LG G1 OLED TV Unboxing, basic setup (OLED65G1PUA) | Gorgeous Gallery Series

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LG's Gallery Series G1 OLED brings a number of new improvements over last year's GX OLED, but one feature in particular could be a game-changer for OLED TVs going forward. In fact, the G1 could be the best OLED TV ever made, with a slew of gaming-friendly features beyond HDMI 2.1.
LG G1 - www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-oled65g1pua-oled-4k-tv
0:00 - Intro
1:12 - What's In The Box?
1:56 - Leg Assembly
2:07 - Back Of The TV, Wall Mount, and HDMI Ports
2:45 - Table Top Stand
3:44 - Initial Set up
4:18 - WebOS & Home Screen
5:15 - Picture Settings
7:49 - Initial Impressions
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  • Quick clarification! LG never suggested this TV could hit 1300 nits. That's the old internet rumor mill for ya.

    • Where to purchase the stand/ legs ??

    • Hi Caleb. Can u tell me where can I buy the lg stand ?

    • But still better than the A90J tho.

    • @Nodoubt1 so it looks like more and more reviewers are saying otherwise. The new Sony A90J does not use the Evo panel. Also it doesn't take a lot of digging to realize that it doesn't use the Evo because the G1 comes in 55", 65" and 77" but not a word of 83". Meanwhile the Sony A90J is offering a 55",65" and 83" which is not available in the Evo panel. You're going to tell me Sony is using Evo panels for 55" and 65" but 83" is older panel? Come on, knock it off.

    • @Rob Lamb 4k.

  • Blue!

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  • White! Thanks for a fabulous video. 🇬🇧

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  • I'm sorry - did I miss where you purchased the legs since the TV does not come with them? Please advise.

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  • blue

  • Green.

  • Does the bases are the same as the gx?

  • Looking to purchase this TV, do not want to mount on the wall. Where can I find the stand/legs for the TV?

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  • I would love to hear your game console (xbox x series) setup for the LG G1

  • hey il take %20 brighter for the price compared to A90J its Def a better OLED. For gamers this TV is a winner. Game on LG 900 nits is great with no heat sink remember that guys. Sony changes extra to be more bright which isn't always better.

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  • Any links for the desktop stand? i can't find it! i have the G1 65".

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  • You're the best VT !!!

  • Blue, do you recommend calibration for all lg’s

  • Good

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  • Good job! Mine is arriving tomorrow 👌Grey.

  • Questi 2 stand si trovano gia compresi nella confezione?

  • Question, with the shape of the frame around the edges would you say it’s possible to put LED strip light on this TV whilst wall mounting? It looks like there should be enough room from the video but I know it’s said to sit flush with the wall.

  • lgd oled evo panel amazing 👏

  • LG G1 is gonna come out on top

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  • Can’t find any documentation online for the mount installation. Is this the same as the 2020 GX model?

  • My favorite color is red.

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  • Black

  • green

  • Green

  • Green

  • I don't like the feets, prefer the stand CX has!

  • Blue, but not available in my area.

  • purple

  • I have the 55 inch C8 and wondering to upgrade to the 65 inch GX. Is the upgrade worth it other than increased size and wall mount? Or should I wait for the G1 or newer models coming out?

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  • Just purchased this tv and waiting for a delivery. My first lg

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  • I have the cx is it worth to upgrade to c1 or g1 or is there not much difference?

  • I don't have a Fav color but wear dark grey the most.

  • When will this be available? Lg says they want ship to my area code. I live in northeast United States. I have been watching Best Buy but they only have the C1.

  • Where did you get the TV stand at? I'm not a huge fan of mounting.

  • Brown.

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  • is ethernet port still 100Mbps?

  • Did you use the gx legs or did you need a specific set of legs from the g1 series?

  • Guys, if anyone has their hands on this TV. Could you do me a favor and share the distance between each foot of the TV shelf-stand. My table is pretty short(exactly 110cm long) and I would like to know if I can fit the OLED 55” G1 on it. Thanks in advance!

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  • Does LG GX stand works with G1? Can't find any G1 tabletop stands on the internet

    • For those who wondering: last year LG GX 65" desk stand works with LG G1 65". Installed today

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  • What about the sound? I have a cx OLED and the sound is amazing. What I'm giving up with the g1?

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  • Black, loving the videos!

  • Oled------>burn-in

  • Blue, just waiting hard for the release date but also agonizing between gettting the CX vs G1 (77") with the expected prixe difference being almost 50% more for the G1...BUT this Tv will be put in a bright living room so the panel upgrade is much appreciation

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  • Me: LG G1 is the best! Friend: Last year, you said GX was best. Why don't you buy one? Me: I can't afford it.

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  • Blue. Looking forward to a full review. I think it is time to invest in Oled. Just need that little nudge 😎

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  • How would you go about mounting a Govee ambient TV light strip on this tv?

  • A90j is actually more expensive it's nice but more expensive lg would be d better bet

  • Not including a good stand was a mistake.

  • If lg break a little bit price on g1 , same like gx models, sony 90j will not sell.

  • Sony for the win

  • Favorite Color: OLED Black

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  • red

  • Red

  • Just Sony

  • Did you use the legs for the GX?

  • Rhodamin red. Gorgouse. Love your reviews.

  • LG G1 77” as soon as it drops

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  • Hi my color is Green Tugger Edinburgh Scotland

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  • Why set TruMotion De-Blur to 10 ? Its the same like De-Judder but für 50/60Hz instead 24/25Hz content lol

  • Do not need my LG to be brighter LG keep making your TVs based on picture quality not the brightest

  • But how does it compare to the older Cx Technically I doubt no difference

  • My favorite color is GREEN.

  • Favorite color is Blue. You know it's fascinating how this company use to make the worst tv on the market back in the eighty's under the name of Goldstar and Samsung made the 2nd worst tvs. Now the two are the best.

  • Does those feet come with it? Every other review and lg site mentions you have to wall mount or use optional gallery stand. Would be great if it does come with those feet? And if so what is the distance between them to know if soundbar will fit?

  • Do those feet come with the TV or have to be bought separately?

  • Blue - Very interesting and informative.

  • Black. Not a colour but it goes with everything.

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  • Purple

  • And yeah... Orange

  • It's the one we've been waiting to buy, and cannot find it in stock anywhere.

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  • You were suppose to show the revised remote control as you said at 1:34? But you didn't 🤔