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The LG G1 OLED evo is so loaded up with tech and features, we couldn't get through all of it in one review. In this deep dive, see what the G1 evo OLED offers plus higher brightness.
See part 1 of the LG G1 OLED review here: ar-one.info/down/n6W1mNd2i6aj38w/fydyw.html
LG G1 Available Here: www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-oled65g1pua-oled-4k-tv
Read the written review here: www.digitaltrends.com/tv-reviews/lg-g1-gallery-series-oled-tv-review-oled65g1pua/
In our studio:
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00:00 - Intro
1:20 - Picture Settings
4:19 - What is OLED evo
6:39 - New WebOS
7:10 - Game Optimizer
10:31 - Dolby Vision
Music: artlist.io/Digital-142302
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  • G1 or C1 Or CX??

  • Love the dual reviews. I waited on buying in 2020 so I’m looking to buy this year and watching all the reviews help. The LG G1 wasn’t on my radar and now I’m seriously considering it.

  • Haha. It's all fun and games until you try and install this tv. Ugg.. LG needs to work on that recessed mount. Good work Caleb...

  • Can a Sonos Arc Soundbar sit in front of the LG G1 OLED tv when using the table top legs? Will it block the bottom of the tv?

  • What is bandwidth on this tv for hdmi 2.1port is it 48 gbps or 40 gbps as cx oled?

  • Where would I get the legs from.

  • If there were subtitles in different languages, it would be cool, the fact is that in the USA the technology comes out faster than in other countries

  • What's the bandwidth for the HDMI ports? 40 or 48 GBPS?

  • Oddly specific request, but the “Battle of Winterfell” episode of Game of Thrones you mentioned, could you report how it looks on this set? I have the 4K UHD Blu-ray, but saving this episode for when I upgrade my TV. From all accounts the episode sings on an HDR OLED Set with UHD Blu-ray. Would love to hear your impressions of the episode, and maybe use it as a test for future reviews? Seems to be the biggest difference for a scene viewed as the creators intended as far as black levels and HDR.

  • G1 I'm all in

  • Is burn in still a concern with this TV?

  • Yes I love these deep dives!

  • Just picked up an 77” LG G1....does anyone know of the LG stand (legs) for the 77” LG GX will work for the LG G1?


  • @DigitalTrends I need some help please! I bought an LG GX Gallery Design OLED AI ThinQ. I do not see the newer version of WebOS and I also do not see the Gaming Optimizer Dashboard on my menu. Does that mean those are only going to be in the EVO series? I read online that all LG TVs from 2021 will have the Gaming Optimizer Dashboard. However I cannot see it. I am doing something wrong as far as settings go? Or do I just not have the correct GX model for the newer WebOS and the Gaming Optimizer Dashboard? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

  • For me, if there's more info I'm happier, so keep doing double vids if there's legitimate need for it! Thanks for all the great info!

  • I love it, thank you CD Please do it for a90j and for your coming reviews (xj95 65inch on June)

  • Are the feet you used on the G1, the same ones you used for the GX?

  • Are there any good 4k 32" TVs for Sale?

  • That gaming feature is really comprehensive and impressive, quite curious to see how it stacked against Game Bar feature in the Neo QLED this year ...

  • Many of us play games more than watching movies, or shows. So it looks like LG has everything a gamer wants. The creators need to understand what we want to see, or else Dolby Vision will die. 😀✌️

  • Great video as always!! I want to see a comparison between the G1 and the C1. I want to know if the “evo” panel is worth the additional cost.

  • Anyone knows if the new (2021)magic remote works on the CX 2020 version ??

  • yes I really like these videos, do you know the difference between the lg g1 and the lg c1 because it is cheaper but does it have the same quality.

    • Also brighter too

    • Besides the better panel, the G1 also have the ATSC 3.0 (NextGen TV) tuner.

    • G1 has the new EVO panel while C1 does not. HDR can pop more on the G1. That’s a really simple answer and there’s more that goes into it but yeah lol.

  • what about dolby vison games?

  • When will you have the LG C1 to review?

  • Have you done a review on LG nano cell?

  • Where can I buy a 77” LG G1 in the US? Do you know roughly when it will be available?

  • Great video. Really want to get this G1 I think. Sadly LG wants money for it, so I am going to have to save for a bit.

  • It seems to me that G1’s brightness and picture quality is TOTALLY SAME GX.....EVO panel Its all about Sales TACTIC...They are Kidding us...

  • Please review the 2021 Samsung Frame TV

  • Yes keep making these extra review videos. Thanks

  • When does the Lg G1 come out???

  • Would this tv be worth it over the Cx/gx?

  • Yo!!!! Which one is better for videos games cx or G1? I don’t care about movies cause I only play video games

  • Sony has more greyish green tint

  • Yay for the 2 video review/deep dive review

  • Does he stand on the GX Feet? I can‘t find any feet for the G1.

  • Sony oled A90J is better!

  • Lol and that’s a politician ?

  • ‘See enemies in shadows’ a feature I have never used ever in 30 years of gaming

  • Great stuff!! Thanks!!

  • What are those white tower speakers?

  • Caleb Are they kef speaker's that you have and did you review them?

  • Do deep Sony A90J dive review

  • Better than Panasonic JZ2000?

  • Well done Caleb!!

  • Years later and still no panasonic reviews, they invented the bright oled, and can be bought at at least one store, yet you refuse to review or even mention them?

    • @Michelle Alexandria Actually they have been on sale for a while, but from one particular seller. Which I and many have pointed out for a while, and in many of the virtual reveals and what not panasonic is there, showing their brighter technology, studio tie ins and what not, and other channels at least mention them, this one acts like they do not exist at all. Even if he cannot get one on loan, he could at least mention they exist and are available in extremely limited quantities. But it's all good. I will continue to suggest he at least give them a mention, each time the CES, and other events come around, where there is clearly a panasonic booth, as he mentions other products that are not available in the USA from time to time. And I am not the only one saying this.Take care.

    • He's a US based reviewer and Panasonic doesn't sell TVs in the US. Not that difficult to understand. It's not an issue of his "refusing" to talk about. They aren't worth mentioning if he can't get one, nor a large portion of his target audience can't either. So go whine to Panasonic about not making their TVs available in the States. And no, ONE small store in the US that has a couple of OLD panels doesn't count.

  • Will the new WebOs be coming to 2020 LG OLEDs ?

  • Would love to see this side by side against the CX.

  • When is the actually release date? Hell, I meant available date. I want to get one but still can't at the moment.

  • Great tv and presentation,can you present us the new Philips oled ambilight with anti burn tech..

  • Yep and yep. Love the deep dive and more incline to get this tv.

  • side topic, but does anyone know where is that tv cabinet is from?

  • Can you do a LG G1 vs Samsung QN90A review

  • I don’t want a TV that I constantly have to piss around with settings and jack with different modes. Same reason I don’t game on a PC. I have an Xbox series X currently hooked up to a Samsung KS 8000, that still looks great by the way. I absolutely never change the settings. I have never felt like I needed to. In fact I don’t even know where the remote is at. Everything is played or streamed through the Xbox and it all looks fantastic. BUT it will only do 4K 60fps and none of the new gaming tech. I want to upgrade but it needs to be the Right TV for Me!!!

    • who says you have to? LG TVs have a lot of different Presets you can just go with. No one is forcing you to constantly change settings just because you can. Having the option to tweak the picture anyway you want to is a GOOD thing.

  • Caleb, has the LAN port been upgraded to gigabit speeds or is LG still using a 100mb/sec port?

  • I like the deep dive video's . Keep it going.

  • Do you know if the 65" gx stand fits the g1? I can't find a g1 stand anywhere including the LG site.

  • Do i get the new G1 or last years GX with the new klipsch 1200 soundbar? Or do I not need a sound bar?

  • I have the oled cx just thinking is it worth me upgrading is there enough gain and difference

  • Great review as always, one question...how am I best mounting this tv on a cabinet as I don’t want to wall mount it, what stands would u recommend??? Thank you

  • Deep dive mate are you serious ?

  • Quick question with the game optimizer and series x. So with the optimizer having the option for free sync, should it be turned on within the game optimizer or just let the Xbox handle it straight through VRR?

  • LG C1 vs G1 comparison, coming soon??? Love the content.

  • I cannot stand the many unpolished settings and unrealistic options that LG markets. How many hundreds of videos there are about bad and broken options for LG this past year? I realized why Sony has so few options and so very few claims to VRR etc for gaming or whatnot. They do not work. I fear G1 will be just as gimmicky as the CX series was. I bought a x950H last year as it kept more color, motion and picture quality things vs other panels which i could have afforded. Disappointed in the programmers for LG and the gimmicks. Love the panels though and G1’s aesthetics for the space i want to put it in.

  • Yellowstone

  • Thanks for sharing...👍👍 to the deep dive

  • My only question would be why would you show that CM clip that looks awful on every TV just on the LG G1 review when you didn't show it on the A90J. It gives the impression the G1 is worse than it actually is. Showing that clip only showcases that sometimes the quality of your TV doesn't matter if the content itself is poorly shot. Otherwise solid review.

  • I have the G1 for two weeks now and some times the pictures are amazing. The menu is outdated imo. Why isn't there an smartphone/iPad app where ALL the relevant (customisable?) menu items are displayed. It's like a difficult windows menu. The AI is fickle. When motion smoothing there is a lot of ringing around moving parts/stationary parts of the picture. Also, sounds can lag or picture can lag due to picture AI porcessing. I wonder how the A90J will perform. Hope I haven't made the wrong descision.

  • Good video CALEB.gamers should be happy with this suped up CX from last year. This is a more elegant TV too bad people have to pay 100.00 for the floor stand easel.

  • Hi Caleb. I really enjoyed this deep dive into the LG G1. Thank you taking the time to really get into what this tv can do.

  • Just looking at the TV I can't even see one thing in the scene that just too dark

  • Would like to see a Samsung qn90a deep dive, but I'm guessing it will be your usual less than thrilled Samsung critique.

  • Still not available in USA literally only 1 more day of March for the "March release"

  • Yes Caleb like the idea of 3 videos - unboxing/setup, review, and deep dive. Looking forward to the A90J deep dive.

  • Please make a comparison lg g1 vs samsung qn95a

  • Thank you for taking a deeper than usual look.

  • C1 vs CX vs C9 would be great to see how much Oled improves in 3 years

  • I can't even imagine creators wanting such dark picture. They do know, I hope that it's a VISUAL medium not an audio-book.

  • Does anyone know what TV stand this is? Or one of a similar style? Thank you

  • At first I thought ur name was cable later I realized it is Caleb 😅😅😅 😆🤣😂LOL Sorry Man

  • Great deep dive. Very helpful

  • It’s maybe 15% better then cx/gx , they use the same panel with the same processor only new software . I don’t know why u say it’s a new viewing experience. Stop bulshiting people.

  • what nonsense you are spreading. How is it possible that so many people subscribe to you ..?

  • Vt60 any day ova that!

  • I’ll get the 65”

  • You’ve totally sold me on this TV with al your videos. My issue is that LG show’s the TV comes in 3 sizes, but I can’t seem to find the 77” version anywhere. I’m literally ready to go out and spend the $4,299 on this TV so I can move my Samsung QLED from my home theater to my living room. Do you know if there is a delay or if they decided not to release that size? The other two sizes are everywhere.

  • Dear myself, you have owned the LG CX, one of the best TV in 2020. Don't get FOMO of this LG G1 with evo panel. Haha

  • What you recommend for the price a cx or g1?

  • Yes!!! Do 2 videos like this!

  • A90j deep down plz

  • Review the C1 please

  • is the oled evo also burn the screen

  • Missed opportunity for saying “ghost in the shell”

  • Great info. Splitting it into 2 videos was a good idea.

  • Great content. Thank you

  • Definitely appreciate the deep dive videos. Would also like comparison videos with last year’s models.

  • Makes the best TV reviews

  • multiple videos are better for more in detail review 👍