AirPods Max vs Sony WH-1000XM4 vs Bose ANC 700 | Why did Apple make these?

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Having seen a few reviews of the AirPods Max, I thought I knew what to expect, but a lot of what I've heard was wrong. Turns out, the AirPods Max are one of the most fun headphones I've reviewed in a decade. They aren't flawless, though. Here's what Apple got right, and what it got wrong.
So how do the AirPods max stack up against the reigning champ Sony WH-1000XM4, or the very popular Bose ANC 700? Here's our headphone comparison.
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Apple AirPods Max:
Sony WH-1000XM4:
Bose ANC 700:
00:00 AirPods Max Unboxing
00:50 Intro
01:42 Design & Comfort
03:07 Connectivity
03:53 Controls
04:35 Battery Life
06:00 The Case
06:21 Noise-Canceling & Transparency Mode
07:29 Sound Quality
09:18 Which pair of headphones is the winner?
Apple AirPods Max Full Review:
In our studio:
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  • I have the wh1000xm4 and I prefer my AirPods Pro each time I watch Disney plus or Apple TV plus show/movie and by far ! Now I am eager to test the AirPods max

  • coming from the whx1000xm3, I enjoy the AirPods max a lot more, the noise cancelling is better, the type of music I listen to sounds better, the connectivity with my other apple products are great, and they are very comfortable

  • Everyone is saying to buy the Sony but I just can’t get past the build quality, they feel terrible as oppose to the Bose NC 700 and the air pod max, for $350 they should have better materials

  • We all have different tastes in sound sig. I like APM’s sound sig better than XM4. Much cleaner and detailed. Comfort-wise, I know the APM’s heavy for headphones unless we’re talking about Audeze’s LCDs here but it has excellent weight distribution. I don’t feel any pinch points on the top of my head. Plus the earcups surround my ears...the XM4 pinches the top of my ears making them uncomfortable for about 15-30 mins. Although the APM is a lot more expensive than the XM4, for me it’s worth it to pony up to the APM unless you’re not in the Apple ecosystem. I can wear the APM for hours compared to just minutes on the XM4.

  • XM3 user here

  • Thumbs up just for not saying the "A" word. Lol!

  • Here in Canada the Airpod Max is $779.00 !! I just bought a pair of Sony XM4 for $299.00 Canadian. The differences are negligible in my opinion. I also find the XM4's to be way more comfortable.

  • I love mine the best thing I ever did is it to buy a pair.

  • "comftability" good lord.

  • I lived the look. Mine have been with me since December. They are heavy, I like the controls, not happy about the condensation issue (not for me), love sound, connectivity and spatial. I had prior edition Sonys. I actually liked the Sony QCs better. I don’t like Max price. I wear them on weekends, but use AirPods Pro most of time. I use Powerbeats pro for active-snow shoveling, bike rides and exercise. I will buy AirPods pro2s.

  • What I heard was that it’s not worth the price when u have better options at a lower price!

  • I still have my Sony WH1000XM3. Am happy with it and I dont have any motivation to shift to Apple Airpod Max (Am actually watching this video using my Sony headphones :) )

  • Does anybody also use the XM3/XM4 for video calls? I'm in search of an ANC headphone for my work from home setup and have to regularly make video calls, how's the mic on these? The Bose performs really good in that area

  • The production quality of this review is like Apple Made this as a commercial

  • XM4 went on sale at Best Buy for $180 so I got them but end up returning them the next day. In my opinion the entire bass range is annoyingly muddy and no adjustments in the app were able to make it sound decent. Airpods Max overall sound is way better in my opinion but their weight has been an issue for me. They can slide off the head easily if your not careful and forget about using them laying down.

  • First thing? Why does it come in a woman's purse?

  • Pelea de inválidos sobrevalorados

  • It wasn't airpods max vs sony xm4 vs bose 700. It was airpods max vs some headphones

  • The music is much louder than your dialogue

  • The xm4s definitely aren't the sleeves or most comfortable but they are pretty solid, sound great, great ANC and transparency mode plus for £240......absolute WINNER!!! I have only tried the bose 700 and airpods max and I did love the quality of the apple however because I am on the S21 Ultra there is no point in owning the airpods and the bose just looked odd on my head and that is an important feature for me, also the app sucks. Needless to say I bought the sonys and am extremely happy.

  • at the end of the day you are still only getting a low quality AAC bitstream with the airpod maxs, so no matter how much digital trickery they employ they will never have the wireless fidelity that the Sony headphones can achieve by usind LDAC

  • XM4 for me, apple products are waaay overpriced.

  • I had to return my AirPod Max. For my big head, too much pressure on my temples and gave me headaches. Too have and slid back and I leaned back. And the sound, I don’t know if mine were defective, because the highs were very hissy and distorted. I could have tried to investigate the sound issue, but the comfort was a solid no for me

  • What about call quality in these times of endless calls?

  • It’s all about the ecosystem

  • Sony please work on transparency mode and call quality

  • Firts thought: overpriced average crap!

  • Buy AirPods Max and many people will be admiring you

  • Unnecessary now a days 😩😩😌 even for the Music Production Industry.

  • My first thought was the price.

  • apple sure does know how to make ugly tech on a whole new level

  • I'm with you on the lack of an on/off button. They lose barely any battery as a result, and I really like how they just connect every time I put them on. I actually find them to be more comfortable than the Sonys. I don't think any other headphone would pull it off at 384 grams, but the mesh headband distributes the force on your head so well. After a while, I forget that I have them on. I will say though that so far, I've only used them sitting down or briefly walking. If I were more active with these on, I could see the weight being annoying when turning your head. The mesh on the ear cups is also very comfortable and breathable. The Sonys are very comfortable too, but after a while, my ears get warm and I need to take them off. I've left the Airpods Max on for up to 6 hours at a time, no problem. To me, the main benefit of the Sony's over the Airpods Max is their weight, but honestly, if I want lightweight headphones on, like when I'm walking, I'll just use the Airpods Pro.

  • He didn’t want to use the word asshole?

  • Next level camera work! Loved it! Loved the review.

  • Ordered the xm4's before this video was published, this affirms my decision

  • Brilliant view straight and honest review thanks very much and keep up the good work ❤️🇸🇪

  • Draw on battery? Are you crazy? USB C+30 hours+Power button but you like 'the function' of the lack power button. The xm4 can also also be always on, that's what i like I get to choose what I get on MY device. *do not have the bose so can't speak for them

  • I choose Sony too, I had 3 headphones in past. Returned BOSE since I felt SONY is better than everything except mic quality. Apple I kept it because sound quality and ANC is quite good and as connectivity is so smooth with iphones but not the winner. Here is bottom line for me why SONY is better. Price: Sony is almost Half price than Airpods Max. You can buy PS5 with airpods Max! Comfort: Airpods Max is heavy to me and you can feel the weight when you move your head. Again Sony is half weight of Airpods Max is. Sound: Sony can move around a lot with app and ANC is great, transparency mode works fine.

  • Probably (certainly) the ugliest product Apple has ever made.. :( Design-wise they're nothing compared to the B&O H95

  • Watching a video with so many ads interrupting ..... so annoying

  • Save your money and get a pair of wired headphones.

  • Solid video, great quality. Agreed on the XM4 winning out, at least with this iteration of Airpods. Question: why are you wearing a mask in your apartment/condo?

  • First thought: EXPENSIVE! Not worth the cost!!

  • Am I the only one who finds it quite disturbing to buy a device with awesome microphones connected to the internet that I can never switch off, never🤔? Why?

  • I’ve had a pair of Apple AirPods Max and they were great. But after a week of constant use the right ear cup started to produce a hissing noise. Returned those and continuing to use my XM3s.

  • Bra covers

  • The sound

  • If Apple put this considerable amount of thought into their Beats by Dre Studio headphones, then we might be getting somewhere, I could imagine the use of digital crown on Beats Studio with a similar design to the Apple Watch, and a seemliness iOS app, then I could get my head around it. Alas but for now i'm a Sony fan boy, their base is mightier than Beats and does not leak sound. Great review, Digitrends.

  • Unnecessary mask wearing in video...automatic thumbs down

  • Watching while using my rock space 01😅

  • Smells like Fanboy.

  • I’m sticking to my XM3, QC35ii and Skullcandy Hesh 2

  • I'm an android user. But to me price is always at the front of the spectrum for when I make a decision on purchases. Even if I were an iPhone user, I wouldn't buy the Max due to price. But, that's me. Tyvm for your very informative video.

  • Howdy. I thought they were kind of ugly regardless of price.

  • Yeh no I’m still not buying these headphones chief

  • Because of Caleb I got the Bose QC 35ll in black & silver, the Bose NC700 in black & silver, Sonys 1000xm3x's in black, the Microsoft Surface 2 in black, Beats Sudio 3 in black, navy blue and Red/black, and 2 pairs of Sony 1000XM4 in black and silver. I will now save to buy 3 pairs of the Apple headphones 8n 3 different colors.

  • Senn Momentum 3 are the best choise for the ANC, Transparency mode and all stuff

  • First thing I thought was yes I’m getting them. Go to Apple store see the price and was like oh I’m not getting them.

  • transparency mode is best when I drop the headphone on my neck for a quick chat

  • Airpods Max...special

  • Very good headphone

  • its really simple, if you have an iphone.. go all the way apple products but if you're using android, sony it is.

  • Because Apple is consistently working on conditioning its target into buying consistently more expensive crap. The idea is to train users to be happy with progressively lower value-for-money products and, considering their stock value, they are doing a great job

  • That 7% drain argument is crazy I want control on remaining battery I have left on my device it's stupid on having to plan for changing for something your not using yet which a simple on/off will switch fix

  • when i first saw the apple headphones on my news feed... i thought ew The hype later on just makes it feel good looking but at heart the bose are the best looking headphones

  • 1. $500 for Headphones - Strike One 2. Works best with Apple products only - Strike Two 3. Heavy and metal gets cold outside - Strike Three Seriously, for the price the AP Max isn't worth it but that means nothing to Apple fans. They paid tons of money for awful Beats headphones for years. Its about the look and that's what you are paying for not much more. So it you want that look, then you have to pay to play. No thanks. Its why I stay out of the Apple ecosystem.

  • I remember a audio engineer said no flagship headphone is gonna give you the best audio experience you can have, but at least you can get close to it with Sony and Audiotechnica. I'll take the Sony's. Best price/value ratio, and quality is great.

  • When I heard that Apple was making their own Apple branded high end headphones, I got excited and held off upgrading for about 2 years. When Apple finally announced it, I was utterly disappointed. 1. Absolutely CAN’T justify that ridiculous $550 USD price tag. No way no how. I don’t care that it’s made with metal instead of plastic. I don’t care if it sounds like 5%-10% better than the next best headphones when they’re double the price. 2. Several awkward design decisions just straight up killed it for me. It’s stupid that I can’t turn off the headphones without the fannypack case. Lightning also ruined it that much more for me. Will likely pick up some Sony’s or Bose soon instead.

  • Impressive. Case not so in fact annoyed . Your hostage to the case .

  • Airpods pro, small, comfortable. Use them for every day use, for bicycle ride, any sports activity, for hands free in a car. Overall best device i cant live without. All this BIG headphones I just dont understand why do u even need them 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • this video is all about Apple Apple and Apple

  • First thought: why would anyone pay 500$ for these?

  • First thoughts about the apple headphones was: "Man thesse headphones are ugly."

  • I bought the xm4’s a few weeks ago. I was really happy and they were perfect. But then a big issue appeared. In the left earcup, i could hear a wind noise. Like someone blowing into the mic when you are in a phone call. The problem kept on persisting, so I contacted Sony but they didn’t help. They said restart (which I had done multiple times) and ultimately said that I needed a new pair. Funny thing though, is that I am not the only person who experienced this. Search “Sony wh-1000xm4 wind noise” and you’ll see what I mean. Ultimately got the nc-700’s. No wind noise. Just wondering: does anyone else have this problem or have had? If so, please let me know

  • Apple make useless overpriced crap compared to Sony.

  • I prefer the AirPods still but if I have to choose i would still go with the Bose, Sony looks cheap apple is ugly,

  • 7:19 I don't know. My replacement pair of XM4 blocked off engine noises from trains and buses, but I can still hear announcements with ANC on full and Speak to Chat off.

  • not for $550. This ain't it chief. nearly half the price for the close to the same feature plus a few extra the Sony's are it. that "cool" factor for $550 may as well be a "douche nozzle factor" mainly for flexing and image... I mean yeah it is common now days, but no less disgusting.

  • Seriously the quality is just wonderful! Been a fan for awhile and your tv reviews helped me make my vizio purchase across my whole house. Looking at headphones but I’ve been waiting to get your perspective, thank you brother!

  • Reviewers before AirPods Max: "Should have used touch controls rather than buttons" Reviewers after AirPods Max: "Buttons are better than touch controls"

    • Users after few years, my buttons on the AirPods not working anymore.

    • I can understand need for physical switches. I myself own bose 700 but its not easy to use touch controls they do not react immediately. Plus i got bang Olufsen h9i n that too is not that intuitive on gestures. In end i control both thru app on phone. So physical switch is good. But not a distinguishing factor. Defo apple ones are ridiculously priced.

    • Not really. A bunch of reviewers love buttons and appreciate them since the Sony XM2

  • when i first saw them i thought expensive

  • ill be honest here, as much as i love bose speakers, and apples iphones, Sony takes the cake here

  • When I first saw them I thought the case was not very good.

  • Why wear a face mask alone in a room?

  • I choose Audeze Mobius

  • Enjoying this with my 1000XM3

  • I heard a lot of good about airpods max... But I use android so.... bye bye.

  • For 550 dollars it better be amazing

  • My first thought was „I WANT THOSE!!!!“. But in recent times I can’t afford such prices for a „nice to have“ Accessoire.

  • Good review Caleb. I love my XM4s, except for one thing, they get very hot inside the earcups, particularly here in Australia where it’s summer. Did you test this issue with the 3 headphones, and if so, where did the Apple sit compared to the Bose and Sony?

  • I hope future Airpods and Sony XM have one best feature like from Samsung buds Pro (I using it now) that is Voice detect.

  • I try not to hate on Apple, but I hate their whole exclusivity thing - why not allow non-iphone users to toggle anc/transparency on your airpods max & pro? Such a small arbitrary but annoying decision that turns me off from their products

  • What a great review Really i’m planning to buy Airpods Max but it’s out of stock in my country. I like it when u throw that case for Airpods Max really it’s disgusting. By the way your intro and targeted review i love it too much keep it up u deserve 5 stars review.

  • My first thought was they looked like a giant Duplo version of the apple watch. The power button will become more necessary as the battery life gets worse. That 7% discharge at night will turn into 10%, 12% or more which is just unnecessary, especially when they have actual physical buttons.

  • Had to return the airpod max; too heavy..

  • Are you kidding me? Airpods Max too heavy for your head? Are people that weak nowadays?

  • "Cool Factor" isn't really a reason to buy headphones. Case in point - Beats by Dre.

    • @Christos Lowrell No, they're not.

    • Beats by Dre are so fucking awfully ugly it hurts.

  • Airpod Max here. I have the bose qc35, Sony xm1000 and the Air pod pro's. The sound stage on the Max are second to none, and, if you, like me, import music into your library at Aiff quality, you're certainly gonna notice the difference. I have mine connected to my pc, mac, iphone and ipad pro. I wear them up to 5 or 6 hours a night and have yet to notice a weight issue, or any comfort issue at all for that matter. I picked up the Waterfield leather case and stuffed the ugly bra purse in the apple box and hid it in my basement. If you c an afford em, get em.

    • You can find a lot of $10 nice good protective case now and they will also accommodate the Apple default case

  • NOT WORTH $500 I would rather get a PS5

    • @chill6789 Wow! Why so rude? What I'm trying to say, is that it's really uninteresting if YOU don't want to buy headphones (and a PS5 instead). This is a video about headphones, not game consoles. Would it be interesting if I was to answer "Def not worth $500, I would rather spend that kind of money on renovating our basement"? Who cares..?

    • @Niels Eék No genius I would rather spend 500$ on a PS5 instead of a piece of shit headphones 🤔 Really dude get your head out of your ass

    • A PS5 as headphones? You got it all wrong...

  • as soon as i saw the leaks and inital images, i was like, "bruh, wtf is this design?" and its growing on me but not nearly 550 good