Focal Celestee Headphone Review | Are they THAT good?

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Everything is relative. That’s the only way you can look at French audio brand, Focal’s gorgeous new Celestee headphones - with their nearly $1,000 price - and keep a straight face. That’s because, in the world of audiophile gear, you don’t compare the wired-only Celestee to wireless models like Sony’s WH-1000XM4, or even Apple’s very expensive AirPods Max. Instead, you must compare them to other ultra-high-end headphones, like Focal’s Stellia - a set of cans that look identical to the Celestee, but which cost just shy of $3,000. Suddenly, $990 seems like a pretty good deal.
Focal Celestee Headphones are available here -
0:00 - Intro
1:31 - Carrying Case and Accessories
2:41 - Design and Build Quality
3:16 - Comfort
3:36 - How Do They Sound?
6:57 - Should You Buy the Focal Celestee?
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  • The price is a shocker, I know! And I'm also loving the Sennheiser HD 560 S, a remarkable open-back headphone and only $200! Still in love with the Celestee, though. Glad I got to experience them.

    • Hello, this is NOT nearly $1k headphone, it is $1.1k headphone! Ever heard of SALES TAX?? Unless you are from the Godforsaken state of Oregon, you have to pay SALES TAX.

    • You should try reviewing the kef ls50 wireless 2.

    • @DJJEZ1983 overrated

    • Abyss 1266tc says hold my beer

    • @JTB Recently tested out the Clears and Radiance, and honestly I unexpectedly liked the Radiance much better (at least they worked much better with my music) as they didn't clip with louder volumes (and it wasn't even that atrociously loud lol). Going to go again this week to finalize which model to go for. Waiting to see the new Clear MG supposedly coming out this week as well (hopefully)

  • Just ordered these babies last night. Looking forward to getting them. I purchased the Audeze LCD-2 about five months ago, a different animal I know but I needed a quality closed back because I have an autistic son who is anything but quiet when watching his favorite TV shows or playing a game. LOL

  • Hello, this is NOT nearly $1k headphone, it is $1.1k headphone! Ever heard of SALES TAX?? Unless you are from the Godforsaken state of Oregon, you have to pay SALES TAX.

  • Just bought the Celestee yesterday and I am impressed.

  • too expensive. one of my problems with headphones that I am always worried bec. I have something valueble if I lose it in case I put it somewhere while I am speaking to someone. And that is too much costly with those headphones. I had bose and there price is much lesser risk although I prefer if they had little better base

  • 1000 bucks and not even wireless?

  • I"ve finally got myself a pair of Focal Clears (the OG ones) and an Arche to pair them with and boi, I would never regret getting them. Can't wait to get a better speakers setup than the terrible Sony speakers and Kenwood amp i've got right now.

  • I ordered them due to your review. I am excited to get them!

  • Yes I have a pair of Focal Chora 806 and is one of the best buys of my life

  • Oops spoke too soon this month's stereophile we have the focal Arche only 5K. I wonder how all you feel about this thought " it's not the phones it's the source" I was just forced into retirement 65 and out the door so have had lots of stuff in and out some midfi some hifi. I have some old equipment that blows new stuff (except super high end) away. two examples that have freaked fellow audio nuts out. I lucked out at a garage sale and bought a box of 1/2 track factory r to r mane early 60's have Otari and the monster Pioneer 1/2 track tapes play as new scares some these are red seal mercury etc, this when rtor was show off so well made.. They come out of my best purchase a mint pair of Altec model 19's for hold on ...1K$ very few speakers can do a theatre pipe organ like them especially with little power.. I like what Caleb said My phones are AKG designed by Quincy Jones sound great and comfy for hours made the old way in Austria. not much money love all the great content keep it up

  • I used to always move up to the best I could afford constantly. Nowadays I appreciate quality but I have other areas I prefer to spend that money.

  • I know in the car world, focal is overpriced garbage. Why? Because the people who buy focal car speakers, will end up paying for an equalization/tuning service. And when it comes to speakers, in this example, tuning wise you can tune every brand of speaker to sound exactly the same, as long as they have the same specs. So if focal car speakers can do 15-22,000 hz and offer 75w RMS, you can buy cheap sony speakers with the same specs for literally 1/8th the price of the focal, tune them just like you do with the focal, and bam, sounds exactly the same. In the headphone world, if you aren't doing that same kind of tuning, the whole point of buying brand X over brand Y is due to the "flavor" they add to the sound spectrum. What do I mean? Some headphones might have an enhanced treble range. This is "most" of those upper end headphones that claim to be for audiophiles. For some sad reason, most audiophile headphones lack bass. They literally get rid of it. Even the sennheisers, no bass. IN FACT, the FIRST pair of sennheisers ive heard that actually had proper bass, was the "800s reference" model, which cost about $1600.... sad that in order to get accurate sound, you have to spend that much money. Which is a shame really. Then you have the HIFIMAN Sundara's, which have again, no bass (because they are fully open back headphones) and the 8khz mark is insanely bright. If you EQ out that 8k bump and throw in about +12db at 32hz and +6db at 60hz you can get the bass back AND clean up the super harsh upper end. Because the Sundara's are planar magnetic, adding in that bass doesn't actually cause the speaker to clip, because its not like a normal speaker. Meanwhile brands like AudioTechnica where you try to add bass, and the speaker literally starts to mechanically clip right next to your hear which just ruins music. And since there is no bass otherwise, they aren't fun to listen to. Then turning around, my Sony MDR-1AM2, aka the "one mark two". These bad bitches are cheaper then the sundara's but still on the pricy side for most people ($300). AND YET, they offer the most reference sound quality of any of them. In this case, I am referring to NEUTRAL sound. What does that mean? It means if you were to test them for each frequency response, the response curve would be "flat". Which blows my mind that people claim this pair of Sony's are actually V shaped sound. I can see WHY they would say that, since their usual "go to" for "audiophile" means lack of bass to begin with. They have no idea what neutral bass is supposed to be. IN FACT, Compare the 1am2's to ANY of sony's extrabass line, and you will know that the bass in the 1am2 is in fact neutral, as the extrabass cannons they make rattle your head and literally drown out the treble. Now with that rant in mind. Focal will not be immune to flavoring. The amount of people who EQ their headphones to true neutral is few and far between. So the question for the consumer becomes, does the focal flavor fit your taste. Sadly, most "audiophiles" taste is smooth mids and bright highs with absolutely no bass. And they confuse MID BASS with actual BASS (bass is basically 60hz for example, mid bass being 250hz.) A great example of someone who doesn't know what bass is, Z reviews. That fucker hasn't a clue. Claiming a pair of Fostex had "extremely low bass and rattles your head". Okay, I bought the EXACT pair he claimed had "super low bass". NOPE. No bass AT ALL. In fact, even trying to use an EQ to increase the 32hz and 60hz bass area, literally results in ZERO EFFECT. WHY? Because the lower bass simply would not play through that particular pair of headphones. It's frequency response was cut off below a certain point. Low and behold they didn't sound right. AT ALL. Turns out, the 250hz range was boosted by about 9db.... which resulted in this overly boomy sound. NOT BASS sound, but boomy. Its horrible. I literally had to eq out that shit. And after doing so, the headphones themselves just sounded like shit. To Z reviews, this was "magical" and "great for bass heads". WRONG. No bass head in their right mind would want to boost 250hz.... at all, ever. That is considered mid bass, and you don't want that boosted for any type of music. Those people would be better off buying the Sundara's and using and EQ to give them insane bass output. Since both brands are planar magnetic..... You should begin to talk about flavor in your headphone reviews. Have a pair of actual studio reference headphones to compare them to like the sony 1am2's (or pretty much any of sony's high end, z7m2 or z1r, or even their actual studio reference cans used in many studios around the globe.) Now I know this makes me sound like a sony salesmen, they are just my cup of tea. You can also snag the sennheiser hd800s reference, they too are studio reference in terms of neutral sound which means smooth bass, smooth mids, and smooth highs. no peaks, no additions, just the way the artist made their music and the way it was meant to be heard. the issue there is in price, the sonys are significantly cheaper than the Sennheiser. im sure there are other brands that offer studio reference but i have no dealings with them.... you should also look into getting those "digital ears" where you place the headphones over them, and it will read the output of the headphones simulating wearing them on your head. this will show you the frequency response curve which can help you identify if they are neutral, V shape (bass and treble but low mids), "audiophile" which would have serious drop off in bass but have great mids and probably boosted highs, or any other kind of outlier (like the sundara's having a boosted 8khz mark)

    • So you are those people who listen to 130 dB Subwoofers at a young age and then complain about no bass when it is in fact your hearing of low frequencies is damaged. I see. To me, even HD6XX bass is too much for me and I had never listened to Subwoofers.

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    • Fuck Yeah French Wrenched!!!!!!!!

  • I have this one and I use on fiio m11 pro... Just amazing combo

  • Bass response?

  • I am very into music. So much so, I just bought the B&O H95'S

    • @jeffrey zistler awesome man! But seriously, if you got the cash check out a wired pair..grab a portable amp like the chord mojo and get an open back pair of headphones like the focal clears. It's a whole new world of awesome.

    • Left off I have the money mw 60 too, and the b&o h9i. The 95's are ridiculously good in comparison

    • Correction, hear

    • @human male I have b&w px7 and px, airpods max, Sony whxm3, m&d mw 40, 50+, 65. By the best sounding of the bunch. In another level. Like here air moving through a sax Reed, reverb on a kick drum I haven't heard level. Need to here to believe...

    • Im sure they sound decent but with b and o you pay extra for the style. For the same money many other headphones will outshine them in the audio department.

  • No headphone is worth 1k, I don't care how good it is

  • Love the looks of these headphones. I'm always looking for the next best Cans or iem. As far as cans I love my Focal Utopia which is my end game. For a long time hopefully . Iem still looking. Thanks for the good video and some insight on you.

  • Brilliant production quality and content..keep up the good work

  • Yes I like anything focal!

  • What do you think about the fact it’s closed back? Have you had a chance to compare to the Clear?

  • I have a $1k priced headphone, worth it to me.

  • I'll admit. There was a time I did chase the dream of attaining the ultimate music reproduction. A live concert perspective was my reference. It started with Cerwin-Vega and JBL loudspeakers with 12" woofers, of course. I ended up at KEF Reference 105/3 and B&W 802 Matrix. Both powered by Sansui to Classé then BAT. Nowadays Vintage Sansui is my power base with a respectable S/N ratio of 100 db. Not quite at Classé 120db S/N levels, but that extra 20db of noise reduction lacks excitement, speed and engagement of my vintage Japanese integrated AU-D11ii. Anyway, modern music is so compressed 100db S/N is plenty.. plus the dynamics and extension remain intact! All though, I'd still like a Spectral or Krell powering a pair of Wilson Audio 3-way floor standers! However, price for performance ceilings are a reality for me. Like I mentioned, so are those "Loudness Wars"!

  • A few things to consider: the Celestee does NOT isolate sound very well: others can clearly hear what you’re listening to, and you can hear some external noise coming through as well. I’d almost call it a hybrid as a closed back. I think they are best suited for detailed listening in slightly lower volume (jazz, classical music, singer/songwriter with few instruments). It’s not really all *that* black/white... I listen to lots of pop/rock as well and these are still excellent, but probably lack a bit of character / ‘thump’ for those who demand it. But that’s just my personal observation/opinion. :). I absolutely *love* the Celestee for my (very all-purpose) use.

  • But wait are they neutral on tone, more ‘v’ shaped or what? I feel like you didn’t tell me enough to differentiate between other headphones in the category, or cheaper well-reviewed headphones like the Sundaras or the BD Zues.

    • I own these. I’d say they are in the neutral zone more or less. I’m not much of an audiophile though, I only have a general understanding of some of these terms. :). I’d say the Celestee is excellent for detailed listening (f.i. jazz and classical music). Someone listening to pop/rock might want a bit more character / ‘thump’... although it’s fine for me. (I listen to many different kinds of music).

  • Love your channel, but don't use these with your phone. At the very least use a DAP, or a mobile headphone amp. Run them balanced as well.

  • Not really into closed back over ears at all, since I prefer IEMs for isolation and portable use, but Focal's open backs are some of the best in the business.

    • It’s weird because I own the Celestee... and I’d almost call it a hybrid. Closed backs should prevent others from hearing what you’re listening to, but these definately don’t do that.... and they don’t fully isolate external sound either. Closed backs are usually much better at that.

  • HD600

  • Yes i am always looking for great Hifi

  • isn't that stadia logo?

  • I'm purchasing the celestees in the next 3 months

  • This week i bought an earphones, they asked 3$ i negotiated for 2$ and got it, so yeah i consider myself as a seeker for the "best sound experience i can and always on the hunt for that next awesome thing"

  • Good review, but seriously dude.. Why are wearing a fucking mask outside? You people are nuts.

  • Thumbs down for the masked thumbnail. Don't be an idiot.

  • Can you use them for warzone?

  • No Bluetooth No for me!

  • And I thought my airpod max was expensive 🤣

    • @Jackson Ville Definitely, those are for the pure sound quality crowds whereas airpod max is just for the looks and shillings from your peers type of crowds.

    • These are expensive for a reason. The airpod max is expensive because it's apple. They are not the same

  • My husband’s dream headphones! Where can you get the stand pictured in the video?

  • Of i want focal in ceiling speakers, will they sound has good had bookshelf speaker like klipsch RP600

  • 😷 Seriously 🙄 what are you selling have.

  • I was on hunt for best sound headphone/inear . from Dr.dre to shur, i bought empire universal and fall in love how crisp they were. but since am on hunt, want the extra more factor. ended ordering Custem in ear A18 from 64audio. this porschase was my kill as i ended regreting it. as it didnt sound as good as empire which due it was flat since it refrence. so ended up buying chord moju DAC which fix it somehow. but still i go back to empire. so am here as my eye on headphone these days.

    • This is a Wendy's sir 🤣

  • Im not allways on the hunt for the best but i do like sound enough to have a 15K home sound theater and 1K headphones. But these focal really got me interested.. love the design

  • I was a bit skeptical at first, got to listen to a friend's brand new one, I bought it off him for 100$ extra, couldn't wait on shipping... he ordered another one the same day... the sound feels like 2500$-2800$...

    • @Thomas Ferraro Jr. Focal Stellia is exactly that price and it is a better headphone with a different tonality.

    • @Jackson Ville What an arrogant, presumptuous comment. How do you know what they've personally experienced.

    • I bet you've never listened to 2500 to 2800 headphones. atleast for a long time

  • I will pick one up

  • Your production value is so much higher than the competition. Others have such low-quality video footage and it feels so unscripted. I don't want to hear people waffling through. I love the way you guys get to the important information in an easily digestible and enjoyable way. Digital Trends need to be on top! Enjoying the gaming videos as well. Keep those up. Back you Caleb!

  • Who is this brand?

  • Sound quality is very important to me, I started off thinking that $500 for headphones was absurd and now own a number of $2000+ headphones and think they’re totally worth it. Law of diminishing returns is very real though.

    • Hi which of your high ends do you like best? thx

  • imagine posting a video whith a chin diaper in a thumbnail

  • Damn straight I want the best possible sound out of my mobile device. I have invested in a external DAC and $500 Senheiser headphones. One day, when I'll have the funds I will blindly purchase the Celestee because Focal produce some of the best speakers in the world.

  • Lose the f-kin mask you tool

  • This sounds like a closed back Clears. Loved the Clears when I tried them last at my friend's place.

  • Crazy price, bet perceived amazing quality is wrong.

  • “As a musician they made me feel things I haven’t felt in years.” SOLD. Time to start saving. Thanks. Great review!!

    • You should check the Focal Radiance, they're better and more beautiful. And yes a little bit more expensive.

  • This headphone is huge.

  • I've spent more money on headphones than any other thing I've ever owned .

  • 👍 yes 👍

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  • During the quarantine I’ve gotten into the audiophile game with speakers. KEF LS50 wireless 2....but I’m. It as picky about audio quality on the go... Even post quarantine I don’t imagine myself doing a lot of critical listening on the go

  • You want 1 million subs? Then you’ll have to make better reviews than this.

  • I have Focal Elexes and Clears (love both, got the Clears to explore what might be available between the two). Two things: 1. I appreciate that you appreciate the case, particularly its style, quality, and functionality. Yes, it is all that. And it's a $150 to buy outright. 2. The cables. It seems that everyone complains about the Focal headphone cables. Yes, they are stiff and that can be a little inconvenient, but I'm heartened to see you point out - and no one else seems to - is that the cable quality is absolutely first-rate. Material, fit, finish, even style and design are all excellent.

  • i have a ton of headphones, but use my Senn HD600s mostly. I loved this review with the musical references along with high end headphones. very interested in these. curious if u think it is better to invest in a DAC (like Schitt, etc_) first or the headphones ? I use Amazon HD, so getting high quality streaming with my HD600's but want more. Love your reviews -keep them coming

    • DAC / AMPs are overrated as hell. Apple dongle for 10$ is great if you do not have money to spend on dac/amp. HD600 will be way worse on a 20000 dac / amp than any focal headphone on a apple dongle. headphones do 90% of the sound.

    • I am not an audiophile, but my personal opinion is this: get the headphone first. These are 35ohm headphones, while the senn is 300 ohm. These do not need the high impedence gear the senn needs. They need very accurate gear, but not high impedence. I would (and have done) buy the headphone, break them in, and than go and find a good dac/amp. I have bought the focal clear. Used them on my phone (sony xz2), they sound better on my fiio x5, and even better with the xduoo xp1 amp attached. There is probably a better solution, just haven't found it yet. But the clears are 55ohm, so results may vary....

  • I have plannar magnetics from Audeze, performance/price ratio is really good vs regular headphones. Plannars are extremely dynamic and detailed without being sibilant.

  • How do you use them for a iPhone 10

    • Using lightening to 3.5mm adapter that comes with iPhones. Although an external dac/amp would make these shine to their full potential.

    • Imagine. Being this guy.

  • I wish Focal made their headbands a bit larger. My damn large head gets uncomfortable with the Elegia

  • Not many comparisons to other headphones?

  • Yeahh I am always on the hunt, just can't afford them most times lol

  • Its very difficult to find good closed back headphones. There are many reviews of hifi open back, but when going to closed back... Only for studio use, which is probable too neutral. I have been a couple months doing research (no, cannot hear any, shops are closed in here for a long time) and basically between the DT 770 80 Ohms and the Focal Elegia, there seems to be a huge gap in contenders. I am seriously considering the Celestee though, just cannot pay this money without trying them first About a DAC, I am thinking between the dragonfly cobalt and the IFI Hip Dac, which lately seems to be preferred by most. I think for this case, probably the dragonfly will be better as it offers a bit more soundstage, which most reviewers agree the Celestee are short of. Any suggestions?

    • EMU Teaks is also a good option if you like BASS. Or AKG 361 if you like Harmen Curve turning.

    • Literally driving my focal elegia’s via the iFI hip DAC as I’m sitting here watching this. It’s incredible, would highly recommend it.

  • Can you just plug this into an iPhone? Can iPhone drive these big headphones? In your video you are walking with these outside but we can’t see if you have plugged them in directly to an iPhone or through some DAC. Btw we have the same Jack Wolfskin jacket. Love that jacket

    • They are low impedance and work just fine with a phone or directly off a laptop. I have had mine for a couple of weeks and have been using them straight from my laptop most of the time. I've been amazed with how good they sound without a dedicated amp.

  • I got it a couple of weeks ago and pair it with the ADI 2, I have to say I love it, and worth the long wait to get a pair.

    • @Jackson Ville they are still good. I don't listen to music in high volume so I can't comment on that, but with regular volume listening, I really enjoy them.

    • How are they still? I like LOTS LOUD music. Do you think the bass with distort when I turn that shit up?

  • Man! Stop making me spend money

  • This reminds me of any high-end headphones that used to be designed for recording jobs. Its package must have the words to say.

    • I have wal marts onn headphones

  • Have you guys tested them for gaming?

  • Unfortunately in life you get what you pay for

  • Ever thing at 1000 dollar is overpriced,

    • That’s like saying every car over $50k is overpriced. Is it worth it to you? Apparently not. Is it worth it for an audiophile who don’t think $1k is a lot of money and want to experience the best there is? Absolutely. The value of the headphones differs depending on who you are. People also have different preferences and purposes. If your goal is to get from A to B then you don’t need a $250k Porsche. You don’t need $300 sneakers to not hurt your feet when you walk. You don’t need $1k headphones to hear music. But if you want the best and can afford it, then it’s worth paying more even for a slightly better experience. That doesn’t mean it’s overpriced. That’s just the law of diminishing returns.

    • @Pain Peace because your parents spent more than 1000 dollars taking care of you

    • @Hdjekso how!

    • you're overpriced

  • Bro,make some videos to unbox the best home theaters in the world 2021.

  • The case kinda looks like a Birken Bag 😁

  • Not always looking for bigger/better since I found Grado and Schiit. I think the law of diminishing returns comes into play at some point.

    • Even if it didn't, the law of diminishing bank account certainly does

  • He should listen to Russ Abbott's, "Atmosphere".

  • I wish Focal would produce a headphone that doesn't have animal leather. They were almost there with the Clear which uses microfiber for the earpads and bottom side of the headband, but leather on top. Unfortunately, it looks like they are going backwards with this design.

    • couldnt agree more. Tired of having to wear dead animals to get decent sound

  • Those are the cheap ones believe it or not the utopia's are 4K oh well

  • It’s great to hear a musicians prospective. I don’t think many “reviewers” actually know what instruments actually sound like.

    • i dont think most people know what their looking for in sound until they find it or some youtuber says buy this. some find it at a lower price point others will never stop being satisfied. But i agree alot of reviewers are just schills. Focal makes great stuff

  • Focal was to be my sennheiser replacment but the truth is there are way to many people complaining about every single model of the focals left or right failing withing a year... I would love to see some long term users opinions

    • I've had my Focal Clear for 2.5 years and use them every day. I love them and have had no issues at all whatsoever. The only complaint I have is that the headband is not removable/replaceable, and it's a light grey color. Over years of use, it can start to look a bit dingy from absorbing the oils in your hair. I clean it a couple of times a year with a mild laundry detergent with passable results.

  • I started getting into the Focal brand with their car speakers over a decade ago and currently run their Aria system in my main home system. I can confidently say that this brand never disappoints and always punches above its weight class in terms of both build quality and sound quality for what you pay for.

  • Looks cheap to me.

  • Wow surprised to see you dip in audiofile land lol im getting my celestee today! Super excited, I suggest you get a fiio Btr5 for your pair 👍

  • Caleb you are brilliant at every review be it TV or headphones.

  • thank youuuuuu for reviiewing audio gears. THANK YOU. (review more, please)

  • “A non cringe review” *Wears mask outside*

    • Unless you can guarantee you'll always be at least 6 feet away from bystanders, you SHOULD wear a mask outside. Between masking, social distancing, and being outside, you should aim for 2 out of the 3.

    • Incredibly stupid. Time for masks to go away. Even Fauxi says they don't work.

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  • Is there an equivalent high end wireless model? Something with quality beyond the apple, Sony and bose usual suspects?

    • @EdgeOfDarkness86 I totally forgot about those! They're definitely worth checking out.

    • The only ones I can think of are the Audeze Mobius and Audeze Penrose

    • @Nathan W thank you

    • Not really. Modern technology just isn't good enough yet to fit a bluetooth receiver, a digital-to-analog converter, and an amplifier inside a headphone and have it sound as good as something like the Celestee (at least, without it being super heavy). The only company I know of that's trying really hard to make high end wireless headphones is Hifiman, but their Ananda BT and Deva headphones are both open-back.

  • I bought them a few weeks ago, and oh boy they’re worth every penny!!

  • I got mine on Monday and I totally agree with your review. Try playing the Jurassic Park theme in MQA on Tidal with your Dragonfly Cobalt. So good I almost wept. One thing though, I couldn’t get good sound out of them on my PS5 yet but I am working on that.

  • were you by chance able to compare them to the Clears? Any thoughts?

    • @Cassie Cat I think it depends on how you intend to use the headphones. If you're going to using them primarily at home in a quiet environment where sound leakage and outside noise aren't a factor, the Clear is a great choice. I've used mine pretty much every day for 2 years and love them. I also prefer the Clear for music production/mixing applications. On the other hand, if you're going to use them in a noisy environment or in a situation where sound leakage might bother other folks, the Celestee is the better choice. The sound quality between the two is very similar, and I find that I'm completely satisfied with the sound from both of them. The difference in soundstage and separation doesn't occur to me unless I'm REALLY listening for it. In the last few weeks, I've used the Celestee quite a bit more than the Clear. I use them when listening to music/watching videos while my wife watches TV. I've taken them to the office with me. I even took them on a small trip to listen to in the hotel. They're a bit more practical in that regard. I think it comes down to how and where you're going to be using them. Hope that helps!!

    • @Kevin Smathers Hi considering the wider soundstage and better separation of the Clears would you recommend them over the Celestees, if you had to pick just one? thank you

    • @Kevin Smathers hey thanks a lot for taking the time. I think I'll be getting the celestee this week if I can. Thanks for the tip on stock pads!

    • I have been using the Clear as my daily driver for a few years and got the Celestee a couple of weeks ago. I think the Celestee has a bit more punch in the low end, and the treble seems slightly brighter than the Clear. The Clear unsurprisingly has a wider soundstage and better separation. I'm very happy with the sound of the Celestee and feel like they make an excellent complement to the Clear. The only thing I don't like about the Celestee is the stock pads. The plastic ring around the speaker grille presses against the upper fold in my ear. Over time that gets quite uncomfortable, so I swapped the pads out with a pair of Dekoni Elite Hybrid. These color the sound just a bit, but make the headphones significantly more comfortable. Let me know if there's anything more specific you'd like to know!

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  • I hope it is producing gold?

  • Nice looking headphones. However, listening to music in public with these headphones will make you a target for thieves. I’ll pass!

    • or duck tape the logos and bass port and you will be good to go.

  • Hi, great review! I like good quality sound like you. But nowadays i listen to it with my phone on spotify etc. I still have a good CD en LP player though. I now own the B&W PX7 Carbon. When considered above, would the Focal be a big upgrade or does it really shine when plugged in to a good receiver with a good quality CD etc and the B&W would be the best for listening like i do 90% of my time. Love to hear your opinion!

  • Caleb can you please do a best of the best wireless earbuds review at every price point, the are so many it's hard to choose.

  • I agree the Celestee is gorgeous, but most headphone hobbyists (like me) prefer open back headphones for airier and more natural sound and wider soundstage; high end closed back cans are a distinct minority. (Seriously, do you want to walk around outside with huge expensive headphones like this?) I have the Focal Elex (a still available $700 Drop exclusive variant of the now discontinued Focal Elear which originally sold for $1K); it's an open back headphone that has the same basic construction and look of the Celestee but an all black color scheme and the cups are metal mesh grill instead of dimples. It's considered superior to the original Elear and a bargain. But my best headphone is the Aeolus, a $1200 open headphone handmade by ZMF (wait time after ordering is generally 2-3 months), a boutique maker near Chicago. Aside from amazingly good sound it is, like all ZMF cans, a work of art with cups made of rare woods, all aluminum chassis, and pads and headband of leather or suede.

    • Would I walk outside with these? Probably yes. I've walked around with my Ether CX and Aeon 2 closed before (admittedly to weird looks from passerbys). If I do end up buying these, it would be more for portable use than indoors; I have plenty of open backs for that. May need to look into some aftermarket cables though... P.S. the Aeolus are great headphones, good choice!

  • $1k!? I better be able to hear my dead ancestors

    • It's not outrageous at all for the quality and sound that they offer. When you hear true audiophile grade audio components you will get it.

    • I know that's right 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Have you used them with a TV / console? If so better than a similarly priced sound bar?

    • I exclusively use various headphones with TV/Blu-rays (I live in a small studio apartment), including a similarly priced open backed Focal pair, a somewhat cheaper Sennheiser and a more expensive ZMF. I use a separate DAC (connected to the TV via optical for two channel PCM) and separate headphone amp. I doubt that any soundbar regardless of price comes close to the sound quality. You could certainly match or exceed the sound quality with AV components and separate speakers, but it would be considerably more expensive. (I live and watch alone; a soundbar or speakers may make more sense in larger rooms with multiple viewers.)