or don't use the TV. Getting a new TV soon and it'll probably be a Vizio or an LG. My experience with both has be very good.

  • For OTA users: Newer models are tuner-free. "If you use an external antenna to watch free local channels, you will need a separate tuner adapter to connect your antenna to the display. There are several alternate TV Tuner/Antenna set‑top‑box solutions available for purchase from various 3rd party manufacturers. VIZIO SmartCast™ P‑Series, M‑Series and most E‑Series models are tuner‑free displays."

    • Not a terrible thing because OTA tuners are switching from atsc 1.0 to atsc 3.0. Atsc 1.0 boxes are $30 or less now.

  • It is better to get the M8?

    • @John I knew that. But money wise i have to go with that vizio just for now. When I get the series X I will upgrade

    • Get sony x900h or lg cx or Samsung Q80T, these 3 top top top top best for 2020-2021

  • Vizio is ass. Lg, Sony, and Samsung are the only TVs worth buying

  • can I have your recommended settings please starting at calibrated mode thanks :)

  • I have the 55 m7 and it's flawless the only weak spot for me is hdr could be better.but gaming is good 4k 60 is flawless.this is a decent mid range tv for 430$ at best buy

    • i got the 50m7 for $298 at great for me.

  • How can you do a review of a tv and not tell me the input and output ports???

  • The picture sucks Tried to make adjustments and still looks bad I have a tv that’s not 4K and it looks better than this tv Don’t buy this tv people

    • @ChickenThotPiez play2mute1

    • @Enrique Reyes i had that same issue when i first got my tv you just have to toy with the settings alot. Do u have a psn account or twitter? I can walk u thru some settings

    • @ChickenThotPiez how would I change the red colors that appear washed up faded almost like the color fuchsia?

    • Just because you're too brain dead to properly calibrate your tv doesn't mean everyone else is. I bought this tv 3 weeks ago and it looks phenomenal.

  • where is the media console from??

  • until u bring the Vizio home & start to have software/hardware problems and with connecting to ur Xbox One X lol, good luck. ohh yeah input lag for gaming is shiit too, your welcome 😂💙💜❤️💟

    • Lol you kids tripping out of all the budget brands Vizio has the best picture quality routinely a lot depends on year and model obviously... I got my vizio m series 2019 g558 and it's beautiful it looks better than my two thousand dollar samsung qled 😂 got it for 500 on Christmas last year the newer Vizio's have everything needed for gaming including 2.1,hdr 10, hdr 10+, Dolby Atmos, VRR all of it sure they had some problems getting everything running smooth but that always happens with new tech LG has had the same issues if not worse in their 3 thousand dollar tvs if you want to spend a thousand and under and get great picture quality vizio is the way to go you can get an OLED for 900 or a qled for 500 now if you want the best of the best and money is no issue go with sony and drop 2-3 grand for the best

    • Gaming is not shit, just the picture quality and stuff

  • That scene was annoying loud. I had to cut to sound down from -20 to -30. After the movie ended had a slight headache.

    • @Will Thorson I have the movie in 4k my sissy ears couldn't take the bass. 😂🤣

    • From watching a AR-one video? about fragile...

  • BTW that one retailer that carries the other model [MQ8] is walmart.

    • @Safari joe well that's two places now

    • Nope just saw it on Amazon

  • I'm actually excited to see what Panasonic has to show at CES. Been awhile since their TVs have been available for the consumer market in the US. And Panasonic have always been my go to for purchasing a quality long lasting TV. I settled with Sony last year, it's good, but wish a Panasonic option was available to compare.

  • I'm still leaning toward a 55" TCL 5 series......because of bang for buck and also needing to upgrade my 12 year old Pioneer AVR so the HDMI connections and pass through support 4K. Upgrading to an Xbox series X costs way more than just the console! Lol

  • What about the m8

  • What's the exact price of this tv

    • On best buy for an 65 inch, it goes for $699 i think and for 70 inch it goes for $799

  • Want to see Vizio M series Q7 with TCL 6 series

  • Who picks your music? They should be fired.

  • Just ordered the m55q7 h1 for my daughter Hope she likes it Getting it mounted too thru best buy. I looked at the Tcl 6 series Hisense h8g and h9g amd the q70t. I dont trust Hisense and Tcl and the q70t is ridiculously over priced so I went with the Vizio. Again I hope she likes it and I hope she gets a good panel.

  • This or the TCL 5 series 2020? theres only a $40 price difference where i'm at.

    • This. the tcl 5 series is lacking a lotttt compared to this model even the 6 series unless mini led is really that much of a plus for you

  • Absolutely garbage. Mine had to be returned the same day! Bad panel! Grabbed a Sony for a little more $$.

  • Nahh I got the m series quantum something 2020 and let me say this, that tv is not real 4K or hdr. Looks horrible on ps4 pro

    • @Naraj 85 oh

    • @John nahhh the tv is bad. I have a ps5 and it still doesn’t look right so yhhhh

    • Ofc it’s ps4 pro mate, this is for ps5, we talking about next gen

  • Just upgraded from the m55q7-h1 to the Sony x900h 55. I wasn't sure it was going to be worth the 💰 to upgrade but I was shocked. The Vizio is a great tv, so I will be keeping it but I am glad I have the Sony now. I would still DEFINITELY recommend the Vizio to anyone on the fence. Amazing value for the money 🤑

    • @Eric Coleman Yeah, all of the Sony tvs look nice, I went with the x900h because I was one of the lucky few to get a ps5.

    • @Eric Coleman I agree with the budget concerns. The Vizio is a great value at it's price.

    • I ordered the x800h 75in but havent received it yet. Its going to be a family room tv and the x950 or x900 will be living room tv

    • Price dif is crazy though If on a budget get the vizio

  • I can still see KEF speakers set up in your test environment. Are they playing up well?

  • Why do these tvs have hdmi 2.1 but it says that they are only 60hz?

  • All the Costco reviews for this model are super negative, I went with the H8G

    • @john schriver oh lmao it arrived cracked, I got the H9G and it had horrible banding and a few dark pixels, I got the Sony x950h. 10/10

    • How r u liking the h8g

  • So excited to see the price drops that we see. I'm buying a house and want to upgrade all of my tvs. My newest tv right now is 6 years old so the upgrade is needed

    • the only tv in my house is 15, but my laptop is only about 3 (and high end for the time) so im fine with holding out a while longer lol

  • Under $700...damn

    • Not expensive enough? Get the 70 inch, $799

  • I think bang/buck is absolutely the Vizio MQ8

  • I can’t wait for CES!

  • So it’s confirmed, the latest LG update decreases GAMEMODE brightness by 100 nits, DONT UPDATE your LG OLED!!!

  • I wished your review came out before the end of BestBuy's promotion on this TV :(

  • Sucks you never did a video on the Samsung TU8000

  • I think that Vizio is an unreliable brand and I don't trust their product. A great example is this review which took some time because the TV Was not performing "as it should" due to "shipping damage"...🤔🤔🤔 I will choose the Hisense or the TCL over Vizio. But between TCL and Hisence, I will take Hisence because the TCL suffers from dirty screen effect and Hisense has the advantage on this since their TV has way better uniformity on their display panel.

  • I own it & it’s definitely the best for the money... I connected a smart Sony 4K blue ray player to get the apps they the tv didn’t have

    • Yes we do,it’s our main tv in the living room... it peaks out at 600 nits & had no issues with it...I purchased it about 3 months ago & it hasn’t had a break,runs almost 24/7! We had a TCL 5 series (2018 model)prior to this one,but the Vizio beats it in every way... I agree that Sony is the better tv but don’t know if it’s double the price better... if you got the money to spend for the Sony then I would for sure get that one... I wished I had the money to have bought the nano90 for my game room & the 65” version for the living room,but I did get the best tv for the money with the Vizio!

    • @Grady Hamilton do u still have ur vizio? How bright is it and etc...?

    • I’m gonna stick with sony x900H, I’m getting one the 55 inch, I don’t trust the vizio Tv

    • I’ll give it a 8 out of 10 for gaming & yes all of those work using it with my Xbox one X,but we mainly use it for movies... I game on a 55” LG Nanocell 90 & I give that a 10 out of 10 for gaming, but it cost a lot more then 65” MQ7

    • How is it for gaming? Rate it and also does it have hdmi 2.1, vrr, allm, 4k @60hz?

  • I’ve had my M7 for 2 months and I love it. Great value tv to pair with my Ps5 😎.

    • @Juice Box input lag is within 25ms I wouldn’t compare it with a tv twice as expensive If you compare to anything within its price range it’s hands down the winner.

    • as long as ur happy, just don’t compare with quality brands & u be in heaven even with shiit input lag but that’s ok sony games mainly single player :))))))))

  • He's got 2 videos in a row about Vizio, a company I never heard of, and certainly people outside the US, don't have access to. Wish he put his thought on what 2021 OLED panels would bring and about Mini-Led, rather than review cheap, unknown TV company models from 2020, in 2021.

  • I bought the 50inch Vizio M for my Dads bedroom. I liked it so much I bought the same for me in my bedroom. Don't use Smartcast, I have 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro plugged in.

    • I’m getting the 70 inch

    • Does it have 4k @60hz, hdmi 2.1, vrr, allm and hdr?

  • I'm on my second Vizio 65-in TV that the light bars are going bad in "the LED strips" I would not recommend a Vizio TV not if you plan on keeping it for more than 2 years

    • Maybe luck of the draw. I still have my old 2013 m55 going strong in my son's room. Still looks great but itching to upgrade lol

    • @dodgeguyz I actually watched the videos and I took the TV apart just to see what it entailed the one that went completely out anyways I could do it but it just seems like such a hassle you're not wrong though you are correct

    • chrono2959 I looked up repairing these, and I can do it myself. LED strips are about $120. If you can do it yours of its worth it. I gave it to my daughter who watches it with no complaints. So for now I'm leaving it. And a 40" smart TV only cost around $300 or so dollars. So I really don't know if it's worth it.

    • @dodgeguyz mine is the third or fourth one down on the left side

    • I have 4 Vizios now. I only had an issue with our second one where one of the LED strips went out after I moved it off a wall to another wall. It's still watchable, but has a dark spot in the middle of the screen. I see no issues with these TV's

  • I got one in November and I'm happy with it for the price. It was less than the TCL 5 series and H8G so it seems like the best value currently. The picture on my H9F is noticably better, however, the Vizio OS runs alot better and isn't buggy.

  • I wish you would've elaborated as to why you prefer this tv so much more over the H8G as you've had plenty of videos saying it was a good tv.

  • you've been talking of the android OS tv, web OS but what of Aptoide TV?

  • What show?

  • Impressive, good insights. This may be my choice for a replacement everyday tv.

  • 2021 CES TV Coverage? How about spending more time on models you can actually buy at a retail store that are under 5 figures. If you do another piece on Samsung's damn wall TV I might throw up. Unless Samsung is selling a 75" micro LED model that you can buy at a retailer for less than $10k then skip it! I'm not saying that's affordable but at least it would be a start. As for evaluating black levels the usual samples you use are poor at evaluating black control IMO. Hint: smaller specular highlights in challenging low ABL scenes.

  • Sorry but vizio is junk Always riddled with issues You never mentioned the horrible viewing angles And how can you recommend the TV that needs professional calibration to be watchable with flickering issues and horrible sound No actual examples of performance leaves me very skeptical And to say this is better than the h8G is kind of ridiculous since I have the h8g it surpasses everything about the Visio Except for they gaming features which only a tiny minority would really care about.

  • Why would you take Vizio M series over Hisense H8G even though H8G is brighter?

  • Review the V series

  • Nice job Caleb!