LG G1 OLED vs. Sony A90J OLED | Epic OLED Battle

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The two most highly anticipated OLED TVs in 2021 are pitted against each other in what will likely be the most popular TV comparison of the year. Both the LG G1 and Sony A90J are known to be brighter OLED TVs that in years past. Which is brighter?
We'll also take a look at design, user interface, processing, sound quality and picture quality to determine which TV performs best in each category.
LG G1 Available Here: www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-oled65g1pua-oled-4k-tv
Sony Bravia XR A90J 4K OLED TV Available Here: bestbuy.7tiv.net/5bbA31
0:00 - Intro
1:20 - Design
2:15 - User Experience
3:41 - Panels & Processing
4:56 - Sound
6:00 - Picture Quality
8:06 - Gaming
9:24 - Which OLED Is Right For You?
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  • Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thanks again for watching and sharing! What is the next battle you want to see? We will line it up!

    • AMOLED TVs anyone for a true 1 to 1 image quality calibrated comparisons on all panels for pc TVs and mobile devices/laptops soon in consolidation after fixing the materials to kill sunglare?

    • Sony uses EVO panel but they cannot say as its LG trademark.

    • No reason to buy LG G1 OLED so Sony BRAVIA A90J Master Series is the best OLED TV on market even better LG Z1 8K OLED cannot upscale 1080p 8K without artefacts.

    • How about battle between sony a90j vs sony a80j

    • G1 vs a80j

  • I’m finally upgrading my old 40 inch Samsung this week 🎉

  • I sincerely don't get it. I keep running it through my mind and, "this one is better, but the other one came out on top," just doesn't make sense.

    • It's pretty simple, both have advantages but Sony’s is not 1300-1500 dollars more, so LG wins

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  • I will NEVER buy another OLED TV My C6 has 13500 hours up and 3 burn-in patches ! Not what you expect when you spend nearl $3000 on a TV

  • Sony is super pricyit should have same pricing as lg otherwise lg g1 is better.

  • Gaming is important... so that’s the pick!

  • I hate when these dudes scold you for not being subbed. Bruh. I don’t want to watch tv reviews all the time, just during the short time when I’m going to purchase one.

  • I mean, it’s not the hardest job I’ve ever done, *Hits Sub button* , but it’s honest work.

  • nice technology made better experience in watching TV, thanks

  • My initial preference leans towards the Sony A90J. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I prefer to use TVs on a stand. However I’m a big gamer which makes this choice so tough. Idk if Sony wanted to make a kickass tv why wouldn’t they make HDMI 2.1, VRR, and auto low latency a top priority?!?! So now, should I wait for a possible firmware update with the A90J or save some $$$$$$ and buy the LG G1 or C1 (I’m still not 100% sure about the difference between those two)? I’ve been interested in a new OLED for over a year and I’m actually glad I waited for these 2021 models. Ultimately I would be happy with the A90J, C1, or G1 (while I’m eating sushi). Now I just hope receivers catch up with current gaming technology. Thanks for the info/help Digital Trends!

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  • LG G1 ftw. That's my next oled soon. Upgrading from the C7P yeah old but still great TV 📺

  • Well in Ireland where I'm from the A90J only €600 more than G1 looks much better 3000 A90J €2500 no point buying LG G1 OLED since A90J better in every area VRR and ALLM are coming to Sony Bravia A90J OLED Master Series and A80J. 1200 more in USA seems me be bit too much I had LG C9 I got burn in LG Ireland customer service said my fault.

    • Sony A90J is better in every other area VRR and ALLM don't matter to most people gamers are a minority Sony target market well seems wrong this is Sony Electronics, not Sony Interactive Entertainment. Only people who knock on this TV are ones who are jealous cannot afford to look G1 OLED is good Tv but overpriced inferior compared to A90J saw my electronics store in Ireland where I work I'm a passionate woman I'm into

    • Sony has been promising vrr in a update since last years models were released. Burn in is up to you. Lg and Sony both use the same panels. I have a 3 year old c8 with no burn in and I game and watch tv in it daily. No hud, minimap or tv logos

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  • Very balanced and informative..

  • Excellent comparison Caleb, I've got a client selecting a 77 OLED for gaming, steering him toward LG C1, though may stretch to G1. Do you know when the G1 77 will be available? Maybe I'll pick myself up one if $DOGE breaks $1 to celebrate Elon Musk's May 8th SNL performance ;-)

  • LG won this round.

    • LG lost big time this using Evo same Sony still 750nits Sony Bravia A90J Master Series OLED gets to 1350 nits unacceptable having 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and VRR and ALLM doesn6do AV enthusiast like me only retard would say G1 better than the A90J VRR and ALLM don't make it better than A90J you watch TV and movies.

  • Are you planning a video that compares the Sony A80j vs the Sony A90j?

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  • The test is not relevant! The same image content is not visible at the same time .... :(

  • Big fan of Sony. Simply put, they are an entertainment company and that's what we are talking about here, entertainment. Other companies make a much wider a product line, Sony doesn't make appliances. They stay in their lane and do it very well. oh, and I watched to the end - hamburger helper is the bomb.

    • Yet Sony tv and PlayStation branches don’t communicate. If they did their TVs would be better for gaming

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  • He should slow down when speaking. Too fast. ...

  • Hi Caleb, Great video as always! Love these head to head battles! I was wondering if you had an educated opinion on the longevity of the OLED panels. It is no secret that the Blue OLED will degrade over time but I am having difficulty really pinning that down and by how much will it degrade. Are we talking about 100,000 hours before the picture starts to degrade or is it much sooner than that? For me to consider buying one of these I would like to know this detail.

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  • Anyone know if you can mount this on a furniture tv stand?

  • Well there is one point you didn't mention and that is the LG G1 is not available in an 83 inch size and the Sony A90J is, whatever their other respective competing features.

  • I can't afford either but still I'm watching

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  • Nice to see. One question: The heatsink Sony incorporates-does this mean that crackling chassi plastic is eliminated or at least a lot less prone to happen? (I'm having this issue with my LG48CX and it's not a fun thing to have.)

  • That Dogecoin comment aged well.

  • Who is going to spend this much cash and use a sound bar lol.

  • Even in looking behind him the Sony definitely looks better

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  • Can you test the Sony A90J brightness in Cinema mode? It's more brighter in that mode, you'll get more details in the spectacular highlights as well.

  • When the hell will it be available in Los Angeles???????????????????!???????????

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  • Somehow somewhere I'll still stick with Sony concerning the game options....it has a certain taste if u watch closely. Presumably if everyone is watching this at 4k

  • Just bought A90j love it .

  • i still use sony trinitron form 1991

  • He just recommended both! So much for a comparison. Keeping one's sponsors happy I guess. That's why these types of reviews are so so inconclusive and unhelpful. They don't help at all.

    • Do you want him to tell you which one to buy and what to eat for lunch? He told us the pros and cons to each one and which one he would pick. Jeez

  • If i can eat lasagna and some fried chicken everyday i think ill be good 😌 and LG it issssss

  • 6:28 it's interesting that you said the G1 is significantly brighter than the GX "and it shows." I thought it was only 20% brighter as measured by a meter? Humans experience brightness changes logarithmically, not linearly, and therefore 20% would be barely noticable, even side by side. Have you actually looked at the two side by side?

  • I would eat Philly Cheesesteaks. Last year I got the A8H for the living room since I mostly watch movies there. But this year I want a 48" LG to move my PS5 to in my gaming room. Best of both!!

  • Which one handles motion better, I mostly watch soccer and hockey. TIA

  • Who all makes oled panels? Sony does not make their own? So then its just lg for larger displays and samsung for smaller ones?

  • G1 OLED won ! period

  • the heatsink is stolen from Panasonic...

  • Qled neo vs lg Oled evo please. 😀

  • What about glare ?

  • Lg oled is better then sony oled

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  • Obviously i would take the a9 with me

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  • Which one minimizes movie 24P picture JUDDER the best?

  • Ok here's my **TWO CENTS** I bought both of them in the 65 inches and did my own comparo. Sorry LG I chose the Sony for overall picture brightness, color depth, and sound. I'm not a TV Gamer or that could have changed my decision. I use my PC for Real Gaming so Nuff said but when I watched Lord of The Rings in Dolby Atmos I almost got literally stuck in motion as to how freaking incredible the images looked. PS. My review is on BestBuy. I don't care about the price of the TV life is too short to piss and moan over a few dollars when the quality of life is what's important...*To Me*

    • Nice review. Buy once cry once.

  • Winner in bright???

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  • I've been looking at 80" or bigger and right now, the Sony A90J is looking pretty good to me. I don't game hardly at all and I like the picture quality better on the Sony.

    • Only options are the lg c1 or the A90J for a 83” Oled 4K tv this year. I wish lg offered the G1 in 83”

    • A90J is were its at...quality quality picture quality👍👍

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  • What’s the TV on the left? That’s a better picture

  • The Sony is $700 more, correct?

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  • “Decent soundbar” Dude, no soundbar is decent. A 2.1 external speaker setup will demolish a 7.1 soundbar. They will always be crap

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  • So , why is Sony so much costlier?

  • 🤔 Sony maybe

  • The A90J is amazing mine came in from Crutchfields last week. Picture floored me and the sound is so good, I didn't realize I had my surround system off while watching a few shows. Watched a Imax enhanced version of Equalizer 2 on Bravia Core.

    • @Luis Pineda I have a surround sound system, I just found I forgot to turn it on (had wrong source watching Netflix). Still learning how to use every thing together. Now looking to upgrade surround system

    • Good that you like it but seriously who still uses TV speakers??

  • maybe a couple hundred difference, but not $1200

  • Caleb, which TV is which in your background?

  • The name of the game, please?

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  • Clear winner Sony A90J. The price says otherwise.

  • Need more information about gaming on the PS5

  • Is the G1 really hands down better for gaming on the PS5?

  • Is 1 stand noticably more stable??

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  • I was mad about my cx not having hbo max then i logged into the app on my iPhone 12 and screen shared and it played in Dolby vision atmos but Godzillavs kong ended up being horrible 😂

  • Hello, is it possible to make a specific head to head video about LG C1 vs G? as I cannot see any proper video on youtube at this point. Thanks.

  • is that 48-GBPS on the LG? the left tv looked better on almost pic. and Chinese food.

  • Should have said what TV is on what side form beginning

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  • 4k tv at 2021 seems like not a good idea

  • How can Sony justify the price difference is beyond me 🤔

  • I was dreading watching this video, as I have just bought a CX65. Very pleased now, as I couldn't really afford that but felt it was worth it. Haha

  • Sony is slipping hard with that judder in gaming. 8:55 Amazing how a company that runs a big portion of the gaming industry can't get it's TVs in line with gaming. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have an X900E and was looking at the X90J as a sure thing, now I'm glad no one had the 50" at launch locally. Dodged a bullet.

  • A90J

  • They are both using LG Oled panel since Sony buys displays from LG. Thats the reason LG is able to sale their TV for $1000 less than Sony