Vizio P-Series Quantum (P65Q9-H1) Unboxing, Setup, Impressions | How good could it be?

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The Vizio P-Series Quantum doesn't have some of the features as its more expensive cousin, the P-Series Quantum X, but it still looks like it could be a terrific TV at a reasonable price.
Vizio P-Series Quantum (P65Q9-H1) Available Here:
With gaming friendly specs like 4K 120hz, variable refresh rate, and auto low-latency mode the Vizio P-Series Quantum is worth looking at. We begin with unboxing, basic setup, and get some first impressions ahead of our review.
00:00 Intro
00:56 Unboxing
01:07 What comes in the box?
01:20 More unboxing
01:29 Stand Assembly
01:40 Back of the TV
01:47 HDMI Inputs
02:08 TV Setup
03:11 TV Picture Settings
03:57 First Impressions
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  • Hey guys I need some help. I want a tv that just works. I’m not looking for the best picture in the world. Had the Sony 65x900c that went bust after 4 years. The Samsung 55un7100 just turned the right side of the screen black after 2 years. Apparently it has happen to a lot of Samsung customers. Any help would be great.

  • wheres the review?

  • What is the media console you are using here? Thanks.

  • Excited to see the samsung QLED Neo vs the x90j and x95j

  • Come onnnn. Where is the full review?!

  • Just picked the 65 inch up from Best Buy for about $1000. So far its good, i took back the M8 bc backlight flickered on 2 of them, i returned them both. The P pic is brighter but not alot better, so far, day 2 n ill prob get it better. But runs my new XBOX SERIES X good to. Keep in mind i also have a sony X900h 65 inch i got just for the SERIES X but i might change that up and ill do a review video soonish. But its a good tv, while seems the X900H is just a great tv. And if I'm not happy I plan to return the Visio TV series and just basically trade it for a 55 inch Sony X900H for my bedroom and I'll have a Sony X 900 H for the living room and I will be dripping in Sony lollolollolol

  • I bought mine for 12 or 1300 and so far it's been great.. Plays well with series x

  • 100" Sony TV

  • When will the full review be? Interested to see how this compares to the TCL 6 series. That’s sold out and estimated 6 weeks everywhere. Other TV is dead so I want the best 65” under $1000 in less than 6 weeks.

  • Totally interested in Sony's A90J. Looking forward towards your review.

  • On sale right now for $50 more than the TCL 6 series...should I pull the trigger or wait for the 2021 models of other TVs??

  • LG OLED Evo

  • Wheres the review my guy still waiting to see if this is worth it

  • LG More affordable oled,

  • If your a gamer stay far away from this panel. Vizio doesn’t have the money to fix these issues

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  • Honestly I am holding out for the tv that matches best with the PS5. So whichever tv that is, that's the review I await.

  • The new Xiaomi Mi TV 75''

  • TCL 6 Series 8K 2021

  • When is the actual review for this video coming out?

  • LG OLED Evo gonna probably be picking one of those up

  • I just purchased a Vizio P series quantum 65 inch and I am very happy with it. My goal was to purchase a TCL6 series but there are none available within 250 miles of me!

  • Got the V series black Friday and the smart apps in the middle of Netflix it will go to home screen. OR my Airplay wont connect anymore. or home screen wont load until I cycle power. Thinking of upgrading to this P series or are there app issues with the higher models as well?

  • Don't care

  • LG Mini LED

  • Just ordered the P75Q9-H1 after my Samsung experiment died after 3 weeks. Very keen to see the next part of your review. I don't seem to be able to get the TCL 6 series anywhere. The Hisense H9G seemed expensive relative to this when you look at the features

  • Didn't realize you got to this bad boi, AR-one screwing me with the notifications. Also, definitely very interested in how LG's LEDs stand up

  • Sony x90j

  • Any curved TV

  • 85in Samsung

  • Definitely the TCL 6 series. Both 4 and 8k

  • Would like to see your breakdown of the Samsung Neo qled 8k.

  • Ok.. These TVs are super beautiful and lovely, but they are also quite expensive. What's my budget? Uhm, that's around $300. I need recommendations guys. Anything around 43-48" inches class works for me. An IPS panel with great viewing angles, Smart TV, just to be futureproof, 4k and bright enough. Good range of inputs too, with at least 2 HDMI and USB. Something that doesn't lag, responsive and modern. Any recommendation would be great. For me and where I stay, $300 is quite high, and like the Max I would like to go to. Thanks guys.

  • Please review 2021 4k LED Sony Tv . Love from India.

  • Do a comparison video, both Vizio flagships, P series Quantum X vs VIZIO OLED

  • If you can get your hands on one, I'd like to see you do a BURN IN test on the new "Brighter" LG EVO OLED. Does a brighter OLED lead to faster BURN IN ?

  • I just bought it yesterday for $900 bucks 75", I'm not disappointed.

  • The samsung zero bezel TVs

  • TCL and SONY please 🙏

  • I bought the 75inch..very disappointed, paid almost $2000 for it, too

  • I feel so bad for the trash service outside this building... Constantly picking up these huge TV boxes that don't fit well into anything lol

  • Sony A85 j....43" for gaming with new consoles. Small tv options are limited

  • Caleb a tip for you if you haven't figured it out already. The latest update that "fixes 120 vrr" causes an odd issue with the menus and the ability to dial the tv in. Settings will be greyed out like brightness, sharpness etc. To get around this you have to turn the device off (xbox series x in my case) and adjust the settings. This however wont allow you to adjust the hdr settings since that requires a source. You can trick this too by going to the hdr calibration within the xbox itself to trigger hdr and the settings in the tv will be available. A very odd bug that i hope they resolve asap. Having to tune a tv without a picture while doing so takes forever.

  • Samsung Q800T

  • A relatively affordable Sony OLED

  • I just like vizio cus they handle 24p motion the best all these new tvs and their damn artifacts soap opera effect

  • Looking at this one and the X model. Just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Waiting for a deal on the X model.

  • I really like this TV! I just got it about a week ago and it was the best deal I could find. The X is better, but the regular P is debatably the better buy especially in the price range. In my budget it was the best. I almost went with a X900H. Heard enough about it and it just wasn’t everything I wanted. It’s got a few bugs but nothing extreme. Will need another update for VRR but I’m confident that that will come.

  • Will you guys consider reviewing the new 75'' Mi TV Q1 ?

  • Looking forward to your TCL reviews for their 2021 TVs.

  • I have the late 2019 P Series 75" should I upgrade or wait 2 years for 8K to be less expensive?

    • @CrashCarson14 Thank you!

    • Go for something other than 8k. Maybe a good OLED. High frame rate. Rec 2020 coverage.

  • For such a thick TV why the sound is mediocre is beyond me,the lg c9 is thinner but as some solid bass and mids than this TV.

  • The jacket has to go

  • Hi Caleb greetings from Ecuador I interest in TV Sony lineup to exact 900 or 950j

  • 1. Not in Canada you say. Oh well. 2. Why have feet that with a slight forward or backward movement will cause the TV to flip over. Dumb!

  • Sony x90j vs. x95j

  • got this TV since black friday. and definitely got way better after the latest firmware a few weeks ago. still has a bug not letting you use picture settings with devices that run in 1080P like a firestick or a nintedo switch and base ps4

  • I Really want to see a True in-depth side buy side Comparison between the 75 inch Vizio P Series Quantum Vs The 75 inch Vizio P Series Quantum X!! Not just Specs!! Buy how Much Better is the X in Person!! Is it Allot better or Just a Little Bitt Better??

  • 1:30 that’s what she said 🤪

  • I’d love you to review anything TCL but also the ONN Dolby atmos soundbar sold at Walmart. I wanna impulse buy that so bad but I’d like your opinion (or similar price ranged atmos soundbars)

  • Samsung QN90A

  • I would like to review to be done on this one that you're showing now thank you

  • 8k QNED LG TV PLEASE. You didn't review it last year.

  • I have three Vizio P Series. Great brightness and 120hz is another plus! I'll be sticking with the Vizio brand for a while. I wouldn't recommend anything below the P series.

  • Do NOT buy this tv. I went through 3 Vizio P Series Quantum’s since April until Vizio finally refunded me. Each tv I received from them had something wrong with it.Picture quality is terrible, blacks are terrible, and the tv tends to glitch out a lot. Look into the Sony X900H which is a much higher quality TV for just a few more dollars. For those who just compare TVS on “Rtings” I wouldn’t trust that website FYI

    • PS The P Series isn’t a bad gaming tv I will give it that.

  • Need the review ASAP! Currently on sale at Costco and might pick one up!

  • I would like to see a head to head with this TV and the TCL 6 series. I am planning to buy a tv in the next month and have narrowed my search between those two choices. Great content, I enjoy watching your vids.

    • See my reply on that a few replies down.

  • Pls how much is the price in US dollar

    • There is always link below on this channel if you didn't notice.

  • I can’t wait for u to review a90 j.can’t spring come any faster 😩😩

  • I'd like to see reviews of the new hisense qled tvs

  • Most excited... sony x90j

  • Sony A90J OLED is stealing the show this year with 1300 nits 😁 I have a favor to ask of you, when you review this television, please for the love of God, please give the new enhancements (YES INCLUDING MOTION!) a fair shake in various conditions to see what the cognitive processor truly has to offer, something tells me this is the year your purist ways become tainted 😉

  • Eager to see the LG QNED line and how it compares to OLED in terms of PQ and $.

  • I am excited for new Sony tvs

  • Samsung to me is like the Mercedes of TVs but I will say LGs Oled is probably one of the best TVs out there idk the exact model but definitely one of lgs oled should be reviewed and maybe even compared to a Samsung Qled

  • I got the 75” version of this during a one day sale at Sam’s. Incredible value. I couldn’t justify paying over 500 more for the Sony X900 once I saw the Vizio’s picture. The only thing I’m trying to dial in is the motion handling. It’s a beautiful TV and paired with my Roku Ultra it handles Dolby Vision well. Interested to see the review.

  • I bought this TV the week it released, and man it has been one bumpy ride with the firmware updates...

    • @L Duffy Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I do notice some backlight bleed on some content. But I bought this thing full price, and the Sony X900H was on sale for $1000 the month after 😢 If you're looking to buy a TV in this price range tho, I'd personally get a 65in X900H, or a 75in 6-Series over this. Hindsight is 20/20.

    • All in all. Was it worth it though?

  • I'm waiting for a review of the new OLEDs from LG. P.S.Hello from Ukraine

  • The new Samsungs micro led line-up!

  • The new Samsung 8K TVs

  • Not a bad TV but I picked up the $900 55 inch Vizio OLED back during Black Friday and that is just a simply way better value than this tv. OLED is the way to go

  • A90J !!

  • Sony a80 and a90j

  • I like the Vizio brand and I want to know what are my options for something that would push the limits of my Xbox series X.

    • Well it’s got hdmi 2.1 and works well. So it’s not about the TV pushing but being able to display it. More about what games can push the Series X

  • The tcl and hisense TVs are going to surprise a lot of people

    • @J Frank Eh, I don't know about that. For instance my brother's high quality brand samsung suffers from dirty screen effect + light bleeding and my high quality lg oled is nearly 6 years old now with some burn-in and that was with paying it special attention and as much care as possible but it did come from before pixel shifting was a thing and they really hammered down on ways to reduce burn-in the model just afterwards. I mean yeah rule of thumb is buy Samsung, LG or Sony but I've seen vizio's p series and its not exactly bad and I've seen some bullshit from higher end brands also. With that said though I'd also state that if you are buying one of these TVs then just expect to play with the settings more than you'd think you would because it's certainly not perfect out of the box.

    • Problem with Hisense, Vizio, TCL and all other off brands is the slow processor used inside the TVs vs a higher end Samsung,Sony,Lg. Those off brand TVs suffer from panel lottery, very slow tv boot up times and in the case of Vizio very few options to upgrade in terms of software/apps. They make descent budget TVs , but I would never trade my Qled/Oled for these low quality tvs

    • Maybe but I'm not interested in giving money to a chinese brand.

  • I have this tv and mine is getting replaced by vizio for very bad dirty screen effect. Additionally, the latest update broke 4k Blu-ray playback on the PS5 to where it will only play 4k Blu-ray’s in 1080p. Other than that I think it’s fantastic.

  • Sony A90j or any Sony 2021 model like to know your thoughts on the XR cognitive intelligence.

  • Hi Caleb xj95 on 65" plz TCL XL collection

  • Sony 100 inch X92J and the A90J

  • Caleb, what do you'll do with the tvs that you'll get for reviews after? Do you'll return it to the manufacturer or sell them?

  • The Sony X90J and X95J are near the top of my list for 2021.

  • Want to see a review of the Sony A80j!

  • Frame Tv, I am really hoping for some great features.

  • TCL 6 Series 8k

  • LG C1 and G1

  • Cant wait for your full review of the Sony X950J!!

  • New LG oled needs review

  • Samsung QN90A please 🤗

  • I’ve decided I’m getting a vizio. I had decided on the 75” pqx but this tv looks pretty nice too. Hopefully the full review drops ASAP so I can decide between the two.

  • Honest question: is it even worth buying a 60hz in 2021? Ready to get a 65” for our living room. Mainly for watching shows and sports