Vizio P-Series Quantum 4K HDR TV (P65Q9-H1) Review | Is this the must-buy Vizio?

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The Vizio P-Series Quantum doesn't have the juiced up specs of the more advanced Quantum X, but is that really all that important? We rank the P65Q9-H1 against others in its class in our review and try to answer the question of whether this is the must-buy TV from Vizio this year.
The Vizio P-Series Quantum is available here:
0:00 - Intro
1:15 - Picture Settings
1:42 - Brightness in SDR and HDR
2:12 - 2-Point White Balance
2:44 - Backlight
4:45 - Screen Uniformity
5:13 - Color
5:41 - Motion
5:57 - Processing
6:13 - Gaming
7:39 - Is the P-Series Quantum Right For You?
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  • Hey all! I have a call on to Vizio to determine if some of what I am seeing is abnormal. If it is, then that's a lot of anomalies across brands this (past) year. I'll pin a new comment as soon as we make a determination. Thanks as always, everyone!

    • @Caleb Denison I certainly hope they do, like others stated it might be because of the VRR with local contrast but I can't test that due to the absolute insanity that is the shortage on new graphics cards and consoles compounded by scalpers + miners and I have my own doubts also. Seriously if this was happening on say a $500 television I'd say you get what you pay for but at $1200 you should expect your backlight system to keep up with the images on screen at the very least. I mean I had a 2015 vizio M series and while it's backlight system was certainly about as basic as it gets with a picture that matched, it never felt delayed even back then like you described this one. and I think I'd be rather upset if it actually was. Update: Alright I actually worked hard trying to create scenarios where I might find a delay in the backlight system and I think I found or saw it but it was under what I would consider to be a very unrealistic situation. I plugged my PC into the TV and made the background pure black and hid the taskbar onto another screen, then dragged my mouse to random spots and right clicked to view properties and THEN I saw the backlight have a delay or slowness to reaction though it was in my opinion minor and we are talking pitch black to bright white box and usually on windows that box shows up instantly and on the p-series it was almost like a fade-in effect like the LED lights were gradually going up to it's intended brightness. With that said however windows Sometimes does that fade-in effect also but I'm pretty sure that I did see it regardless. If it took this long to finally see it and requires what essentially amounts to going completely out of my way to even find it I wouldn't dock a whole lot of points off for it but it was right thing to do to bring it up nonetheless as people SHOULD know that before making a purchase and again, you tried it at true 120hz and I haven't so I'd take your word on it that the effect is likely even worse at 120hz.

    • @Microwave Aight! Someone (you) gets the comprehensive comment award! Appreciated. And it is because you and others I have spoken to also report the slow backlight isn't a thing they have seen is why I want to give ViZio the opportunity to address what I am clearly experiencing. We shall see what's up. Thanks for hanging with us!

    • @Storm J I did, but just for grins. That doesn't affect local dimming so much as it does attempt to create an HDR look for SDR content. I didn't make a difference for me. Great question! Thanks for posting!

    • Caleb, did you run the TV with the local contrast setting on? I have one, and the back light appears to flicker as it adjusts the contrast for each scene.

    • Yeah that's pretty bad actually but I'll just say that I have this screen and I don't have the weird delay issue that you have on the backlight setup. It blooms sure, but I never noticed it actually have a slow reaction to the content on screen. No my issue is that the UI loves to turn on enhanced viewing angles by itself from time to time which is not to say it doesn't work but I sit dead center of the screen and I don't need it on. Also the dirty screen effect I presume is panel lottery on more budget friendly TVs like this and yes this is budget friendly at $1.2k or cheaper when it's on sale when compared to a QLED or nanocell TV with similar specs. Mine is alright, not perfect but I've seen worse on LG and samsung screens so I feel like I lucked out in that regard. Lastly and hopefully Vizio is actually reading this because this is such a simple fix. AR-one videos sometimes judders because the built-in youtube app runs constantly at 60hz and when you get 30 or 60hz content that's fine but 24hz videos will judder because of it. as it renders 2 and a half frames, the half of frame is the screen holding onto a frame 1 extra frame longer. If the youtube app was set to run at 120hz at all times, forget about animations not being 120hz either I just mean set it to 120hz so it matches the TV and then that would instantly fix the issue forever and judder would be resolved. I wanna just point out one last time that this is really a simple fix, probably changing one small line of code and then it doesn't matter how many frames the video content is because you can get an even division of 120 out of it

  • I'm so over Vizio after dealing with their bug ridden soundbar

  • Tell me there's no burn in? I'm thinking of going back to LED since my OLED has burn in problems after 4 years of using the C7.

  • I feel like you have an anomaly with your PQX.I have not been able to produce the red/pink color on white with Bright/warm settings that you got. The only time this kinda happens is when watching SDR content but who does that anymore? Your PQX video needs an update about the VRR and 120HZ. I don’t know how many people try to tell me that these features are absent because of your video.

  • Vizios smartcast chromecast inside software is awful compared to a chromecast dongle.

  • I have the Vizio OLED and the Xbox series x startup screen looks like that on my TV as well.

  • Guys just buy a LG CX oled. It’s worth it. Trust me

  • I wish i saw this review before i got this tv i was very disappointed with the performance i have a my old Samsung look's better im traded my p series for the Samsung q70t what do u think ?

  • I bought the P75Q9-h1 last year. Love it. Couldn't pass it up for the money.. vibrant and 4k quality is spot on. Black levels are amazing.

    • Agreed my friend. I have the same 75pq9 and at the black friday price of 1299 this is simply absolutely the best tv for the money

  • I am just waiting for a TV that I can use as a PC monitor. So far all the 4k 120 with VRR seems glitchy except for the LG 48 CX which is out of reach. Hoping this year changes that.

  • Jailbars on a Vizio TV 👎

  • Is this TV better than the Sony x900h? 🤔

  • The "slow dimming zone" issue is VERY real on this and the PQX (I tried both) but seems to be much worse on the Xbox than other devices or internal apps. Very perplexing. Really hoping Vizio can do something about this because it makes games and movies look pretty terrible on Xbox which is a go-to media hub for a lot of people!

    • Update to Xbox users with this TV and the PQX: I think I solved the slow/blotchy Dimming issue with help of some Reddit advice. If you turn OFF the VRR setting on the TV and Xbox this issue seems to vanish. So it seems to be tied to an issue with that setting. It also explains why my PS4 and Switch didn't have this issue since they don't have VRR, and my receiver doesn't pass VRR either so it didn't happen with when running the Xbox through that either. Can't believe I didn't think to turn off that specific setting until now. Hopefully it's fixed soon!

  • I have the last yrs P-series. Great TV overall, but I can't unsee the vertical banding that is most evident on solid colors, especially when watching sports. That being said, I picked it up on sale for only $799 and at that price, it's a steel. Currently this set is $999 at BB and the PQX is $1500, that's a pretty significant jump IMHO especially when Vizio's OLED is $1799.

  • First of all I smashed that like button and now my problem is that I’m kind of sold on the Quantum X but the room That I’m putting this set in I really didn’t need anything over 55 inches and this Model only comes in 65”and 75” that I’m aware of now while I don’t mind the extra real estate 65” is just overkill for a bedroom. This is killing me I have 3 boys and one girl, two of my boys already moved out now I’m making game room for myself out of one of the rooms and it’s fairly big. If I can’t get this model in that size can you tell me when the 2021 TVs will hit the shelves I’m at a stand still Over this go big or go home crap I already own two 65ers and I know it’s ridiculously large for a bedroom it’s like going to your prom in a tractor trailer 😄

  • My backlight doesn't have the issues that your does. My 2019 was a POS, but my 2020 model they replaced under warranty has been awesome.

  • *Look on the bright side, the Vizio will break down before a year!!* 😃😃😃

    • @yardman0001 *YES IT WILL, BRIAN AT WHISPER STATS VIZIO BROKE IN 3 WEEKS!!* And my 2018 vizio had DSE, banding and dropped HDMI ports! Go to Best Buy and see how many open box vizios are for sale!! *VIZIOS ARE PURE TRASH!!*

    • No it won't, I have one since 2017 and it's been perfect, so do a few family members.

  • I had a 2017 P65 that had a failing HDMI port. Took the square trade warranty out when I bought it. They didn't have the parts to repair it so they sent me this set. So far so good. Initially they were going to send me the X but it was out of stock at the time.

  • I have always wondered why a lot of people say turn smooth motion off. Is that dependant on the tv you have . My lg looks way better with de-judder set to 8 and de-blurr to 4 . That's for user settings. But if I were to go with the TV's clear setting it looks great, the smooth setting is good to. But off it looks like trash like most TV's . So I don't understand why every reviewer and tester say turn it off🤷🏼 I never had anyone say it looks better off on any kind of tv .i guess it depends on tv and preference.

  • How does this stack up to the lg CX

    • CX is a much more expensive OLED. The CX will be much nicer, but about twice the cost.

  • Caleb, you are the best product reviewer on AR-one. Any idea when you be able to review the TCL XL Collection 85 inch TV's? My 82 inch Mitsubishi DLP is getting long in the tooth, but I refuse to by anything smaller. The middle of the 3 versions coming out is what I am holding out to buy.

  • Will a Sony ht-g700 soundbar work on a cx65 LG tv

  • vizio needs to drop the smart cast its terrible///become android or roku already

  • I like the p series. I want the px but in my area the smallest size 75. I really don't want a TV bigger than 65.

  • There are major issues with their Smartcast smart interface. Every single time I have to reset internet and restart modem

    • Yes it was the P75 - H1 model. They changed the TV twice. It's the same issue. Finally had to return the TV and get a Sony

    • I have the P65Q (2020 model), with wired network, and have had zero network issues. Can't speak to wifi, as I've never connected the tv to it.

    • If it's still under warranty (2020 model should absolutely be) have them replacement. My 2019 model was giving me similar network issues. As well as sometimes just not turning on. Call them, they'll make you troubleshoot it and document the issue. Call them again in a few days and they'll just accept that it's broken. That was my experience anyways.

  • To purchase 75” p over the px would require a a major price differential or a price drop to less than $1000. The px is just a better performer and worth the extra $450.

  • Love my Quantum but it's my first 4k set. The Quantum X appears to cost roughly twice as much if you can find one, I could get a Q90T for that.

  • The 120 Hz has really bad frame skipping and alot of bugs and glitches with the tv software over all. P65QH-1 owner

  • wow I just ordered this tv a few minutes ago

  • Always look forward to your videos Caleb. Good stuff man

  • It sounds really good on paper but Vizio's motion is horrible they all have way to much judder even with motion smoothness all the way up

  • If VRR is turned off there is no problem with the backlight and works perfectly. VRR is only needed if there isn't a constant frame rate so it depends on the game. I expect Vizio is continuously working on firmware updates. Overall this TV is excellent and will get better with updates.

  • I just got the pq 65" on sale for 800 and so far it's been pretty great. Only other tv I really loved was the cx but its close to 3 times as much 🤔

  • My only isssue is with the built in TV apps, and arc to my receiver is considerably quieter.

  • I’ve got this TV is a 65”. No real issues. I’ve seen the backlight lag a few times but never anything annoying. Blooming and halo effect isn’t bad, and only really shows up on some subtitles or credits rolling. I never have it set to “bright” or “vivid”. Full array set to “low”. Even in bright and on AR-one test videos it’s a great picture. Maybe I just got a good panel. Better tV than the X900H. Sure the Quantum X is “a little more” but it’s just enough to make a difference at $400 more. My budget was right at 1k and this is the best you can get at 65”. Don’t use 4K 120, and VRR has some bugs but that’s every TV on the market currently. Just needs an update. Check out the forums for better info. Highly recommend

  • I bought this TV and the PQX had to return both of them because initially i thought the backlight had flickering problems. But after watching this video its definitely problems with the local dimming like you described. I thought I was going nuts. Any content I watched I noticed it from playing games, watching movies, to watching youtube videos. Blooming and viewing angles were pretty bad same with the splotches in the corner of both TVs. I ended up getting a Vizio OLED instead so far I have no problems. Granted I dont have any 4k 120hz supported devices but I am sure they will iron that out by time I upgrade my GPU. Only complaint I have with the OLED is ABL, thats more of an inherent OLED problem rather than a Vizio problem.

  • For the price I am happy (899 for a 65"). I weighed this versus the m series at 599. I returned the m and upgraded to this set. It is not perfect but at the price it seemed to have the best features and allows very legit HDR performance. I was coming form a 50" plasma from 2014 so I still miss consistency in picture quality across all content but I never have scene as much detail and punch that true 4k HDR shows. I really wanted a Samsung tv but the set that was comparable in price was the q60t, and based on reviews was an inferior set. The next step up at 1100 was the q70 and didn't seem like it was worth the higher price. Would have gone with the Hisense h9g but I can't find it.

  • Damn both are bad

  • That PQX looks amazing in Best Buy, but is it to good to be true. Honestly, its the closest thing to Oled Ive seen, including the Q90t and X950h

  • Got this TV recently from Costco and while I did notice the screen uniformity and vignetting issues (not bad enough to be a deal breaker for me, but noticeable if you really look), I haven't had the slow response for fald zones that are visible here, or the issue with the brightness wavering on format changes. The app functionality also seems pretty snappy to me despite complaints I've seen, though I don't have a large sample size of other tv's to compare, maybe Sonys are precognitive or something. I'm just wondering if there was a running change to processor spec at some point, or maybe some chip samples are throttling performance for one reason or another.

  • I always appreciate Digital Trends keeping things apolitical just in general. Every other technology channel is turning into trash. CNET might as well be CNN. Thanks for sticking to what your expertise is.

  • Weird, doesn't seem like it would be a difficult call to me to step up to the X model for very little increase in price.

    • The regular is the best in price class. Comparable to the X900H

  • I did do a test with the Series X vs PS5 and noticed the backlight issue happens on my Xbox but not my PS5 watching the same content. Has me curious on if it’s something I have enabled on the Xbox. Going to do some more testing now.

    • I noticed it on my pc and 4k blu ray player ended up returning the PQX and the PQ for the Vizio OLED because of how distracting the local dimming was.

  • Who else watched this vedio at 2160p ?

  • The slow backlight has me contemplating taking my PQ back and getting the Sony X900h. It’s bothering me every time I navigate my Xbox. But VRR still hasn’t been released on the Sony X900h yet so I’m kind of weighing my options. I’m still in the Best Buy return window and I’m now debating do I go with the much dimmer LG Nano 90, the VRR-less Sony X900h, or just pay the extra $900 for the LG CX OLED. But I watch too many things with static images. Ugh Decisions.

  • 0:03 did the top of your BDI Corridor get scratched? I thought they wouldn't scratch!! :-o

  • Didn’t actually say if 4k120vrr works. 🤔

  • About blooming. I have an x950h. Purchased partly because of the glowing review that Caleb gave it. Colors are great. Blooming is terrible.

    • It's because sony has so few local dimming zones.

  • Just noticed that I was one of those watchers but wasn’t subscribed. So decided to hit the trifecta. Subscribed, thumbed up, and left a comment.

    • Ha. The irritating way he approached my first video on his channel, I downvoted the video.

  • junk !

    • *PURE TRASH!*

    • @Leo J we don’t have this brand in Australia 🇦🇺 anyway i’m glad your happy 😃

    • Not mine

    • So it seems

  • Too many negatives mentioned to be a primary tv. For the bedroom......maybe.

  • Great job as always Caleb!

    • What's up B-rye??

  • So basically it’s good but not great , I’m going with Samsung 2021 model 85A

    • @Eric Coleman yeah gonna wait for a price drop before buying or I might go with the 2020 LG CX

    • Going to pricey

  • Q90t vs q800t for the first same price. What would you buy?

    • Q800t is a ripoff but both are over priced IMHO Go q90t

  • Can you tell me what the best 65inch TV is basically to buy for the $700 mark, I'm so confused by every review and everybody keeps saying something different in their videos I just want smart, clear motion, 4K, colorful, blacks and easy to use interface

  • I didn't even know there was a non-X Quantum P-series. I don't think I've ever seen a review of one until now.

  • I’ve got the 65PQX and so far so good.

  • Sadly the vizios dont find their way to Germany :(

  • Caleb, LG 86 inch nano 91, or 85 inch quantum x?

  • Could u review about Samsung TU8000 for me?

  • When will u review the new samsung QN90a

  • What do you think should I wait for the PQX when I can find on sale 65" or wait for a deal on a Sony 950h? I don't want to spend $1500. What do you think is a good deal for PQX when on sale 65" as well as the Sony 950h? I would think Sony will be dropping soon. Any idea when the 950J is being released? Thx!

  • When i read the title, i read it like "will you miss the ex" and thought this is completely different type of video

  • what are those speaker's brand?

  • I watched this on my P65Q9-H1 that I got Monday. I am an average viewer though and not a gamer. At $1500 for 75 inches it seems amazing. I chose it over PQX because the reviews made the PQX would require more tweaking. I haven't seen the issues you raise but I am not really looking for them. I wanted a TV that makes movies and sport pop. It really does that out of the box for me. I did seriously consider the TCL 6 series but couldn't find it in stock.

  • I’m already forwardly thinking 8K. 4K is from 2013, and in another 2 years time, 8K will start taking its deserved foothold on the market, at least through price point and for tv’s 70+ inches in size or larger

    • @Phillip Rokkas since there isn’t any 8k content the resolution isn’t really an argument yet, it’s all just upscaled 4K not finished in 8k for adjustments. Anyways with hdmi 2.1 higher bandwidth allows true 4K 4:4:4 at 24,30,60fps. 10bit.

    • @CrashCarson14 we've been with 4K 60 up until 2019. whats the point of getting excited over 120hz when you could have the choice between better resolution or better frame rate, 60hz is great for 8K.

    • @CrashCarson14 an 8K with 2.1 still gives the same added benefits as a true 4K 2.1 display, plus 8K 60. it's a no brainer better is better.

    • Still too early though. 4K is just now hitting it’s true potential with hdmi 2.1

  • Your review is spot on! Since Sept, I have been using this TV mostly with the Series X and the 2020 Roku Ultra utilizing eARC to receiver for Atmos. It definitely lacks in this capacity when switching between devices and audio/video formats. Switching often means I will lose audio, or the TV will even freeze up, requiring a restart. However, several initial issues have already been fixed by firmware thus far, so hopefully, most will be resolved within the year.

  • Still undecided for a tv for my series x. Either the quantum X or TCL 6 series?!

    • The answer comes down to what you value the most, the best picture, or the ability to game at 4k 120 on games that support it vs 1440p 120 when comparing the two. I ultimately chose the tcl because it has a better picture and lower input lag at 1440 120 than the vizio does at 4k 120. However my friend chose this because he valued 4k 120 and game fidelity more than those things and didnt need the input lag to be much lower for his gaming.

    • @Joel Rene I hear U. You have good blacks already Oled gonna have U like whoa

    • @Eric Coleman yep, I have the regular quantum, but I think an OLED from LG would be perfect for me.

    • Always been disappointed in tcl tvs! Idk if newer models have 2.1 hdmi? I think best you can go is 1440p at 120 fps on tcl? Anybody confirm? Where the p series you get 2160 at 120 fps.

    • @Joel Rene oled?

  • The vignetting and the slow backlight are dealbreakers.

    • It’s really not that bad and isn’t noticeable in video

  • I own last years model and am very Happy with it. I was waiting for the Vizio Oled but my TV bit the electronic dust and the Oled was delayed in shipping because of Covid.

  • why do people not like soap opera effect..i will never understand..i cant get enough of it.. the more the better..whats not to love

  • I bought one after I secured a PS5. I use it only for gaming. I have a Samsung q8fn I use for everything else. For gaming it has done a great job especially after the update so I have no complaints

  • So I want a good tv for movies. But I also have a ps5 and a high end gaming pc I might use also. Help me decide

  • Great review. Im wanting to get the z9j from sony if it's good. Can't wait to see your opinions on it

  • As soon as the 85PQX went from 3100 to 2500, I jumped. I really am loving my experience. Considering Vizio only makes one TV at that size, my choice was clear,.... PQX!

    • Love my 85" $2479 Can't beat the price The size And my set is on point Color brightness and detail Zero issues

  • I purchased the pqx 65' and love it and hope they fix VRR

    • @Leo J The 120 Hz frame skips really bad its a wide known issue.

    • @Leo J 2021 h1 it's super buggy as soon as I turn it on

    • What year 2020/2021 Cuz the 85" is fixed and rockin

  • I got mine for 799 and at that price I don’t know if I could have gotten a better tv. Everything in this review is spot on. I’m just happy that the tv and my onkyo receiver are finally working together.

  • Look at the local dimming producing some very strange and ugly behavior at the 6:55 mark on the Xbox settings screen. Idc what anyone says....Vizio’s local dimming algorithm is in need of some major help. I’ve seen this same effect/behavior on their PQX this year, and it is not appealing AT ALL. Idk why it attempts to dim down rather uniform areas, in the manner it does, causing very uneven and blotchy uniformity, which is especially noticeable on gray background. For instance, this same effect can be seen on the YT Home Screen, and what not. And the back light trying to keep up, makes it just that more noticeable and annoying. The way the FALD algorithm acts, is as if there is an entire screen of black, with bright objects/logos/text on it....but it’s not’s gray, and shouldn’t need to, or be dimming down zone’s unevenly, like it is, to reduce blooming/haloing. It’s just plain ugly. I made a very long video on this exact topic about a week ago. Not a very good video, bc I’m no professional AR-oner, but this local dimming behavior is appalling, and is a reason I would personally keep my money. Not to mention, DSE’s, and Vizio’s poor QC and reliability. They have a lot to do, to earn back my money. My experiences with the brand have not been good, AT ALL.

  • Just bought the P65Q9H1 this week. Main reason, it was on sale for $899 and included a 3 yr warranty. Second, I don't play games so this is just for TV watching which is run through an Apple 4k TV box. The Apple TV provides 4k Dolby Video at 60fps and I run the sound through a Sonos Beam with 2 satellites. Lastly, I'm also color blind, so slight differences in reds and greens have no meaning to me. I have the TV set at Vivid and warm. Though I know that technically this may be the worst setting, it works for me. Overall happy with the Visio.

    • 3 year manufacturer warranty

  • I can’t get get my Xbox one x to show 120hz at 4K. Only 60hz. Updated the TV and reboot both the TV and the Xbox. Any ideas?

  • You know a company is serious when they put an "X" at the end of the name

  • I just need better motion handling on LCD/LED. I am on a Sharp Aquos from 2006. I need an upgrade, but I hate soap opera effect and judder. Old school HD doesn’t have that issue and I can’t move until I find a 4K tv without those issues.

  • will you miss the D?

  • Vizio is trash.. have one in my bedroom and I hate it. The hisense H9G is superior to it. Yes, I know about the red ghosting. Mine was not a prevalent as others. Picture quality and colors was amazing. Loved that tv, but ended up getting a q90t at an amazing price.

    • Vizio are pure trash and needs to go out of business!! I had the 2018 p series and turned that garbage!! It had banding, DSE and dropped HDMI ports!!

    • @C Thomas I've dealt with all these TVs too I'm an audio video guy and for me I've never had any issues loved every one of them including my 85 in and if we can't talk about RTINGS then I guess we can't talk about digital trends either I just said that because it sounded better than saying "I heard people say"... Like digital trends RTINGS reviews these TVs Anyways ....

    • @Leo J you know what, I shouldn't say your opinion is invalid. My bad for saying that. But just from my experience with vizio's have all been not up to par. The H9G took all of what vizio tries to do and was better at performing it with a better picture then any vizio. Yes it does not do 4k @120hz. But the next Gen tvs will. And I think Hisense will surpass vizio easily. Hell even tcl will be better then Vizio with their new lineup. But only time will tell right

    • @Leo J the fact you resorted to a RTINGS rating let me know your opinion is invalid. I've actually dealt and used the tv's myself. Not by what some reviewer said.

    • Hisense more superior LoL Not really, for example RTINGS rates Hisense 8.4 Vizio PQX 8.3 Others agree as well Maybe you had trash Not me 85" 80" 65" 60" 55" 32" All vizios No issues

  • Thanks for this review, Caleb! I got my P65Q9-H1 yesterday. I chose the PQ9 > the PQX because: 1) sale price difference ($300), 2) availability (hard to find a P65QX), and I didn’t think the extra brightness was necessary. However, I was tempted by the extra local dimming zones. I also plan to use the $300 difference towards the Elevate soundbar system (whenever it goes on sale again). I’ll look for the blooming and backlight issues on my screen/panel, but I haven’t seen any issues yet. Although the motion settings are really effective, I agree to turn them off while watching “cinematic films” (i.e. streaming movies). I’m still in the market for an Xbox Series X, so I haven’t been able to test the 4K 120 Hz or VRR yet.

    • @Leo J I saw it on sale for $699 at Best Buy last fall. I didn’t get it because I didn’t have the TV with eARC yet.

    • That soundbar will remain 1k for a long while Only weeks ago was it $900 The gaming 120hz at 4k is fixed

  • I really really dislike warm picture settings 😢

    • @Leo J Right? Glad it's not just me. Can't stand the yellow tint.

    • Me too I always use cool Never understood why he uses warm Looks blah

  • Doesn't matter... had to send my Quantum X back as it had nothing but problems connecting to my PC with an RTX 3080. HDMI 2.1 isn't there yet.

    • @Leo J must be nice, tried everything I could and got nothing but problems.

    • No problems with 2.1 for me

  • Vizio TV Its not worth it there are so many technical issues on all vizio TV until today 2021. Vizio Dont even border to fix all its QC controls from its factory. As seen on this video for proof. Its better to buy other brands. All Vizio TV not worth it.

    • @Leo J Any brand is better than *GARBAGE VIZIO!!* I had the 2018 p series and turned that trash for the banding, DSE and dropped HDMI ports!!

    • @Leo J nobody in the world owns so many TV from vizio what a fake statement if you really owns so many TV where are your invoice to proof ?

    • Have you owned vizios I have an 85" 80" 65" 60" 55" and a 32" All have been great to me Zero issues LG, Sony etc.. have been talked about poorly here and there also Every brand has something Luckily for me I've been happy with VIZIO

  • I’ve definitely been waiting for this review. Definitely torn as to which is worth it as it’s a $100 difference between this and the X where I’m at. The X’s stock for 65” is a little hit or miss and the TCL 6 series is nowhere to be found. Still not sure of Series 6, quantum, or quantum x after your reviews @digital trends they all seem so close.

    • @heroofharo it’s also nearly impossible to find

    • The PQX is $100 more than the PQ? I would pay the extra $100. More than that and I'm less sold on it.

  • Vizio is trash 🗑 It’s cheap for a reason folks, just save your money 💰 and get something better

    • @Leo J Any brand is better than trash Vizio!! I had the 2018 p series and it had DSE, banding and dropped HDMI ports!!

    • You don't know what you're speaking of That's all I have and I've never had any issues whatsoever I hear problems about Sony's LG's Samsungs so what do you say about that

    • @Kapono5150 like I said, I had the Vizio a few years back and loved it. If I were ever to go back to led it would be a Vizio.

    • @John Bob dude you can see the screen brightness changing during normal content. This just shows how cheap the processor is. Don’t blow your money 💰 on Vizio

    • Wrong. Stop paying for a name. The Vizio P Series is one of the best values out there. I had one a few years back but switched to OLED. I missed my P series for quite a while.

  • Should i get sony x900h or samsung Q80T or Vizio Oled for next gen gaming?

    • @John everyone has their preferences People talk badly about this that and the other For me, I love all my vizios Especially this 85" No issues for me on any of them $2479 !!

    • @Martin Chitembo would u get Samsung over the sony?

    • @Leo J so what do u recommend?

    • The vizio gaming aspect is fixed and rocks 4k @ 120hz The 900 blows I bought the 85" and returned next day The 85" Vizio p series quantum X is damnnnnn nice I personally have zero issues with my set I dialed in the colors The dark levels are great And man is it BRIGHT

    • Get the Samsung much better than this vizio

  • I had that crazy backlighting lag when VRR is enabled. Turning that off, or turning off Active Full Array solved it. Not great but a temporary stop-gap.

    • Still need an update for the VRR but that’s pretty much every TV currently

  • I just ordered the 85" P-Series Quantum X a couple days ago. I hope I'm not disappointed but I use the internet everyday and tend to be disappointed all the time.

    • @Leo J I got mine for around that too, the reason I went with it.

    • I'm happy with mine It's huge and I have zero issues $2479

  • Neither , Oled or go home lol

    • *PREACH MI AMIGO!!* 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Great review Caleb as always! I purchased the PQX. This tv does look great once it’s calibrated! However, there are a few issues I experienced. 1. ARC feature seems to prevent the audio from being heard from any source plugged into a receiver not the tv itself. In other words, any source (dvd, Xbox, PlayStation etc.) will need to be plugged into the tv not a receiver to hear sound. 2. Interface is slower to react when powered on: In addition, the tv takes a few seconds to change modes (Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR etc.). The result is, streamed content will play the video for 3 to 4 seconds before the audio is heard. 3. Once you have calibrated the tv to your preference, you’ll discover that depending on the sound/video format, streaming platform and the content you’re watching, your settings will be different for each (which is VERY frustrating)! With that being said, there is no perfect tv and this is no exception however for the price ($2,499) there’s no tv on the market that can produce the bright levels, the dark levels, the colors or provide the screen size that this tv can!

    • @Sean King Thanks, Sean!

    • I have also noticed the few second delay on audio from streaming services but its really not an issue.

    • I've noticed that issue with ARC as well. That couldn't possibly be operating as Vizio intended, could it?

    • I’m having the same issue on my set where I have to connect sources directly into the tv instead of the receiver. Very frustrating.

    • I bought the 85" $2479 And I don't have any issues with it Audio is fine I dialed in the colors The darks are legit and man is it BRIGHT

  • I have this in a 75 inch. And i love it. But i do see little bit more Banding then in my 2 year M-series. But its only when watching cable stations. I mostly watch Movies then anything else. Watching 4k movies is Insanely Beautiful. Thanx for review - Stay Safe, Be Safe!!!!!

  • Excellent value, full of bugs, typical Vizio. You gotta purchase and hope you get a good set without bugs...then warranty it. That’s the game you play with Vizio.

    • @Mike Herron All of this depends on the model of these brands. At the end of day both are mid tier to low end value TVs. Either way you will be playing the panel lottery. That’s a fact. Some are luckier than others that’s for sure

    • Yeah always had good vizio tvs with no problems! Bought a tcl for my mancave in barn? Junk. It’s good for outside tv but it’s not same as vizio or even my old Samsung plasma.

    • I have all vizios 85" 80" 65" 60" 55" 32" Zero issues in all my years On all these sets My vizio p series quantum X 85" rocks

  • Great Video Thank you! Are there any good 50-55in TVs that have a 120hz refresh rate that you would recommend? Im looking to get one but not sure what to get-not a lot of options. Thanks!

    • ya///the lg cx oled///best tv on the market///period

  • I love your reviews and I'm using them to figure out which tv to get next. I know the soap opera affect bothers u but could u let us know how good the tv does in that regard? I enjoy when watching movies. thanks for the vids and so glad u finally got an Xbox.

    • @Leo J I love the effect. I can see why it hurts people's eyes or gives them a headache but I just like the way the movie looks and want the best possible. kinda like the 4k @ 120 gaming

    • That effect is pretty crazy It's like you're watching the movie or show live It doesn't bother me Why it bothers Caleb I don't know LoL That being said I set it halfway to 5 Instead of 10 The 85" is pretty damn great At least mine is

  • Here it is!! Been waiting for a little over a week.