MacBook Pro 2021 Rumors | Are your dongle days over?

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We are eagerly awaiting the latest MacBook Pros, and if all the rumors are true, 2021's Apple laptops will be AMAZING. We could be seeing a new and improved M1 chip, slimmer bezels, and FINALLY the return of multiple ports. No more dongles! Are you excited about the 2021 MacBook Pros?
Apple MacBook Pro M1 is available here -
00:00 Intro
00:52 The ports and magsafe are back!
02:14 Goodbye Touch Bar?
02:46 Slimmer bezels and mini-led
03:58 M1 chip upgrade
05:08 Final thoughts
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  • Lots of BIG things coming to the MacBook Pro in 2021. I think I'm most excited about the larger screen and thinner bezels (I know, I'm superficial). What feature are you most excited for? The return of more ports? Mini-LED screens?

  • Couldn't agree more on the webcam upgrade

  • I've been waiting for Apple te remove those recent unnecessary features. I want the old 2015 Macbook pro (the one i have, a good year!) with better performances, speakers, screen contrast and autonomy.

  • best thing i've heard about macbooks in a long time, never got another one after my 2014. probably be upgrading to a mac mini instead though, but im glad apple seems to be going back in the right direction

  • 3:15 is that.... starcraft??? 😁

  • I'd like some new colors. It's time to refresh things. But even with their boring color scheme bringing the connection ports and smaller bezels would do it for me.

  • I already know it’s going to be awesome, I just want 5G connectivity so I don’t have to buy a Lenovo x1 carbon.

  • I want the removable~upgradeable SSD to come back. :-(

  • wait hold up, so the design is just basically a regular old laptop that is just labeled "apple" logo and they are taking away the touch bars!!! and they are expecting me to buy it this for about 2+ grands whereas god knows I might regret buying it when they make it slower so that I have to buy the most best best best best recent Mac again that is going to be the talk of the town. Well I don't know about you but I'mma get that M1x thingy. Side talk: anyone know the release day? I'm running out of patient over here!!!

    • @J L Real snappy, don’t regret it. I got a little scuff on it but whatever. I really don’t wanna wait till November or June for a new update.

    • @Justin n hows the 16gb? i'm trying to futureproof my next purchase but since you cant upgrade i wanna be careful, but i guess the 2021 mac mini could be ridiculously priced and i'll be kicking myself in the future if i dont get one now haha

    • I just bought the M1 MBP 16gb 1TB and i don’t think i’m missing out lol

  • No doubt the MacBooks should all have 1080P WebCam. That being said Apple 720 P WebCam looks much better than other brand 1080 P camera

  • I got my HP 13 inch Spectre OLED for $850 at Best Buy Brand new

  • If it ain’t OLED it’s just LCD

  • Touchscreen

  • Mac book pro can handle the rumoured 16bit raw stills and video woukd be nice

  • Any external dock seems to be needed no matter what Macbook I pick.

    • Even if it had HDMI and USB-A? What else would you need to use an external dock for?

  • From a 2015 Macbook Air user, I would want a 14 inch, 2 USB-A and 2-USB-C (Thunderbolt, please), HDMI and SD Card Reader! And also a 1080P Webcam! These reasons (esp. the USB-A) are the only caveat for me from upgrade my old (but still capable) Macbook Air!

    • @Pradipta Siagian Goddamn, CD's in 2021 🙁, I'll understand if it was music, but for the job it's a nono nowadays haha

    • @Pradipta Siagian I'll be honest and say that I don't know too much about it, all I know is that the G14 is pretty expensive in my country, it's way above 1200$, tho I think it's the 2021 version. I don't want to mislead you brother 🙂 About the USB-A, if it's that bad, maybe just buy a small hub? Although it will be a stretch

    • @Shadow Ya I think 2020 G14 would hover around let's say 1200 $? I just need to re-learn everything because I'm using MacBook since 2010. I'm bothered with everything USB-C nowadays , because a lot of peripheral in my office still using USB-A (heck we still use CD/DVD to burn our sensitive docs!).

    • @Pradipta Siagian Oh I see. Sound good, just make sure the laptop is really the one for you, since new laptops could come out in the next months

    • @Shadow I know. That's why I'm reconsidering my plan and go straight to Zephyrus G14 2020. I already migrate to S10+ so the transition might be easier for me at least.

  • Jimmy Woo is back.

  • Apple didn’t need to subtract HDMI and USB just to add USB-C. And having USB-C AND MagSafe charging would be better

  • Apple douches right now are suffering during the pandemic from not being able to brand evangelize their Macbook Pro ..while eating a gluten free flaxseed Acia muffin and sipping on a Fairtrade Cappacino at the local Starbucks. Which.. for the enlarged ManBun endowed their whole reason for existence. Apple doesn't sell computers or smart devices...they sell conditioned conformity at twice the price. Nothing more. So shutup and buy this already.

  • What's the price of mbp 14 inch

  • I imagine a MacBook Pro with 6 USB-C ports.

  • Clickbait video

  • That would make sense as they removed the charger from iPhone using the statement “carbon free”

  • The only reason the HDMI port is coming back is because M1 can't do more than 1 external display over USB-C. M1 is bandwidth limited, but no one online is covering this issue.

    • hey, i'm not really tech savvy at all, so would you mind explaining/linking what you mean by bandwidth limited? thx!

    • @Luke Larsen If they do go with the HDMI port than the i/o bandwidth problem is bigger than Apple are willing to admit. As surely they would address it in an M1X chip upgrade if it was an easy fix right?

    • Yep, which is why the current models only includes 4 Thunderbolt ports in the older Intel option. Still would be surprising to see Apple switch back to including HDMI as a solution though.

  • Face id would be awesome! But i NEED native hdmi port.. cant stand dongles anymore

    • I think that's how a lot of people feel, but it would still be surprising to see Apple actually address the issue.

  • Nice mustache 😂

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  • Another thing... the m1 chip is nothing crazy or good. The m1 chip is all hype, if you look at real world testing, its super slow and only helps battery life -- because its slower. Its like saying you will buy a fancy rolls royce for 300k, but you get there looking good. That is apple, its literally called Veblen Goods... that is apple brand, a veblen good in economics.

  • False rumors.

    • The m1 chip is all hype, if you look at real world testing, its super slow and only helps battery life -- because its slower. Its like saying you will buy a fancy rolls royce for 300k, but you get there looking good. That is apple, its literally called Veblen Goods... that is apple brand, a veblen good in economics.

  • Thumbnail is very very misleading. I treat this as a fraud.

    • @Armando Aranda I like your sense of humour... 😂

    • @Digital Trends Thanks for updating the thumbnails. This clears a lot of confusion 😃

    • Hey Ashu, you're right. We didn't talk about a larger touchpad or the Apple Pencil in the video. The updated thumbnail fits better.

    • Your comment is very very misleading. My reply is very very misleading.

    • This channel is misleading big time. It literally is rumots, it says it in the video..and smart people in tech know the rumors are not true. This is why even apple repair people like Louis Rossman are not buying apple, and he literally has an apple repair company! Nobody smart uses apple, its literally a PC with a fancy apple logo, that is why people buy it in reality, they just think they are better for buying a known brand, when they do little research on tech... fact. And a common sense fact, unless you buy apple for their logo.

  • Touchscreen on a MacBook Pro??!

    • Yeah, seems like another 99 addon for the price, that barely anyone will use. Especially professionals on a tiny 13 or 15 inch screen. It just makes little sense, microsoft did this already