From Bendable Gaming Monitor to Transparent TV, LG pushes OLED to its limits at CES 2021

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LG Display is reminding everyone of OLED technology's extreme versatility with examples of TVs that are partially transparent or can bend from flat to curved.
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01:12 48-inch Bendable Gaming OLED
02:37 Transparent OLED Displays
04:30 Final Thoughts
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  • GUH! CORRECTION: Never fails to impress. Or Never disappoints. Definitely did not mean to say never fails to disappoint. Wish that were obvious, but just in case! Otherwise, please enjoy the (mostly flub free) video!

    • Caleb, you never fail to fall short of nearly over under impressing me with your faux pas. I think.

    • :) LOL

    • LoL, lost all the focus after that. Obviously you didnt mean that, it was clear but still had to calculate a little. No biggie. :)

    • Ha😂 we knew what you meant 👍🏽

    • @Caleb Denison. Luckily, I knew what you meant. Your comments are bendable, just like the OLED's. Haha

  • I need a 32 inch OLED tv like the cx for gaming, 48 is just too big for the desk

  • I know it is a gimmick but I would love a bendable gaming monitor. Flat for when I'm working from home and curved when I'm gaming. But make it wider! the aspect ratio looks weird

  • The transparent OLED bed TV looks interesting. 🧐

  • Yes 2 :beñdåble.

  • I’d buy the bedroom setup today.

  • I would like to see transparent OLED used in cars, instead of looking down at your dash or phone for your GPS put the gps like a heads up display.

  • I want a 7680 x 2160 monitor. Why is that so hard? I bought 2 LG 3840 x 2160 monitors for $800. It seems like a 7680 x 2160 for $1500 would be cake and I would pay that in a second. I'd still pay over a grand if it was 2 panels in one case set as close as possible.

  • The only place for transparent screens is on a car mirror.

  • A transparent TV/screen does fell a bit gimmicky, mainly because they are seen in movies and tv shows. In any case I'm open to change my mind, lets see in 10-20 years time if its around, lol.

  • Too paranoid about burn in for anything oled. Only thing I would ever get oled for is strictly watching movies. Nothing with static images.

  • I would call it an obed

  • Excellent video...more entertaining than the two products here. Lol, just kidding. Seriously if I was into gaming that bendable monitor/TV would be a must have, but unless I was a pre-crime investigator like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, I wouldn't be interested in the transparent TV. Plus having it stuck at the foot of the bed might not be a good idea. Imagine if it was in your area of activities so to speak, and you or your partner accidentally sat on the on button of the remote. It could be an accident waiting to happen. 😝

  • Is LG still coming out with roll over tv? They showed it the last 2 years

  • Have they done anything about burn-in?

  • Could have sworn TV manufacturers learned curved tvs weren't popular. Who the hell is it for? Just get a curved monitor. The money spent on this gimmick could be spent on better specs.

  • re transparent tv for private use not interested at all

  • I don't think that someone will need transparent TV in his bed The idea is cool but it's still a gadget

  • Yes that's seems like a great idea I would definitely want a bendable oled tv/gaming monitor

  • I'd been using a flat 40" TV for PC gaming for 3 years. I like to sit close to the TV (about 2 - 3 feets). The problem is that the distances of the TV corners are far from my eyes compared to the center of the screen. I changed to a curved 34" monitor for gaming for 3 months now and I love it. However, since I like to play strategy games, the 34" monitor can't display large areas for my gaming advantage. So what I want now is a big curved TV.

  • Yes on the lg bendable! Flat for tv and bendable for everyday work.

  • A flat ultrawide that can dynamically bend into a curved ultrawide is such a good way to go.

  • The transparent technology is cool but the one in the bedroom is useless unless you can switch it to normal when you want to

  • Thanks for the interesting video!...Transparent OLED reminds me of the 2002 movie, "Minority Report" !!!

  • Who the fuck has time to watch tv and play games.

  • I think transparent OLED for commercial use is clever, but for domestic use dumb...

  • What I think about transparent OLED for my bedroom is the same as what I think about any format of tv for the bedroom - I don’t see that it offers any benefits at all over any other type of tv, not least if you have a non transparent OLED mounted five feet behind it. Personally I hate the idea of a tv in the bedroom - I regard my bedroom as a sanctuary not a living room with a flat sofa - but I also get why others like them.

  • I don’t get the obsession with bendable at all.

  • looks cool but I will pass 😅 ps never fail to disappoint 🤣

  • I don't care about bendable or transparent oleds, lg has to fix raised blacks and flickering screen when using vrr first, that is the most important thing!

  • I was hoping to see the addition of a heatsink to the back of TVs and increased brightness. I would label panel flex and transparency as a 'con'; who asked for these features?

  • awesome! but where is the 27 inch 1440p 240hz OLED monitor for pc gamers ?

  • I feel like the improvement to sound on TVs is kind of useless, unless you don't have the space for a soundbar or a better audio solution. Most people will have an entertainment console, so they should have space for a soundbar below the TV. Also with the Transparent tech, I don't think they'll ever get the contrast ratio right and so for regular consumers I think it'll go the way of 3D TVs. Just having a regular rollable OLED panel would be something I can see in the bedroom.

  • Bendable I can understand but transparent, why would you want that?

  • Still waiting for last years concept ideas that never came out 😑....nobody hold your breath

  • I thought bendable TVs were dead, I don't think they sold well with the regular consumers a few years ago now they're targeting gamers. Transparent TVs sounds good for malls, public transportation, airports maybe even restaurants but I think it's overkill when you already have a oled TV unless you want to impress your friends.

  • Make TV's a touch screen.

  • There still going to stop working a few days or weeks after your warranty is up. Every LG product I ever owned has failed less then a month after warranty with the company simply saying just buy another newer one, just don't do the updates or say goodbye to your 1 year old $1200 tv that is apparently "old". I have a 42" insignia tv from about 8 years ago and its still working like the day I brought it home, not one problem ever!! Very odd in deed, sweet video though thanks for posting! Cheers

  • Bendable displays seem like a forced trend no one asked for. Transparent displays seem fine for enterprise and marketing use, but not much else. Hate to be a pessimist of innovation, just how I feel. Give me true RGB subpixel OLED or Micro LED at a decent price, that's more compelling.

  • When will they fix motion resolution? I'm sick and tired of all this gimmicky crap while nobody pays attention to the elephant in the room! It's embarrassing to see that nothing can come close in terms of motion blur reduction to CRT technology which is over 100 years old!

  • A TV/Games monitor is the way to go. When you can have 1 display that does it all is good news for my wallet. Having 2 screens is not very environmentally friendly. I would buy a 42” OLED. Thank you LG.

  • A decent 32” TV would be nice.

  • I want a bendable oled phone with a blue collar price tag lol

  • Every TV is bendable if you screw up hard enough.

  • 'Transparent tv' the worst idea I have ever heard. Contradicts everything said before 'The deepest blacks create the deepest colour'. So OLED without perfect blacks?? Like buying a chocolate fireguard.

  • transparent bed monitor sounds like a gimmick.

  • Transparent tvs arent what we want

  • No bendable is not what we want.

  • Bendable OLED phone maybe. But a gaming TV keep it.

  • Next year-Tv with a glory hole?

  • That's such a Doope concept,but price might be the deal breaker though

  • Transparent TVs, brilliant! Now you can see if anyone is walking up to you while you're watching p _ _ _ .

  • The 42inch OLED option would be amazing 😻

    • I was excited for the 48 inch oled this year because I don't necessarily need 55 inches, and I don't want to spend $1500 on a TV. I was really disappointed when I found out the 48 was more expensive than the 55.

  • I think bendable gaming monitors is a great idea. Adjust your own degree of curve on the fly.

  • I wold never leave my room!

  • If you have tight space at home then bendable oled monitor and TV makes more sense.

  • Bendable OLED monitor would be cool in 27 inches. I certainly would sometimes use it curved and sometimes flat. I wonder if burn-in is still the reason why we don't get OLED monitors. Strange that LG doesn't utilize the opportunity to dominate the monitor market. For TVs the curve is something I actually wouldn't prefer. Who would actually pay extra for that?

  • I am so poor

  • I will take that gaming monitor

  • Hearing bendable tvs just screams its gonna be super expensive instead of packing all the top features into a 4k oled we get this?

  • Transparent ? Stupid !

  • It's gimmicky. I can't imagine why I would like my screen at home to be transparent. It just seems like transparent screens are the anti 8K screens.

  • Is it a roll-up tv or is it pocket TV where it just slides up from the base? The form factor looks like it slides up/down and not rolls as it seems pretty narrow for that.

  • Not sure about the curved screen. Pass.

  • Transparent OLED would make for a nice HUD or high mounted infotainment screen in a vehicle as well.

  • Not sold on bendable screens. Maybe I’m just not imaginative enough to come up with many possible uses, but it seems quite unnecessary and a fad product at best.

    • I have a curve screen and love it

  • 2:14 that racing wheel doesnt have force feedback enabled. No way she can just move the wheel over 90 degrees that quickly if the car was moving. Wonder who set that display up incorrectly

  • Transparent oled sounds and looks cool but for watching movies regular oled is better

  • Very cyberpunk looking on the subway window thing

  • No

  • Not interested in bendable or transparent tv, rather have a 2.1 hdi port that actually works, VRR, 120 hrz and more bright tvs. I’ll have to wait another year to upgrade :(

  • What do I think about transparent OLED? I think I can't afford it.

  • Im looking for 50 smart TV for basic watching, no gaming or sports for under $400, any recommendations?

    • Tcl 535 50 inch is a $399 qled tv that is solid.

  • Can't see why you would want a transparent one in your bedroom, certainly didn't look that great to watch

  • Can't see why you would want a transparent one in your bedroom, certainly didn't look that great to watch

  • @ 2:38 music is annoying as hell

  • Damn transparent tv looks sexy as fuck

  • had no idea about the curved oled gaming monitor. that sounds sick, especially if it's 32 inch/1440p. was thinking about buying a new gaming monitor soon but i think i'll just wait for that

  • When will PC Monitors EVER - get some love?! It's strange it's a HUGE market.

    • Agreed

    • It gets a ton of love already. There is far more developments in monitors than TVs. The problem is the monitor market is far more segmented with niches.

  • So is burn in still a risk ?

  • Bendable is not as important as size. I want a ~32" OLED that does 4K 120hz.

    • LG CX does that. But its bigger. 48"

    • @Caleb Denison 60hz

    • I think LG may have actually done that as a gaming monitor.

  • Caleb do you think that is CX owners (bought mine 10 days ago) will get the new Web OS6 that they are putting in the C1 bud?

    • @Caleb Denison Caleb that is exactly what I will do. I know you’ve seen and tested these TVs and know them inside out bud. Please keep me posted on OS6 if LG will be rolling that out as that would be the ultimate! But I hope your staying safe and keep doing what you do as your damn good at it!! Hope to hear from ya soon about LG and OS6. And thanks again for checking into that again

    • @Scott oh, and thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated!

    • @Scott I want to be clear. I am only telling you what I would personally do in your situation, which may not necessarily be the right move for you. But I would stick with the CX. Hope you understand I am super busy right now, so it is hard to do a consultation to help sort out what might be best for you. But, yeah, CX for me.

    • @Caleb Denison you rock bud!! I seriously appreciate it. I love the OLED and use strictly for gaming on PS5 and Xbox series X. But I have a lot of people saying I’m better going with a 90T. I know your channel knows tvs and reviews everything. Which as consumers we appreciate. You have excellent reviews. But the store has offered the exchange for 5 more days and what would you take home between the CX and 90T Caleb? I ask because I do respect your opinion :)

    • I've got the ask in!

  • I am hoping to see a C1 that is smaller than 48"(feels like it may be just a tad too big). I want to buy one and use it as a monitor in my office.

    • @Robert T I cant decide if thats too small. Im very indecisive haha

    • Would the 32" OLED not be appealing to you?

  • "Never fails to disappoint" 😄

  • Bendable gaming monitor - yes Bendable TV - no I want the bendable monitor to be adjustable. There is no reason why it shouldnt be possible to have anything between flat and 1000R. Only having 2 pre-sets is an artificial/designed limitation that should not exist here.

  • I don’t really see the advantage in the curved screen.....

    • If you can only have one, then go for flat. I have flat cus I wanna do content creation too, which is not as great with a curved screen. Nor for movie watching. But for gaming, especially racing games, become so much more immersive on a curved display. If you can have both in one display, you cant go wrong, can you? This all combined with the color accuracy, contrast and true blacks of an OLED and you'll have a real winner. Only the price and potential burn-in will be an issue.

  • no

  • Never fails to disappoint? Sorry to call you on your grammar Caleb, unless you are actually disappointed by lgs displays

    • @Digital Trends no worries at all! Just trying to help out! I’m loving you guys’ CES coverage, really interesting stuff! Keep it up and stay safe!

    • Nope! I definitely misspoke! See the pinned comment, and thanks for the catch! I blame the mania of CES!

  • Get ready for ads across every window in the future :)

  • Always very informative and you're super sexy ;)

  • Lg copy sony

  • Bendable tv and transparent tvs are a bunch of gimmicks, improvement in picture quality is the only sensible reason to upgrade your tv.

    • Agreed on first, not on second; to an extent. I dont understand the purpose of it for home use, but for ads, stores and information desks, they will be amazing.

  • Like I said before....I'm interested in that smart bed.

  • I want 1 for my gaming pc its probably gonna be the c1

  • gimmicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Never disappoints*

  • I know this is early, but what do you guys think the best gaming TV will be in 2021?

  • LG Display is usually very guarded about who it lets into its secret room, but it is cool to see the company showing it off at virtual CES this year. Not show were some other interesting displays, like OLED dashboards for cars, a new 77-inch OLED model, fitness setup, and more. Some of this stuff I have seen before, but some is brand new. Now, for LG Display to get it sold and out into the world.

    • @Caleb Denison I’m simply referring to your comment. I think there are some typos. I appreciate the quick uploads and loved the video.

    • @Daniel Springer I can appreciate what you are saying, but it isnt a matter of proof reading, it's a matter of busting these videos out at a feverish pace and not hearing what I am saying as I say it. It's a mistake that gets made when we are live from the show floor, too. Can't catch 'em all, I guess! Thanks for your comment!

    • Proofread?

  • ❤️ AWESOMENESS! I love it and definitely will be taking a look on this monitor. Looks really futuristic!

  • Hi