Samsung at CES 2021: Micro-LED surprises and Q900 QLED NEO

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What is QLED NEO and what surprises did we get in terms of Micro-LED TVs? We go through the entire Samsung CES 2021 TV lineup for you right here.
Samsung delivered its 2021 TV announcements ahead of CES 2021 and as expected, Micro-LED and QLED are involved, but there's a new QLED line coming called QLED NEO.
0:00 - Intro
0:53 - 99 and 88-inch MicroLED TVs
1:57 - QLED NEO
3:04 - Object Tracking Sound and Q Symphony
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  • Confirmed Samsung will have two NEO mini-LED models in the 4K line. Also, they will have other 4K QLEDs and non-QLED see s, but these were the ones announced publicly today.

    • @Robert Kelly HDR 10+ is better than Dolby vision though...

    • ​@Ultimacloud ,excuse me, but you are mixing 2 things... "Mini LED" refers to one back-light technology of the (LCD) TV, and "QLED" is Samsung's interpretation of using a specific, Nano-crystal based layer in the display panel to enhance color reproduction. In the Samsung premium line, all the TVs are "QLED", as they have this specific layer. The difference with the "Mini LED" back-lit ones is, that comparing to the some dozen normal size LEDs used as back-light, here they use a yet more minimized (approx. 1/40 the original size) version of LEDs, so they could place lot more (some thousands) of them in the same place; at the back of the panel. This helps them implement a more proper "dimming" solution, in which the CPU and the software of the TV manages and controls when, and on which areas, which parts ("dimming zones") of the LED back-light are turned on, or off. As a result, while watching dark scenes you could be able to see "pure" blacks for the darker areas. To the possibly best implementation and result, the possibly most number of these Mini LEDs, and dimming zones are required. (Also a good hardware and software , for the proper control.) The problem is, that these "Mini LED" lit televisions are horribly expensive at the moment. This Samsung NEO QN900 8K TV would cost ~7.000 dollars in 65 inch size, which is insane. (Better to buy a 77 inch, SONY A9G OLED for 2/3 the price....) And also... even though for example TCL is famous of its decent quality, and relatively cheap mind-range televisions, its premium "Mini LED" line is expensive too. (Not at the level of SONY, Panasonic, or Samsung TVs, but yet, expensive.) And what is not expensive, contains maximum ~200 "Mini LEDs" only, which is not bad... but is very far from the expected "perfection", in terms of picture quality. "Perfection" would be a production of pure, clean black areas, minimal or zero blooming, etc. You can have those via an OLED. For perfect blacks, and superb contrast, currently it is the only consumer solution. But that technology has also some serious flaws.

    • @Ultimacloud I have returned the Q80T after 1 week and went for an OLED... such another experience!!!! Total different feeling of watching TV

    • @Caleb Denison thanks for replying. I’m just hoping the QN800 comes in 55” as the models below it don’t seem to be getting as many dimming zones. I’ve a 48” LG CX at the moment so want as deeper blacks as possible. But the risk of burn in is potentially making me move away from OLED.

    • @Antony Maw Samsung's only TV announcement at IFA one year was the addition of a 55-inch 8K model, so it is likely they will keep going with them.

  • 1x HDMI 2.1 port!? Samsung sux

  • Any TV Manufacturer should think on the recycling program of electronics, I mean they should plan of trade-in option

  • Got my 8k pre ordered.

  • I think I will buy the q-neo 9000A.

  • Excited for last years models to be discounted

  • Still no DTS and no Dolby Vision

  • I love samsung and keep watch sooooo tcl low-key creating alot of good tech they must not have the funds to support it since everyone else is taking off with there creations

  • When will we have 27" 4k micro LED with DP2.0 ?

  • Will 2021 tv support q symphony for 2020 soundbars

  • Later there will be Nano-Led TV

  • Not much has changed Since Caveman days sit look fire 🔥 21st century sit watch fire on TV xd thats progress .

  • Samsung TV's never last

  • What tv should I get for ps5

  • Oooo.. Another product in search of input. There is hardly any low bit rate 4k on Netflix let alone 8k.

  • No Samsung OLED in the works?

  • Haha, it had to be a man doing the vacuuming otherwise Samsung would be shutdown

  • Still no Dolby Vision support makes my decision easier by eliminating Samsung from consideration.

  • When will new tvs be available in stores?

  • Is this the year 8K catches on? Sure for those people in the top 25% of income earners in the Western World, but they've already been buying 8K TVs, so I doubt the rate of sales will increase much. Then there is the rest of us people. No, 8K has no value if you have to take out a loan to purchase the TV and there is no 8K content, and 4K TVs look great going up to about 85". There are also no players that can play 8K content, no disc that can hold 8K content, and most studios aren't investing in 8K capture. So, you are simply using an 8K TV for a huge display, and the TV will upscale 4K content for you. Will 8K catch on for the rest of us?? Well, maybe 1 or 2% of the rest of the 75% who make less money will buy one. In the whole scheme of life though, it seems pretty low on that priority list. Higher up on the list is a current generation AMD or Nvidia GPU, for which scalpers seem to be having their way with, along with crypto miners for Nvidia GPUs (the latest gen AMD GPUs aren't good for this function).

  • Seriously, does anyone really need 8k at this point? I have yet to see a good 4k TV and think, boy I want more

  • Still no 75" microLED they demonstrated two years ago? Also, waiting for 27" inch microLED or at least true per-pixel FALD display for my PC. I'm sick of playing the backlight bleeding lottery with IPS panels.

  • PRISM Surplus 8k add spectacles audio music macrohome acoustic macroecoknown yet

  • Samsung should also provide Android Smart LED TV.

  • How can they merge those tiles without even a slim bezel or any border? How is it phiscally possible?

  • Two more upgrades to TV's and it will plateau at 32k. Human eyes suppose to be close to 32k. They will have to do something different.

  • What plans does Samsung have for their Crystal UHD TVs specifically the 9000 series ?

  • Idea is good but where is port

  • This is TV!!

  • I'll start saving my change with every transaction and see if I have enough in 3-4 years when the 110" cost around 3000-4000$ 100" is where it's at for an immersive and true cinema like experience. I'll have my surround sound setup complete by then too! SVS Ultra Bookshelves, SVS Ultra Center, and dual SVS PB3000 for now. I have to get rears and a new receiver.

  • Putting the actual worthwhile new features in their 8K sets in order to force people to up spend for Useless 8K that can't stand on it's own, Nope.

  • I wonder if the fact that the price "comes down over time" when every year, they come out with a new super expensive item that they are pushing?

  • Samsung does t support it’s TVs after you buy them. They will leave you in a lurch, so don’t fall for their sleek design.

  • And then there is samsung that is going to reveal the chip that completely. Destroyed Snapdragon and even apple's A14 bionic !! And they revealed bunch of AI robots that are human like.. samsung and LG too which is going to reveal commercial rollable smartphone are on fire !!! And then there is Hyundai that is killing the automotive industry totaly with their new line-up of cars and Hyundai is going to launch TESLA killer IONIQ which has features out of This world...

  • KOCOM( South korea IoT company) smarthome very nice

  • No gsync no go.

  • Can I plug my external HDD and watch my MKV that's right Samsung blocked that.

  • 110 inch is very cool, it is like a real option for home cinema

    • Does anyone even have room for a 110" (280cm) monster of a TV in their house?!

  • 8K will catch on, for 80''+ TVs. For anything smaller than that about 90% of everyone I've ever met is yet to upgrade to a decent 4K HDR-capable set...

  • Have 3 of the tv's. However, my personal opinion is the their washer and dryer appliances are truly expensive junk. Early repairs needs, parts breakdown, fast and destructive rust. Neither lasted 4 years.

  • In 3 - 4 yrs time micro led tv should be affordable for the rest of us.

  • Let's look at shit Samsung made you can't afford.

  • Ugh. I just wanted a 55 inch micro led tv. Was that so much to ask for Samsung?

  • 88 inch in 4k? It's not 2012 anymore Samsung, micro led will never be a thing, they will never be able to get the LEDs small enough

  • Why do you keep referring to mini-LED TVs as micro-LED? They are totally different

  • Uhh, hype marketing from Samsung. I'll wait until some reviewers get their hands on them. Micro LED is exciting. Their LCD is most likely gonna suck even when you call it QLED Neo.

  • Yay, Samsung. Leaders in poor power control and loss leader products.

  • Who is ready to fork $7500 for a 65"?

  • 1:40 perfect black my ass. If ain't OLED it ain't perfect blacks

  • Hi am afriad, that after some years I will longer look to Samsung for there until now excellent technical backup and support. I bought one of there pretty high end 4k etc Tele visions as Christmas present for my house and the principal room.being finished by the builders. Carefully we (a friend helped) unboxed the set, lifted to table turned on and ? A thin black line vertically from top to bottom. I returned to retailer they only made every effort to pass the problem on to Samsung, after many phone calls, photographs, an engineer was dispatched he decided that it was not a warranty issue. I am sure numerous answers can be invented, however the rest of the picture was reasonable but I have decided to consign it and Samsung to bin where place most of the rubbish. Should and I doubt this multi million company pick this you have all the details of the call; via Millars the outlet in Spain, the original receipt, and the main Samsung agent that had been arranged to attend. Great shame for there product is excellent, however the support here in Spain did not match the products visual excellence. TB (

  • How annoying. Samsung is like look at what we built. You can’t afford it. But if you drool for the next couple of years and pray a lot the price may come downt to where you can afford it. Wow alienate your customers. I could force the issue and proabaly get that tv. But why spend all that money. And for a size that’s not usable for me. And when I could get a better looking OLED. I’ve never owned anything but Samsung. Until I recently bought a LG OLED and I’m completely happy

  • so the 2018 tech you refer to is OLED. Good to know that Samsung is finally following the more superior tech.

  • The return of the one connect box. My customers would love to see that return on certain models.

  • So the 4K hdtv I just bought is now obsolete!??

  • Is this better and more expensive than crystal led from 2020?

  • No one will bother going to cinema...

  • Something like oled but led in 55inch

  • Who even wants 8k? U will hardly notice on the eye, oh but u best believe u will notice it on your bank balance when your broadband prices shoot up with streaming services going 8k

  • basically, samsung is trying to keep its king of tv throne(samsung's tv sales just smash hard, like really hard, but if they don't release sth that give them an advantage over their competitors they will lose their throne), at least until samsung figured out how to mass produce "real" qned and not-so-hot microled(i heard microled face the heating problem) at an affordable enough price. if they can stay revelant till that point, i'm pretty sure samsung will simply overshadow other brands completely, because qned and microled are like the best display technologies human have ever existed in human history, and as they are the leaders in qned and microled they shall be the first one to launch fully fledged qned and microled tvs. now, samsung just need to stay revelant.

  • LG will launch something similar with micro LED: QNED

  • Sounds epic!

  • Hey Samsung what about Dolby vision?

  • There is heaps to be excited about. However all that new sparkling, beautiful and intimidating tech will eventually be found in the unobtanium section of your local tv shop.

  • So much technologie but dont have 32" full HD for my kitchen. And they go for 8K but we dont reach the 2k on TV chanels and youtube and netflix are more close to 4K but to small content. So for 8K is to far away. and may be need HDM or Display port generation 5. That is a lot of bandwith. But thnkas Samsung for bring more info on micro-LED because i like my LG-OLED but i fear burn in.

  • my question is this...what is going to replace the plasma tv... I have the top of the line panasonic the Z model. what I hear is no one has cured the jutter issue on all these new fancy tvs

  • So if the Bravia 4K Neo LEDs have G sync and no DSE or 50hz stutter, they should be a better choice for many. But owners of the xh900 will not be happy if Sony don't make good on their promise to bring VRR to them !

  • Just want them to stick HDMI 2.1 in all there TVs.

  • 👍🏾

  • Wow. I can't win just brought the lg Cx. Next yr tv lineups looks great. Should of waited. But wanted a new tv and to play my ps5. Nice review

  • In 2001 i paid $5000 for my Panasonic 55inch plasma tv and it still has an excellent picture.

    • Was it 1080i? I still have my Hitachi 55" 3rd gen plasma bought in 2005 for $6,800. It has very low hours of operation and great picture.

  • Until they strike back and surprise us with Dolby vision, I'll stick to Sony and LG.

    • Sony did som bad stuff to like promised very on there xh900h but ended up cancelling it but I do agree I trust LG more then samsung that is for sure

  • What ever happened to the QD Oled TV's that Samsung talked about 2 or 3 years ago? I was looking forward to seeing that new technology!

    • @Pissed Bird Nope that's actually the next big thing. Alongside another type of display, I just forgot what they call it.....

    • @Pissed Bird thanks for the update 👍🏿

    • maybe it was trashed, since now they seems to be focussing on Micro LED. I've read a news report they were having problems with development and investment, since the main branch wanted to focus on Micro LED.

  • The TVs RE so good hes eye started bleeding

  • I would like a Samsung 4K tv to last me longer the 13 months

  • Why no oled???

  • wonderful microled tv samsung 😱😱😱

  • Dolby Vision

  • It's an impressive offering but what's the model that average people can afford? CRT?

  • Nahhhh i will stick with my OLED it has pure black in every Expectation and picture about the 4k, there’s not much 4k movies comin out soooo technology is running fast but when it comes to movies there’s not so much out there if you watch like 3 movies a day like me lool

  • Sounds like 2021 TVs are actually having a jump in tech. 2020 models didn't do much of anything over 2019 models. That is why, in early 2020 when the new ones came out, I ended up getting the higher end 2019 model (Q90R with the killer sound bar). It's been a great setup and a very decent alternative to not having theaters open all year!

  • So more displays that are inferior to LG's OLED. Got it.

    • @T2112 Utter twaddle. You should no better than to make such irresponsible comments.

    • @G B 007 burn in got its reputation from the plasma days and is no longer a legitimate concern for normal day to day to use

    • Except OLED is a non starter if you sensible enough to care about burn in.

  • All I want to see is a real life comparison with an LG OLED tv.

  • LG will be announcing their MATRIX Oled series soon

  • No 77” micro led, no care

  • No Samsung for me until they incorporate Dolby Vision into their sets.

  • Meh, Sony’s offerings seem better. Samsung TVs break after 2-3 years. Cheap quality

  • Probably I'll buy a TCL if they put hdmi 2.1 in their new TVs. Half the price of Samsung

  • Why are TV's getting so big? I live in a small house and am waiting for a new TV that supports all the features of the XBox Series X. A sensible size TV up to a maximum size of 43 inches would be fine for me. Not only are these large TVs too big but they are also too expensive. TV manufacturers (not just Samsung) need to give consideration to the next generation gamer with requirements like mine.

  • Monitor size?

  • Samsung always say they will have some updated firmware for their TV's eventually, and hardly ever keep to the promise.

    • My LG tv has been coming out with updates regularly, but it doesn't upgrade from version 5 of webOS to version 6. The worst items for upgrades are android phones and tablets. The government should start FORCING them to give for anywhere from 3 versions to 5 versions of Android, since Google makes a new version every year. There would be fewer devices going to landfills if gov did that

    • I feel like our TV purchased 2 years ago is so outdated now....they truly stopped support far long ago.

  • I refuse to buy anymore Samsung TV's until they support Dolby Vision.

  • Will this year be the year of 8K? No.

  • I am definitely adding the spectacular Wall screen to my wish list..

  • Great tv, got it today at best buy store (im an employee)

  • Who buys a 110" 8K TV that doesn't have Dolby Vision? I'm dumbfounded.

  • I wish TV makers would stop investing in TV speaker and audio technology when it is vastly out-performed by a cheap surround sound or soundbar audio system. I'd rather have the cost savings from gimmicky audio technology passed on to us in reduced prices.

  • Tvs getting in to 8k and me watching watching movie at 720p from kpn (netherlands)😅

  • MicroLED will kill OLED in 5 years jusr like what OLED did to LCD today

    • LCD is still wildly popular, what are you talking about..?

  • But I bought my q7 in 2017

  • Since most cable and satellite services dont have much if any 4k shows I dont care about 8k