What to expect from CES 2021 | QLED NEO TVs, home office gadgets, Galaxy S21?

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CES is going online-only for 2021, with a virtual event that's just two weeks away. Manufacturers still have plenty of tricks -- and absurd products -- up their sleeves. Here's what to expect.
While we've already seen what Samsung and Sony are bringing, CES 2021 will showcase the latest TVs from LG, TCL, and more. Also expect laptops from Dell, Asus, Lenovo, and others.
CES typically isn't the place for smartphone makers to unveil their latest devices, but Samsung is bucking that trend in 2021 by planning to announce the Samsung Galaxy S21 at the end of CES 2021.
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  • In my country is 3 world

  • Want people to like you? Stop saying "New normal."

  • Shitt im just waiting for TVs below $1K for 2021 vid

  • I am curious on the price of the larger tvs. Keep the news coming.

  • Amazing Video.... Please make a video on Samsung TV lineup 2021 🔥💛

  • so why do you need the other two people again?

  • any tech to make your audio not sound like your stuck in a coffee can Caleb?

  • Why not just make a colab video normal?

  • WOW that's the perfect studio for CES virtual. Well, almost perfect until Caleb speaks. Why does he sound like he's on the moon and not up the coast in Seattle?

  • I subscribed for the Sony tv videos.

  • Can I suggest for you guys to do some mid life reviews of TVs? Obviously only the most popular ones, but a lot of us check out reviews closer to the time they come down in price (way after release but before New releases). It would help in mentioning whether they keep up with the latest tech (it moves so quickly), especially things like hdmi 2.1,streaming services etc etc. Also how they compare with other TVs after all have been released. Thanks

  • I would have loved a Caleb "talking head video" instead of this. No offense to the two hosts.

  • Wow, advertising the new normal. Your gonna stay in your smart prison, own nothing and will love it.

  • Why is there never a closeup on those two new hosts? The whole time it’s like they are being viewed through the wrong side of binoculars. Then we have Caleb the Midnight Man with his black shirt against a black background with only his head visible ... is this CES or Halloween lmao

  • What’s up with Caleb’s audio? 😅

  • Well hello Ariana

  • Poorly made infomercial

  • Am I the only one who noticed she's got different top and shoes on at the end!?!

  • Hate this format. Please just let Caleb talk to us like normal

  • fix your mic... pathetic pathetic pathetic

  • Sony Went back on their word, the X900H is no longer getting VRR via update. Now we can’t trust anything Sony says. They lied 🤥 about “Generations” and now they lied about bringing VRR to the X900H

    • Today's article. Hope this helps.

  • I was hoping the S21 would have an under screen camera this year but alas, we must wait longer :( Still rocking my S9+

  • 5:37: When your black shirt has finished drying.

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  • 0:17 .. Sorry, a selling point to this show is not that it’s virtual. Everyone is overdoing the whole .. “it’s exciting because it’s virtual!” ... no .. it’s far less exciting because it’s virtual.

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  • This format is almost as bad as Sony's tv presentation this year 😂

  • Caleb in 480p, new people in 4K????

  • Caleb get rid of the 2 talking faces. They add nothing. Like it when it just calm, reassuring, friendly you.

    • The hired young hotness to get more viewers. 😂

  • why is this so cringe and artificial. just talk normally and stop acting.

    • The artificial reaction by the hosts to 85" TV sizes lmao. No one really gives that much of a crap about larger TVs. It's nice but not jaw dropping

    • Looks like they hired hosts for their CES coverage. I think it's fine. Not a normal AR-one format - but cool to see them try new formats.

  • Idk if you talk about ok it but sony x900h will not offer VRR or AUTO LOW LATENCY , is there any way you can check this out because when I went to their website it shows it will not have it ?

  • Ariana Escalante you are BEAUTIFUL.

  • No I want to drive, I cannot trust self driving cars at all, plus I like to drive. what are kids allowed to be the only one in cars now?

  • virtual conventions are the worse, just like sports, its fake.

  • I was getting ready to swap my LG CX for a Samsung 90T (store thought it was a better option because of the dimming HDR bug on CX). And today it’s released that HDMI is broken on the Samsung QLED line (Q70,80,90T) today and Sony Cancelled the VRR on there Sony X900H they’ve promised all us for months. Does anyone have any advise here in what tv to go with and why? THANK you for any input. (I own the X900H and LG CX presently)

  • this year seem like come very interesting models

  • Wearing black on a black background 😁

  • sony was boring

  • Hey I jus found out that Sony’s x900h is no longer going to have a VRR update. I was gonna buy it but now I’m no longer making that move. What do you think about this? What does this mean for Sony? And what are good TVs that don’t break the bank for PS5 and Xbox series X?

    • @sindhoor gk even Better! I appreciate it an I’ll jus wait till the 2021 TVs come out. Appreciate it!!!

    • @asa davis all the TV's of 2020 had HUGE problems with hdmi 2.1 not just sony.

    • @spooky electric yea I’ve been looking around I appreciate the input. I’ll be checking them out. I think it would be wise to see what CES brings this coming up week

    • Vizios offer a lot of bang for your buck.

    • This is a huge disappointment from Sony and it seems like they’re concealing this information seeing they haven’t come out with an official statement. I feel bad for the thousands that have bought that tv

  • Problem with tech is that it's not getting cheaper...The mid range and lower range smartphone market here in India is very competitive but the phones in this bracket are....very bad compared to the other major manufacturers...I'm personally more interested in seeing premium tech getting cheaper.

  • Any news about LG C1 ?

    • Check back here Monday AM for an update on LG!

  • Caleb is the main guy at Digital Trends

    • @spooky electric same lol

    • I only watch their TV reviews, so Caleb is the ONLY guy at Digital Trends as far as I'm concerned.

  • What about DASAITA stereos do You know something about the New products please???

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    • Low quality production.

    • This was probably recorded over multiple sessions possibly even different days.

    • She changed shirts mid-sentence too. Went from black to mustard real quick.

    • just a pre-recorded intro and outro.

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  • The host seem so fake lol. Just get normal tech reviewers instead of actors.

    • @Beast Titan not called the other hosts

    • I hope you’re not talking about Caleb because he’s more than versed in tech talk.

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  • most stupid prospects is to check weather on the fridge screen

    • @Tommy Lee Lynn of course, you see it TV, phone, watch, behind the window. But this couple looks really unnatural when standing and staring to their fridge.

    • Most people eat in the morning. It’s not a bad time to check the weather.

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  • I want to see if LG is counter samsung with 12 bit panels

  • Wow! Virtual Caleb!

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