LG C1 OLED Review (OLED65C1PUB) | Still the best choice?

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The LG C1 OLED replaces the 2020 CX OLED and comes with a few improvements, including refreshed WebOS, Alpha 9 Gen 4 processor, 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, and game optimizer dashboard. We dive in to find out how this year's C-Series model performs and determine if the C1 is the best gaming TV to buy in 2021.
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0:00 - Intro
1:16 - What has changed?
1:40 - Alpha 9 Gen 4 Processing
1:53 - Refreshed webOS
2:08 - Advertising
2:39 - Great Experience
3:00 - Sound Quality
3:36 - Nit Nerds
4:46 - Color
5:02 - Picture Quality
5:27 - This TV Gets Just About Everything Right
5:54 - AI Picture Options
6:17 - Motion & Shadow Detail
7:53 - Gaming
8:46 - Should You Buy An LG C1 OLED?
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  • Please review the Sony A80J and compare it with LG C1. I think it's the direct competition than the A90J

  • 👍

  • This might be a dumb question, but if I did want to play a pc game on this TV at 1080p would the picture look at least as good as it would on a 1080p monitor? I only ask because obviously some games are just to intensive to run smoothly at 4K.

  • What is mounting the C1 like with those HDMI ports facing directly outwards?

  • Which one should I buy. I could wait for the g1 to be available or get the c1 faster. I use this as the main TV in a room that is dark but sometimes there's light. Also I game and watch movies and tv

  • Which one is better? C1 or G1?

  • Why the fuck they put ads on a product that i bought with money that too on a tv.

  • Yes, you missed a lot: 1. Is DTS supported? 2. Does the internal player support Dolby Vision or is that limited to shitty quality streaming services such as Netflix? 3. Is the ethernet port still limited to only 100MBit? 4. Were you able to get 4k@120Hz with 10bit color depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling using an RTX 3000 series graphics card or does the shitty 40GBit bandwidth limitation of the HDMI-ports get in the way? 5. Does the network setup finally support profiles for the wifi settings, or do we have to enter all credentials all over again if the SSID/network changes? 6. Does the keyboard/mouse/controller support work properly now when using a Windows computer with it, or does the Windows key still bring up the WebOS menu? 7. What's the highest connection bandwidth via Wifi? 8. What's the highest bitrate supported for H264/H265 file playback? 9. Energy usage compared to the CX with comparable settings? Everything you said in this review is pretty much meaningless to current LG Oled owners. We know that the video quality is top notch. That's why we bought these TVs at a premium. Deficiencies are usually so minor that they are insignificant and if they're not, they will be fixed with firmware updates. We're more interested in getting to know problems for real life use cases which none of you review channels ever seem to touch on, because you don't actually seem to use those TVs except for running visual quality tests.

  • Is a sound bar needed? I picked up an inexpensive Vizio V21-H8R and trying to decide if it’s necessary or if I should upgrade to a better sound bar ... 1,2,3 Go w/ comments and thoughts please! ( BTW...the C1 looks amazing in 65”)

  • I have a 55 inch CX, planning ro get another oled for living room when C1 came out and qled q90a i end up buying 77inch CX because nothing much a different between CX & C1.

  • But the HDR in gaming especially VAlhalla looks like shit almost like the colors are inverted on highlights like the Sun and Clouds.

  • It would be nice if any reviewer mentioned that out of the box color accuracy of C1 is terrible. Rtings gave it 4.6 out of 10. Not many of us have $2500 SpectraCal Calman Studio laying around to calibrate it ourselves .

  • I still don't like LG tv stands. They need to change it. I prefer the stick stands. Lot of soundbars actually produce sound behind the TV which travels along the wall to produce virtual surround sound

  • Hi Im a fan of your TV review! Curious question do you have any recommendation what's high-end TV below 42 inch like 32 inch or more?

  • NO DTS Support don't buy LG until they sort it out

  • LG CX or Sony A90J? Which is better and why?

  • Caleb, can you share the color measurements pre-calibration? I know it can differ per panel, but I've seen other reviews (Rtings in particular) say their C1 had terrible out of the box color accuracy. Thanks!

  • Is it worth upgrading over the cx.

  • C1 77 or A80j. Not a gamer. Price doesn’t matter

  • Please! Test it as a monitor. Even better if u could test the 48”

  • Ads on tv 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  • I’ve heard it’s because of the ads that the TV is affordable

  • C1 or CLA?

  • PS5 + A90J = PARADISE 🔥🔥🔥

  • LG BX 55 inch or LG C1 48 inch??? Help me to decide please

  • When do you get the Sony x90j? Excited for a review

  • I still don’t understand the black/white stabilizer options and how to tell what they help with.

  • Wow i was wondering what my cx was doing when it would flash grey from time to time. The same thing i see the trees doing @ 5:52 . Glad you explained thats studder. I thought my tv was crashing out the box 😂 i was freaking out lol

  • Our planet the sea 🌊 episode took my breathe away seeing the details in every animal. Especially the big herd of smaller fish swimming in the same direction. I love that show. hands down best way to show off a great oled tv

  • I hate lg c1

  • LG G1 OLED Signiture Series is nice TV if want budget friendly mid range gaming TV but A90J like A9G Master Series is for hardcore AV enthusiasts and the G1 much the same .

  • C1 vs qn90a.. when is that coming?

  • Qn90A vs C1 pls, thats what all are waiting to make a choice!

  • I just got mine and I can't get the ThinQ App on my S21 Ultra to connect. It sees the TV and gives you the option to add the TV to the app. However, you go through a rigmarole of entering your wifi password, etc. (I'm using wired but I tried wifi, too.) Then the ThinQ app initiates a handshake where it asks you to input a code from the TV. The app cancels out the text entry field and fails the process out before you can even get half of the digits in. There appears to be an alternate method where the TV instructs you to put your mobile device up near the screen. I tried that, too. It just won't pair. You just keep hitting the "Retry" button in the mobile app to no avail. What in the bloody hell could be wrong? I want to control my TV with my phone. This shouldn't be so damn hard. (Rebooted phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, etc. Cleared app data, etc. Nothing helps. The result is exactly the same.) Additionally, I am using a 1080p receiver from several years ago and audio coming from the TV (all streaming services except AR-one) starts to emit crackles and pops if you start a stream, pause it then resume. (Yes. I'm using HDMI2 for eARC.) You have to either exit the app and resume OR you have to power cycle your receiver to get it to stop. (Literally EVERY time you pause or stop/start the stream... Except in AR-one.) These are apparently issues that were also seen on the CX and C9 from what I'm seeing. Folks suspect eARC but I really can't be sure. The image quality is bloody STUNNING, however. And I will upgrade my receiver eventually. But... Damn if that isn't annoying. And I'm not even sure that buying the upcoming Apple TV Gen4 will solve that issue. (I don't think it will, actually. I think it's a problem between the TV and receiver.) What kind of light can you shed on these things?

  • I got a lg c7 Oled in 2018 and it’s hands down the biggest pile of feces I’ve ever owned. Brand new the picture quality was amazing but it’s very unreliable. Starting last year, my tv developed strange rectangular burn in shapes on the bottom left, no idea from what. The screen is divided into 3 or 4 different sections horizontally (lines going up and down) and each rectangle is a slightly different shade, the most noticeable being a seam that runs right down the middle from top to bottom and is a different shade on left and right. And also a circular pattern of slightly different color pixels right smack in the middle of the screen about 12 inches in diameter. Everything that passes over that turns slightly green. Pixel refresh over and over and over does absolutely nothing to improve the picture. LG likes to say burn in is extremely rare and these TVs are so reliable., meanwhile my Samsung lcd I gave to my mom after buying the lg is about 10 years old now and still looks flawless. This is my first and last oled and lg, “deep blacks” aren’t worth the garbage ass quality. Just spreading the word

  • Should I buy this or an 8k for my ps5?

  • Curious what your thoughts are on the new Apple TV software update introducing Color Balance calibration using your iPhone? 👀 Wonder if it’s up to your standards!

  • I'm still affraid of burn-in😔

  • my LD B8 is 3 years old and I love it.. looking at a small C1 for my bedroom and this review confirms its the right choice.

  • Oh ya, i seen some Polyphia on that tv....👀

  • The technospeak is ridiculous.

  • When you watch a movie, even the subtitles are red. The TV LG OLED b8p, Shanghai LG after-sales said that it's normal. Anyway, it's normal. Whatever you do, LG after-sales is poor

  • I was eyeing the CX for a couple of months and was about to pull the trigger on getting one until I found out the c1 was coming out soon. I want the C1 in 65" but wow, that $700 price different is making me rethink some things. However either one would be huge update from my 40" LED Magnavox tv that I got from a very nice old man from craigslist lol

    • Either will make you a very happy person lol. I’d say the cx because you want a big size and they are discounted. If you want top notch go g1 that’s the only way you will see a difference from the cx because the c1 is the same tbh. I have a cx and a c1. They are not that different tbh. I’m sending the cx back because the 48”s are the same price and I have 30 day return on it. Might as well go newer for same price 🤣 i also came from a led tv and i can’t go back Lol . I’d say c1 if you want smaller / cx if you want big and discounted / g1 if you want big and upgraded panel

  • So for gaming which LG is best is my question?

  • mine is being delivered tomorrow, upgrading from Panasonic Viera plasma 1080i from 2009

    • Your never going back ! Your going to become addicted to the TV review world 🤣 i upgraded from a 1080 p Samsung and i can’t believe i let myself suffer for all those years 🤣🤣 everything you do on it will be a great experience. Especially next gen gaming

  • Nice to see. Maybe I'm missing something with the LG remote but why isn't there a button for program information? As on the Sony remote. I'd happily live without all streaming services' buttons and actually have fewer buttons overall and instead have a well made GUI for the streaming services and such. BTW: If anywhere that stand will reflect the sound to the ceiling : )

  • I returned this PoS TV and got an A90J and was much happier. Better color accuracy out of the box, better audio balancing between various inputs, PS5 content looks better, better sound quality, doesn’t feel like it’s gonna break when I move it, and I love google TV. I bought the C1 because of all the AR-one reviews, but I just didn’t get it.

  • Which is better for watching movies C1 or A9G? With the C1 getting a new processor does it become the A9G equal?

  • Nit Nerd is a perfect term. Save the money and buy the C10. The C10 price will drop soon.

  • We would appreciate it if you would do the same test on this tv as you did on the CX with Call of Duty running in performance mode on PS5. I cannot afford to sacrifice neither 120hz or graphics. I'm too competitive to sacrifice anything. Please let us know. Thanks.

  • $1999 by end of 2021

  • The hardest thing to get used to when switching to a 48" CX for gaming was dealing with true blacks in gaming scenes. On a bright monitor blacks look grey or so bright that you can still see the parts of scenes that are supposed to be black. On an OLED black is truly black. It was hard to get used to at first, but then you realize this is how it is supposed to look and that is part of the challenge inherent in the game you're playing. Once you go OLED you'll never go back whether it's TV, Gaming, Streaming, Blu-ray, etc... I think the prices will remain flat for the C1. There's nothing else on the market that provides the same degree of flexibility and features (4 HDMI 2.1 ports, Free/G Sync, etc.) Until someone releases a TV to match it LG is not gonna be in a hurry to lower price. I wish you could get a 48" G1...

  • Thanks again for the amazing review - I watch every single one of your videos. I would love to know more about the differences between the G1 and the C1 - basically I want to know if the extra money is worth it for the G1! :-) Thanks again...

  • I love my C1 but there are things about it that I don't like. LG's lack of Freedom when it comes to settings especially in the color sector. The 1113111 it's only good for HDMI not streaming. I do not like my only choices being Auto detect or native. Also I don't like the Gamma always being chose for me in Dolby vision/HDR10. I do not like when I turn Dolby Atmos off I get a pop up that keeps telling me to turn it on Dolby Atmos in DV content. It makes the TV sound dull and dim nor do I like the "NO SIGNAL" on HDMI ScreenSavers an Lack of apps like HBOMax. I do not really like the WebOS full screen and yes I honestly do think the Tizen system is better.. But again like I said all in all I do like the C1

  • Is it worth an upgrade from my c9 from a couple of years ago as that is a superb oled tv

    • Hell no, you don’t need to upgrade from c9 for the next 3-5 years. Tvs have reached their peaks both oled and qled. Everything else is just minor tweaks to get you to buy, because they have to sell new tvs every year

  • C9 the best 🙌

  • I still went for the CX 65” here in London, UK. It was on market for a good price of £1899 and I got a 10% discount on top of it. Extremely happy with my purchase!

  • Would love to see a comparison between the C1 and QN90A. Or OLED vs Neo QLED

  • I really want an oled but my living room is not that big where I can fit in a TV which is larger than 43

  • Afternoon, I'm getting my C1 55" tomorrow and so very excited. Is there an OLED for dummies guide or first things you should do with your LG ? I'm slightly paranoid that my wife will complain about its darker picture in our bright room. Cheers. EDIT: just found your first things you should do video. I love this channel.

  • Hi. Just found your channel yesterday researching my choices for PS5 gaming. I love that LG OLED but that burn-in scares me. Supposedly the Samsung q70T doesn’t have burn in, but it does have that one measly HDMI 2.1 port. And there are piles of beautiful tv’s under $500 but they’re all capped at 60hz. Why does it have to be so hard!?!?

  • When you speak of an issue with picture ie:STUDDER could you point to it? I often don't know where to look for the issue..before you change the picture. Thanks for the explanation of terms!

  • Can you please review Sony X950J

  • Semoga masuk Indonesia dengan harga lebih murah

  • I remember starting a clothing business, it didn’t work out as I planned it to be. Nobody wanted to buy them I jus wasted $10,000. I could have used it for something else.

    • Oh so sorry about what happened to you. Buh you should have tried something else like investments let’s say 🤷‍♀️ cryptos or stocks. At least. My opinion tho...

  • Hello to everyone. I am from Lithuania, Europe and here we have a very strange situation with LG TV's. Every OLED model B1, C1, G1 and so on has two variations, for example: LG OLED55C12LA (1296€/1568$) and LG OLED55C16LA (1699€/2055$). I asked the LG whats the difference they responded to me, that the only difference is that the 16LA models are capable to use WiSA sound systems. So you pay 500$ more just for capability to usa WiSA? Sound nuts to me, but that's what official LG support said to me. Do anyone know anything about this? I don't see two variations of LG OLED models in USA, only in Europe, and the price difference between them is a real thing.

    • @miskammon What about model variations that I mentioned?

    • Prices in Estonia are strange too. 55" C1 and B1 cost almost the same and the "budget" 60Hz A1 costs only 100€ less than the G1.

  • Anyone know which TV he owns?

  • Is 1800 really a price that’s lower than most of its competitors?

  • I love oled.

  • I’m just scared of burn in,

  • I been wanting to upgrade my Pioneer elite plasmas PRO-FHD1 which I had for 14 years and they been reliable as hell and honestly I still find the picture quality excellent but wanted something to take advantage of my PS5 and Xbox series X so thinking C1. Thoughts?

    • @Casually Explained. I don’t understand. Profit from trading?

  • Is there a C1 versus A80J comparison? Those are my 2 options for a new TV

  • Caleb, with all respect, but your T-shirt’s texture is killing TV post-processing.

  • How are the burn-ins?

  • AV🟨 imput is dead?


  • Should I buy this instead of the CX?

  • X950 and ps5 combo. Best gaming set up

  • Great tv until a kid leaves it on pause or some static screen for hours

  • Recently purchased the *CX65* from JL (5yr warranty) for £1799 & it's incredible so this C1 should be amazing 👍🏻

  • I have huge nits, on my Sony A90j

  • Hey @DigitalTrend, I want a TV for my series X. C1 or CX?

  • Great now its time for G1 vs C1 comparison. Is there difference in pic quality and brightness. Since both have same chip but different OLED panel. Thanks

  • One word, Awesome! Review. Greetings from Canada.

  • Wouldn't the g1 be just as good?

  • G.O.A.T

  • The TV itself looks great and by year’s end I will upgrade to a 2021 model of some kind, I was looking at this tv and I don’t like to watch tv in the dark and the glare on this tv was killer. I could not believe how much glare it had while watching content. I’m hoping the G1 is better as that one is high on the list.

  • Make comparisons between samsung neo qled

  • Glad I got the C1. I'm a very happy customer.

  • "And now we go on to gaming " and then i liked the video and realized why i subscribed. I don't know alot about televisions only i really like the OLED one and i am deiciding what to buy this a new television or pc Components

  • Imagine having fortnite in your thumbnail in a video detailing displays on a TV

  • CX vs C1

  • I am tempted to get the lg oled65E8PUA Due to how low I could find one price wise. Sound doesn't matter as I have a full gen 3 sonos setup and that was the best barter I have made in my life. Any info on why I shouldn't buy the E8

  • I have this tv for 2 weeks now, its perfect

  • Just get last years cx there's literally no difference besides the UI which I think is still better on the cx and it's cheaper

  • Is LG still going to sell 48 in model? I was not able to get CX 48, it always ran out of stock

  • Please show us a calibration settings for SD HD and game play.

  • Am I the only one, who wants to know about that list of 4k blu-rays?...

  • So really just get a cx save good money 😁

  • My favorite gaming TVs you use it as a frisbee, or a dining table take it off the Wall put on its side and use it as a dining table that'd be a great gaming TV 🤣🤣