DJI Air 2S Review and Sample Footage | Can one drone do it all?

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DJI has a lot of drones in its arsenal - but the DJI Air 2S might be the best and most well-rounded one of all. From ease of use to its high quality photos and video, drone enthusiasts both amateur and professional will love the DJI Air 2S!
00:00 Intro
01:03 Camera Quality
02:12 Safety
03:48 QuickShot and MasterShot Modes
04:26 Design and Battery
05:12 Handling and Price
06:10 Final Thoughts
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  • Best new feature on the air2s! When you're like me who likes flying drones but bad at taking the shots, the MasterShot feature is quite the lifesaver!

  • Got my Air 2S delivered today! This one really sits perfectly in between other DJI drones. It's more intelligent than the mini and less complicated than the mpro

  • I think the goal of DJI is to have the perfect drone for every pilot, whatever their needs or skills may be

  • you should mention with the update the smart controller works with 2S

  • I bought one today, waiting for the batteries to charge so I can activate, update and fly.

  • Lens appears to be too wide, 22mm might not be optimal for head to waste shots

  • will the new DJI Air 2s will work on a Ipad MIni 4? i would hate to buy another device.. I've been using the Ipad mini 4 since the Mavic 2 pro

  • Just me or the framerate is bad? like stare at a building and its skipping along

  • Flying over Red Bank again haha. Awesome bro!

  • Thank you for all the useful information. You got yourself a new subscriber 👍🏼

  • Sample footage = sample files, not a compressed AR-one video.

  • Hi, is it possible to have the link to ORIGINAL sample videos?

  • Good video but what’s up with that hair? Very distracting.

    • @John Velasco what?

    • Trust me, if I could walk, I would.

  • DJI lost it with the cut of the Phantom line

  • Well done to both of you. Comprehensive review. Think I'll wait for the MP v3

  • it isnt really encroaching on mavic 2 territory simply because that is an almost 3 year old drone,, specs wise sure, but that awesome drone is almost at its end of life, it is highly due a refresh come the Autumn, I would guess the mavic line is moving towards a more prosumer drone, and the next itteration will focus primerily on the camera, which may includ 8k60fps with the new Ambarella CV-5 chip perhaps an M4/3 sensor, OIS and perhaps some optical zooming as well, we could see next gen AI at work, more and better sensors, tweaked flight time, a modest weight increase, but overall it will be a camera centric drone

  • The million dollar question, is it compatible with the DJI FPV Goggles V2 and the DJI FPV Motion Controller?

  • does it do 60fps?

  • Why did the movie There’s Something About Mary pop into my head?

    • Good question. Were you watching those new Geico commercials?

  • DJI needs to STOP using False advertising ..FACT: the drone does NOT have a 1 inch sensor has a (1 inch "type") ..there is a HUGE difference. the World of cameras ALL manufacturers use the (1 inch "type") label to cover their ass legally . ..It's an old label system from back in the 50ies. ..but a "true measure" 1 inch sensor is about 3X larger area than a (1 inch "type") ..its like if the grocery store sold you a package of 3 apples but it has only 1 apple inside's a word play SCAM ..DJI should stop cheating thier customers and label it correctly as (1 inch "type")

  • Why is the video image much more stable than the drone itself? Is there mechanical stabilization of the camera or some type of optical stabilization of the digital image?

    • @TinkerBrained Thank you for the clarification.

    • ​@Dav Mar Yes, all DJI drones use gimbals, except for the Tello which is a $99 drone and is basically too small (and cheap) for a gimbal so it uses digital image stabilization.

    • @TinkerBrained I know what a gimbal is. Is that in fact the means used by this drone to stabilize the image? That is not the only way to stabilize a camera image.

    • It's called a gimbal. It uses motors to stabilize the camera. You can buy gimbals to attached regular cameras or smartphones to for really steady shots.

  • at least you didn't say "cinematic" throughout the video. ;)

    • You don't know how many times I was about to say "Mavic Air 2S"

  • @5:58 - "Base price difference (between MA2 and A2S) is $150"???? LOL $999 - $799 = $200 NOT $150. If you add taxes the diff will be over $200. And of course the CareRefresh is much more expensive on the Air2s vs MA2. CareRefresh for Air2s is $169 vs $79 for MA2.

    • ​@Hakeem Abdella Yes you are correct. I caught that mistake later as well. Even so there is a $+300 differences between the MA2 and A2S if you purchase the Fly More Combo and add in CareRefresh and account for taxes, etc. The question is is it worth that price differential. Unless you TRULY NEED the camera improvements. I don't think it is worth it. Not saying it's a bad drone I just think the MA2 is a better overall value.

    • $169 for 2 years, $99 for 1

  • $100 would be the ideal price (In my dream).

    • There's the tello just for you at that price point

  • THE Drone is sooo cute😍🥰💖

    • Yall should get a room

    • @Patrick Curtis trying it out right now. Looks great so far :)

    • I dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPwn. Find it on google xD

  • $799 is the ideal price...Under $1,000 for Fly More Combo. $1,299 is a bit too much by the time you add in taxes and,DJI CareRefresh you're sitting at USD $1500.. Yes it is a great drone but OUCH!

    • @Jet Martin I agree, $1,600 will scare away enthusiast.

    • @Vertical Mammal I agree that it is fairly priced in DJI's lineup...I just think that $1299 (actually ~$1600 w/taxes, CareRefresh, etc) is getting a bit too much for the casual drone enthusiast. So I think the Air 2 (@ just over $1,000) will continue to be a sweet spot for those that want a full featured drone and don't need a top of the line camera.

    • It's definitely a bigger price increase than I was hoping for, but it makes sense when I think about it as halfway between the Air 2 and the Mavic 2 Pro, which I would say it is spec-wise. For me it's kind of perfect, because I wanted a 1" sensor for low light but the Pro 2 is so old, and still a bit more than I want to pay. If I want more/better when the Mavic Pro 3 comes out I can always flip my Air 2S at that point.

    • I can only imagine how they'll price the Mini 2S/3.

  • It's got a cool and practical feature, which encourages me to discover places with less populated and lenient aviation laws.

  • All these fancy software upgrade so makes me wonder what they could do to the mini 2 through firmware updates

    • One thing I always think about is ActiveTrack to follow a subject. I feel like it's possible for the Mini 2. The only thing is that you'd have to be manually flying and watching the drone at all times to avoid crashes.

  • Im soo first

  • Seems good to me