Vizio P-Series Quantum X (P85QX-H1) Review | How Bright is Too Bright?

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The 85-inch Vizio P-Series Quantum X gets really bright, 3000 nits bright. It's a remarkably powerful 4K HDR TV, but can it deliver a premium home theater experience?
With incredible brightness, loads of local dimming zones, quantum dot technology, and HDR processing, the Vizio P-Series Quantum X is a top of the line TV. The P85QX-H1 is by far the least expensive TV in this category when it comes to features and specs, and we were prepared to be impressed. Were we?
0:00 - Intro
0:59 - Initial Picture Settings
1:53 - Calibrated Dark Mode
3:16 - Black Levels and Brightness
3:49 - Backlight
4:09 - Screen Uniformity
4:19 - Motion and Processing
5:00 - Audio
5:25 - Gaming
6:00 - Is the Vizio P-Series Quantum X Right For You?
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  • Hey all. I spoke to Vizio and apparently the massive black crush issue I experienced with the Calibrated Dark picture preset is an anomaly. I just evaluated the M-Series and it does not have the same issue. I did reboot and factory reset the TV, but the issue persisted so I had to report it. But apparently it is not a systemic problem, so I wouldn't consider it a reason not to seriously consider this TV.

    • @Dylan Ginsburg they did give an update I. January. VRR 120HZ low input lag all working now!

    • @Pwaters86 I had these issues on pc but they were fixed with the recent firmware update. AFAIK vrr still isn't officially supported at 4K120Hz yet, though you can get it working.

    • @Caleb Denison - What scene can I check my own P85QX-H1 for the black crush issue? Like the one you are playing at 2:00. I've noticed some scenes where dark parts of the scene were pitch black (like a priest in black robes in a church with high contrast lighting - Peaky Blinders s03e04 33m40s), but I can't tell if that's black crush or the intended artistic look of a scene.

    • @Caleb Denison, any info regarding upscaling quality? I've seen many different things that Vizio just doesn't have the upscale quality like (LG, Samsung and Sony) is it really that much of a difference? I'm going from a KS8000 "loved it" to now I've ordered a P65QX-H1. Good choice?

    • I think even rtings reported this red tint issue.

  • Looking at the Vizio 75 inch P series or the TCL 6Series. Decisions, decisions.

  • I've got the 65" model. Pretty happy overall, but I don't know nearly enough about the settings to take it to the next level. Still may return it if some promising news comes out soon about the Sony X950/X900J

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  • Yo vizio can y’all make a 55 inch

  • You are simply the best

  • I'm about to go grab this wonder if they have a 70" in this model

  • so this? or wait for the new Sony's?

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  • Your my fav TV reviewer on AR-one. I had backlight flickering on 2 Vizio M8 2020, returned one n second one does same thing. I will try different 2020 brand

  • Great Content! Picked up my P75QX-H1 about 5 hours after watching this video! Great TV! Thanks for your high quality reviews! Keep Portland Weird!

  • I think you did well but need to update about the firmware update on Jan 11th for these TVs. It now handles 120hz VRR @ 2160 p 4:4:4

  • Hi Caleb, great review. just plugged in my P85QX-H1 yesterday, so still have some playing to do. First thing I have noticed is watching hockey via DVR, (calibrated dark mode) the flashing as the image pans across the ice is horrible! You mentioned flashing in your review, are there settings I should be addressing to eliminate this? I scanned the 440 comments below, and could not find much about picture adjustment. . .

  • I love how he gives numbers and stuff but he also dumbs it down a bit for us normal folks tryna get a good tv

  • Oled can’t be beat

  • Omg that things a pile of garbage.


  • Hey you rock these reviews. I’m in the 1500 range for tv and want 75 . Is this the one??

  • The tv tech goat! I just bought this tv in 75” size based on these reviews... replacing my 65KS8000.. hopefully this blows me away like the Ks8000 did 3-4 years ago.

    • @James Joyce damn. Sounds like a bit of a let down 🤔 think I’ll get the 65 inch m8 65 inch tcl 6 mini led tv or wait until TVs release this year

    • @SaucyX4 • Im still trying to form a concrete opinion on it. I feel a little let down considering the hype of talks of it being an “oled killer” tv. I would say it’s just like this review says looks great but some areas are questionable. I noticed streaming through 4K Apple TV that the content looks great but at times very blotchy and pixelated like in the dark areas. It’s definitely a good buy considering you get a lot of tv for the money ($1599 at Best Buy right now) but think my 2017 Samsung 65ks8000 has a better picture. This review is strictly viewing content off 4K Apple TV in Dolby vision. I am using a 2.1 hdmi cord as well in the 4K 120hz port.

    • @James Joyce how is it?

    • @James Joyce exciting!!! Have fun

    • @jtdribbles25 it just got delivered to my door... need someone to help me set it up. I’ll let ya know tonight

  • Just here to say- Awesome -!!!

  • I have this Tv 75 inch version. I did get it calibrated. The colors are awesome and accurate. Blacks are BLACK with good shadows.

  • I own a vizio P Quantum 2018 model. Very buggy, but gets the job done. It’s brash in its brightness, and certainly outperforms its price point. Even still, I would not buy another vizio. I’ll gladly pay the premium for a quality OLED. Have purchased an LG CX, and the brightness differential for a dark room is inconsequential considering your eyes simply adjust. Deeper blacks and contrast matter more in a dark room, and LEDs just can’t hang with OLED

  • Do not buy Vizio anything this company does not deserve support from consumers. This company won't stand behind it's own products. The customer service is terrible they are trained to tell the customer no and try to convince you that you are wrong. I bought a pqx 65" TV from vizio because of all the hype about how it was a great TV and a contender vs Samsung q80r. At the time this TV was was $1800 with a 1yr warranty. Within that 1 yr I had 4 tv's fail. on the forth time they refused to replace the TV stating that I was a couple days outside the warranty. Them knowing that they having problems with these tv's and acknowledging what was going on still tried to convince me that I was in the wrong and they had no reason to replace the unit. After much arguing they offered to replace it but not with the same model or something bigger or something better they offered to replace it with a regular p series TV and told me that was my only option. After asking to talk to that persons manager they told me they would replace it with the same model I bought but did not have any in stock. A manufacturer telling me they have non in stock!? they told me if I was ok with waiting for a while they would send me a replacement. after waiting 4 months and having no call back. I called them to go through this entire process again of them telling me they will not send me the same model I paid for (pqx 65"). Customer service is non existent the products are garbage. This is the problem with reviewers not reviewing products over time or releasing follow up videos. Vizio is a terrible company $1800 wasted on a TV that won't last more than 4 months. I urge you people to steer clear of Vizio. Now it is 5 months later and I still don't have a reply from vizio. In the last 6 months they have rolled out 2 new versions of this model but they don't have a replacement for me. This is the bs that trash companies do. Do yourselves a favor and stick with Samsung and Lg.

  • What’s name of the sound system you have?

  • What did you use to calibrate the TV?

  • Something awesome

  • Finally you guys switched to 4k. so glad . Ps: I was the one who was pointing that out..Haha cheers 🥂 🍻

  • Vizio gave me a 30% off coupon for my latest issues with my tv and may hold off from upgrading to this one and see what 2022 line up offers

  • This guy is legit. I just got into calibrating tvs and understanding all the settings it's so nice to hear about all the different techniques and useless gimmick features that actually detract from the image.

  • Lol too black? It beats having the halo effects

  • For such prices, I would expect zero fiddling, zero guessing. Should work perfectly out of the box. Like an iPhone.

  • So I have the 75 inch and I have the exact experience with how bright the TV gets, it can be too bright in some cases. Also there is somewhat reddish tint on some of the images. For example when the Netflix logo comes up it’s not the normal right it’s a really supersaturated red. I literally have no idea how to fix it, and I don’t need it to be 100% exact but I would like to understand a little on how to dial it back. And I agree with the sentiment that one minute TV is absolutely amazing and then you see some artifacts or something that really annoys and distracts from what you are viewing.

    • @Mark Nelson backing off brightness sometimes corrects.. Contrast or brightness - that alone can help those colors shine... Try either or both, see what results ya get. :-)

    • @Mark Nelson Let me know how it works out for you.. We hear a lot of techy talk; and, who has all that cash to have a TV calibrated to begin with.

    • @Al T thanks for the input, I’ll give it a try

    • Try backing contrast off for the over saturation and adjusting color for say NETFLIX etc. regarding red issue.

  • Awesome review

  • cool - where do i get this TV stand? ;)

  • More 85" tv reviews!

  • Something awesome!

  • LG support has told me directly that the LG C9 panel does not support 4k 120 4:4:4. Yes, the HDMI port has the bandwidth for it however the panel itself cannot express that. The HDMI bandwidth exceeds the panel's capability. Both the C9 and CX at most are capable of max output 4k 120 4:2:2 Also, movies aren't produced to the public in 4k 120 4:4:4. As for games, they are usually developed at no more than 4:2:2, but commonly 4:2:0. Chroma is primarily important for clear text on monitors and not so much on video content or video games. (Source RTINGS) ----------------------Subsampling Visual Impact PC 4:4:4 Major Movies 4:2:0 None Video Games 4:4:4 Minor Sports 4:2:0 None TV Shows 4:2:0 None

  • Calibrated Dark is for dark rooms, not brightly lit rooms.

  • I know you touched a bit on ATSC 3.0 in a Sony review a while back but a deeper dive on this would be great.

  • I like the Vizio brand, do they have a TV that takes the full potential of an Xbox series X?

  • have you heard anything further from vizio about firmware updates to fix some of the hdmi 2.1 issues?

  • Great review, but no normal person is calling a professional calibrator.

  • Great stuff Caleb! More reviews on the larger size TV's would be awesome. Loving the content, keep it up!

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  • I own this TV, I do like the TV most of the time. If you wanna watch the tv struggle with dark scenes and details getting lost, then play Anabelle creations on it.

  • I just bought this TV right before Christmas and you’re right I can’t play the PS5 at 120hz! Vizio said they are working on a firmware update to fix the issue. Caleb, do you recommend I return the TV before my return period ends?? I don’t want to be stuck with it if Vizio never fixes the issue.

  • My px75 2020 restarts all the time. Great TV except it's vizio quality

  • Great video👍🏾... but iron your pants lol

  • Could you do a video on the Samsung QLED Q50R 32 inch 4K TV and other smaller 4K UHD TVs? I can only fit a 32 inch TV in my entertainment center in my living room, and I would love to hear your thoughts on smaller 4K TVs, and what 32 inch 4K TV models we are likely to see in the future, if any. Thank you so much!:). Your videos are so informative and enlightening!:). Keep up the amazing work! Happy New Year!:)

  • @caleb denison You asked in the unboxing about 85" reviews... can you do one on the Sony 85X950H? Thanks for info on Vizio, glad I held off!

  • Please make a review video of samsung tu7000


  • Why is it difficult to fix 4k @120 mhz?

  • I have color banding watching on X900H, when i activate HDR10 no color banding

  • Why don't you do tests with watching regular TV?

  • Why is this not sold in Europe?

  • 0:10 UMMMM THATS MY PROFILE I took my pfp on a trip to crater lake😂 so coincidental

  • So what 65 inch Tv for $1200 to $1300 or under you recommend. Tv with 120hz minimum refresh rate with Arc or eArc.

  • 2021 will sure introduce some good TVs, specifically since they gotta be adding next gen gaming features if they're planning to sell.

  • Can’t wait for new 2021 tvs

  • So, for the money, this is a good television?

  • Love this channel and your my fav youtuber

  • I have had this TV a month and have seen all the issues with it. My unit also has a lot of pinkness. Every review says that they won't post their color correction because each unit is different but it is such a common occurrence I wish someone would. I replaced my 2018 Sony A1 with this due to the horrible burn in on the OLED.

  • Forgot to mention hdmi 2.1 on 3 and 4 doesnt work.

  • I’m only here for the “MASSIVE POWER”

  • I’ve always bought Samsung leds & still like them for the most part, but wanted to try an oled. Yeah...I basically ignored everyone saying don’t buy a tv in 2020. So they said; wait till 2021 and the TVs “might” be better. Your telling me that I should wait till 2021 to “maybe” get a better tv & pass up on a 2020 65inch Sony A8H Oled for $1700.00?! Glad I ignored the experts & purchased the A8H. This 2021 Visio review is a perfect example of what I mean. Cheers

  • More 85” TV reviews please! I’m going to buy one later this year.

  • I really want to to buy Vizio but every TV review is always the same story. Bugs bugs bugs. My Samsung 55Q80T is better than their OLED. I am in the market for a 65 inch. It's either the Q80T or Q90T. Or wait for the new micro QLEDS coming. Vizio get your act together so we can support you.

  • I means a whole bunch of Heat coming off this thing. I've had my Boards replace two times, never going back to Vizio.

  • typical visio - a barrel of honey with a large cup of shit.

  • There is not a single game in the world that requires HDMI 2.1. And it will likely be a year or two before the first game ever to require HDMI 2.1. So to criticize the television for that is absolutely ridiculous and often absolutely amateur. It's kind of like saying that you absolutely need an 8K television when there isn't a single 8k movie.

    • There isn't a single game that "requires" more than 720p. These issues are rarely fixed with firmware updates (either due to laziness or technical limitations) so you're buying a '2.1' set that doesn't actually support 2.1 features. If you're willing to purchase something with blatantly-false advertising then go ahead. Also, there is 8K content... so... yeah.

  • Can you share your picture settings?

  • Who the hell wants a Vizio. If you're gonna spend thousands, you go for the best, i.e. Sony or Samsung.

  • damn that's bright but almost useless unless paired to a capable panel such as VA. an IPS won't be able to block much of the backlight, only will result to brighter images but flat/washed out

  • I just purchased 50"Vizio V-Series what do you think would be better P-Series or V-Series because I want to purchase a 85" Vizio Tv

  • Meh... just wait until next year.. this is and will be garbage fast. I had the pqx 75 nothing but issues that he says is amazing. Lol. Must of been paid.

  • The "pink" in the clouds is from the contrast being too hot. Not color correction issue.

  • Did no one else look at the failure rate of these things? Ya they look great but a ton of them fail and fail fast too.

  • Dreaming of an LG CX, 65 inches

    • @Chris Haney Thanks for the tip, much appreciated.

    • This TV gets WAY brighter, and the black levels are almost as good, somehow. You wouldn't regret it if you got this TV over the LG. I don't. Plus, it's way cheaper.

  • Can you send me this tv please? My Sony XBR850C is utter crap and the wife would have my head on a wall if I bought a new TV lol

  • "Something awesome"

  • I don’t know about you guys but, I’d like to see info on a tv I Can Afford not these expensive things. Come on man, we’re not all looking for an expensive tv!

  • ima gonna say something awesome cause u said so !!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • not really saving much when you have to spend a good chunk to get your display's color not looking like utter garbage

  • Where does the 75” Hisense H8G fit in this at $1250???

  • I’m having a very difficult time deciding between the Vizio PQX (75”) and the Sony 900h. One retailer had the Vizio for $1598 (but out of stock) and the Sony for $1798. Thoughts?? I have an amazing theater sound system, but I want the best picture my dollar can buy. I have the roku ultra also. Please help

    • @Cen I’m not at all worried about audio, ALL I CARE ABOUT IS PICTURE QUALITY

    • I have the Sony 900h in 85 and not happy with the low HDR brightness and audio issues with earc and 4K@120 . I think the vizio is going to have the same issue with audio / 2.1 issues but the brightness of the vizio looks way better so again might go this route and take back the Sony

  • well that's a let down... who wants to pay that much for an "incomplete" TV? they really should perfect their "out of box" experience...

  • Hey guys ... happy new year ... the local dimming zone count I found is 390, 480 and 790 (roughly) for the three model sizes ... does that impact on performance, or do all have the same quoted contrast ratios, brightness etc ? Thank you ... happy new year ! 😎🎉😎🎉

  • It was either this or the X900H when I made my decision on a 75" screen two months ago. Glad I just got the X900H. This thing is a turd. Who cares if a display can punch out 1000+nits I don't understand the obsession.

  • Thanks for the video! One question - will this TV EVER be able to handle ps5 games at 4K 120hz? You said in the previous video that vizio is working on a firmware to enable that but it still hasn't come yet. Do you know anything about it?

  • Would you consider this as a viable option for gaming compared to the lgcx?

  • Totally agree. The tv is capable of greatness but needs help out of the box. I would not recommend this T.V. For the person that wants the perfect tv out of the box. You might as well go with a more expensive Sony or Samsung. But if you are willing to and have the knowledge to play around with the tv settings, this tv is great.

  • Something awesome 😁

  • That tv is for nerds who like to play or mess with different tech not for plug and watch people

  • Immediate notice was your screen presence man. Very personable and relatable presentation. The secret sauce for doing reviews that someone has to create on their own. Well crafted man.

  • Try the frame tv from Samsung next

  • Im a fan..wish you would focus a little more on gaming features in the future..i buy a new tv almost every year least every other year..mostly but updated gaming and this year because quantum also interested in mini led from tcl once the processing catch's up with the technology..

  • Something awesome

  • No thanks. I stay with my C9.

  • This tv is HUGE