The best free movies on YouTube right now (As of February 2021)

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The number of free movies on AR-one is a bit surprising, and there are some really good ones too. We combed AR-one for the best full movies and shows you can watch right now for free.
There is a lot of free, ad-supported content you can stream online, but not all of it is all that great. To find the best movies on AR-one it takes a bit of help. These are the best free AR-one movies in February 2021:
Ghost in the Shell
The Terminator
Kung Fury
With Great Power
Find more free movies on AR-one here:
0:00 - Intro
1:02 - Ghost In The Shell
1:47 - Kung Fury
2:47 - Silence Of The Lambs
3:41 - The Terminator
4:20 - With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story
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  • Which one is your favorite? Did we miss any?

    • Silence of the Lambs isn’t free?

    • Leo J SO DOES YA MAMA 🤣🤣🤣

    • Those blow LMMO 😆

    • Digital Trends Phantom of the opera, Lord of war, and food Inc. lol

  • Anything free is for me!!! Thank you!

  • The dejarling limited. Best free ever

  • You sure Terminator is still free with ads? The link doesn't work - or is it just me?

  • I like the "Old" stuff - I didn't get to watch TV when Younger - So now I'm catching up - Thanks! 😅

  • I like it

  • I'm fine with "free with ads" I use AdBlocker.

  • Hey uh Silence of the Lambs ain’t free... got my hopes up. Waiting for some 2am Chinese to be delivered and I still don’t know what I’m gonna watch 🤬 Btw I watched Kung Fury back then and 2015 me loved it. If that helps anyone.

  • Fuck streaming, physical 4K UHD discs all the way!

  • I like !!!!!

  • Probably kung furry and terminator.

  • where's Killer Bean?

  • Free with ads? Not my first choice... But if living on a tight budget, ads are better than watching paint dry!


  • They got good movies it's called AR-one movies I just subscribed💯

  • Thanks for the updates

  • Stargate

  • Dude silence of the lambs it's not free on AR-one.

  • What is going on with TV reviews in last few weeks ? Can you find any tv from 2020 MY to fill the gap until new ones arrived ?

  • Lol never thought I’d see Caleb give me a breakdown of anime ghost in the shell

  • James Cameron just threw another hissy fit after finding out Terminator can be watched for free!🙄

    • @Digital Trends I stopped watching James Cameron films after True Lies. He knows how I feel. Especially about him making The Smurf/Avatar movies and not The Terminator sequels!

  • Jonathan Deme also made Philadelphia. Great movie. I wonder if Mississippi Burning is on it?! Another great film...starring "Misttttterrrrr Aaaaaaaanderson"

  • Ad-supported movies on YT are worse in every way than "the old TV you're trying to get away from" - because there, which I still watch 95% of my content on, I can FF through the ads using something called a PVR!

    • Ad blocker my dude.

  • Video unavailable The uploader has not made this video available in your country. So is this pretty much US only then?

  • Are these movies free only in USA?

  • CES was ,calebs exclusive society, cherss.

  • Gee, free content supported by ads.... Hmm, where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, regular old broadcast TV, d'uh!


  • Thanks for sharing this.

  • I prefer the old movies on You tube. But I can show this So Caled KNOW IT ALL Places you can watch Any Moveis or TV shows OLD & NEW For Free, most in HD. Don't need the Crap on TV now, including all the SCUM NEWS.

  • Its been my experience that AR-one movies shows the edited for content tv edits. I prefer free services like Imdb tv, tubi, peacock and pluto ... they tend to show unedited for content movies.

  • There is no single streaming service truly worth it anymore. Too fragmented, too many monthly subscriptions. Going back to traditional media, looks and sounds better anyway.

    • @chee6060 Lol if you are watching everything for free it is piracy.

    • @Hannah no. not Piracy. they are ligit sites

    • @chee6060 So piracy..? That's not what my comment was about though, it was specifically about subscription streaming...

    • @Hannah There are places out there you can watch all the movies & TV Shows you want, OLD & New for nothing

    • @chee6060 Wrong about what point?

  • I like most of the free streaming services. There are a lot of shows and movies. Which is a good thing in my opinion.

  • But it’s only January 29th lol

  • Kung fury!

  • "Terminator - plot explanation not needed" 😆

  • Tubi TV is the best!

  • Anyone on Windows and Android can just install the TeaTV app and watch so many movies and shows for free.

  • God, you missed the best one: "L'uomo Puma" or "The Pumaman" ! How have you forgotten it

  • I'm gonna check out kung fury right away 😄 Thanks!! Also URLs to these movies would have made it easier

  • In my opinion, 2 must-see documentaries. "The Pharmacist'' and "How to stop a drug scandal'' Must see for all, crazy true stories and goes DEEP to all of us

  • Mmm. Gotta pass on these. I tried. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to ALL americans, a must see film called ''The Pharmacist'' its about a REAL American who saved 1000s of lives and he is the most ''gangster'' anti-corporate pharmacist in America, hands down. Must see for all of americans! Also ''How to Fix a Drug Scandal". These 2 films have shown what has ruined a lot of America, from the deepest parts of government! Must see real documentaries.

  • To many ads

    • PSYCHO not all heroes wear capes!!

    • Scroll to end then replay

    • AR-one Vanced and/or AdBlock Plus say hi.

  • What about 8k movies 2025 !!!!

  • Good