Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 | Does the Ryzen power boost seal the deal?

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Well, Microsoft did it. It finally fixed the Surface Laptop 4. The previous model was plagued by poor performance and a lack of solid configurations to choose from.
Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 available here:
For the 15-inch model in particular, that made it hard to recommend. But with the Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft has resolved those issues, thanks in part to the incredible performance and battery life of some new AMD processors. I checked out the 15-inch Surface Laptop 4, which included an eight-core Ryzen 7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. That added up to $1,800, which finally feels like a reasonable cost for what the Surface Laptop 4 offers.
0:00 - Intro
0:39 - What Hasn't Changed
1:15 - A Lot To Admire
2:22 - The Screen
3:06 - New Components
3:48 - Ryzen 7
4:52 - Performance Improvements
5:19 - Limitations
5:48 - Improved Battery Life
6:25 - Who Is The Surface Laptop 4 For?
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  • Thanks for watching y'all. Any questions about the Surface Laptop 4? Reply and I'll get back to you.

    • @Luke Larsen Hey Luke! Thanks for the help. Would you have a cheaper laptop to recommend me?

    • @Gabriel Motta Guimarães Maciel hey Gabriel! From what I can tell, all of those applications (unfortunately) rely on single-core performance and high clock speeds instead of multi-core or GPU computing - an area Intel sill had a small lead in when it comes to laptops. The core i7 with 16GB of RAM should do you well! There are certainly cheaper laptops that would do the trick, but if you like this design, it should do you well enough.

    • Hi, Luke. I'm looking for a computer capable of running AutoCAD/Revit, Illustrator and Excel. Do you think this computer is a good option? And considering a 15 inch/16/512, should I get the intel version or the AMD ?

    • @mankaran singh either device will work just fine for watching movies. The extra sharpness of the Surface Laptop 4's display is nice, as long as you can deal with the large black bars you'll see on top on bott because of the 3:2 aspect ratio. Neither have great speakers, though the Surface Laptop 4 wins there too. A device with a 360 degree hinge might be a good way to go as well, such as the HP Spectre x360. Good luck!


  • Is Microsoft surface laptop 4 good for Caed or catia I'm looking for laptop 4 will it be good for me?

  • Since the Surface Laptop 3 had massive overheating problems I would really like to know: how high do the temps go during a benchmark like cinebench with the charger plugged in?

  • This good enough for rs3

  • Polyphia should be the go to option for all speaker tests.

  • Does this Surface product also have the feature that makes it constantly disconnect and reconnect (sometimes) to a USB docking station like my Surface Pro 7?

  • This guy is like Fat Markiplier, nice review!

  • With the ryzen version be good for architectural software???

  • They really do need to relocate or improve that speaker system.

  • What's Lisa Su doing here? O wai-

  • Digital Trends was the 15" u have the one with 8gb of ram or the one with 16gb. And is 8gb ram good enough for some web browsing and media streaming?

    • @Chris Conway I ended up getting the 13.5 inch hp spectre

    • 8GB is tons for that purpose. I run excel, project, the browser, bluebeam and 3D modelling software all simultaneously with 8GB of ram and haven’t had an issue.

  • 0 2019 U S A 00 VIETNAM U S A computers bilion time use long life . All come here

  • Could you share what is the actual ssd model you got? Previous Surface Laptop 3 had SSDs from different suppliers (Toshiba and SK Hynix) with massive performance differences between them.

  • This is the most beautiful laptop especially the Sandstone model. I have the Surface Laptop 3 the battery life is okay, but overall I recommend it for casual use or a Mac alternative.

  • This is a productivity laptop not a gaming laptop... having said that i was able to play some old games on med or low setting depending on the game. As for video content creation I did light video editing with 720p resolution...on my i5 laptop 3. My surface laptop 3 was mainly running my online business's and keeping track of my investments. So i am excited for this laptop despite listening to this poor review

  • It still can’t touch m1 MacBook

  • No upgrade in screen , No upgrade in ports , No upgrade in charging speed ... Only processor upgrade and it becomes surface laptop 4

  • What is a creative professional? For example. Write is a creative professional. I would use term a multimedia creative professional rather the just creative professional.

  • thank you for Microsoft sending us the fuck me in the ass super speedy surface laptop 4 review model it made Reddit and AR-one surfing lighting fast and posting Tik Tok videos a breeze.

  • Polyphia 👌🏻

  • It is still wobbly..

    • 1:26

  • In my opinion with the current M1s. Unless you have a specific need for windows, it's hard to recommend any other laptop. I previously owned the surface laptop 3 15ich Intel varient. But ended up returning it because it didn't offer much for the price. The battery life was very very average at 8 hours out of the box for me. Sure it's "enough" but 2 - 3 years down the line it definitely won't be. I can't exactly speak for the performance, but I did play Minecraft bedrock for a period of time on that thing and it seriously throttled. That machine felt way too hot after like 20 minutes of play the fans would ramp up to max speed and stay there and even then the entire chassis would feel a little too hot. I also noticed that the machine can't actually charge itself without the fans turned up. To me it just means that it's really poor with thermals which raises concerns about longevity for me. As I wanted a laptop that could both provide reasonable performance and portability (battery life). For me the SL doesn't do either well for it's price. You could get an M1 which is cheaper and literally have double the battery life (getting 15 hours on the air) and better performance with much better thermals.

    • The M1 chip has inferior performance to the 7 4980U but ok sure

    • @Jacques D.K. Fair enough. But you still have to weigh your options though. Is bigger screen really worth it when you have to pay more for a machine that has both a inferior battery and performance? When compared to the M1? If so then that's fine as everyone has different values and needs.

    • No 15 inch M1 option available and even when the M1 MacBook pro 16 comes out it'll be twice the price of the surface laptop 4. This is one of the only good options for someone who needs a productivity laptop with a bigger screen.

    • @pharaohosam Having owned one myself and using it for the past month. I have not experienced any issues at all.

    • You clearly have not heard about all the issues with freezing and crashing on Apple's M1 laptops.

  • Imagine this device with a Zen 3 / RDNA 2 APU That'd be awsome!

    • Exactly! I wish Microsoft had fully brought it up to speed. The first Ryzen 5000 laptops I've tested have been really impressive.

  • This thing is a pofs

  • This is so underrated, the laptop is excellent, i had the surface laptop 3 and bought the 4 and I am extremely happy with it

    • Just bought mine this week. Should be in tomorrow. I am upgrading from a surface pro 3. I know. It has been a minute. The pro still runs and I gave it to my folks.

    • @Luke Larsen Last iteration the obvious choice was the intel , this one is however the Ryzen. The screen aspect ratio as you suggested is perfect if you are a programmer or you do any sort of productivity.

    • Whenever I come back to it, I'm always reminded of just how it is and how much I love the 3:2 screen.

  • "if Microsoft used the Ryzen 5000 chip integrated graphics instead, the Ryzen 4000 integrated graphics it will perform a lot better" you don't realize it the same fuckin integrated GPU? nice review..

  • Black muffin

  • 13 inch version available with ryzen 7 if you shop the business store.

    • That's a good point! Didn't see that. Not a fan of how Microsoft splits up available configurations between "commercial" and "consumer." Sigh!

  • the screen just keeps wobbling as you speak and move the desk

    • Haha, yes there is a slight wobble, but compared to some of the worst offenders, the Surface Laptop 4 feels pretty well balanced in that respect.

  • Compare to new flex book in a few weeks and last years flex book.

    • That would make for an interesting comparison. I was a big fan of the Galaxy Book Flex when I reviewed it last. The rumored upcoming Galaxy Pro stuff looks pretty interesting too!

  • No surprise all the reviewers are getting the 15-inch Ryzen 7 then saying from $999 when the model they are testing is closer to $1699 (no mention?)! No Intel reviews for obvious reasons, too expensive and price per performance is sub-par. The entry-level R5/8gb/256gb 13-inch is again too expensive for that spec, even though the 4000 series is great, that is now old news (or will be in the next few months) as most laptops will be coming out with the 5000 series. Hard to get excited, but these are not aimed at value, they are principle for Enterprise and business, that can afford the extra for the cache and support and for a pretty look.

    • @Obi Dean I agree...

    • ​@Obi Dean You make a good point - there's no getting around how good the performance of the M1 is, especially considering the price. The base configuration of the MacBook Air can do things that no configuration of the Surface Laptop 4 can do, including the 15-incher.

    • I'm currently looking forward for new laptop to upgrade and find it hard to shortlist other Windows ultrabook rn because of M1 Mac which is not quite good sign, proved that Windows OEM needs to push further in the thin laptop segment but sadly most of them (including Microsoft here) still play in the safe zone and even worse, still sticking with subpar Intel chip. I know one of the reasons for the lack of Ryzen options in thin PC due to chip shortage. But still the price of these new ultrabooks rocking "Evo" cert are typically on par or worse, can be pricier than M1 Mac. It's becoming too hard to justify. New Mac is just so good for very reasonable price. Pre M1 Mac already nailed on laptop fundamentals like build quality, keyboard + touchpad, speakers, screen quality besides slow ass performance. But now with M1, I hate to say it but it's dem close to perfect. Just one minor niggle, nothing to do with M1, just Apple pricing on RAM / SSD upgrades can be exorbitant, that's all. Still, overall M1 Mac is currently one hell of a package. I'm just hoping that rumours about Microsoft working on their own chips becoming true, because the PC world needs more intense competition than Intel, AMD. Intel especially much needed to be awaken that they've been sitting on their laurels way too long. My 2 cents

    • ​@andyH_England ah, well there may be pricing differences based on location. in the US, the base config is R5 /8GB / 256GB for $999 through Microsoft. The base config of the Surface Laptop 3 was a Core i5 / 8GB / 128GB, which was really hard to recommend. The XPS 13, meanwhile, costs $949 (on sale from $999) for a Core i3, 8GB, and 256GB from Dell's website. Prices always vary based on retailer, but overall, the Ryzen chips add a lot of value without the price changing. The higher resolution of the screen also has to be considered when comparing against other laptops.

    • @Luke Larsen The base model in the UK is the i5/8gb/.256gb XPS 13 which is at £949! So, not really sure where you get that info from? It is not cheaper than in previous years, not the Intel, just the AMD, and as a general rule, AMD R5 are £200--300 cheaper than Intel i5! The starting price for the Intel 13-inch is £1300! That is around £350 more than the XPS 13, which is known to be at the top end of laptop prices. The i5/8gb/512gb LG Gram 16-inch is currently £949. Sadly, the Surface Laptop 4 Intel has priced OTT and the AMD is too expensive (Matebook 14 R7/16gb/512gb is £959).

  • Where is Caleb?

  • Cool review.

  • How repairable is it?

    • @Stevo just like the Mac

    • @Stevo so not worth buying

    • None of it is repairable, your buying a shiny timebomb

    • Only SSD and advised to be changed by MS engineer.

  • Bring Caleb Denison back, miss TV Reviews.

  • Holy god this guy needs to go outside