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The LG G1 Gallery Series OLED TV could be the best TV of the year, but is it's brighter "evo' panel and processing bringing significant improvement, or is it mere marketing hype. We dive in to find out.
LG G1 Available Here: www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-oled65g1pua-oled-4k-tv
0:00 - Intro
1:20 - Picture Settings Update
2:38 - How Did The TV Measure?
3:17 - What Is OLED Evo?
3:43 - New Remote
4:20 - WebOS
5:07 - AI Features
5:28 - Sound Quality
6:20 - Picture Quality
8:02 - Dolby Vision Issues
8:41 - Gaming
9:29 - Is The LG G1 OLED Evo Right For You?
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  • How about compare c1 vs g1

  • What is your pick for best OLED 2021?

  • Dolby Vision HDR issues pass Sony Bravia A90J Master Series OLED TV will destroy it if this has Dolby Vision HDR issues lol waste of money buying it only dumb gamer like Chico would buy this heap of shit😆🤣

  • I'm wondering if a Sonos Arc would fit underneath the LG Oled G1 with the feet, or would it block a part of the screen? How much mm/cm is there between the screen and the surface it stands on? Thanks in advance!

  • This or samsung q90t?

  • Mini led is gonna top OLED, but not yet

  • OLED will always remain the King!

  • It's bad that there are no Russian subtitles

  • How to fix at this models blinking display in HDMI PC mode?

  • Looks amazing. Been a Samsung LED guy for the past decade but the LGC1 and G1 have me looking their way. That said, TCLs mini LED XL series is temping me as well. 8K, Mini LED and 85” of screen are enticing indeed. Do you think the higher nits, screen size, and cheaper price with hopefully improved black levels of Mini LED make the TCL XL series worth waiting for in comparison to grabbing a 77” C1 or G1 OLED now for a likely higher price? Would love to hear your thoughts. I’ll be coming from a Samsung UNHU8700 4K Curved with a 2016 Evo Box Upgrade for reference.

  • I'm still in love with my Samsung 75 Q90R, nothing to envy the rest, I have Q80R Samsung Harmon Kardon soundbar and it's a beast

  • Hey , which oled would you recommend for watching sports ,mainly hockey?

  • Simple question does this TV get screen burn if yes this TV is not for gaming if no I will go straight out and buy this TV yes or no simplist question we just want a andwer

  • can lg g1 be wall mounted with a tilted wall mount?

  • Will you please do a video on why you buy the most high end TV's but turn off almost all features? I do the same but why?

  • It appears that this will be the same price as the Sony A80J. This seems like a better TV, at least based on the prelim info. I guess we'll see how the A80J performs in a few weeks.

  • That's what he should of stated watch out for wrong information

  • A gaming monster if you DON'T play gaming on it for over a 1 hour if you do play gaming on it for over 1 hour this is NOT the TV for you as it will get SCREEN BURN and even if you do for 1hr it still may get SCREEN BURN

  • There are a lot of still images on a gaming screen that causes screen burn so how can you say that this crap TV Is best for gaming can you explain don't understand where your getting your information from

  • Oled will still be king this year.

  • Can you tell us TV expert what TV can get screen burn and why don't you mention it on your TV videos

  • How is this vid amazing when you are getting lack of information about what TV's can get screen burn

  • Why isn't screen burn important

  • TVs that can get. Screen burn are not suitable for gaming TVs

  • You can disable true motion when in cinema home but you have to disable the AI features first

  • I just got the G1 in largely in part thanks to your channel! Thanks for the great content and recommendation!

  • How’s the worry on burnin ?

  • What is screen uniformity like with the new panel? Does it have any banding or gridding like with CX?

  • Can this TV be mounted with a universal Mount or does it need to be a gallery mount like the one LG supplies?

  • What? Googlecast is garbage. The best third party streaming devices Apple TV. If you want to be shocked you need to get a raspberry pi one that’s geared towards tracking google trackers and watch how many times that nasty Chromecast spies and send your information to Google. Let’s put it this way every single time you pick up your remote Eitel’s Google you picked it up and what time of day. Then it tells Google what buttons are clicking. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.. If you don’t want to be spied on while you watch TV getting Apple TV.

    • you are on AR-one, Google already has all your information and is spying on you.

  • OLED TV used more power then LED TV

  • Is this your first LG oled tv review?

  • OLED is king

  • Love my cx

  • Me watching on my Samsung q800r

  • So.....no one is complaining that this TV was marketed as having up to 1300+ nits when in fact it gets 800+ nits ?! Why ?! This is false marketing. A lie to make you buy the TV. But of course that Caleb has afiliate blinks attached to the video's description. He needs that $ more than telling the truth to the consumers.

  • Another mediocre OLED "upgrade"...

  • its a fucking shame that c1 has not the same panel. i dont want a gallery model. i dont hang it on the wall. i wait till 2022 to buy a new lg oled tv. difference between cx and g1 is not worth the money. same issue with dolby vision is also not fixed

  • Better than the CX ?

  • Do you know what my best option would be if i cant wall mount this tv but have a soundbar i want to put under it?

  • Want to see z9j

  • burning issue ?

  • Title say gaming... But 8 minutes in to the video but no word on gaming... Really?

  • Just bought a cx yesterday for my ps5. I wish this one was in 48” . 55 is a bit too big fir my room. But are there any differences in the c1 vs gx?. If it’s better I’ll take this back and get the c1 😂

  • Hi Caleb, could you please recommend which one to buy in 2021 which is between LG C1 or G1 or Sony models .. my preference is the sound and picture quantity with a good interface

  • OLED and mini LED can't be compared. With that being said I like the QN85A from samsung and the LG G1.

  • lg oled evo panel amazing 👏

  • MKBHD!

  • 8:10 there's supposed to be something on the tv other than the subtitles?

  • 🔥🔥

  • I just need to know is the 77" C1 $600 better than the CX? Is the G1 $2200 better than the CX? I watch a lot of football and play console video games.


  • “Why objective measurements aren’t telling everything” oh man y’all are shilling hard

  • I'll be purchasing a 55inch G1 - specifically for the gaming - I held off on the CX because of the VRR issues - the Sony looks fantastic, but no VRR out of the box is a deal breaker - they were supposed to unlock other features with previous models and never did so I can't really trust they'll do it.

  • so the panel is the same it just does brighter highlights, aslo webos sucks and LG never updates their TVs, even next year you're stuck with whatever came with the tv. Miniled will eat it alive.

  • What about black crush?

  • Anyone recommend some feet for this tv? I need some that are more middle positioned.

  • New burn in screen tv 😁

  • why lg new tv doesn't have DTS Audio

  • Amazon A person? Can't just say alexa?

  • Now that that Vizio 65 is on sale again at $1500 I'm hard pressed to spend more. This TV looks amazing.

  • Is it worth buying the G1 over the C1 this year? How much better is the EVO???

  • Please LG creat 39" or 40", 42" for desktop😊

  • I'm looking to upgrade to the 77" G1, are larger displays typically dimmer say compared to 65"?

  • I need an 85" OLED to be cheaper than the 85" QLED I bought last year. I can't spend $10k on a tv.

  • My Pioneer Elite Kuro 60in. suits me just fine.

  • How does it compare to the OLED65CXPUA? Any big improvements?

    • Check back in the next couple weeks for that comparison video!

  • That Disney intro was banded like crazy.

  • OLED over mini LED always!

  • Dolby vision is broken on anything it seems like . Too dark

  • Great TV, but I can buy four 55" Vizio for the price of this one.

  • Man fook this tv his review just came out for the sony j 90 oled an its the new benchmark

  • G1 65" cost as much as what i bought C7 in 2017 for $2500 then it was pricedropped by $1300 on BF

  • I am having an C9... is it woth upgrading? even tho i am still satisfied with my current oled but... we all know that we want always the newest stuff ;D

  • With complete shit input lag. Oleds aren't good for gaming, at least on hight end.

    • @Michelle Alexandria Yeah a good gaming monitor is like 2 to 3, maybe if you spent some time outside of fast food restaurants you would know, sweat hog.

    • 12 ms is shit? Ok. Maybe you just suck at gaming if you need it lower than that.

  • I might have skipped through the part where he says this, do any of you know the price for this TV?

  • Thanks for ruining my day Caleb. Being a gamer I already decided that Sony A90J is the one to get then I saw this...

    • @Alkemisti 369 ​ That's what I thought, then I came across Samsung 65” QN900A Neo QLED 8K HDR. What in the name of Lord is that!?

    • If you care for gaming only, then G1 is better for you, but if you like gaming AND watching movies / series, then A90J is the better choice for you. :)

  • Why is nobody talking about Panasonic? They don't sell them in the US?

  • ye he likes it more than the g1

  • What speakers are those?

  • I really like your content. You're straightforward and thorough. I presume the 4K scenes on the TV in the background are the demo mode on the TV, But does anyone know how to get 4K backgrounds unlike a disc so you don't have to put your TV in demo mode?

  • pls comparison LG G1 and Sony A90J

  • When does it come out

  • The g1 has no washed out black levels like the Cx last year ??? Good game for testing it: Cod cold War Campain, that was horrible to my eyes.

  • Wow what a TV & at a great price compared to all the other money grabbing brands!!! £1799 for a new 65 inch 👍🏻

  • What tv stand are you using for the G1?

  • Looks good, but literally just got a tv like the other day and I’m not mad at all 🤷🏻‍♂️😅 Edit: guess who’s tv just came? 3 days earlier than expected and 2 days after purchase and its early it’s about 2 pm! Perfect! Gonna disconnect from this qled 60r bull and connect my ps5 and splurge in some new year tech 🙏

  • This is my dream tv!!

  • Thanks for the review! How would this TV compare to the CX line with regard to quality/price? I mean, it's obviously a step forward, but how little should be the price ratio G1/CX to justify the extra cost for a typical usecase (mostly netflix movies)? Would you buy G1 if it were 20% (10%, 30%, etc.) more expensive than CX?

  • Why make 2 nearly identical videos? Might just stay at work longer and combine the 2 into something informative. Nothing i didn't read in promo articles

  • OLED is king

  • Wait.. so LG G1 doesn’t have HBO Max app..

  • When is this getting released to the general public? And what's the price point, please?

  • lg oled as always best image perfect contrast pure blacks no other brand can match this tv, wich turns to be a perfect gaming tv... hdmi 2.1, VRR, low input lag, no ghosting... is a must for pc gamers who want the best in hardware, dolby vision and hdr are just some unnecesary gimmicks that the industry advertise but are so inconsistent across every content, this tv looks amazing in a well tweaked game mode and user mode

  • Any flat tv work as well as the old school sony Sony wega?

  • The Sony is going to rain Supreme... mini led won't touch OLED all mini led is going to do is get brighter. Plus there is to much room for error with mini led..Oled is the future of tv's period. It's still really the price it's way to high especially in a world where the pandemic has ruined our ways of life and money.

  • OLED I hope. Why? Organic. Easuer and better to recycle unless I have missed something. OLED is King!

  • What matter to me now are 1) When is the release date? 2) What are the prices?

    • @KineticMeercat Good for you. I am in the US. Still no price and date.

    • april 8th, £1999 55"

  • Does it still have the grid issue that’s noticeable on bright solid blocks of color. My Sony a90j has it and it’s a pretty big mark against an otherwise great tv.

  • I believe it’s a Dolby Vision issue. My CX looks far better with my Apple TV set to HDR10 versus Dolby Vision.

    • @Nicholas Cummings just going off my months of following the 2020 CX Forum threads/Reddit etc. It seems from what I've gathered that when an apple tv device is connected to an lg CX, Dolby vision will have raised blacks. It seems to be the specific combination of the apple tv and the LG CX that causes it. That is, apple tv doesn't always have the DV raised blacks on other devices, and LG CX doesn't have raised blacks on all HDMI devices

    • @Matt Ford not doubting this but do you have a citation?

    • thats an apple tv issue with dolby vision