This TV just changed my life | Ultimate Gaming, Entertainment (Apr 1, 2021)

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I've discovered a TV that takes entertainment and gaming to the next level. I don't like to use the term game changer, but this piece of home entertainment kit certainly earns that description. Check out my review of my new favorite TV.
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BDI Corridor Media Console:
KEF Q750 Floorstanding Speakers:
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    • ہ نمےدń7 ujiuuiu

    • Nice one :) It has made me think about something else. I have never seen a review pitting a previous years top'ish model against this years mid'ish model. Like a Sony 950G against this years X80J. Its would be a review that could possibly show what improvements the year has brought and possibly make a few of us look at last years model in a better light (npi). An interest piece when your time allows. A spec sheet throwdown. Are things really "that" better. Thanks for your site and I am one that has subscribed.

    • I was ready to pull the trigger on one of these, but, to my surprise, no affiliate link in your description! 🙄🤦‍♂️😤 Lol, great one! 🤣

    • Lm*o

  • I remember having one of those yellow ones and I cut the speaker wire and wired it to a car 6”x9 in a box 🤣

  • Damn I'm late to the party 😂 This is so good and this is how April Fool video should be done. Thanks for the good laugh 😌

  • pwning noobs since 1990 with this kind of baby.

  • This is a good video. Thank you.

  • Damn u got me 2 weeks late

  • The "April 1, 2021" in parenthesis was a dead giveaway that this one was going to be

  • Finally a color tv review ! My black and white tv is soooo 2020's

  • In 2005 I bought my first TV a 27" Toshiba Color CRT + DVD + VHS combo for $250. I was stoked.

  • I should have hit that notification bell. i didn't see this video until April 12th

  • This video is brilliant! You know these are going to be a hot commodity now..

  • 🤣🤣 love it more vids like this

  • 😂 thanks Caleb.

  • I didn't realise why you were plucking with us until I saw the date and read your comment. Don't pluck with us gain, I hate feathers.

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  • I love the perfect seriousness with this review. Made it even funnier.. Subscribed.

  • Came across this while half asleep and was so confused I nearly puked before I worked it out.

  • Vhs tv LoL 😅

  • He even got the yellow NES, this amazing.

  • Lmao troll

  • Lmao I actually clicked on this because I'm looking for a new gaming TV. I was like 🤣

  • I heard rumors at the next CES they will be introducing a flying erase head.

  • This was the best lol

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 great April fools day vid

  • Wow I'm upset 😡. I just saw this video and it's already sold out everywhere 😭.


  • Ahh yeah a90j changed my life

  • actually tvs like this last for years not like the so called overpriced garbage we have now///

  • I still have that tv xD

  • Absolutely brilliant.

  • Still better than any modern Samsung TV

  • I still have 3 of them, a 13”, 24” and my favourite a JVC 27” dedicated to watching old shows like the X-Files in dvd format. These televisions never die, the 24” is used everyday for watching the news in the background for the past 20 years. My main tv is not a tv but a 1080p video projector from Epson. Never bought a smart tv. I have 2 smaller LCD tv in bedrooms and frankly they don’t look nearly as nice as the CRTs.

  • Totally got me 🤣

  • it took me 31 years of time travel to watch this tv review, sales assistant are not very helpful to give me more information about this tv

  • Its funny because my crt collection facebook group actually thinks like this and not just that they're good for what they were designed for :P

  • I hate you, lol

  • Crazy how the picture looks better than alot of led 4k HD tvs

  • Funny, but it actually points at possible content I would really enjoy: reviews of classic TVs!

  • Lol. Perfect.

  • Best part for this master piece is the price!

  • Finally, something to spend my life savings worth for.

  • Amazing. LCD tv had a dvd player built into the side. Way back in the day

  • I love how portable it is. That Nintendo has some yellow to it

  • Can you do a comparison video between this and the LG G1? I’m stuck and I don’t know which one to choose.

  • Mine got a burn in after 30 years...

  • Laser disc!

  • Memory

  • I about died when he straight-faced "as the entertainment centerpiece of your den'

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  • I hope you review a SONY Trinitron 😃

  • Oled is officially dead

  • That Nintendo looked like he left it at his aunt’s house that smokes 2 packs a day, gross

  • Oh my!!! It even had color??? That fluffy bulkiness makes it stick out when mounted on the wall huh? If it had a Video 2000 player it had been prrfekt! Bit you have to have dreams. Cheers!👍

  • Joke or not, I want it

  • I dont watch TV, been looking for a good TV and clicked on this. Love it DT, but low key F you. Happy April fools

  • ngl, you had me in the first part 😂

  • Zack Snyder be like:

  • Loving the nicotine stained Nintendo. How very chic lol

  • Need that tv. , top of the line

  • Is it a joke or??????

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  • Somebody got jokes. Nice nod to Airwolf. That was my jam back in the days.

  • Digital Foundry approved

  • I forgot it was April fools! I just figured this was a tech reviewers humor showing out! Got it.! You do a great job thing I always want to know more about is the upscaling features of a tv, as I love watching shows and movies from 40s thru 70s. Could you go more into how well the upscaling actually works on older content? Thanks!

  • Hahaha nice Caleb!! Great April fools!!!!!

  • I think my favorite feature might be the “HD Antenna”.

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  • No hdmi 2.1? No sale.

  • RETRO :)

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  • And here i was. Thinking it was a new Oled tv

  • Sony Tri color with the Flat Screen next please. 😄

  • This was so great! I loved how excited Caleb was with it, the completely 'extra' b roll and overall script was really well done!

  • I would like to see a comparison of Toshiba MV13N3 and Sony a90j.

  • I had a similar one from Philips

  • ::Slow clap:: God bless you. Lol. Hilarious... And I watched the whole thing.

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  • Movie rentals from Albertsons gives me more nostalgia than Blockbuster.

  • Time travel does exist. This reviewer just landed with his TV from the 1980s.

  • Well at one point in my life a TV like this did change my life. Jokes aside, somehow I'm feeling grateful.

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  • Could you add an Amazon affiliate link, please? Looking to take this year to a whole new level.

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  • Caleb, this is your best review to date. Next I’d love to see your review of the more portable Audiovox VBP2000. 5” LCD screen with VHS player and car plug adapter.

  • These kids don’t know what they were missing out on back then!

  • Now you did it that I actually want one took me back to the good old 90s days where if you own a Nintendo and a TV with VCR you where popular amount your middle school friends just love this video 🔥

  • Lol wonderful April's fool! Amazingly, i still have a similar model Tv like that one except that is by Phillips. I also still have that same Nintendo system too. Every Christmas, my adult children will come over and we will hook up the nintendo to our TV and they relive their childhood playing mario bros and other games. Keep up the great work Caleb!!!

  • pioneer laser disc please

  • Gold

  • April fools

  • HA HA! This is awesome! This TV/VCR Combo used to be the bomb 30 years ago!

  • What we would all get if the government gave out "free tvs"

  • That Nintendo looks like mines. Lol old n crusty

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  • Lol, love April Fools video, review the Sony GVS-50 Video Walkman next year!!!! But yeah, CRT has the best features of microLED with the tragic downsides of well, being a tube. KInd of amazing how tubes are simultaneously the best and worst displays ever 😂

  • When are they gonna be available in my area?