QLED vs. OLED | Samsung QN90A Neo QLED vs. LG C1 OLED

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We're back with our annual battle pitting QLED vs. OLED. This year, it's the Samsung QN90A QLED vs. the LG C1 OLED with the Samsung packing some mini-LED backlight heat. Is it possible Samsung's new Neo QLED could topple LG's long-standing OLED this year? Let's find out!
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02:52 Sound Quality
03:51 Picture Quality
06:46 Gaming
08:07 Which TV is better?
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  • Now do the QN900a vs C1 because the QN900 is really samsung's flagship TV. They kind of made their 4K line the step child.

  • So LG is still better

  • Yeah. I‘m waiting until mini led is the standard. Oled might be amazing but the whole burn in and brightness loss isn’t worth the price for an oled at all.

  • Just bought the QN90A & pissed. I just sold my 2019 Samsung Q70R & regret it. This QN90A has a blotchy distorted picture right out of the box when watching bluray 1080p from my laptop. My old samsung was beautiful and 2 years older. Pathetic. Even when watching a 4k youtube video, the reds punch with over saturated blotchy I can't believe people are giving this thing great reviews. I'm so pissed, I'm going to make my own review channel after this. I'm tired of being ripped off by these companies and wasting our time. A TV 2 years older like the Q70R should NOT be blowing this tv out of the water. And even it's a bad panel which I doubt, these companies should be quality controlling before shipping. Now I have to spend another day packing this junk up & bring it back to best buy.

  • This samsung or the q90t?

  • Oled

  • Sony A8h Oled

  • kinda hard to take away from this because he is so oled bias but that just my opinion

  • I can't wait until micro-led panels are in mass production... all the benefits of OLED with none of the negatives. As someone with an LG C7 with some burn in, I don't want to risk another OLED panel, but I can't go back to LED with all of the black level and blooming problems they have.

  • Watching from Indonesia

  • I always watch Netflix with living room light turned off so my choice is OLED. Thanks a lot for very informative comparison!

  • Dear Mr. Denison, Did you notice the bloming of QN90A TV increase at different viewing angle?

  • Only PS5 so don't care about 100x hdmi ports i'll never use.. only need that one.

  • Review Sony Bravia XR pls

  • QN90A Neo QLED.

  • Do you listen to Chon and Polyphia!?

  • But burn-in?

  • I choose LG OLED!

  • I'm a samsung guy, have been for many years.. i have been look at the new 8k QN900A 75".. for me the LG always have had a dark tone to it that i dont like

  • So now me getting a new tv is based around hiw long my remote lasts!? U can keep your tv and remoe and shoeve it!

  • Brightness is cool and all, but in my experience when watching a Dolby Vision movie or series on Netflix on my 65XF90. That tv is half the brightness of this Samsung. I turned brightness down a bit. I think OLED is the way to go if you like watching movies and series and yeah Samsung doesnt support Dolby Vision

  • What about the C1 vs QN95A? The European QN95A fixes the major complaint you had about the lack of HDMI 2.1 ports, and has the one connect box for a clean look. I want to upgrade my C7 to a HDMI 2.1 model for next-gen gaming but I am so torn between getting a new OLED or trying out these new Mini LEDs. OLEDs are amazing in a dark room, but the reflection and lack of brightness makes it hard to watch it in a bright room. Maybe the QN95A would be more balanced and well suited for both settings...

  • Bias again - why no mention of the Samsung game dashboard or game settings? Black levels in gaming are NOT the most important in gaming, brightness and greyscale count. Ive looked at both TVs in the store and the LG is better analytically but the Samsung is more emotive and immersive due to the brightness with the dark blacks offset by intense specular highlights that only a high nit count provides. Luminosity on the Samsung is greater with broader colours and saturation.

  • What if you need a very bright gaming TV?

  • I think Samsung buying Oled panels from LG because "Samsung Display" doesn't meet "Samsung Electronics" requirements answeres quite a lot of questions and "debate"

  • 3:26 the CHON cameo was highly unexpected but extremely welcome

  • I'm curious, I've watched a lot of your videos, you have nice KEF tower speakers in the room, yet you always talk about soundbars. I'm just wondering why?

  • Excellent review, however not a single word on burn-in risk on the Oled.

  • So Samsung ditched that connect box thing which was industry leading

  • My 3 month old 65 inch CX is stunningly great, and I’m plenty picky! Perhaps this can help some people out there.

  • The disadvantage of this TV (neo qled)is that due to the aggressive and excessive number of dimming zones there is a loss of detail, in fact it cannot express white dots on a black background, this is a critical issue ..

  • Pure clickbait, I thought it's side-by-side comparison! Pointless when you don't see them side-by-side

  • Hdr = brightness and color volume. The 49” Sony X950H i have shows actual hdr. I would go for that Samsung but it lacks Dolby Vision. So annoying. Would get it in 65” today for my den. Awaiting the x95J from sony. Might have to go for the a90j at 55” if x95j falls flat.

  • Great comparison

  • C1 vs a90j pls!

  • I’ve qn95a 65 inch. Because brighntess and gaming with 4 hdmi 2.1 ports. After that tv im going into microleds.

  • And no talk of price 🙄

  • Thank You Digital Trends finally great review and only for now to compare side to side tv on YT, this was really helpfull,thx again, I know what to do now......

  • Hmmm it sounds like the Samsung is better if you only have ONE next gen console/high end PC

  • I would get an Oled but i'm to scared of Burn-In (which you didn't mention)

    • @TRX X Yeah.. I'm not looking for it it. It's literally there for everyone to see. OLEDs are great, but not for gaming or watching anything with a static icon or UI.

    • Theres 2 kinds of people: One use TV and dont notice burn in (cause they dont try hard to find it) Others use TV and download burn in Special wallpaper to look for issues and complain about it Take this advice dont look for something wrong when you cant see anything wrong.....

    • I got the CX recently and I can tell you I won’t be going back to LCD

    • Burn in a s a scare tactic to sell led TVs. I have a 3 year old c8 that I game on and watch tv to early am every day. It doesn’t have any minimap, hud or tv logos burn in. I also don’t have to do anything special. The tv does it on its own after turning it off.

  • If the screen is too bright and the color is not natural, I can improve it through screen calibration. Conversely, if the maximum brightness of the screen is insufficient, there is no way I can raise the brightness. Also, there is not much I can do to prevent burn-in on OLED panels. If you are willing to replace panels or expensive TVs every two to three years, it is also a good idea to choose LG OLED.

    • @TRX X Very good news from Brokenwrench and TRX X ~ OLED dispaly give the impression of pictures taken with Leica cameras. Cool feeling. I will order OLED 77 tomorrow. The final concern lies in the choice of G1 and CX.^^

    • I have C6 thats like 5 years never ever replaced panel or even noticed any burn in...... I even use it on PC alot lol

    • Never have I though my lg c8 isn’t bright enough. It also doesn’t have burn in even after gaming on it daily for 3 years.

  • Bright room user here. Went with Samsung. Wall mount install is on Tuesday...

  • Id rather have a samsung but lg is better for gaming so lg

  • too much talk here where are the side by side comparision videos? smooth talk will not save an LOLED. comparision videos on the other hand will show how bad they are.

  • OLEDs only benefit over the QN90A is 0 blacks from off axis in a dark room compared to the QN90A. how many watch content from the sides in a dark room? all the rest higher peak brightness/3 times as high color luminance in HDR/more fluid PMW motion goes to the Samsung. Get one! ;)

  • you sounds like totally paid by LG, dont you?, its clearly you savagely always taking oled right, even you know the fatal flaw of its screen,

  • Nice video but I'd go with a Sony.

  • The answer is always: OLED, if you’re not a gamer and can control your lighting environment.

  • Oled is still not affordable were most people can have one. It's like Sony used to be before flat panels only the upper middle classed could afford the Brand. If you work and are struggling to make ends meet they are forever out of reach.

  • Gaming , Plus Dolby Vision Hmmm oh yeah LG OLED


  • No brainer OLED

  • Any tech that is prone to burn in and not enough brightness is crap.

  • I bring 3 times my Lg oled b7 to srvice ! my oled aways burn in :(

    • Yea the older models had that issue more. Nowadays the new ones are much better with it

  • In Europe QN95 has 4 HDMI 2.1 Samsung for me because has the one connect box

  • My C1 is on its way today. I am excited as this will be my first OLED!

    • @SUMANTH I purchased the 55’ so the US price $1799.

    • Price??

  • To much nits. Everything over 160 nits is bad and shouldnt be braged about😁

  • Great video thankyou. Were they the 65 inch models? I ask because the 55 sammy neo isnt getting as many positive reviews as the 65.

  • LG CX/C1/G1 Is it a big difference on these models or can you buy the cx cuz its cheaper and be fine with that?

    • Do you always buy last years model of car or do you go for the newer one with the newer revised features and enhancements

  • Thanks buddy

  • There's an elephant in the room you didn't mention: SAMSUNG DOESN'T SUPPORT eARC!!!

  • That was way to graphic for me to handle lol. Now I will have nightmares. Thanks 😃

  • Just, BURNİNG! !

  • Nice review, but you needed to compare the movie modes on both. For people like myself, who watch a lot of old films, and aren’t gamers, I believe the Filmmaker Mode on the LG is supposed to be the best. It’s a very important feature for a lot of people. We don’t want the dreaded “soap opera effect.”

  • I love OLED tech but im still afraid of the possibility of burn in. Even with burn in reducing measures. One of my friends has an entire game UI ghosting on his screen at all times and is super noticeable.

    • Same here. It almost scares me to get another OLED.

  • The oled seems to be the best option. Thou that rumor of burn in scares me. Id be using it as a computer monitor most. maybe watch some TV with logo's. Also that price, usually double the price of a standered TV. owch. More hdmi 2.1 slots is awsome thou. I bet the burn in tech dating back to plasma's is good. I could consider the QLED. I owned a Samsung before. I still have it. a 720p tv. So i trust Samsung over lg which i had things just break on me. just a few. But will the viewing angles bother me? I'll put it in a narrow room anyways so there is basically no choice in watching it directly. maybe ill be lying down on the bed if that counts. Is there a hdmi 2.1 switcher that will tick all the features of the xbox series x? Or even PC's g-sync/free sync? I googled it and i saw a post that was many months old saying no. Also looking at the mini led model of lg. Any word on 2021 receivers offering more then 1 hdmi 2.1 ports? Kinda silly offering just one for last years models. The answer people told me is to use eARC and use the hdmi slots available on the TV. I guess i would just pick up a used receaver on the used market if that's the case. My current receiver doesn't support hdr but does 4k.

    • I have C6 hooked to my PC and sometimes I forget about turning it off, its like 5 years now lol and guess what? I never ever noticed any burn in and you know why? Cause I never tried hard to look for it, I never downloaded that special pink picture or whatever just for me to notice it....... I dont see a single thing changed in picture quality of this TV since day I bought it

    • Buy it at best buy with a 5 year warranty. That’s what I did with my lg c8. 3 years later and I don’t have any burn in even though I game on it daily.

  • Great video, the only thing most reviewers leave out, is which is the better tv for watching sports in a normally lit room

  • I was literally about to ask for this comparison

  • Inhalte this Old vs Qled videos! Nonsense and stupid!

  • Oled

  • People always let OLED off the hook for so many flaws.. They ignore it and pretend it doesn't have any for only "perfect blacks".. Forget about "perfect black crush", "Perfect dim picture, "Perfect wrong color representation at times", " Perfectly incapable of full HDR range".. But hey it got perfect blacks, right. Nothing like a good black crush. Then they move on to blame LCD for "blooming" when in fact that is less of a concern than black crush and something that barely happens, especially with Bias lighting.. See it just irks me to the nth degree when all is focused on blooming, but the total ignoring of the opposite but equally, maybe worse flaw of black crush. Never mind the whole potential burn-in, despite the tune people are singing that 'newer OLED don't burn in". If that was the case it would be covered. Also, people have had burn in, in less than a year on some of these new OLEDs. Not as common, but happens.

    • Just because QLED sell is exellent and Samsung does not need to go with advertisement.

  • Good but i will/would go for QN900A for 1000 dimming zones more

  • Or just buy another remote controller XD 2:50

  • Seeing my luck with dead pixels and faulty (yes, downright faulty) VRR-gamma issues on last years Q90Ts (yes, multiples) I'm heavily considering sidegrading to the C1 or CX if I can get a nice deal.

  • No mention of OLED burn in. I have a 3 year old LG OLED and the burn in is very apparent. Don't want a TV that you're afraid to use.

    • I have first gen 4K OLED from LG never noticed burn in and you know why? Cause I dont try hard to look for it....... Why look for something cant be noticed in normal usage?

    • I have a 3 year old lg c8 that doesn’t have any burn in even though I game on it daily. I guess it’s the panel lottery

  • Can you recommend a TV for the PS5? looking for a 50 or 55" for around £700?

  • My last two TVs were Samsung, both broke.Last one turned purple all over screen at only a year old (55inch) never again will not buy a third Samsung

  • Caleb your videos are getting better and better dude, I see you throwing in some new ideas, keep them coming bro! Sick video

  • I have the 85" QN90A, excellent tv that's great for bright room, dark room, and gaming. I do wish it had more than 1 HDMI 2.1 input.

  • LED should not be underestimated or forgotten. I just picked up a Sony LED since I game a bit, no worried about burn in for the long term and just spectacular visuals.

    • @Leo T apparently this is supposed to be a lot less of an issue with the 2019 and forward models. It was true burn in? Rtings did a test and it took them keeping the same image turning off any kind of features such as a sleep or screen saver when idle off, and had it static like that for a long time before they finally got a true burn in

    • I have LG led that is 6yrs old and it is still going strong

    • Yup, I have burn in on my 3 yr old LG OLED.

  • Also who watches or games in a bright room, yuck!

  • My LG c1 got an evo panel part so happy

    • @Brokenwrench same part numbers as G1

    • How do you know it has the evo panel? LG said that boy the G1 has the evo panel

  • Since 2017 the results haven’t changed lol. The oled is better in a dark room, the lcd is better in a bright room.

  • Unbox and Review Samsung QN95A TV

  • Very interesting to hear you say that you don't like adjusting TVs from day to night viewing. I have been complaining to most of you calibrators recently about lack of ambience auto adjustment on my LG 48CX which only works on Dolby Vision. I have been completely ignored so far. Maybe this time!

  • Samsung does not have dolby vision so they loose. I buy Lg c1.

  • In Germany available is the qn95 One Connect box with four dhmi 2.1. I would pick this mainly because I hate the unbelievably bad reflection behavior of the oled. Tested in an electronic store. Very hard to buy an oled when you see nearly everything behind you while watching a movie.

  • Once you use OLED, there is no going back to QLED or LED 🙏🙏🙏

    • @Quang Đấu Phạm Noobs watches Sports, Legends Play sports themselves 🙏🙏🙏

    • I have A90J and I decided to buy QN90A for my living room also. Because with A90J it so dim when watching football match for a long time and I can not invite my friend to have a football party. Now my A90J went to my bed room.

  • As for me, I truly believe that Samsung Electronics should be focusing on the outcome of the next Television 📺Display Panel 😀Technology which is Micro LED which is truly better than the Mini LED currently 👋available 😀because an LED Cd 📺 📺are enhanced LED backlight updated 😀LED/Cd Television 📺😀are definitely 😀becoming outdated as each year pastes by LED/CD Television 📺😀Technology.

  • My 65 inch LG C1 just got delivered and I'm still watching review videos? Seems about right.

  • Why did you use C1 for comparison? You should compare the top of the line from both sides which should be QN90A vs G1!.

  • I am so fortunate and happy that I won the panel lottery with my LG CX! It is brighter than the new 2021 LG C1!

  • Lg oled is best

  • Very fair and balanced review. Very refreshing. Just wish motion was discussed. Not sure why in the world it wasn't.

  • I'm getting the c1

  • No way the C1 is better for gaming. NO WAY. Yes they did right by having more 2.1 ports and 1ms response but overall the Samsung is way better for the basic need to have games brighter in so many cases. I'm pretty sure I would be pissed if I got the C1 home and it was too dark to compete on modern warfare. No thanks,

  • If the LG C1 has the same panel as CX and C9 doesn't that mean same vrr issues with gamma shift and flickering? Does the samsung have any issues with vrr?

  • No Dolby Vision = NO SALE. Samsung is the worst.

  • I got last year's LG CX for about $300 cheaper than the LG C1 is going for now, and based on what I've read, I'd probably see if I could get last year's CX, even with the newer gaming additions. I specifically got the CX to pair with my Xbox Series X, and I'd be stunned if the C1 was THAT much better for the price hike.

  • Only SIDE BY SIDE video, like This video's is so much confusion