Best TVs at CES 2021 | Samsung Q900 NEO QLED, Sony Z9J, LG G1 OLED, TCL 6-Series, More

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Each year, we wind our way through Las Vegas to find the best TVs at CES. This year was a bit different, but we still got to see the best from Samsung, LG, Sony and TCL, like Samsung's new Q900, LG's G1 OLED, Sony's Z9J and A90J, and TCL's new 6-Series. See them all for yourself right here.
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0:00 - Intro
1:13 - Samsung Micro-LED
2:01 - Samsung Neo QLED
2:39 - Sony XR Cognitive Processor
3:20 - Sony Master Series Z9J
3:55 - Sony A90J OLED
4:36 - LG G1 OLED
5:38 - TCL 6-Series 8K Mini-LED
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  • Looks like I misspoke again? Obviously TCL is mini-LEd, not micro-LED. Do you guys have any idea how many times I have said both terms over the past four days? LOL. It's been ... a lot. Anyway, thanks for the understanding. CES is almost over!

    • misspoke.. yeah right. Like 6 times ? I think you are just not as well informed as you pretend to be. No offense but LG having the brighter OLED tec from Sony is just bullcrap again. It was Panasonic that came up with it last year.

    • @Caleb Denison I respect and understand about Panny not being available in the US (yes bar V.E.), but that's academic in terms of you posing the who copied who question as it seems like both copied Panny regardless (a little more murky if we get into whether it was an exclusive allowed by LG Display etc). Because Panny had the metal backplate/heatsink and higher nits. I think that's why some of us were taken aback. It didn't sound like you knew they'd already done that from your wording. Cheers and thanks again for the great channel!

    • @Caleb Denison I still have the Panasonic G25.

    • TCL just said on HDTV test that they might release a QD OLED by end of this year or by early next year.

    • Might grab a samsung since lg is making it a premium to have brighter hdr on there expensive tvs

  • I'm still watching my 2005 Panasonic plasma with 720p native resolution that I bought for $3500. Imagine what I could get for the $3500 now!

  • I’m *~hoping~* to get a top model tv later this year 65” feels like the perfect size for my shallow living room _ _____________________ | |TV SETUP| | | | | | | _~R~et[---S-O-F-A-]et| *~R~ = recliner *et = end table *TV setup is table width; not TV width * [width of 3-seater sofa relative to room] Top/left space is entryway Bottom/left space is front doorway Room size (from right of upper opening) is appx... 11.5’ x 13.5’ with fairly accurate furniture placement in crude diagram

  • This year I’m gonna buy the Samsung 85” Neo QLED QN85QN90AAFXZA

  • Yrs am.upgrading, I need 55 tcl mini LED

  • My favorite part of this video was the last few seconds where you weren't talking anymore.

  • Looking for an excellent 75 inch, not a fan of oled.

  • "flat out impressive" "tech-nically" thought I wouldn't catch that? lol

  • Brighter Oled panel sounds like more risk of burn in.

  • sony makes the best tvs because they use lg oled panels but have a better processor but are overpriced. barely better performance, which nobody will notice but they charge you 1000 more for it. I remember the sony 9 series oled was a 1000 more than the lg c9, for 1% better perf according to digital trends. F U sony.

  • Thanks God for not wearing a mask to make a video. All of other channels, dudes wore mask to talk. Wear a mask when you cant space 6 ft and in public, but these guy made video for AR-one and wear mask.

  • I'm getting the Neo QLED and I'm not upgrading until us consumers have the chance to buy "affordable" micro-led displays.

  • Sony has been among the best when it comes to movies so i think that's what i'm gonna go for... was thinking about the new panasonic aswell but nah. i'm not using my tv that much for games.

  • Upgrading old tech sony 39inch! to 55 inch this year. When are we likely to see any marketed?

  • one i have not heard you talk about . Samsung makes its 2021 TVs more accessible for people with vision or hearing disabilities just think it net and voices command on the tv

  • TCL x925 pro

  • I will be upgrading next year since I got the C9 in 2019. I'm thinking getting a 2021 model in 2022 model when the prices drop a lot

  • I heard just a couple of weeks ago there would be a 50" in the 4k Samsung Q90A range, which is what I would buy since I use it a lot for home work and web surfing and need something smaller and more restfull for the eyes with anti glare. Was the 50" false info or... ?

  • wow! 65!

  • 65 inch LG CX is on my list.

  • Yes, I'm planning to upgrade my TV this yr to a 75 or 77 inch. However, I wud like to know from the pro, how far away one shud sit foe QLED 75 and/or OLED 77 screens? AND does the distance differ what one is watching for eg. Regular cable TV, streaming, 720p content and so on.


  • We’re looking at possibly getting something 80+“.

  • Caleb, I am sure 4k will look awesome !, BUT will this new XR chip do ANYTHING to improve the quality of 720p/1080i ? We still do a lot of streaming, and broadcast sports. Can you say with any assurance that XR will ALSO put better processing on that material? If so, it will be time to pull out the checkbook! Please respond ! Thanks.

  • i'm from indonesia guys i wanna ask so which tv Win in 2021for gaming and watching?

  • Currently I own an lg e9 55inch oled and A1 sony bravia 55inch oled and a xd93 65inch sony lcd and I'm looking to replace my xd93 this year with one of these tvs.

    • And I have 3 tvs because I've a gamesroom with 2 tvs and my bedroom has 1 tv mainly for gaming on consoles like seriesX ps5 nintendo switch.

  • Hey, I love your channel, I have a question about my sony a9g will I get goggle tv 2 replaced android tv in an updatei or is coming 2 sony newer models only, MANY THANKS

  • Gonna either get a 65" or 70" this year. Need something with both gsync and freesync VRR capability for both Nvidia pc and ps5

  • Now...if only you could shrink my stereo too.

  • Should you talk slower????? Take a second break between two sentences.

  • Ahhh, all these t.vs I can't afford

  • What is the release date of the new tcl tv's you mentioned ?

  • yup time to upgrade put my hand through my 55 in LG that was 7 years old in frustration of it continually resetting. Giving it a good hit on the back like a juke box used to setlle it down...Think i may have hit it a bit to hard :). looking for a 65 " hoping the LG CX 65" price will come down. Also like the Q90. For now we sit close on our old 37" Samsung :(

  • How come you never review or mention Panasonic Oleds which are some of the best?

  • I'm definitely interested in a new tv. 65 to 75. I have a 47" tv now. The 47" is definitely more than adequate but I yearn for a big beautiful tv.

  • I don`t know... CES is not even on my continent and in a 3rd world country you can`t afford a good tv anyway !

  • Tcl

  • I hope new qled Samsung tv will be better witch black colour...couse my 3 old OLEDC7 is totally burned on 60% never again...but i still seek for good LED TV......

  • Going to buy an 80 inch or bigger TV this summer. But my wife says it has to be less than 8,000 dollars. There is only so much overtime she is willing to work.

  • If I was to buy one of these OLED which I Olán on buying should I worry big time about burn in everything OLED TVs offer is all I ever wanted in a tv but I’m so scared of Burn In should I worry about it please help

  • Hope Sony can pull the 4k oled off this year with lower input Lagg definitely got the looks it's stunning best looking TV so far

  • I'd go for the Sony A90J 83 inch

  • I am definitely buying a new tv this year. This channel is absolutely helping me decide. However, it for sure will not be a Samsung based on a what a huge pile of dung my last tv turned out to be. Whatever you, do yourself a favor and NEVER buy a Samsung.

  • I am upgrading either 1 or 2 TV’s this year. I like large TV’s on my walls. Before I decide, I want to see them and have others see them. I keep my TV’s 3 to 4 years so I have to do things right. I don’t think we will see anything until early summer, so I have time.

  • I don’t much care for slight differences in picture quality. Which are the easiest to use? Is apple doing a tv soon?

  • I'm gonna buy the sony 85 inch Z9J this year.

  • Time to upgrade my Pioneer 43' plasma to a 65' panel I would say. Being a gamer image burn is a huge concern but I am told with the latest OLED panels there is nothing to worry about. LG Evo looks great especially with all the improvements for gamers. One feature I read about LG is releasing is sound levelling. I am sick of sitting on my sofa with the remote in my hands turning the volume up and down all the time so that am not pissing off my neighbours. If this comes out I will be so well pleased!! Sony A90J 65' looks impressive and Sony screen sound technology is just awesome. Personally...don't laugh...65' MicroLED would do the trick for me but I am not sure if MicroLED will ever be available in sizes smaller than 80'+. Anybody believes otherwise? Any chance for a MicroLED panels in sizes smaller than 80'?

  • Lg didn't figure nothing out they ask Panasonic how to brighten up the TV's!! Oh and the best TV for me is gonna be be the Panasonic jz2000!

  • Yooo keep up the great content! I’m all for Sony TV’s

  • hi Caleb and everyone here, do you have any idea if the samsung 8k tvs game mode 32:9 supports 7680 x 2160 resolution? theoretically it should. if it doesnt, for me there is no point in selling my limbs to buy the 8k. the 4k 32:9 game mode is also not spectacular at 3840 x 1080.

  • What happened to Philips? Didn’t they announce anything this CES?

  • Probably TCL 8K or Lg OLED. Not really interested by other brands but we ain’t seen nothing yet !

  • Nah I upgraded in 2020, the OLED tech looked like it peaked at maturing so I pulled the trigger on it.

  • My current tv is a 2015 55" 4K UHD Sony Bravia. (Model XBR850D) PS4 Pro gaming is awesome on this tv. And even though current models outperform it in every way, the picture, build quality and design aesthetics are all still so satisfying that I just can't bring myself to replace it.The Samsung Q90T got me damn close, though. But with PS5 still sold out everywhere, I think I'm going to hang back and see which 2021 model is best all around for movies, PS5 and streaming services.

  • Micro-LED

  • Sony when comes to tech does not disappoint. Sony is class

  • For me its all ways LG

  • CALEB I NEED QUICK ADVICE: I have owned an LG OLED B7 for the past 3 years and had started to experience really bad burn-in around summertime. I loved the TV up until that point but the burn-in was awful. Thankfully, I had purchased the Best-Buy 5 year warranty when I bought the TV and was able to get approximately $2400 in store-credit. I was thinking of purchasing the LG CX to go along with my PS5, but I am terrified of experiencing burn-in again and would rather not have to pay $450 for a warranty. (The 5yr warranty had increased in price from $300-$450 at best buy) So, I took a look at the Sony X900H. The only thing holding me back is the fact that sony has yet to update the TV with VRR, and I am worried that I will be missing out on OLED. Should I go ahead and pick up the CX, or should I pocket the extra money and get the X900H?

  • Can you please start doing roundup videos of TV reliability. We love these TV reviews, but everyone decides to not include one of the important factor - reliability. No one wants to deal with warranty claim within a month or a year from purchase.

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  • I want to upgrade but I'm all about the picture which one has the most realistic one, thank you

  • We’re going with the LG G1 evo mounted to the wall. Either the 65” or 77”. Hopefully I can talk the wife into the bigger one, ha! Can’t wait!

  • More TV's to explain to customers yay.

  • Bestbuy has been out of stock on the TCL 8 and 6 Mini LED for weeks.

  • The real question is when are they going to release them to the market? 🤔 because I want to buy a new tv this month

  • What would be your recommendation for a 120hz native for a gaming and media tv? Im unsure of oled for burn in and i will be using my pc as the source.

  • These TVs might be state of the art high end but there is one thing that is not discussed . How long do they last for. With so much brightness components will wear out. Old TVs can last for 10 years or longer but I have a feeling these TVs won't last very long and will be so expensive to repair

  • is realme sled tv worth the money

  • Also I am very impressed with TCL offering 8K sets to the mainstream market. Not sure if I trust TCL over Sony though. I will be very interested in watching your video reviews of these sets.

  • Caleb, I really enjoy all of your videos! Right now I have a Sony 75X900E. Definitely stepping up to an 85 inch 8K set for my next TV. Not sure if it will be this year. I have a preference for Sony so I am very interested in what they put out in the 8K market over the next year or so.

  • Tcl is overrated

  • Looking to upgrade to 65" display this year. Hoping to be able to afford an OLED, probably a Sony.

  • I have 77" LG OLED G series from years back. for me the Sony 83-inch A90J is looking really enticing with better peak brightness and their processing. That said for average budget consumers i think the lower sony led and TCL TV will be popular.

  • I'm upgrading from the $200 TCL 4K HDRn't TV to an OLED this year.

  • It is nice to hear about all of this but there is still a big problem. Too many of these displays/TVs are made with that special material known as unobtainium! I’ve been trying to get a higher end affordable 55” tv and unless you want to pay an exorbitant premium, you are out of luck!

  • Yea. Looking to upgrade to 65” tv

  • the 2 Sony TVs i have are from 2010 & 2015 & don't think i am changing them for the foreseeable future. i am at a point in my life of "meh" when it comes to TVs

  • What about high sense dual cell TV?

  • SONY!!!

  • I'm looking at 85 inch 8K for my upgrade. Coming from a $3000 Viewsonic Commercial Display.

  • 75” Sony X95J hits the spot for me Pity I just bought an X95H in August

  • This year I'm going to pick up a nice LG55CX9LA. Ohh boy I'm excited.

  • Nope I'm still using my ten year old Sony Bravia

  • Nothing from Vizio this year?

  • A90J from Sony is the most hyped from those tvs cant wait to see more from you

  • So we need to get G1 instead of C1 to get the latest panel?

  • a tv is a tv is a tv

  • I know it would only be a guess, but what do you think the price range on the 42inch OLEDs will be?

  • im buying an 85" TV looking at Sony....but 2021 lineup only has 85" X95J...its gonna be pretty expensive..meanwhile the X90J doesnt come in that size this year.. so im probably just gonna get last years model - X90H

  • I'm just hoping the LG A series will come with the best prices OLED ever. I don't game on my tv so 60hz is just fine but I do need Dolby Vision so Samsung just shoot them self in the foot for me. I do like TCL and Hisense but quality issues even on some store front demo unit is really a let down.

  • For me, it's Samsung, i love their design! 😎

  • Bring back Plasma. F LCD tvs. They don't consume power like gov made people believe. I have 3 in my home and all 3 look better than the cheap 4k sets sold at walmart

  • I upgraded to a pioneer Elite Kuro pro 151FD. IMHO it looks better than OLED. Down side the max size is 60in. Nothing beats a plamsa with it's smoothness and color accuracy. Oled and 4k are overated

  • I just bought the 2020 vizio m series. Is there any vizio’s in that range that’ll give me my bang foe my buck this year. Should I return my vizio?

  • Imma go 77 inch, hopefully CX drops to €3.000 by Black Friday.

  • LG A Series 42" for close to $1,000 please!

  • Sony a90J 83inch the one best tv money can buy

  • I do not care about anything Samsung does until they fix the Dirty Screen Effect. If that is still there as it has been for years then it is a NO from me

  • Just when I upgraded my TV. Looks like a bigger jump is happening this year in terms of innovation.