The future of TVs explained | How much better can TVs get?

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The latest Mini-LED, OLED and Neo QLED TVs are stunning. but just wait until you hear about QD-OLED, QDEL and QNED technologies coming in the next few years!
Overwhelmed by all the TV tech acronyms and confused about what means what? We break down everything from micro-LED and mini-LED to QNED, QD-OLED, and QDEL to explain what's here now, what's coming soon, and what might be a pipe dream.
0:00- Intro
1:08 - Mini LED
1:41 - micro LED
2:17 - Neo QLED
2:42 - QNED Mini LED
3:10 - OD Zero
3:49 - QNED
4:55 - QD-OLED
6:26 - QDEL
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  • Cornfusing!!! Makes no kinda sense! :)

  • How about lower latency for when I play my video games? How about lower latency for when I play my old super Nintendo or PlayStation 2 in 480 mode on a high definition tv? How about a real time antenna channel signal meter so I can adjust my over the air antenna easier?

  • I love my "old" LG 32 inch LED TV that I bought over a decade ago. Best part is totally DUMB and didn't have to pay for tinny speakers I would never use!!! Use a Bose sound bar and it is awesome. And at some point video and audio resolution becomes meaningless. Imagine watching the Super Bowl without having to see any zits, slobber, etc. Would never buy a "smart" TV. Too much risk for snooping/data gathering.

  • So... what's gonna be better, OLED such as (LG CX) or QNED? It's way too complicated with the tons of similar terms. We just want a graphic from (Worst > Best) please.

  • i have a 2017 Sony 4k tv & recently bought a xsx console so i know i need to upgrade if i want to take advantage of all the features it can offer. I think I will wait another year to see what nice techy tvs come out. if I am going to upgrade i want to make sure it’s worth it. for now my tv does the job fine but it would be nice to have 4k @ 120 fps which mine doesnt allow

  • My tv doesn’t support AOC, but it does have pcp, lsd, adsd, Earc, and they say vrr is coming soon!!! 🤪 yaaaay

  • Why do you always skip on Philips TVs??

  • Hey caleb... just curious, which tv do you personally use in your living room?

  • The guy has a triple chin in the thumbnail.

  • What's the point of making TVs better and better when the programmes are 💩?

  • Need a chart.

  • Did anyone got the familiar feeling when you party all year then suddenly find yourself trying to cram in the night before the exams?

  • no i am an engineer

  • They all look great to me. Reliability, service and price are what matters.

  • Writing before watching. Do TVs really need to get any better?

  • The poor basic guy just wanting to go down and buy a nice TV. Way to confusing. And sales people don’t have a clue, just the things on Special. Not an experience I am going to be looking forward to.

  • I went and saw TVs in person today. Oled has me sold. It is so beautiful. I compared it side by side between the Sony a8h and 900h. Maybe I am more sensitive to the difference but it was amazing to me. Need to break the penny bank.

  • When will the LED tv's be as good as the plasma tv's?

  • Now you can watch your choice of garbage in sharp, vibrant images. IDFC

  • Verily appreciated!

  • Neck to head ratio: master level. I can't wait for his necks video.

  • The neck to head ratio in the thumbnail is awful, but funny looking.

  • still rocing my sony 32 inch led from 2010. no smarttv but a lot of sensors. 500 euros back then on sale.

  • It feels like we are reaching the point where more and more effort is being expended to chase less and less incremental improvement. We are soon going to reach the point where people can't even see the difference and the whole thing is going to become just more marketing hype than anything else. The technology has simply matured to the point where the picture can't get much better.

  • I have a six year old LG LED HD TV which gives magnificent renditions of new content filmed in 4K. Why change just to get a thin bezel and less HD inputs, mine has four all stuffed, most new TV's have three or less.

  • when is the 100" whatever tv supposed to come out?? getting the itch to replace my 86" nanocell

  • The "future" of TV is no "future... UST or ultra short throw projectors, small, lightweight , portable, and 120 inches or more , or less. When I saw the first LCD from Sharp I knew what it was, and with several UST projectors out there already the future is clear.

  • Yes but how much better will they be? How much more blacks can we have How much more contrast can there be How much bigger can they get? How much lighter and thinner can they get? Does better mean as good as now, but cheaper?

  • Made me more confused.🤯 ...I'll stick with my Liggy OLED, thank you.

  • I'm good with my 85 inch x900h I got for $1999.99 mang.

  • have just brought a 4k tv and will not upgrade this side of next decade as i doubt this tv tech will get down in price plus outside of discs and streaming no native 4k tv without spending a small fortune

  • Let's just fast forward to 2023 now since TV technology sucks right now.

  • A cup of alphabet soup was spared making this vid.

  • Never heard about QD-OLED before. I wonder if such TVs would be cheaper to produce than Micro-LED. The latter is incredibly expensive and quite difficult to make, so there is a chance QD-OLED could appear on the shelves before Micro-LED comes down in price, I guess. As someone who would never buy an OLED TV (chance of getting burn-in is enough for me), I’m very excited to see how TVs will be evolving in this decade

  • Still enjoying my 11 year old 42in Sony LCD TV. Beautiful screen, heaps of ports, and its not a smart TV.

  • A lot of these names are here just to confuse you. It resembles a lot of what Nvidia has been doing, especially with their mobile graphics processors. Where the companies Max-Q processors have been replaced, and now no longer have an indicator for how strong of a GPU your laptop will get. Generally it doesn't bother me, because I like tech, and I like to stay informed. But it can be annoying when the names often don't mean anything, I just want the names to be more descriptive rather than not. If the name doesn't describe what you are buying, then that can be pretty infuriating.

  • You didnot answer the question, how much better can it get. My answer is, not much. The target are still humans, and their eyes already get more from a tv than looking out the window.

  • I honestly thought you were wearing a neck brace ( that photo angle 😅🤣😂) thanks for the vid :)

  • Needed that, thank you! Still don't know which one to buy yet though so might stick with the trusty, dimmer OLED.

  • Tvs manufacturing turning it mobile phone mentality with yearly updates. 2021 oled models 1000nits but the price is twice that of a 2020 model. Crazy

  • All tv manufacturers should make one tv implementing all the tech necessary to make the perfect tv .

  • Personally, I can't wait for next year when sdkfjaocweinfsocidudsdaifoxdcjfffLED will be released :P

  • These acronyms are so disgusting..these TV companies don't want to simplify our lives !

  • Pretty sure he's wearing a gay Croatian track top.

  • So which is best? Are we to a place the Holman eye can’t tell the difference

  • How much of a problem is OLED burn in?

  • when is the best time to buy a tv this year? i’ve heard during super bowl?

    • The best time to buy a new TV is when you need a new TV. The worst time to buy a new TV is when you don’t need a new TV.

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  • There will be a day where it gonna reach a development level too high that us got it watch the immediately dimension near from mankind. A holy man wrote this.

  • So, eventually it will come down to a 16K battle between QNED vs Micro LED. With Samsung and LG continuing to supply panels to everyone else. Korea wins!

  • What about size? Will there be a 100" TV screen?

  • @Digital Trends in your opinion which is more immersing, a curved 60hz or a flat 120hz ?

  • Caleb, did you see any ATSC 3.0 tuner-equipped TVs at this year's CES?

  • We need holographic vision tv with scenery and people moving in all direction in the room.

  • How much better can tvs get? When can walk by one and think its a real person and try to talk to it. Like Caprica episode 1.

  • How long can a Lg cx last anyway? Bought one last year

  • I think TV Companies They Need To Name The New Generation With Number ---- Like LED 2 Generation OLED 4 Generation QLED 5Th Generation

  • This video is The best How he is explaining All TV Features Screen

  • That's a lot of Q's

  • I can't un-see the chins and the amount of them in the thumbnail. Lockdown has hit this dude hard.

  • So we are trying to do as tech is eliminate burn in? Other than that TVS are looking incredible. For me its now down to whoever is producing 📺 content to buy quality filming gear so we get the benefit from it!

  • Where does the new Hisense Dual Cell tech fit in?

  • At this point in time OLED is a safe choice and affordable nowadays. Unless you’ll be gaming with it for hours on a daily basis.

  • Do any of these tv companies make just a display panel for people that don't need speakers. In my case, I have a surround sound and I don't care about the TV sound. I remember when plasmas where popular you could buy a display unit ,not a television. Thank you.

  • Caleb is top tier content and I'd say Digital Trend's most valuable asset. Very information dense yet concise and easy to understand. Keep up the great work man.

  • I am thinking of launching my own brand and prefix to "ED" after watching this intro

  • Great. Now they should bring some of these to the monitor market.

  • Nanorod led , real deal self emissive will be will be available long before the micro led problems are solved or even affordable

  • Funny how much tech there is for all these things that essentially look the same xD

  • Well the Human eyes (naturally) can barely process 4K , in fact The Brain fills in mostly the Rest , so above 4K in reality is just good money down the 'Shitter' so to speak , but is your money spend it how you want !

  • Cool confusing tech .

  • Good evening friend 👏👏🙏

  • Which TV would you recommend? I want at least 55 inch, 4k and 120hz Would you say the Q70T is a good choice? My budget is around 800€

    • Would like him to pick one up and drop it by your house as well?

  • Had to watch a second time to catch all the sauce. I think QNED will be the ultimate OLED killer.

  • His neck forced me to watch this episode

  • What about IPS VA TN IGZO and AMOLED?

    • Internet Purchasing Squad Virginia Tennessee I Got Zero Opinions A Man Often Lacks Emotional Development

  • I think this whole mess started with Samsung calling LCDs with an LED backlight opposed to the former CFL-Tube backlights "LED-TV"s. That was terribly missleading and it all went downhill from there on.

  • My TCL 6-Series Mini-LED finally arrives today! I’m excited.

  • Atleast it will keep you busy with work.

  • Sumsung is 100% shit no matter what TV you buy! They used to be good, but now they are the worst!

  • when will we actually get price points and reviews?

  • And people still say aliens dont exist. This tech aint human

  • Thanks very informative

  • Built in obsolescence is the name of the game people. Go and drop $XXXX on a TV and it's out of date before you get it home and unpack it. The good side is it turns a $10k TV into a $3k TV in about 12 months.

  • Modern tv's fail at an incredible rate, that's what they need to work on now. From burn it to back lit failures to hdmi failures it happens way too often.

    • What the heck are you talking about? I’ve never had a flat TV fail or have any burn in. You must leave have it on 24/7.

  • So many great TVs coming, but Disney just decided that my copy of Peter Pan and Swiss Family Robinson contains racist content. Does that mean there won't be an 8K Blu Ray version ever released? Guess I will stick with my 13 inch B&W CRT TV. Or is that racist? I am so confused.

  • New technology is great but all it amounts to is hype if companies cannot actually deliver it! Try and find a TCL series 6 at a good price in a 55 or a 65! Who cares about an update when you cannot get the current tech!

  • You loss me at 0.1 seconds in.🥴

  • You think I should upgrade from my Samsung Q70R To New 2021 model tv ?

  • Television must be to Koreans 🇰🇷 what automobiles are to Germans. 🇩🇪

  • Seems like everyone's already forgotten 3D tvs... a true shame they failed to catch on and died out, I simply can't replace my 3D capable tv no matter how fancy and advanced TV tech goes

    • Sony still keeping 3d alive the only thing u have to wear the Vr goggles and use a PS4

    • Very true 3d is so much better at home than theaters we cant go too Covid!!!

  • Are Samsing QNEDs available?

  • What about making 3D TV by having two or more screens that are semi transparent. It would mean the TV wouldn't be thin but it could be amazing 3D.

  • Leto II in the thumbnail.

  • How many chins can DT get?

  • Very informative video, thanks!

  • Responding to the title of this video... Make TVs cheaper so we All can enjoy them! Damn things are way too expensive for what they are!

  • I don't get microled. Isn't it just oled? Both are just individual diodes without backlight. I'm confused

  • The irony is the space we saved with thin tvs...weve taken up with big stereos to hear them.

  • I am waiting for new vs old comparison.. New lg a1 oled vs old discounted cx oled..